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At Best-Digital Marketing - we identify all of the key technical SEO issues impacting your website's organic performance and visualise your site like never before, expose weaknesses, diagnose problems and revamp your website performance with our Website Audit Services.

Get the cutting edge knowledge you need to make crucial decisions and valuable improvements positively - with a professional Website Audit Agency like Best-Digital Marketing.

Best Website Audit Services

If your web conversion rates are low and your sales could do with a boost then there could be flaws in your website. How to reduce these flaws and make improvements with vital knowledge?

With our Website Audit Services – we will provide you with a host of information that can be used to enhance your site in a number of ways. From user experience and content creation quality to search engine presence and visual appeal, with everything under expert review – you will be able to clearly see the potential reasons why you are missing out on sales and business growth.

The only way to outrank competitors is to have a fully functional, optimised website with seamless user experience across top devices and browsers.

We partner your brand with our high calibre, experienced SEO consultant with technical expertise so you can root out all site wide inefficiencies hampering your search engine.

We analyse your website and provide hard data on its performance and provide you with a strategic recommendations to get your site running at full steam.

Once adjustments are made – your position in the digital marketplace is immediately enhanced. Each of our custom professional website audit services is delivered to you with your future goals in mind.

Website Audit Services I Best-Digital Marketing

Best Website Audit Agency in Bournemouth, Christchurch & Poole (BCP) in Dorset – Local, National and Global.

Your Website Audit Services Is In Our Specialist Hands

Our Website Audit Services are a huge and an integral part of what we do at Best-Digital Marketing – to help you develop your campaigns and strategies. We need to understand both your website and business before any work is undertaken.

Therefore our website audits are an extensive and in-depth analysis of your website detailing all the aspects of your website and the build which are performing well as well as identifying any issues or flaws.

Our website audit services helps to identify potential aspects and areas for improvement – when rectified it would positively impact the overall SEO of your site. We provide detailed descriptions, solutions and strategic recommendations for any problems that we identify.

Website Audit Services

With both our audit and recommendations – you will be able to locate the aspects of your website that require further development or complete reconstruction.

And if needed, our high calibre, experienced consultants at Best-Digital Marketing can provide varying levels of consultation and assistance throughout the whole process depending on your wants and needs.

Do You Want to increase speed, accuracy, user experience?

Why audit your website with Best-Digital Marketing?

With years of experience and exceptional knowledge in this area, we know in-depth what can be causing issues with a website.

So not only will we be aware of what needs checking, we will also be able to report back to you with expert recommendations on refinements that could transform your website so it starts meeting your business goals.

Here is why local, national or global businesses choose Best-Digital Marketing for their professional website audit:

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Clear & Easy

You will receive clear, helpful reports that are easy to read and understand.

No jargon, no confusion. Just straight forward action points.

Content for SEO

Action Plan

All website audits conclude with an expert action plan.

We follow up with a telephone consultation to discuss the next steps.


Unbiased opinion

Your website audit report will be based on unbiased, expert opinion and summarised with advice from experienced professionals.


Focused objectives

Our website audit service is fully focused on your business objectives and online goals.

So you will see precisely where improvements are needed.

comprehensive-all round-includes all


All website audits are fully comprehensive and cover a wide range of issues from search engine rankings to usability and even GDPR compliance.

Customer Engagement

Customised Audit

A fully tailored, personalised website audit service that is as unique as your business.

Because off-the-shelf audits just would not do.

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Different Types of website audit

Your website audit with Best-Digital Marketing will always be fully customised and tailored. Off-the-shelf website audits are known to be general.

They do not involve a personalised, in-depth insight into what could be causing your website to perform poorly.

At Best-Digital Marketing, we look at your website audit from a range of different perspectives.

Here is a guide to what your audit may cover but not limited to – depending on the issues you are experiencing and other unique factors. We will tailor the audit to your specific circumstances.

Technical website audit

Do your web pages download nice and quickly or are they causing user frustration? Are visitors running into errors as they browse?

