Infographic Design

Infographic design display information visually, the primary medium in which humans consume content. They can improve cognition by utilising graphics to enhance the human visual system's ability to see patterns and trends.

Infographics use striking, engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly and it is crucial to remember that the visuals in an infographic must excite and engage existing customers and future prospects.

Infographic Design

Best-Digital Marketing’s design team can helps you convert new customers and establish industry expertise through designing unique infographics and other graphical assets.

Our professional infographic designers, illustrators and industry researchers give your brand a visual lift by synthesizing complex data into digestible and shareable graphics that drive value and increase engagement.

Studies have shown when pairing text with graphics – the brain has the potential to retain more information over a longer period of time. Great creative and unique design is how your brand stays on top of mind.

Infographic design drive value and increase engagement.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is a collection of imagery, charts and minimal text that gives an easy-to-understand overview of a topic or subject.

Infographics use striking, engaging visuals to communicate information quickly and clearly and it is crucial to remember that the visuals in an infographic must excite and engage existing customers and future prospects.

Infographics are great for making complex information easy to digest. At Best-Digital Marketing Services, our unique infographic design services will help you anytime you want to:

Provide a quick overview of a topic or subject.

Explain a complex process.

☑ Display research findings or survey data.

☑ Summarise a long blog post or report.

☑ Compare and contrast multiple options.

☑ Raise awareness about an issue or cause.

Bespoke Unique Infographic Design

From £395


Our infographic Design Sevices Includes:

Unique Design


We provide 100% bespoke artwork based on your requirements.

social media


Our infographics can be shared on any social media platforms and makes them approachable and effective.

Unlimited Revision


You can request as many minor design revisions as you like.

Infographics are visual presentations of information that use the elements of design to display content. Infographics express complex messages to viewers in a way that enhances their comprehension. Images are often an extension of the content of a written article.

Infographics are graphics that use visual elements to present information. They are often used to visualize data, step-by-step processes, timelines, research findings, organizational hierarchies, and many other types of information. 

Information + graphic = infographic

Why Use Infographic Design?

Condense long reports blog posts or book sections into one page.

Infographic can:
Simplify complex information.
Condense long reports – blog posts or book sections into one page.
Engage audiences by making presentation slides more innovative.
Enhance boring text documents with illustrative visuals.
Infographics are relatively easy to make. 

Enhance boring text documents with illustrative visuals.

Our Infographic Design Include The Following:

High Quality


We will use premium graphics and/or icons designed for maximum user-experience.

Latest Trend


We follow the latest design trends and style to design your artwork to impresses your target audience.

Fast Turnaround


We usually create your initial designs within 3 to 5 working days.

Fully Editable


We will provide you with a full editable PSD in case you ever need control.

White Label


Infographics will be 100% white label with no signatory markings.

Flexible Package


We offer a wide range of infographic packages to cater for any business size.

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Putting Infographic Design to Work

Our clients leverage infographics within blog content for maximum SEO value as well as their email newsletter campaigns, social media postings and trade show events.

These assets are versatile, printable on-request and reusable – many clients pull out specific data points and embed them into other pieces of content or use them as the basis for other content ideas.

Infographics cut through dense industry conversations and stale long-form text.

This enables your brand to immediately set yourself apart from the crowd and project your business image as creative, dynamic, versatile, authoritative and cutting-edge.

Because infographics communicate visually, they are easily consumed by wider audiences who may not be as familiar with your industry or your product.

Infographic have been utilised success-fully in the following areas but not limited to:

Brand Monitoring






Travel -sightseeing-transport


Health care- healthcare

Health Care

industry -manufacturing-factory

Industry / Manufacturing

Financial Services- financial institutions

Financial Services

relationship -friendship-business-personal


Infographics are universal therefore if your business operates in a niche market or is just starting out, you can still benefit greatly by incorporating them into your content marketing strategy.

Our Infographic Design Process

At Best-Digital Marketing Services – We aim to deliver a simple and smooth Infographic Design process.

Choose Package


Choose you logo package of your choice.

Submit Your Brief


Submit your design brief once you have picked your package.

Initial Design


Receive your initial logo designs within 3 to 5 working days.

Receive Files


Receive your infographic source files and start sharing with your network

Changes - Revision


Request changes and revisions until you are happy.

Who Uses Infographic Design?

Infographics are used by the following groups of users: 




Small Business Owners

Medium & Large Businesses


HR Professionals

Non Profit Organisation

 Infographics are used by anyone who needs to present information visually.

What are the benefits of infographic design?

Compelling and Attractive

People love facts figures and statistics. Add images and graphics….you have addictive content!

Easily Scanned and Viewed

90% of information - coming to the brain is visual and there is need to tap into that “optic nerve”

Portable (Embeddable)

Use Infographic as embed code to create automatic links to other sites.

Brand Awareness

Embedding infographics into logo and brand is a powerful way of creating “Brand Awareness”

Increases Traffic

Linked and compelling infographics will drive traffic to your website blog as people “share and click”

Worldwide Coverage

Infographics can provide global coverage… where online publishing is now visible globally at the push of a button.

Expert Subject matter

Creating infographic - displays your knowledge and position you as an expert on your category or topic.

Benefits SEO

Infographic offers people to link to your site which increases your “Page Rank” algorithm for improved SEO.

What Are The Different Types Of Infographic Design?

At Best-Digital Marketing Services, our professional infographic design services team offer 9 of the most popular types of infographics services as follows but not limited to:

Statistical infographics.

Informational infographics.

Process infographics.

Comparison infographics.

Geographic infographics.

Hierarchical infographics.

List infographics.

Timeline infographics.

Resume / CV infographics.

Should your business be a separate niche form the above, we will be able to cater for that too – rest assured, our infographic design team is more than capable to get your business where it should be.

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Our Infographic Design Services Offers:



1 Custom Infographic

✓ 1 Custom Infographic

✓ Bespoke Design

Branded To Your Site

✓ Premium Icons/Graphics

Fully Editable – Design Files

** Unlimited Revisions **

✓ Completion in 3 Business Days

✓ Satisfaction Guaranteed



5 Custom Infographics

✓ 5 Custom Infographics

✓ Bespoke Design

Branded To Your Site

✓ Premium Icons/Graphics

Fully Editable – Design Files

** Unlimited Revisions **

✓ Completion in 5 Business Days

✓ Satisfaction Guaranteed



3 Custom Infographics

✓ 3 Custom Infographics

✓ Bespoke Design

Branded To Your Site

✓ Premium Icons/Graphics

Fully Editable – Design Files

** Unlimited Revisions **

✓ Completion in 4 Business Days

✓ Satisfaction Guaranteed

Monthly Infographic Design Package

1 / Month

Min Term – 4 Months


3 / Month

Min Term – 4 Months


5 / Month

Min Term – 4 Months


Custom Infographic Design Package


✓ Custom Monthly Infographic Package.

Custom Individual Infographic Package.

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Package Details

The package is for Infographic Design Services to provide overview of topic, explain complex process, display research findings, summarise report and much more.

Price -

£355 to £1,695

Minimum Deposit -

£115 to £525

Completion Time -

2 - 5 Business Days

Infographic Design Services

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