Retargeting Services

If you ever come across ads that seem to follow you after a recent browsing activity? This means you have been retargeted. We can help you do that with your potential customers.

Remarketing and retargeting ads are powerful strategies for maximising visitor value and increase your product or service and brand awareness.

Retargeting Services

Retargeting services enables you to remind your customers of your products and services after they leave your website without buying. It allows you to show your visitors relevant ads when they visit other sites.

It turns out that 97% of people who visit your website for the first time leave without buying anything and then they are lost forever unless you can bring them back.

Retargeting campaigns prompts your website visitors about your products and services after they leave your website without buying. After visiting specific pages, it allows you to retarget them and show your visitors relevant visual or text ads when they visit other websites.

Our Retargeting services are always done with the help of Google Ads, Facebook retargeting, LinkedIn Ads and other retargeting advertising platforms.

Retargeting services works with apps and search as well as website banner ads. Serious marketers today use retargeting as a vital tool to connect with their customers and increase their sales.

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Why Is Retargeting Important?

It would be ideal if customers always made a purchase on the first visit to your website. Unfortunately that is not how it works.

This is where our Retargeting services come in.

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Retargeting helps remind consumers of your product as they continue browsing the internet – whether they are on social media, their favourite news site or researching your competitors.

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You can choose from a variety of ways to segment people based on their traits or behaviour and target them accordingly, which allows you to create a relevant advertising experience that drives more purchases.

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No matter which segment you are choosing – you are targeting a group of people who have already indicated that they are interested in your brand simply by visiting your site.

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Retargeting Services 101

Most retargeting services is actually digital advertising and it is based on real-time bidding process:

Advertisers use various ad platforms such as Google Ads to determine how much they are willing to pay to serve display ads through that network.

When a potential customer visits a website that is part of the ad network, they will see the ad that belongs to the highest bidder or the ad that the network has deemed to be of the highest quality.

If the user clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays a fee to the ad platform. This is called pay-per-click – PPC advertising.

The exception to this process is search engine marketing – SEM also known as paid search advertising.

The only difference is that the ad displays at the top of search engine results instead of being embedded on a web page.

Unlike traditional auctions the highest bidder is not always the winner. The largest ad network on the web which is Google Ads Network factors Quality Score into its rankings.

Google determines this Quality Score based on expected click-through rates – CTR, ad relevance and landing page experience.

This means advertisers can earn a lower cost-per-click – CPC by creating high-quality ads that lead to optimised, highly relevant landing pages.

The rewards are well worth the effort: Google Ads are seen by an estimated 90% of all web users.

With so much potential exposure, marketers who use digital ads effectively have significant opportunity to build brand awareness while also converting leads deeper into the sales funnel.

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difference between retargeting vs remarketing

The terms retargeting and remarketing are pretty similar and are often used interchangeably but they are not quite the same. However they mean to achieve the same goals:

✅  Target audiences who already visited your site and are aware of your brand.

✅  Engage and target people who are most likely to make a purchase.

  Help start building a lasting connection with the customers through brand awareness and

The differences between retargeting vs remarketing are in the tactics used to accomplish these goals.

The term retargeting is often used when you are showing your prospects your ads on other sites in an ad network after they leave your website or social media profiles. Retargeting usually involves cookies.

The term remarketing is often used when you collect contact information from prospects in order to deliver email campaigns to them.

That is where Google remarketing ads come in. It is a powerful new marketing channel that helps you convert website visitors into customers after they have left your online store.

According to Google, combining retargeting ads with the other advertising you already do can help you sell 50% more stuff.

Retargeting Vs Remarketing

If a customer abandons their cart on an e-commerce site, they will receive an email from the site reminding them of it. This means remarketing is reliant on actually having a user’s email in your database which is why it is sometimes referred to as CRM retargeting.

Other examples of remarketing include:

  Tailoring email campaigns based on how users have interacted with your site.

  Emailing a customer on your remarketing list when a product they have shown interest in goes on sale.

  Sending a demo-request email to a client who has downloaded deep-funnel collateral such as white papers and product testimonials.

Remarketing and retargeting may seem different but they are both essential functions of a successful content marketing campaign.

At Best-Digital Marketing – we offer remarketing services in addition to our retargeting services.

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How does retargeting Work?

Ad retargeting is a type of PPC advertising. Advertisers configure their ad campaigns to target specific web users based on their previous internet activity which can be discerned through cookies and third-party data.

This allows advertisers to make bids that target users whose browsing history makes them more likely to click on the ad.

Retargeted ads can target users who have had previous interactions with your website or brand where a potential customer may have looked at specific product categories on your website. This is commonly referred to as website retargeting.

Alternatively retargeted ads can be served to users who have never interacted with your brand but have shown interest in other brands and product pages that are similar to yours. This is called dynamic retargeting.

Retargeting can be executed on search networks (search retargeting) or via display networks (display retargeting).

how do we implement our  retargeting services

Our Retargeting services can be implemented in several different ways:

Website Retargeting

Website retargeting is a great way to target users who have already visited your site as they browse the web, encouraging them to revisit and make a purchase.

Especially for users who abandoned your website without completing a purchase can be encouraged to return via retargeting ads.

Using the Google Display Network, we can implement highly segmented audience targeting to attract your most valuable customers and develop your retargeting strategy around this.

Social Media Retargeting

Users who have browsed your website can be retargeted on social media with ads based on the products they were looking at.

