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Twitter Marketing Services from Best-Digital Marketing’s team of social media strategists and content creators drive brand awareness, follower engagement and influencer relations.

Twitter Marketing Services To Grow Your Business, Increase Awareness & Build Relationships. We run organic and paid Twitter campaigns that generate great Return On Investment - ROI.

Best Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter marketing services like Best-Digital Marketing are professional services designed to create and implement Twitter marketing campaigns on your behalf.

Our Twitter marketing services include real-time account monitoring, content creation, audience growth and reporting. The stress of managing your Twitter accounts is eliminated with our experienced and savvy Twitter management services.

Using our Twitter marketing services will also keep you up to date with the best practices for Twitter marketing strategy.

There are constantly new tips and tricks on the rise with Twitter and trying to constantly keep up with them while running a successful business can be a huge headache. Do not despair!!

Our Twitter marketing specialists will make sure your twitter marketing campaign is using the most effective tactics to grow your business.

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Why Is Twitter Marketing Important?

Accelerate your business with Twitter Marketing Services. Are you satisfied with the results you are getting from your Twitter marketing? Do you want to increase your followers, reach more of your target audience, boost your brand awareness and generate more conversions?

How Twitter fits into your digital marketing strategy? There are more than 450 million monthly active users on Twitter, providing you with the opportunity to reach a large following and form enduring connections through your content.

As a distribution and promotion channel, social media amplifies your brand, engages your audience and keeps your marketing to the latest industry conversations, breaking news and trending topics.

Enhance your twitter marketing strategy with Best-Digital Marketing’s Twitter marketing services.

Think of Twitter as your fastest, simplest way to take the pulse of your audience through surveys, polls, real-time trend monitoring and a suite of other intuitive twitter marketing tools. Your Twitter feed is a treasure trove of actionable audience insights.

This is possible. Leverage one of the largest social media platforms to reach new customers with our Twitter marketing services. To get started >>

You Can Now reach More new customers with our Twitter marketing services

Our Twitter Marketing Services Can Help You

Brand Awareness

Increase brand awareness

Get the most of your Twitter profile. Grow an audience of Twitter followers to build brand awareness and more chances for conversions.

Brand Perception

Improve Brand Perception

Be one of your industry’s top influencers. Tweet frequently and consistently to increase brand recognition and improve perception.

Social Presence

Build social presence

Create shareable content with your audience. Entertain, inspire, delight – your followers will lose themselves in your creative content.

Increase Engagement

Increase Your Engagement

Boost interactions with your target audience. Increase retweets, favorites, and clicks to build and engage your audience.

Our Twitter Management Services

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we provide a wide range of social media management offerings from monthly and rolling social media management packages to custom-quoted services for just about anything you might need in the way of social marketing and advertising strategies.

Best-Digital Marketing can handle everything from your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram management to your paid advertising campaigns across all of your social media accounts.

Your assigned social media strategist works closely with your brand, channel partners and vendors to plan out your Twitter campaigns from start to finish whilst still leaving enough flexibility to optimise, adjust and re-define tactics on the move.

The choice is your – be hands-off or hands-on as you desire and Best-Digital Marketing can run the whole scope of your social media management as needed.

Either way, every Twitter management campaign we manage is crafted to support your
marketing objectives and help you achieve your business goals.

We strategize, execute, monitor, measure and repeat.

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>> Share In Our Twitter expertise through the following services:

  • Create and set up your business Twitter account.
  • Optimise an existing profile, or expand your brand across several different associated Twitter profiles.
  • Generate recurring or on-demand social posts.
  • Manage your Twitter end-to-end, along with integrated social media platforms like SproutSocial, Buffer and HootSuite.
  • Manage and monitor your brand mentions via social listening tools.
  • Create, track and manage contests, hashtag campaigns and other interactive content.

  • Address customer service inquiries and respond to direct messages.
  • Reach out to industry influencers and increase your sphere of influence with follower pushes.
  • Produce and curate short social engagement videos.
  • Remote and on-location event coverage via Live Tweeting.
  • Analyse competitor social media accounts to strategically target active users and high-value prospects.
  • Execute on your social media ad budget and target high-value users.

Integrated Social Media Marketing

Twitter marketing can be made even more effective by running cross-channel social campaigns around a dense idea. That is why our social media services are not one size fits all platform offerings.

We keep your larger social media and digital marketing strategy collaborative and platform-agnostic so that you can invest your resources when and where they are needed most.

Organic and paid social spend can be moved across channels to increase the likelihood of achieving your commercial objectives.

Our Twitter marketing services can similarly be applied to other social accounts with the added benefit of even more complementary options such as:

  • Management of up to 6 social networks at once.
  • Sophisticated influencer marketing outreach.
  • Custom imagery and promotional tweets.
  • Advanced analytics tracking.
  • Monthly reporting and review calls with your dedicated strategist.
  • Multichannel recommendations and collaboration.
  • Follower and link-building.

Depending on which social media package you select, your social media team will work laterally with our expert and creative departments to brainstorm, craft, create and execute on your brand’s goals.

With copywriters, graphic designers, animators, videographers and SEO consultants – your social media strategy can be supported and augmented by other members of our staff.

