Domain Validation – DV SSL Certificates

Domain Validated or Domain Validation – DV SSL / TLS certificates are a lightning fast and economical way to secure internet testing domains, personal websites, blogs, brochure and other non-E-commerce sites.

DV SSL certificate is easier on the wallet and is an easy solution to get compliant with browsers' SSL mandates.

Domain Validation – DV SSL Certificates

Domain Validated or Domain Validation – DV SSL / TLS certificates are a lightning fast and economical way to secure internet testing domains, personal websites, blogs, brochure and other non-E-commerce sites.

You can secure your website in a matter of minutes using a DV SSL certificate and since validation is fully automated. DV SSL can be issued instantly-making DV SSL certificate the fastest and the cheapest type of SSL certificate.

DV SSL certificate is the quickest way to activate the Secure HTTPS padlock next to your domain in the browsers’ URL bar as it only requires proof of domain control.

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DV SSL certificate is the entry-level, it is issued lightning-fast and provides basic encryption.

What is a DV SSL Certificate?

Domain Validation – DV SSL certificates are great because they offer affordable encryption that is easily obtained and deployed instantly.

There is no need to jump through any complex validation hoops with DV SSL, You will have your certificate in minutes. You are getting industry-standard encryption, just no identity assurance that comes with the more premium OV & EV certificate options.

DV SSL certificate is easier on the wallet and is an easy solution to get compliant with browsers’ SSL mandates.

Domain Validation -DV SSL Certificate

Lightning fast issuance – automated validation takes just minutes

All you have to do to get a Domain Validation SSL certificate is show CA / TTP that you own or are in control of your domain name. Your certificate will be in your inbox in just minutes since the process is fully automated.

Just follow our steps and you will be encrypted almost instantly.

Securing your website has never been easier

Validation is fully-automated and very easy. There are three ways to show CA / TTP – you are the rightful owner of the registered domain.

✅  Email-Based Validation – CA / TTP sends an email to the address on the WHO.IS record or one of five pre-approved addresses and you answer back in the affirmative.

✅  File-Based Validation – CA / TTP sends a text file that you need to upload to your site’s root directory. CA / TTP will scan your site for it as soon as you do.

✅  CNAME-Based Validation – CA / TTP will send you a hash that you need to add to your CNAME DNS record. CA / TTP will scan your DNS record for it as soon as you do.

That is it. Your certificate will be emailed to you within minutes.

The Benefits Of SSL Certificate:

✅  Eliminates risk of phishing and other cyber-attacks.

✅  Secure communication between browser and server.

✅  Boosts up website traffic and helps generate more business.

✅  Allows users to make transactions without any risk of data theft.

✅  Builds trust in the mind of the customers and improves their confidence.

✅  Eliminates browser warning and alerts.

✅  Protects user’s sensitive information.

✅ Increases Organisation’s reputation on the Internet.

✅ Ranking benefits given by Google to SSL enabled websites.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

DV SSL comes with unbreakable encryption

Our DV SSL certificates secure your website using top-notch industry-standard encryption technologies. These DV SSL products fortify your website using an indestructible 2048-bit RSA key and 256-bit symmetric key length.

Some of the DV certificates even feature the revolutionary new Elliptical Curve Cryptology – ECC hashing and encryption algorithm.

Show that you are secured and protected.

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Your customers will know you are serious about security when they see the browser trust indicators your new DV SSL certificate activates. It would be difficult to miss the padlock icon in the address bar or that https:// at the beginning of your URL.

You will also receive a FREE site seal from your Certificate Authority – CA or Trusted Third Party – TTP agency to inject even more confidence into your website. Internet users have never been more vigilant about their own safety-now more than ever and they know what signs to look for.

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Recognised by 99.99% web browsers

All DV SSL certificates available on our site are recognised by 99.99% of desktop and mobile device browsers.

Is DV SSL certificate right for my website?

If you are looking to protect personal websites, blogs, brochure websites and forums that need entry-level encryption then DV SSL certificate is the correct choice.

DV SSL certificates are the perfect fit for internet testing domains, personal websites, blogs, brochure and other non e-commerce sites.

Is DV SSL right for my business?

DV SSL certificates do not validate the identity of your organisation, which is critical to E-commerce sites and websites that collect user information.

