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Paid search advertising like pay per click – PPC is a form of digital marketing strategy where search engines such as Google and Bing allow advertisers to show ads on their search engine results pages (SERPs).

Organic search optimisation - SEO takes time. Paid search helps you gain traffic faster.

Paid Search Advertising

Type any keyword into Google, Bing or any other search engines and the only search result you will see ranking above the top organic spot is a paid search advertising or sponsored.

An effective paid search advertsing strategy places ads near highly relevant search results. This type of digital marketing uses a pay-per-click – PPC model which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Among surveyed consumers, 75% say search ads make it easier to find the information they are looking for. In practise:

✅  49% click on text ads

✅  31% on shopping ads and

✅  16% on video ads.

An effective paid search advertising campaign can drive traffic, increase brand awareness, accelerate sales and deliver results quickly.

The success of your paid search adverising campaigns relies on several factors:

✅  Pay per click – PPC bidding strategy.

✅  Search Engine Optimisation – SEO.

✅  Analytics Capabilities.

Each of these pieces must work in tandem to generate meaningful return on investment. Best-Digital Marketing’s expert managers use advanced paid search advertising tools to:

✅  assess keyword valuation

✅  identify opportunities to leverage search volume and

✅  analyse reports to optimise conversions.

On the surface, PPC ads may look simple but they are supported by complex and ever-changing bidding strategies and search engine optimisationSEO planning as well as creative copywriting and website UX design.

Paid search advertising are highly visible. A strategic paid search advertising campaign can boost brand awareness, generate new business leads and contribute to higher conversion rates.

What Is Paid Search Advertising

Paid search marketing refers to a Pay Per Click – PPC model in which brands only pay when consumers click their ads.

The results that have been paid for have a little green box with the word Ad or Ads before the listing. This is where a company paid to have their page show up at the top of the list.

This can be done through Google Ads search campaign, which charges you a small amount of money for every person who clicks on that link.

These ads appear on Search Engine Results Pages – SERPs either next to or on top of relevant organic results. This type of strategy is often called Search Engine Marketing – SEM.

These days – paid search advertising and PPC are synonymous. You may also hear marketers simply refer to this strategy simply as
search marketing.

PPC Management Pricing 2

Picking the right keywords will mean you are targeting the right people and will result in a high click through rate – CTR and consistent website traffic to your page.

Paid Search Advertising Is Essential To Your Digital Marketing Strategy

About 75% of web users say paid search advertising make it easier to find the information they are looking for and 49% regularly click on ads in search results.

Considering the positive impact paid search advertising campaigns can have on your company’s digital marketing strategy – they should be an integral part of your customer outreach.

Whether your goal is to spread awareness of your brand, drive traffic to your product pages or re-engage previous site visitors – our paid search advertising consultants can help you get there.

You can reach individuals in a variety of ways through a number of criteria – to ensure that the right audience are clicking on your ads.

Most paid search ads feature a header and short-form copy. They can also include a number of engaging elements like:
Link Building

Website Link

Product Images and Videos

Product Videos & Images

Consumer-Customer Rating

Customer Ratings

Location Information

Location Information

Phone Number

Phone Numbers

Paid search is the fastest growing ad format with advertisers spending over $19 billion annually.

As your target demographic, industry or products change, our services will evolve alongside them to maximise your brand exposure, consumer interest and return on investment – ROI.

With the right support from Best-Digital Marketing‘s paid search consultants – your campaigns can drive more traffic to your website and amplifying the power of your organic strategy.

Best-Digital Marketing paid search advertising services are fully customisable to your company’s unique needs, objectives and goals today and in the future.

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Our Paid Search Consultants Are Your Expert Marketing Team

Paid search advertsing campaigns managed by Best-Digital Marketing support your search engine optimisation – SEO and content marketing strategies by getting your message in front of your target audience.

Ranking highly on a SERP organically takes an average 90 to 180 days depending on the search volume for your keywords search term or phrase and it’s competitiveness.

And that is assuming you have an awesome SEO strategy and that is updated periodically based on the findings of your analytics reports.