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter offer highly customisable audiences which allow us to optimise your retargeting campaigns according to your business goals and audience behaviour.

Brand Awareness

Retargeting on social media does not just increase your chances of getting conversions.

By targeting audiences similar to your existing customers as well as customers themselves, we can expand your online reach to include users who have not yet interacted with your website – ensuring top of mind brand awareness when they are ready to buy.

Remarketing lists for search ads – RLSA

Remarketing lists for search ads – RLSA allow us to tailor your Google Search campaigns efficiently by showing ads to already-engaged users who have not yet converted on your website or by creating exclusive offer ads for loyal customers.

This way we can distribute your ad spend more effectively to deliver more conversions and a higher ROI.

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Our Retargeting services is most effective when you segment your visitors and tailor the retargeting ads shown to each group or you can decide not to retarget them at all.

Our best-performing retargeting creative has a clear call-to-action – CTA and promotes your exclusive offer.

Different products warrant different retargeting time frames. For example – people shopping for travel should be retargeted immediately whilst people shopping for luxury goods should be retargeted later.

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How Can Best-Digital Marketing Help Your Business

As part of our PPC management servicesBest-Digital Marketing will assign a highly experienced and dedicated consultant to focus on retargeting campaigns across the following platforms:

✅  Google Ad Network.

✅  Microsoft Advertising (Bing and Yahoo).

✅  Facebook Custom Audiences.

✅  Syndication networks (Taboola, Outbrain, Zemanta, ZergNet).

We assist with every aspect of your retargeting strategy including the following:

Managed Spend Allocation

Your dedicated consultant will make strategic recommendations on how to allocate ad spend based on historic campaign performance, marketing objectives, target audience and other variables.

This will ensure that the advertising spend is always funnelled toward channels that will yield maximum returns.

Campaign Management

Best-Digital Marketing’s PPC consultants can manage retargeting campaigns via AdRoll, Criteo, Perfect Audience, Retargeter and other leading retargeting tools to assist you with:

Audience segmentation

A retargeting platform like AdRoll makes it easy to segment audiences according to how they interact with your website or other content on the web.

You can define audiences based on activities such as what pages they visit, what buttons they click, how many impressions they have been served, whether or not they are part of an existing campaign audience in your Customer Relationship Management – CRM and much more.


The market for local services on the web is enormous. In fact, nearly half of all web searches have local intent.

Geo-targeting lets you create location parameters to help you retarget users based on their proximity to certain markets.

Reporting and attribution

Your dedicated PPC consultant will track conversions, create custom reports and measure campaign performance by tracking average cost per click – CPC, cost per acquisition – CPA, return on advertising spend – ROAS and other key metrics.

Campaign Management Retargeting

Content Optimisation Strategy

Our PPC consultants may also collaborate with your dedicated content strategist to assist in other elements of your advertising campaigns including but not limited to:

✅  Persona development.

✅  Keyword research – paid search.

✅  Meta description optimisation – paid search.

✅  Video ad production.

✅  Text ad copywriting.

✅  Landing page copy optimisation to improve Quality Score.

✅  UX and design audits to help boost conversions.

✅  Banner ad design.

✅  Cookie consent banners.

All of these factors and more can make or break the success of your retargeting ads.

With Best-Digital Marketing – you get a complete full digital marketing agency that can get to the root of your retargeting inefficiency and prescribe a custom solution.

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Benefits of Retargeting Services

Retargeting campaigns target users who have already expressed some interest in a brand, product or service. This is known as behavioural targeting. Ads are served based on user behaviours.

Contextual advertising – when ads are served based on the context of the page more like TV ads and print ads – are more of a gamble.

The only advantage of contextual advertising is that it is more privacy-centric since cookies and third-party marketing data are not needed.

Otherwise – retargeting campaigns generally outperform contextual advertising:

✅  Retargeting can increase ad engagement by as much as 400%.

✅  Web users are 70% more likely to convert through retargeted ads.

✅  Cart abandoners are 25% more likely to convert on e-commerce stores after encountering a retargeted ad.

There are no best guesses. Hard data informs every marketing strategy we create and drive every tactical decision we make.

Our PPC consultants work directly with your marketing team to optimise advertising spend and deliver retargeting campaigns that convert.

When should you use retargeting campaigns?

Retargeting is meant to be a long-term strategy for businesses that already have a following. If your website gets at least 100 monthly visitors, Google remarketing ads are definitely for you.

Retargeting Campaigns should be used in the following scenarios:

Promoting bestsellers

Retargeting ads are a simple, effective way to showcase your top-selling and popular products.

Promoting items your current customers love can even help convert visitors into customers and increase ROI for your ads.

Introducing new collections

Consumers who are interested in your brand and visit your website are a great audience to target when you are launching a new product collection.

Your retargeting ads will catch their eye wherever they go online, creating a clear path back to your store so they can check out what is new.

This can be done with display campaigns using Google AdWords or through a Facebook retargeting campaign.

Moving inventory

As an online seller – you have probably dealt with slow-moving inventory at one time or another.

Retargeting ads are a low-budget, low-effort way to showcase surplus products from your store to potential customers.

Building brand awareness

Most consumers need to feel they know you before they decide to buy your product or service.

Here retargeting ads keeps your brand on top of potential customers mind who are not ready to purchase when they first visit your website.

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