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Video production content is on the rise and with a clear and precise video production strategy - Best-Digital Marketing can help you achieve an effective, affordable, clear, concise and unique video marketing strategy.

When it comes to a solid corporate video production strategy - we got you covered on all bases - from start to finish.

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Wherever video production content sits in your wider video marketing strategy – it needs to be given special attention. A video production strategy will require management buy-in, budget and significant marketing resources.

But the investment should deliver returns – your videos should generate leads, elevate your brand awareness, create social buzz, attract talent to your business and boost customer loyalty. And you should be able to objectively quantify most of the benefits that your corporate video production strategy delivers.

As a leading video production strategy company – we work with a variety of different marketers, various different business departments to create your video marketing strategies that deliver maximum results.

From audience analysis to content planning, resource allocation, production, marketingdistribution, measurement and optimisation through to post-production services – we will guide you through every step of the process – from start to finsh.

Our video production strategies have doubled landing page conversions, created new lead sources, trended on Twitter and helped sales teams move prospects down the sales funnel.

Our approach as a video production strategy agency is based on data. We work with you to understand your objectives, identify where video fits in your wider content marketing strategy, benchmark metrics, set KPIs and design a creative, long-term plan that you can present to your executive team to get sign-off.

When it comes to implementation – we can assist with all elements or we can support your in-house video department to deliver against your video production strategy.

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Video Production Strategy

What is video production strategy?

Video production strategy is a plan or framework that outlines how videos will be created and used to achieve specific goals. It encompasses various aspects of video production – from concept development to distribution and measurement of success.

A well-defined video production strategy can help ensure that your videos are effective in delivering your message, reaching your target audience and meeting your business objectives.

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Our Video Production Strategy Guide

Define Your Goals and Objectives

A solid video production strategy starts with clear, concise and measurable objectives. These should include long-term and short-term goals and they will need to be aligned with your wider business goals.

Your business goals could be around lead generation, talent acquisition, creating online buzz, more conversions and sales, increasing customer satisfaction or just educational purposes.

At Best-Digital Marketing  – we always use the SMART methodology to create your business objectives identify goals that are:

✅ Specific

✅ Measurable

✅ Achievable

✅ Relevant

✅ Time Bound

Know Your Target Audience

The audience analysis is an important element of video production strategy design. Whether your target audience is customers, prospects, competitors, candidates, partners or advisors – you need to identify how and where they are likely to consume video content and what type of content will likely engage them.

Understand who your audience is, what are their interests and needs and where they spend their time online. Tailor your video content to resonate with this audience.

Content Planning

Develop a content plan that outlines the topics, themes and types of videos you want to create. Consider the different stages of the buyer’s journey and how your videos can address the needs of your audience at each stage.

Video Context analysis

If your video production strategy is going to have the maximum chance of success – you will need to consider the context in which it will be running which includes looking at competitors and trends in your sector, field, niche or industry.

Competitors include both direct competitors and all the other organisations competing for your audience’s attention.

Budget and Resources

Determine your budget for video production. This includes costs for equipment, software, talent and distribution. Allocate resources and assemble a team which may include videographers, editors, scriptwriters and on-screen talent. At Best-Digital Marketing – we have all these covered.

Creative Concept and Storytelling

Develop a creative concept for your videos that aligns with your brand and business goals. Craft compelling stories or messages that will engage viewers and deliver your key points effectively.

Storytelling With A Twist

Production Schedule

Create a timeline for video production – including pre-production (planning and scripting), production (shooting) and post-production (editing, graphics, and sound). Stick to deadlines to ensure timely delivery. Once again – we have all these covered.

Focus on Quality Production

Pay attention to production quality including camera work, lighting, sound and performances. High-quality production values contribute to a professional and polished final product.

Distribution and Promotion

Decide how and where you will publish and promote your videos. This could include platforms like YouTube, social media, your website or email marketing. Consider paid advertising and organic strategies to increase visibility and brand awareness.

Utilise Visual and Auditory Elements

Visuals and audio are both crucial components of video production. Ensure that your visuals are engaging and the audio is clear and relevant.