This level of customer service keeps your social media plan moving forward at all times.

Social Media Marketing Sevices

Get started with Our Twitter Management Services to see amazing results today!

Your Success Is Our Mission

Our Twitter marketing services can serve many purposes and engage multiple points of your marketing and sales funnel.

While predominantly used as a top-of-funnel channel to generate brand awareness – Best-Digital Marketing digs deeper, uncovering every possible way and opportunity to leverage your brand, your Twitter presence and your Twitter marketing strategy.

Our creative, diverse, multifunctional strategies serve our clients’ wide-ranging social media goals like but not limited to:

  • Increasing brand awareness.
  • Owning share of mind
  • Monitoring customer feedback for complaints or compliments.
  • Understanding target audiences and their desires.
  • Extending brand reach.
  • Enhancing customer loyalty and engagement.
  • Differentiating from competitors through tone of voice and personality.

  • Building online community advocacy.
  • Improving public relations.
  • Distributing content in multiple formats.
  • Identifying trending topics and building content around them.
  • Experimenting with new marketing ideas.
  • Generating and nurturing leads.
  • Driving traffic to high-value pages and assets.

With the right strategy you can better understand the variation between low-interest Twitter followers and high-interest potential customers.

This way you do not feed or advertise on Twitter with misguided notions of who your target audience are and which types of content, phrase and hashtags you should use.

As a full digital marketing agency – we work smarter so all of our expertise and your brand differentiators can be put to great use.

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Why Should You Use Twitter For Your Business?

Twitter is now one of the best social media platforms for businesses out there.

Aside from the fact that it is free to use, it also lets you share content and promote your brand through your tweets.

And if you want to know more about your competitors, it can serve as a search engine tool that allows you to find them and check out their Twitter marketing plans.

Here are some more interesting facts about Twitter that can be useful for your business:

✅  Twitter users are 53% more likely to be the first customers to buy new products.

✅  Twitter’s website referral traffic has increased up to 6% in the previous year.

✅  Twitter advertising has up to 23% engagement.

✅  Time spent on viewing Twitter ads is 26% higher.

✅  Tweets with hashtags have 100% more engagement from Twitter users.

✅  67% of B2B companies use the social network as a marketing tool.

Now that we have laid out the reasons why your business should have a Twitter marketing strategy, do you think you need to start investing in one?

We would say that is an excellent and smart move. And if you need assistance in creating a Twitter marketing campaign fit for a social media marketing plan – Best-Digital Marketing are here to help.

Want to Increase Followers, Leads, Brand Awareness & Sales?

Discover quick wins you can implement immediately to get results.

Twitter Ad Management

As part of our comprehensive Twitter marketing strategy, your expert social media strategist leverages both organic and paid Twitter tactics.

A highly targeted, well timed Twitter ad with the right bidding strategy supporting it can get your brand in front of your target audience and active users.

Our paid advertising and management services will help you jump to the front of the line so your voice is heard and can easily engage and re-engage with followers and non-followers alike.

With the help of the Twitter Ads platform and other advanced leading social tools, we skilfully create and manage your social media advertising.

Your ad budget remains firmly in your hands as our team can recommend suggested spending levels and facilitate payments accordingly.

>> Twitter ad campaigns can include but not limted to:

  Follower pushes.

  Recurring insights and updates on remaining
budget levels and campaign performance.

  Creative ad copy and imagery creation with
effective call to action – CTA.

  Campaign setup, editing, analytics,
troubleshooting and more.

  Custom reporting and imagery.

  Discovery of influential people, trending topics
and co-marketing partners.

  Promoted tweets.

  Geographical and audience segmentation.

  Auction bidding customised to your budget.

  Diverse ad formats like mobile app install
cards, video pre-roll and much more.

  Management and optimisation within Twitter Ads.

  Promotion of your products and
downloadable assets.

  Optimising your Twitter Ads account with
multi-user logins and security settings.

If your Twitter objectives or goals does not fit into a defined package – that is ok. We can custom-quote add-ons, specialised requests and any other variables that may come into play throughout the duration of your Twitter marketing campaign.

Twitter Marketing Services – Our Approach

Step 1: Twitter Marketing & Twitter Advertising Strategy

The first step we will take with your campaign is to perform research and develop your Twitter marketing strategy.

We will do a competitive analysis, develop a buyer’s persona and define an effective content strategy that aligns with your marketing goals.

Best-Digital Marketing will also develop growth strategies for your Twitter marketing campaign to show you the roadmap to success.

Our experienced team will also come up with specific Twitter hashtags that will optimise your campaign to be more successful.

Step 2: Twitter Content Creation

Once you agree on the Twitter marketing strategy we develop – we will start execution.

Best-Digital Marketing will develop tweets unique to your brand. For quality assurance, this content can be prepared in a monthly content calendar.

You will have an opportunity to review and approve before anything goes live.

Step 3: Twitter Page Growth

Our Twitter Management Services include organic growth activities to grow your followers.

Your experienced Twitter specialists will use organic tactics such as hashtags, following, contests, take advantage of trending topics relevant to your brand, grow your followers.