Best-Digital Marketing’s paid search experts go one step further and target affinity audiences in one of these three ways based on:

✅  their interests

✅  whether they are in-market

✅  previous interactions with your business

These audiences can help businesses to build brand awareness and find potential new customers whilst improving traffic to your website.

Google uses recent search information to determine whether potential buyers are in the market and businesses can reach potential customers at the moment they are ready to buy

Data from Google shows that search ads can increase brand awareness by 80%. That can be a huge advantage if you have recently launched a new website or product page.

A paid search campaign with Google Ads can be just the thing you need to improve that brand awareness.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Paid search advertising is not a magic bullet but with Best-Digital Marketing’s experts creating strategic decisions based on real data – you will be able to outrank your competitors.

The average click through rateCTR for paid search ads is around 2.35% however ads in the first position see rates as high as 8.27%. Our paid search consultants possess deep knowledge and expertise of bidding strategies to help your ads reach the top spot.

How Our Paid Search Consultants Support Growth

These days it takes an average of seven touches to generate a viable sales lead. Getting to that level of familiarity while ensuring each interaction is a positive one is a huge challenge for marketers.

Our paid search experts understand how to approach prospective customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Using intent-based keywords, data-driven bidding strategies and SEO best practices – our consultants enable brands to make deeper connections with their customers.

Our paid search consultants specialise in:

  Keyword Analysis

✅  Creative Copywriting

✅  PPC Bidding

✅  Ad Re-Targeting

✅  Reputable Syndication

✅  Landing Pages UX

✅  And Much More

Major paid search ads networks reach millions of websites and apps. Our paid search experts can help you find and engage your customers wherever they are on the internet/web.

One of the primary reasons why brands trust our paid search consultants is because of our ability to identify competitive keywords that attract potential buyers without breaking the bank.

Adding to bidding strategy – our professional consultants can help you save money by improving the quality of your ads.

Ad networks use various signals to determine ad quality and reward optimised ads with lower Cost Per click – CPC and better placement.

By combining your organic and paid search campaigns, our paid search strategists have the ability to converse with customers who engage with your brand across channels.

For instance paid search ads can help your website increase traffic while you wait for you organic strategy to mature.

How Does Paid Search Ads Quality Impact Paid Search Ranking?

Best-Digital Marketing’s paid search experts use reputable enterprise software to optimise keywords, ad bids, ad spend, call to action – CTA text and other important factors. In fact, brands that submit high quality ads can actually end up paying less per click.

Here is how Google determines the cost per click – CPC of an ad:

  • The advertiser makes a bid. This is the maximum amount they are willing to spend for a click.
  • Google determines the advertiser’s Quality Score based on their click through rate – CTR, keyword relevancy, historical ad performance and landing page relevance.
  • Google calculates the advertiser’s Ad Rank by multiplying the Quality Score by the maximum bid.
  • Google compares the Ad Rank to the advertiser’s competitors and assigns a CPC based on the competitiveness and popularity of the ad’s keywords.

Generally – advertisers with a high Quality Score are rewarded with lower CPC and higher rankings. Let us create high quality ads so you can focus on growing your business.

Ready To Create Your Paid Search Advertising Campaign?

Why Paid Search Ads Are Essential to Your Business

Whether you are in the B2B or B2C sector – Paid Search Ads can compliment or even increase your sales strategy.

Key benefits of a managed paid search ads strategy include:

Lead Generating & Nurturing

Lead Generating & Nurturing

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Brand Awareness

Increase Brand Awareness


Improve Conversion Rate

High-quality ads give you more opportunities to reach your goals. Our dedicated consultants can ensure you target the right keywords, develop an optimised buyer journey and improve conversion rates by pinpointing areas of improvement on your landing pages.

We Tailor Your Strategy With Data Driven Analytics

Custom reporting is absolutely important to any paid search advertising strategy therefore you cannot improve if you do not know where you have been and where you stand today.

Tailored campaign analysis ensures you are on track to meet your business goals.