We will look at what could be behind issues like this and other technical factors that could be preventing your site from appearing in the search engines or converting.

User experience - UX audit

The user experience through a website is incredibly important. Is it easy for visitors to find what they want to know? To get to where they want to go? Can they complete and send forms without getting frustrated? Check out and pay? Download things?

Perhaps it is all well on a desktop but once the site is viewed on mobile – it fails and slows down. All these are factors that form part of our website audit here at Best-Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation Audit.

If your website is not ranking well in the search engines then consumers are not going to find you.

Your site’s failure to land those top ranking spots could be down to a variety of things. So we will use our extensive knowledge and expertise in this area to investigate everything from what is happening on the website to what is going on and off the site.

Never Lose Another Customer Or Potential Sales Again!

what can you expect from our quality website audit services

At Best-Digital Marketing – we promise not to bore you with a 100-page report that is impossible to understand.  We do not use slang or jargon and we write in clear, plain, easy to understand English.

Reports run from 15 to 30 pages depending on the problems we find and the size of the website and will enlist all problems in order of importance and highlight the areas where the biggest gains can be expected quickly.

All backup data is provided.  If you have a web development company then they will need to fix some of the errors.  We work well with web development companies to resolve issues.

Reviews are usual because a website has lost traffic. You get

  • A detailed description of your current situation
  • A list of technical recommended actions with explanations
  • A report outlining a strategy for increasing all sources of traffic

Included is a follow-up phone or Skype conversation where we will have an hour to talk and discuss through all the issues highlighted in the review.

We aim to have your website audits sent to you within 7 working days. The audit is not generated by a software tool – we write each report ourselves since every website is different.

Best Website Audit Services I Best-Digital Marketing

We use some SEO tools to gather information like a spider to crawl your site and find technical errors. We also use leading analysis tools including Google Analytics, Google Search Console – GSC, Screaming Frog, SEMrush, Sitebulb, Deepcrawl for very large sites and much more to assemble actionable reports.

Depending upon your needs and your audit depth, our analysis may include but not limited to:

Overview Report

A list of high-level errors, issues with your site and potential penalties you may be facing.

Error Report

A dive into every error affecting your site and its severity. These issues commonly include 404 errors, unstructured data, duplicate content warnings, poorly designed XML sitemaps and a variety of SEO red flags.

Priority Scorecard

A ranking system that highlights the most immediate problems you need to address as well as some of the less-detrimental factors impacting your site.

Scorecards enable you to visualise and evaluate the extent to which you need to prioritise your resources to fix errors.

Full Audit Analysis

A professional document formatted and branded with your company’s guidelines. This analysis documents every issue on your site, suggests recommendations and provides a full summary statement from your Best-Digital Marketing specialist consultant.

Not only do you obtain the hard numbers of your audit but you gain a more personalised, targeted solution to your problems.

You work side-by-side with our highly skilled consulting teams and can benefit from an in-person review meeting to walk through errors, warnings and fixes.

Competitor and Social Media Analysis

A competitor analysis of up to five market rivals of your choice. We review organic, paid, social and backlinking strategies of your competitors so you learn how to best position yourself throughout your marketing channels.

Learn how to turn other sites’ problems into your profit. We can scale out this competitive analysis to include as many businesses as you desire since we are aware there is no end to current and future competition.

Quote to Fix Errors

We will provide you with the cost of your Best-Digital Marketing team to manually fix all of the issues covered in your website audit report either partially or in full.

Website Audit Services Price Packages

Website Audit Solutions For Any Size Website.


£ 1,995

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

2 full days checking and reporting on Technical Issues

  up to 800 pages

  Full Website Crawl

  White Label Reporting

  Speed Checks

  1 hour Follow-up Consulting Call.



100 percent satisfaction guarantee

  4 full days checking and reporting on Technical Issues

  801 to 1500 pages

  Full Website Crawl

  White Label Reporting

  Speed Checks

  2 hour Follow-up Consulting Call.