If you want to validate your business and show to your customers that the website really belongs to you, we suggest you have a look at our super-affordable range of OV SSL and EV SSL certificates.

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Exclusive DV SSL Certificate Just For You

Why DV SSL Certificate?

✅  No-nonsense issuance within minutes

✅  Basic Encryption

✅  256-bit encryption

✅  HTTPS web address

✅  Secure Padlock icon

✅  Site Seal from CA / TTP

✅  Warranty from CA / TTP

✅  99% browser compatibility

✅  Better SEO ranking

Affordable Encryption for Everyone

If you are a business then you probably need a more assuring Organisation Validation or Extended Validation SSL certificate. But what if you are not a business? You just need basic encryption to get browser compliant and an affordable encryption certificate.

We have great affordable Domain Validation SSL certificates that provide you with no-frills website encryption at a price you can agree with. We can even install it for you if you want.

SSL Certificate Validation Process

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How does domain verification for a DV SSL work?

DV SSL can be issued in minutes with minimal effort on your part.

One of the biggest advantages of Domain Validation SSL certificates is how rapidly they can be issued. Whereas OV and EV may require a few days for validation – you can get a DV certificate verified and issued in just minutes.

For Domain Validation to be completed – Certification Authority – CA or Trusted Third Party – TTP simply needs to complete verification that you own your domain. That’s it – Simple.

These can be performed in one of the following ways:

Email Validation

The easiest, most straightforward way to verify you own the registered domain is via email. CA or TTP will look at the WHOIS record for your website and send an email to the listed email address. Simply respond to the email in the affirmative and you have finished validation.

What if my email is not on record?

In the event that your email address is not the one on record then you are not out of luck. CA or TTP will also send the authentication email to one of five pre-approved addresses.






You can always add one of the above emails onto your website as standard to receive, respond and activate your DV SSL Certificate.

File - Based Authentication

If email-based domain authentication does not work, there is also file-based authentication. Basically CA or TTP will supply you with a text file.

All you have to do is upload it in your root directory and CA or TTP will verify it and you are done.

CNAME - Based Authentication

There is one final way that CA or TTP can complete domain authentication. With CNAME-based validation, CA or TTP will supply you with two unique hashes – one using the MD5 algorithm and one using SHA-1.

You must enter them in your CNAME DNS Record with your hosting provider like so:

“ CNAME .CA /”

Once you have completed this – CA or TTP will complete the SSL domain verification and you are done with validation.

Compare SSL Certificates

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£ 97.68

Yearly / Annually

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Validation – DOMAIN

Domain Security 

Warranty – $500K

Encryption – Up To 256 BIT

Signature Key – 2048 BIT

Set Up Time – MINUTES

✅ Secure Seal

Customer Support

Mobile Friendly

Email Support

Package Details

The is for BASIC plan which is Domain Validation – DV SSL Certificate for easy, in minutes, secure online business solutions with padlock.

Price -


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Yearly / Annually

Completion Time -

In Minutes.

We accept all major Debit and Credit cards, Paypal payments, Stripe and Bank Transfers.

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All payments made are 100% Safe, Secure and Protected.

Your Website Is Now Safe, Secure. Protected and Trusted.

Customers coming to your website now will see that your website is safe, secure, protected and trustworthy. It will have a greater impact on your business – knowing that your customers’ safety is a priority. This will lead to more sales, revenue, enquiries and leads going forward whilst boosting your SEO website ranking on Google.

You can install an SSL certificate on your website after choosing the correct package from Best-Digital Marketing.

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When choosing from our  Website Design Packages such as from our WordPress Website PackagesE-Commerce Packages, Custom Builder Packages, Business Start Up Packages or Small Business Packages– All the websites comes with a FREE BASIC SSL as part of the package.

You can also add an SSL certificate to any of our Web Hosting Packages.

Please Contact Us to enquire MORE about purchasing a Multi Domain Certificate or Wildcard SSL Certificate for the best deals available.

We can expedite the validation process

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Need help installing?

We would be glad to help you install your SSL certificate. For just £67 one of our well-trained SSL experts will work on your behalf to install your certificate and configure your server.

We have done thousands of these installations and it is really not a problem.

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