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Start socialising your way to new sales opportunities from organic growth hacking to highly-targeted paid acquisition campaigns, Best-Digital Marketing know how to maximise the value of this promising marketing channel.

If you are looking for a place to connect with new audiences, engage them and nurture them to a sale then Facebook is a safe bet. There are more active Facebook users compared to the number of people living in the entire Western Hemisphere.

Best Facebook Management Services

Facebook is in the top three for B2B marketers and the top-rated organic social media network among B2C marketers. This massive online social media platform gives businesses in any industry an opportunity to connect with their target audiences, build up a base of followers and get their content directly to those followers’ News Feeds.

This active socialising helps build brand awareness while promoting lead generation efforts by distributing content for every stage of the sales funnel.

Creating a Business Page on Facebook also gives your brand a chance to engage with other industry counterparts, spark relationships with social media influencers and make important business connections.

It also indirectly serves SEO campaigns by helping to drive traffic to your web pages.

In simple terms, our creative, smart and well-executed Facebook management services can:

✅  increase sales

✅  drive more website traffic

✅  support your marketing and commercial goals

✅  expand your reach

✅  spark more engagement on your strongest social networks.

Our Facebook Management Services

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we provide a wide range of social media management offerings from monthly and rolling social media management packages to custom-quoted services for just about anything you might need in the way of social marketing and advertising strategies.

Best-Digital Marketing can handle everything from your Facebook and Instagram management to your paid advertising campaigns across all of your social media accounts.

Either way, every social campaign we manage is crafted to support your
marketing objectives and help you achieve your business goals.

We strategize, execute, monitor, measure and repeat.

facebook management services

>> Social Media Contest Creation and Management

The first rule all social media is >> Be Social. At Best Digital Marketing, we treat Facebook like a content distribution platform and ensure that we are actively engaging the right audiences and going the extra mile to build relationships with potential leads.

One of the ways we do this is by strategizing contests and user-generated content campaigns that will help build up followers and drive engagement among your existing audience.

We also manage these campaigns during their implementation, monitor, measure and adjust or re-define stages. We use the information obtained from these contests to learn more about your audience and further refine your marketing and advertising efforts.

>> Social Listening

By using advanced social listening tools, tactics and techniques, our social media experts can discover conversations – either good or bad that Facebook users are having about your brand.

We can monitor and compile key metrics such as brand mentions, sentiment, the context for those mentions, share of your brand’s voice in industry conversations compared to competitors’ and much more.

This is invaluable information especially for reputation management and customer relationship building. It can also be used to identify opportunities to work with social media influencers and develop your thought leadership

>> Social Media Ad Management

Facebook Ad management is one of our services at Best-Digital Marketing Services. We can work within Ad Manager and the Power Editor to oversee your ad campaigns from start to finish.

We will help you refine your target audiences, select the right Facebook ad formats, allocate spend strategically across your other channels and measure the performance of your paid social campaigns.

Our expertise follows on through – as we can also create social ad campaigns for Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and more.

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>> Social Media Management

Best-Digital Marketing Services offers monthly and rolling social media management packages as well as custom-quoted services for just about anything you may need in Facebook marketing company.

We will build your social profiles from scratch including setting up page roles to creating copy for your Business Page, customising notifications, organising page tabs, helping you promote your page through your website and much more.

Alternatively, we can optimise your existing Facebook presence by:

✅  Creating a posting schedule.

✅  Setting strategic goals.

✅  Refining your target audience with Audience Insights and other tools.

✅  Optimising your Business Page copy.

✅  Incorporating calls to action – CTA on your Business Page.

✅  Helping you build up your base of followers.

✅  Making recommendations for your About pages.

✅  Responding to comments.

✅  Posting social media content like instant stories, links, questions, photos, videos and more.

✅  Engaging other brands to help expand your presence on the network.

✅  And much more.

>> Social Engagement Videos

At Best-Digital Marketing, we have experienced and expert video production team that can script, produce and edit social engagement videos.

These 30 to 45 second shorts are crafted to be memorable, engaging, clear and easily digestible by anyone scrolling through a congested News Feed.

Videos reign supremacy on Facebook and delivers better engagement metrics – impressions, likes, comments and shares than any other type of content on the channel.

We can tailor our videos to the format it is meant to be used for either as organic posts or video ads.

>> Custom Reporting

Facebook advertising strategy is most effective when it is part of a larger digital marketing strategy that serves your goals.

Whatever it may be – to drive more website traffic, boost lead generation, improve customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty or all of the above – our social media expert strategists will create customised benchmark reports and track the progress of your campaigns on a monthly basis.

Some of the key metrics we look at in our analytics and reporting include:

✅  Cost per click – CPC, cost per action – CPA, cost per thousand impressions –CPM, Return on advertising spend – ROAS, Click through rates – CTR and other paid ad metrics.

✅  Follows.

✅  Likes.

✅  Shares.

✅  Impressions.

✅  Reach.

✅  Clicks.

✅  Video metrics

✅  Comments.

✅  Facebook referral traffic.

We can also create custom reports for individual social initiatives such as contests and user-generated content campaigns and much more.

Want to Increase Followers, Leads, Brand Awareness & Sales?

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Our Facebook Management Services Can Help You

Boost leads and sales

Thanks to a meaningful Facebook marketing strategy, Facebook will turn into your top-performing channel, driving you qualified traffic and warm leads that would love to buy from you.

Boost brand awareness

It takes way more than setting up a Facebook business page and publishing an occasional update or two. We deliver consistent and meaningful exposure that drives brand awareness and genuine followers.

Build social presence

We create shareable content that resonates well with your audience. Educate, entertain, inspire, delight – your followers will gladly lose themselves in your tailored and creative content.

Grow engagement

By creating highly-targeted content and using all of the best Facebook marketing features, we put your brand in front of your target audience and encourage consumers to take action.

Strategize, Attract, Engage, Convert & Retain

You do not need to connect with all 2.7 billion Facebook users – just the ones who have commercial value to your brand and business.

Our Facebook management team will help you develop a strategy, attract your target audiences, engage those users, convert them into high-value prospects and retain them as brand ambassadors for your business.

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