£ 5,995

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

  6 full days checking and reporting on Technical Issues

  1501+ pages

  Full Website Crawl

  White Label Reporting

  Speed Checks

  4 hour Follow-up Consulting Call.

To complete a Full Website SEO Audit – we will require full access to your Google Search Console – GSC.

We will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement – NDA for every seo website audit we undertake for our customers and clients.

Why Wait? – Make the improvements you need to increase your sales now.

Why Best-Digital Marketing? – We Are Brilliant!

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Accurate Information – All the information we gather is through highly sophisticated, website auditing software. All of our staff members receive specialist training in the various software packages and tools that we use which results in highly accurate readings.

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Social Media Tracking – Our experienced social media experts and website auditors’ work together to analyse your organisation’s social media pages for all the relevant criteria. Once all areas have been analysed, our social media experts can advise you on what to do going forward.

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Up To Date Google Tracking – Google Analytics and other software packages allow us to monitor the effectiveness of on and off page SEO. Once we have identified your problems and started making progress, we can monitor your performance.

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Tailored Marketing Plans – After we both have the relevant information about your website from the audit, our high calibre in house marketing team will tailor a marketing strategy fit to your specific needs. We will help design and implement every stage of this plan.

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Bespoke Reports – The information we gather is condensed into reports complied exclusively for our client’s viewing. These reports can be done either on a one off or continuous basis to track your website’s progression.

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Brand Monitoring – Our audit identifies where your brand is mentioned by name logo or any other form of identifying factor. We make sure that your brand is mentioned where it should be to maximise your brand awareness and remove it where it should not be.

5 stars

Ease of use

5 stars

Customer Service

5 stars

Security & Reliability

4.75 stars

Overall Rating

What You Get In Your Website Audit Report?

We have more than 200 checks in our entire website audit. We will list all passed checks. The audit will be directed by the current problems that you are experiencing.

The following list is not limited to – since we are always discovering new types of problems on an ongoing basis.

On-Site Search Optimisation Checks

✓  On Page optimisations

✓  Structural and architectural problems

✓  Internal link structure

✓  Title tags and descriptions: relevance, length, uniqueness

✓  Canonical URLs

✓  Schema

✓  Txt, htaccess advice, 301 redirects, orphans

✓  Content review via Google Analytics & Google Search Console

✓  Broken links

✓  Redirect chains

✓  Site speed

✓  Duplication, (internal and external) and blank pages

✓  Image alt tags and file naming

✓  Outdated content

✓  Low performing and low quality content

✓  Responsiveness

✓  URL structure

✓  SSL – correct setup

✓  Site Indexation checks

✓  No indexing, no following and disallows

✓  Sitemap checks

✓  Broken links and all non-200 response codes

✓  Breadcrumb – not always useful, depends on the sector and type of website

✓  Page headings – H1, H2, etc.

✓  Use of 301 and 302

✓  Is there a Contact, About, and Privacy page

✓  Robots, x-robots, htaccess – possibly blocking Google

✓  PDFs

✓  Hreflang tags – important for multilingual and websites targeting different regions

✓  Hosting

✓  Any website errors

Off-Site Optimisation

✓  Anchor text check

✓  Link distribution

✓  Authority

✓  Link overview – homepage links vs internal links vs the number of pages

✓  Backlink check for toxic links


✓  Competition research – analysis of up to 5 main competitors

✓  Missing common links

Google Search Console & Analytics

✓  Google Search Console – GSC & analytics

✓  Analytics – bounce rate, on page time, pages visited

✓  Bing and GSC

✓  Exporting pages in GSC

✓  Geographic Targeting


✓  Noting Algorithm changes

✓  Scraping Google for all listed pages

Top Factors Affecting Your Website

Audit logs can record a range of events and site information. At Best-Digital Marketing – we customise our website audit processes to consider 5 distinct factors impacting your digital eco-system.

1. Accessibility

How users and search bots access and interact with your website. If you are blocking pages on your site from crawlers with a robot.txt code or the framework of your sitemap is unclear to users then it hinders access to valuable pages.