Consider music, sound effects and graphics to enhance the overall experience for your target audience.

Edit Thoughtfully

Editing plays a crucial role in the final product. Edit for pacing, clarity and overall coherence. Trim unnecessary elements and keep the video concise – especially for online audiences with shorter attention spans.

Incorporate Branding Elements

If applicable – include branding elements such as logos, colours and messaging to reinforce your brand identity. Consistency across your videos helps build brand recognition for your business.

Measurement and Analytics

Establish key performance indicatorsKPIs to track the success of your videos. Monitor metrics such as views, engagement, click-through rates and conversion rates. Use this data to refine your video production strategy over time.

Legal and Compliance

Ensure that your videos adhere to copyright laws, privacy regulations and other legal requirements. Obtain any necessary permissions or licenses for content and music.

Feedback and Reiteration

Continuously gather feedback from your audience and analyse the performance of your videos. Use this information to refine your video production strategy and improve future video content.

Quality Control

Maintain high production standards to ensure that your videos are well-produced, have good audio and video quality and represent your brand effectively.

A successful video production strategy is dynamic and adaptable – allowing you to respond to changing trends and audience preferences.

This is absolutely essential to stay current with the evolving landscape of online video to create content that resonates with your audience and achieves your business objectives.

If you choose to do-it-yourself then please note that video production strategy always changes with time – so you need to keep up with all the above for the most up-to-date information and guidance on video production.


You can partner up with Best-Digital Marketing who possess all the necessary skills, capabilities, know-how, experienced production and editing team to do this for you. Rest assured that we always keep up-to-date with the latest trends, legislations and compliance matters.

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Our Best video production process for any business

The video production process for a business can vary depending on their business goals, budget and specific needs of the project.

Here at Best-Digital Marketing – we have listed a general outline of our best video production process for any business:


✅  Define your objectives: Clearly articulate the purpose of the video, your target audience and the key message you want to convey.

✅  Budget and timeline: Determine your budget and set a realistic timeline for the project. 

✅  Script and concept: Develop a script or outline for the video – including the storyline, dialogue and visual concepts.

✅  Location and talent: Secure locations, actors or on-screen talent as needed. 

✅ Crew and equipment: Assemble a production team and gather the necessary equipment including cameras, lighting and audio gear.


✅  Create a storyboard or shot list to visualise how the video will be shot including camera angles and framing.


✅  Set up and prepare the shooting location.

✅  Capture the video footage according to the script and storyboard.

✅  Ensure proper lighting, sound and camera work for high-quality footage.


✅  Video editing: Edit the raw footage to create a coherent and engaging video.

✅  Sound design: Add music, voiceovers and sound effects where and as necessary.

✅  Graphics and animations: Incorporate any necessary graphics, animations or special effects.

✅  Colour correction and grading: Enhance the visual quality of the video.

✅ Review and revisions: Review the video and make any necessary revisions.

video production process


✅  Choose the right platforms: Determine where and how the video will be distributed – example website, social media, email, YouTube, etc.

✅  SEO optimisation: Optimise the video’s title, description and tags for search engines.

Promotion: Promote the video through your marketing channels such as email newsletters, social media and advertising.

Analytics and Feedback

✅  Track the video’s performance using analytics tools to measure engagement and reach.

✅  Gather feedback from the audience and stakeholders to inform future video projects.


✅ Regularly monitor and update the video as needed to keep it relevant and effective.

Keep in mind that the success of your video production process depends on the quality of each stage and it is important to adapt the process to your specific goals and constraints.

Additionally – if you think that you do not have time, resources and expertise then consider working with experienced professionals like Best-Digital Marketing where experienced videographers, editors, story writers and marketing experts – – ensure the best possible results for your business video production.

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How Do We Maximise Our Video Production Strategy For Success

At Best-Digital Marketing our team of videographers, editors, story writers  and marketing experts can help you with the best possible results for your business video production.

We are aware that every business is different and unique and requires a personalised video marketing plan for its video production strategy.