Best-Digital Marketing also has the ability to run Twitter advertising campaigns such as Promoted Tweets to increase brand awareness.

Step 4: Twitter Monitoring

Our Twitter marketing services include daily monitoring of Twitter analytics.

We monitor all social media activity such as comments, reviews and messages.

Our Twitter specialists are monitoring your pages during normal business hours and will generally respond to activities that need attention within 24 hours.

Step 5: Twitter Marketing Reporting

Your Twitter marketing specialist will prepare monthly reports for you to review.

These reports will be a comprehensive overview of how your Twitter campaigns are performing. You will have 24/7 access to our reports to view your campaign’s progress at any time.

In terms of meetings, we can schedule weekly, biweekly or monthly meetings to discuss progress. You will also have unlimited email communication with your team.

Twitter Marketing Services: Key Metrics

Increasing Twitter Followers

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Find and choose the right social media management package for your business.

We will set up a new or optimise your existing social media accounts. Our experts will apply your brand to your chosen social media accounts and we will start to:

✅ Build a community around your business

✅ Provide social customer service.

✅ Increase mentions in the press, magazines and local articles.

✅ Drive traffic to your website.

✅ Generate new leads.

✅ Increase brand awareness.


£ 599

Per Month

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Be Fresh – Be Social – Update My Feeds

✅  5 Posts/ Week On Twitter.

✅  5 Posts/ Week On Facebook.

✅  2 Posts/ Week On Instagram.

✅  Dedicated Account Manager With Email & WhatsApp Support.

  Custom Graphic Design.

  Monthly Rolling Plan With No Contract.

✅  Quarterly Plan Available.

ProfessionaL PACKAGE

£ 799

Per Month

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Engage – Grow Followers – Expand Your Reach

✅  10 Posts/ Week On Twitter.

✅  10 Posts/ Week On LinkedIn.

✅  10 Posts/ Week On Facebook.

✅  5 Posts/ Week On Instagram.

✅  Dedicated Account Manager With Email & WhatsApp Support.

  Custom Graphic Design.

  Monthly Rolling Plan With No Contract.

✅  Quarterly Plan Available.



Per Month

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Increase Your Revenue – Fully Managed Services

✅  10 Posts/ Week On Twitter.

✅  10 Posts/ Week On LinkedIn.

✅  10 Posts/ Week On Facebook.

✅  5 Posts/ Week On Instagram.

✅  Dedicated Account Manager With Email & WhatsApp Support.

  Custom Graphic Design.

  Engagement Time Included As Standard.

  More Time For Strategy & Growth Planning.

  Monthly Rolling Plan With No Contract.

✅  Quarterly Plan Available.

Looking for something extra?

Add another social media channel from as little as £99/month. Choose from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube or TikTok?

TikTok posts require original video content supplied and edited by the client while we handle caption and posting.

Add analytics to your social dashboard from just £55/month to see how your content is performing in one easy to use platform.

We will manage messages, comments and engagement from just £75/hour.

Our Bespoke Custom Packages

We specialise in affordable social media management for small businesses and startups.

However this does not mean that we cannot handle your well established brand to take your social media presence further to the next level.

We have provided and helped lots of clients from around the UK and the globe with their social media presence to increase brand awareness, demand and revenue to keep inline with their business goals.

If you are looking for help then do not hesitate to reach out to your friendly expert team today.

Which Social Media Package Should You Choose?

Our social media expert team will help you maximise your social media presence. After our initial discussion about your business objectives and goals – we will put together a social media business plan that will increase your brand awareness, engagement and product reputation.

We will also ensure you gain real followers that will add value to your business. We do not use third party services that offer curated content and fake followers – instead your business will see real and authentic followers in your targeted audience.

We handle Google ads, Bing ads, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook ad accounts for different businesses across the UK and around the globe in various different industry sectors.

Our PPC team has gained vast, diverse and thorough experience through running various successful local, national and international social media campaigns.

You can trust Best-Digital Marketing team to deliver results for you as we have done so for many others since inception.

Strategize – Attract – Engage – Convert And Repeat

As with all of our strategies, if something is not working – we will fix it. If your strategy is producing stellar results – we will re-invest in it.

Our Twitter marketing services are perfectly calibrated to what works, moment by moment so you are locked into up to date, current and effective strategy.

We will remain alongside you during your social media campaign and each follower interaction.

By broadening your Twitter base, engaging with the right prospects and converting them into closed deals – we optimise every social media touchpoint throughout the customer lifecycle and bring those customers back for more.

Think of Best-Digital Marketing as a search engine for all your content marketing needs, plans, campaigns and strategies.

Social Media Package Benefit.

As well as the management and posting highlights in the social media management package above – we also include the following :-

Choose Your Package For Your Business

We offer a creative and unique approach to Web Design, E-commerce Website, SEO, Website Security, Social Media Marketing & Advertising and Digital Marketing.

Our experienced professional team are experts in every field of Digital Marketing – so you can have a stunning, professionally designed website that gets you enquiries, leads and sales.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project with us – no matter how small or large – please use and complete the form below and we will get back to you – usually within a couple of hours.

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