Your site also needs to be device-responsive and designed for usability across different devices. A web accessibility audit also identifies aspects of your website that are inaccessible to users with disabilities.

While not a direct ranking factor, web accessibility for people with disabilities can indirectly affect Search Engine Optimisation -SEO.

2. Indexability

How easy it is for search bots to crawl your site and for a search engine to properly index your pages in display results?

Site errors halt or impede algorithms and ranking signals, which means it is hard for search engines to interpret your content and serve it to users.

Finally if search bots cannot find your site pages then neither can your prospects or target audiences.

3. Off-Page SEO

Quality signals are not the answer to what is on your site. Off-page factors like your inbound link strategy, backlink profile, social media marketing, bookmarking and influencer marketing all affect SEO as well.

4. On-Page SEO

Factors that impact organic rankings for major search engines includes quality content, URLs, title tags, meta descriptions, external links, anchor text, keyword optimisation and sensible navigation structure.

On-page optimisation improves search engine ranking potential.

5. Competitive & Social Media Analysis

We analyse competitors’ paid, search, social media and backlinking strategies for complete all-round visibility. We also conduct keyword analysis to identify keyword search terms that your competitors are ranking for and provide recommendations on how to improve your online presence.

Know what to rank for, how to target valuable organic and paid opportunities, where to place spend for marketing services and how to get ahead. Your site is only as strong as your competitors are weak.

You may already have insight into some areas of your site but our experienced and skilled consultant insight every element of digital performance to provide a comprehensive and actionable game plan for your website marketing strategy.

Best Website Audit Services

Features & Benefits Of Our Website Audit Packages

  • Small Size Website
  • Medium Size Website
  • Large Size Website
Small Size WebsiteMedium Size WebsiteLarge Size Website
Per Website
Per Website
Per Website
Main Features
Backlink Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Content Review
Keyword Position Analysis
Keyword Research & Analysis
Penalty Analysis
User Interaction
Website Quality Review
Full Web Crawl
Website Navigation
Search Engine Accessibility
Page Speed Optimisation
URL Structure & Taxonomy

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Website Audit Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions by potential clients.

If you have any queries please contact us and we will be happy to respond to them.

It could be one simple refinement that is needed or a range of things that need to be improved.

A well-performing website can become a valuable asset for a business whereas one that is not doing its job can be a drain on the bottom line.

A website audit identifies areas for improvement and highlights precisely where things need to change.

Website Authority is a term that refers to the strength of a given domains SEO and does so by evaluating all the pages within the website.

Website authority is also known as Domain Authority – DA and is scored out of 100.

On-page SEO refers to all the search engine optimisation techniques that can be implemented on the content of your website pages as well as its HTML.

The purpose of on-page SEO is to influence the website’s ranking so that it can obtain more relevant traffic.

A backlink is a hyperlink, usually attached to a keyword, on one page that links back to your own site. These are crucial for SEO.

They help build authority and trust to your website as it signals to search engines that other websites vouch for your content.

It can easily take any time between 2 – 6 working days to complete a full market research audit depending on the scale and complexity of each website and any issues raised.

You should start seeing results on your SEO efforts within 3 – 6 months of the strategy going live, making SEO optimisation an investment for the further but one that is very worthwhile.

Our Website Audit Consultants will assess and analyse the results of the audit and propose a plan to move forward with the required campaign work.

White Hat SEO tactics are those that stay within search engine’s terms of service and are deemed ethical and good.

Black Hat SEO on the other hand, are tactics that you should avoid as they go against these guidelines and are usually manipulative and low value.

Choose your package and send us your required details. Once we receive them, we will contact you for more details and information.

Upon receiving these important and relevant details, we will also need 50% of the chosen package price via an invoice request.

The balance 50% will be payable as follows:

30% will be payable once we send you the SEO Website Report and final

20% will be payable when we send you the Action Required Statement.

If you are unsure whether a Website SEO Audit is right for your business, speak to one of our SEO Consultants today or email us at

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