When you partner up with Best-Digital Marketing – you will enjoy clearly defined objectives, direction and a method for achieving them.

Maximising and succeeding with our video production strategy requires a combination of creativity, planning, imagination and execution.

At Best-Digital Marketing – we use specific steps to help you achieve success in your video production strategy:

1. Define Clear Objectives

We start by clearly defining the objectives of your video production strategy. What do you want to achieve? Whether it is increasing brand awareness, generating leads, maximising conversions and sales or educating your audience – having well-defined goals is crucial.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

Together we will thoroughly understand your target audience, including their preferences, needs and where they spend their time online. We will tailor your video content to resonate with your specific audience.

3. Develop a Creative Concept

We will create a compelling and unique creative concept for your videos. This concept should align with your brand and the objectives you have set. It is the core idea that will make your videos stand out.

4. Script and Storyboard

We will develop a script and storyboard for your videos. Our production team will plan the visuals, dialogues and shots in detail. This will serve as a roadmap during production.

5. The Right Equipment and Team

We have all the right and necessary equipment to assemble a skilled production team. This may include a director, videographers, sound engineers and on-screen talent. Quality equipment and personnel are essential for professional results.

6. Location and Set Design

We will choose appropriate locations and set designs that fit your concept and message. We need to pay attention to lighting, background and overall aesthetics.

Professional Video Production Services

7. Effective Production Process

During production – we ensure that the creative concept and storyboard are followed accurately. This will capture high-quality video and audio and we will be prepared for unforeseen challenges.

8. Post-Production Excellence

Editing and post-production are critical phases. Our skilled editor can enhance the footage, add graphics, animations, music and make the final video engaging and polished.

9. Optimise for Various Platforms

We can also format your videos for different platforms. Each platform may have specific requirements for video dimensions, length and quality. We can optimise your videos accordingly.

10. Distribution and Promotion

We will develop a strategy for publishing and promoting your videos. We use social media, email marketing, website embedding and paid advertising to increase visibility and brand awareness. We will consistently monitor the performance of your videos and adjust your promotion strategy as and when needed.

11. Engage with Your Audience

We will encourage viewer engagement by responding to comments and questions that will build a community around your videos to enhance their reach and impact.

12. Measure and Analyse

We will use analytics tools to measure the performance of your videos. We will also track metrics like views, watch time, engagement and conversion rates. We will analyse this data to refine your video production strategy.

13. Reiterate and Improve

We are open to feedbacks and continuously reiterate and improve your video production strategy. We know what works and what does not and will apply these insights to your projects.

14. Legal and Compliance

We will ensure your videos comply with copyright laws and privacy regulations. We will obtain necessary permissions and licenses for any content used.

15. Budget Management

We will manage your budget effectively. Video production can be costly so we need to keep track of the expenses and allocate resources wisely.

16. Consistency

We always maintain a consistent schedule for video production and publishing. We know that regular content can help build an audience.

17. Staying Informed

We always keep up with the latest trends and technologies in video production. The industry is continually evolving so staying informed can give you a competitive edge.

Video production strategy can be a laborious process but by organising well and focusing on your video production strategy – you will end up with a standout product that your viewers will be compelled to share.

Video is the most engaging type of content people consume these days and if you can work out how to produce high-quality videos for your business in an effective, sustainable way then you will reap the benefits for a long time.

By following these steps and continually refining your approach – we can maximise your chances of success with our video production strategy.

At Best-Digital Marketing – we are a video production strategy agency that can help you get the most out of your video/s.

Our post-production services can include a myriad of things ranging from editing, which consists of the basic arrangement of visual and audio material, colour-correction and grading to add the finishing touches, visual effects to address any creative needs, animation and distribution to help your video be seen.

As a full digital marketing service agency – we are able to fulfil every aspect of digital marketing services, paid advertising services, social media services, content and marketing creation and strategy services – you name it and we got your back covered.

Keep in mind that success in video production often involves a combination of creativity, technical skill, imagination and effective promotion to reach and engage your target audience and this is what Best-Digital Marketing does best.

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