Our professional experts track and measure critical paid search metrics such as:


Conversion Rate

Social Bookmarking

Click Through Rates – CTRs

Total Video Views

Customer Impressions

Cost Per Conversion

Cost Per Conversion

Return On Investment - ROI

Return On Investment

With ongoing support from our experts you will receive monthly analytics reports and strategy updates. The ability to visualise your campaign results makes it easier to optimise your outreach efforts.

Best-Digital Marketing’s Paid Search Advertising Includes:

As a marketing strategy – paid search advertising is highly flexible. Best-Digital Marketing’s paid search experts can set up search campaigns, analyse results and fine tune your strategy based on real-world data.

This flexibility is great for getting the most from your ad spend but it also means active management of your paid search campaign is necessary to achieve optimal results.

Our paid search strategists work collaboratively with you to understand your company, its mission and current objectives. Advanced analytics capabilities help them spot trends and make tactical adjustments.

Here are a few insights, Best-Digital Marketing experts dwell into that could help you win prospective customers while they are searching online.

✅  Consider location and convenience

✅  Count on an informed customer

✅  Expect that a search will lead to discovery

✅  Think about complementary categories

✅  Prepare for the unexpected

✅  Do not underestimate the power of reviews

✅  Remember the world is mobile-first

Best-Digital Marketing’s experienced paid search experts will help you:

Define Your Goals:

Whether you want more site visitors, newsletter sign ups or store visits – your creative PPC expert will steer your search campaign toward maximum results.

Decide Your Ad Scale:

Do you target a local audience or offer a global exposure? Finding the right location groups could increase your customer base. We can convert your messages into targeted search campaigns.


Bid Management:

Creative hands-on PPC experts will work with you to optimise and diversify your ad spend across display networks, retargeting campaigns and syndication platforms.

Identify Keywords:

Competitive keywords can have a Cost Per Click – CPC of $50 or higher. Knowledgeable PPC professionals find keywords that balance value, volume and relevance to your campaign goals.

Analyse Performance:

Ongoing campaign analysis helps you gain important market intelligence. Our experts will adjust tactics and ad spend based on performance reports. For instance they can help you decide which ad extensions make sense for your goals.

Craft Engaging Content:

You have restricted number of characters which grab attention and entice potential customers. Paid search advertising ensures your ad copy is always aligned with customer search intent to make your ads appealing.


Test Landing Pages:

Beyond the search campaign, our PPC experts can help you improve your Quality Score by testing landing page efficiency. This step is crucial in converting site visitors to customers.

Online shoppers are sophisticated consumers with complex needs and desires. From just one search – you or your competitor could win a new customer. Occasionally a simple search could spark an entire new idea, desire or need in the person browsing.

Depending on your industry and target audience, your Best-Digital Marketing strategist can help you launch thoughtful paid search campaigns on search engines like Google and Bing, Facebook and Instagram Ads
as well as other reputable syndication platforms like Outbrain, ZergNet, Zemanta and Taboola.

Ready To Start Creating?

Paid Search Ads Is Perfect For Multi Channel Campaigns

98% of Americans switch between multiple devices every single day. Paid search ads are uniquely positioned to reach customers whether they are browsing the web or using apps on their desktop or mobile devices.

The web is a huge place and to get your brand’s messaging in front of relevant buyers – you need a digital marketing strategy that spans across different channels, platforms and devices.

Our paid search consultants can help you manage your campaigns across all these channels including:

✅  Google Ads.

✅  Bing Ads.

✅  Majority of Social Media Networks.

✅  Syndication Network like Outbrain, ZergNet, Zemanta and Taboola.

In addition to text and display ads – our experts have extensive experience working with shopping campaigns on Google and Amazon thus empowering your E-commerce strategy by selling to customers directly from search results.

Paid Search Advertising - PPC 21

65% of buyers click on paid advertisements when intending to make a purchase. To reach these customers you need an optimised paid search strategy.

Best-Digital Marketing’s experienced PPC consultants can support your customer engagement and conversion goals with data-driven strategies, creative copywriting and expert management.

You own your business and we will own your strategy. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how to maximise the results of your paid search campaigns.

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