what is website content

What Is Website Content

What Is Website Content?

Google receives more than 3 billion searches each day and studies estimate that over 25% of searchers click on the first search result page. What are these viewers clicking on?

Yes – you are absolutely correct – they are clicking on website content. Website Content is the text, visual or audio content that is made available online and users encounters them as part of the online usage and experience on a website.

It may include text, images, sounds and audio, online videos, among other items placed within web pages.

what is website content

Businesses and brands are potentially missing out on a huge number of website visitors by lacking the kind of website content that ranks well on Google and responses to the questions people are searching for.

We will explore what is website content writing, the different types of content and what is good website content that will either make or break a website.

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What is Website Content Writing?

Website content writing is any writing on a website. If that sounds broad then it is so because it is.

Let us explore the types of content writing that are generally found on a website. These are in no order of importance since all of them are equally important.

  • Blogs: No longer just for writing about your feelings or the day – blogs are an important component of any websites content marketing strategy. Blog posts are often short—around 750 words and are designed to inform, entertain and delight your readers.
  • Sometimes blogs can be long – in this instance it could be something very important and needs to be elaborated in such a way that it takes up space but it is usually informative, objective and highlights meaningful solutions.
  • Checklists: Often downloadable. Checklists are fantastic pieces of lead generation content – content that is aimed to attract potential new clients. Templates should offer concise, actionable steps for readers. If the content is downloadable, businesses should also ensure their branding is present on the piece.
  • E-books: This is another type of lead generation content – e-books are long-form writing packaged into a book usually in PDF format. E-books are an opportunity for brands to provide thought leadership on a given topic thus strengthening their authority on a given topic.
  • Case Studies: Businesses and brands can use case studies to illustrate their value proposition by writing about how their product or services have helped a customer or client. Case studies are specific to a brand and should provide in-depth details or data around results.
  • Website Copy: Content that appears on pages of your website like a homepage, landing page, about page or Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ. Copy on your website should explain your brand, sell your product or service and lead readers throughout your site.
  • White Papers: These are usually shorter than e-books. These pieces of content generally focus on one specific topic or problem and offer solutions or data to solve that issue. White papers are another excellent lead generation technique.
what is website content writing

Content writing is not the only type of content for a website though. Web content can and should also include audio and visual elements to provide additional elements for your audience to interact with.

Audio and visual content for your website may include recordings, podcasts, videos, infographics, images and photos.

What is Good Website Content?

From a content marketing strategy point of view, good website content is content that has been optimised for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. Search engine optimisation – SEO drives traffic to websites through organic search results on search engines.

SEO involves understanding what your target audience is searching for—including the specific terms or keywords they are searching for and using theses unique keywords or phrases strategically to increase your ranking within search results.

However SEO is not the only hallmark of good website content. If you are asking – How do you write content for a website? Then use the following elements to guide your writing in your website content writing strategy.

  • Understand Your Target Audience: Understanding who your audience are, what they are looking for and what are their needs are crucial key questions in content writing. Many businesses create buyer personas to better understand the key characteristics of their audience.
understand your target audience
  • Educate Your Website Visitors: Generally – website visitors want to learn and they do not want to be sold to. By providing educational content and product information to their problems – you can set yourself apart as a trusted leader and expert rather than a salesperson.
  • Create Clear White Space: Break your text up by using lists, small paragraphs, and informative headings. This will help readers scan your website content for exactly what they are looking for.
  • Be Clear, Easy and Concise: Poetic language has a time and a place for certain brands. Make sure your content is easily understood by your target audience and it is important to make it clear, easy and concise.
clear easy concise
  • Be Accessible: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines -WCAG are provided to help website owners ensure their website and their content should be accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Clear Call to Action – CTA: What actions do you want your visitors to take on your website? Is it completing a purchase, filling out a form or donating money?

Whatever your actions or desire – make it obvious to your website visitors with a clear Call to Action – CTA. If they do not know what they are supposed to do then chances are they may not do it.

call to action

Your CTAs should focus on one action at a time. Do not ask someone to do three different things all from the same popup since they will never remember everything and will be driven away by the volume of your requests.

When writing a good CTA – always keep in mind these 3 important points – make it concise, clear and actionable.

  • Optimise SEO On Website: Good website content is SEO optimised.  That means it is written in a way that is attractive to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and humans.

Search engines are in the business of getting people the information they are seeking — quickly, efficiently and accurately. This is indicated by a bounce rate either high – which is not good or low – which is good.

optimise seo on website

To write SEO optimised content, do some research around keywords.

If you know what your desired or target audience is searching for then you know what words, phrases and terms to include in your website content. That should give you a little boost in search engine results.

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