White Paper Design Services

White papers provide in-depth information and thorough analysis of industry trends whereas text alone bores readers. A well designed white paper will hold audience’s attention and support the informational and commercial goals of your business.

Best-Digital Marketing graphic designers will ensure your white paper engages with targeted audiences through clear, eye-catching and on-brand formatting.

White Paper Design Services

A well-designed content marketing draws readers in, holds their attention and supports the informational and commercial goals of your white paper.

Visualise your content marketing in new dimensions with design-centric writing and research provided by Best-Digital Marketing.

Expert insights, data-driven research, thought leadership and in-depth analysis are the foundation for any good white paper but they do not help with audience readability.

White papers are dense documents that are easy for readers to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of statistics and data points.

Effective design is a powerful tool for white paper content, helping your audience absorb major talking points and understand your underlying message with absolute clarity.

On the other hand poor design will leave your readers lost and confused amidst the avalanche of text and statistics.

In simple terms: Good white paper design makes your content more readable, digestible, shareable and persuasive. Even a technical white paper needs to follow proper design principles to reach its tech-savvy target audience.

White Paper Design Drives Return On Investment – ROI

White Paper Design Services

Our White paper Design Services content can help you increase conversion rates and guide qualified leads toward a purchasing decision:


79% of top management are willing to share contact information in exchange for a free white paper.


73% have read white papers in the past 12 months as they consider different vendors.


64% of management have shared white papers with their colleagues.

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Want your Bespoke, comprehensive, well structured white Paper design To target Your Audience?

White Paper Design Process

Once the text of your white paper has been approved – it is then handed over to Best-Digital Marketing’s graphic design team for custom formatting and optimal user experience.

Our experienced designers will incorporate and follow your instructions – if provided and use your business branding guidelinescolours, logos and fonts.

At Best-Digital Marketing  – our designers create visual elements and directional cues such as a table of contents, photographs, illustrations, charts, graphs and much more.

They will also pull quotes throughout the white paper to help break up text and highlight important points.

This results in an easy to digest, straightforward and effective messaging.

Our team can plug in any existing white paper template you have or create one for your brand from scratch.

We can turn around formatted copy in the shortest time possible using a variety of design tools to streamline the process.

A formatted draft of your white paper will be submitted for approval.

If necessary – our expert designers will implement any edits, suggestions or other feedback into the final product to ensure the white paper meets your business objectives and overall commercial expectations.

To create a product that best suits your evolving marketing needs – our expert writing team can update or refresh older white papers to match your current audience.

They can also convert other types of reading material like a blog post or an infographic into a white paper to better represent the topic and serve reader intent.

Your Brand Is Our Reputation

Subsequent documents that add to your marketing campaign may follow a similar white paper template therefore all of your branding and formatting preferences are consistent across your business.

Designing white papers to complement other collateral like E-books, case studies and blog posts are also options for maximum cohesion across multiple formats.

Prior to launching on your website or distribution through email and social media channels – your Best-Digital Marketing professional strategist and designer will create an opt-in form fill on your conversion landing page.

This will optimise your exemplary white paper landing page to increase conversions and downloads.

Your white paper will become a marketing tool and a verified business asset to your bottom line – driving success, engagement, quality leads and core revenue.

White Paper Design Services

We Are Here To Guide You Through The Entire White Paper Writing Process

Working with a full-service content marketing agency like Best-Digital Marketing means you do not have to worry about any aspect of white paper production – we will take care of everything for you.

  Before we start to write a white paper – our experts heavily research the subject matter, referencing reputable resources, citing relevant data points and consulting your internal SMEs where necessary.

✅  Best-Digital Marketing copywriters begin the writing process in earnest – creating, crafting an engaging and compelling document backed by data-driven research and expert opinions.

✅  After the copy has been approved – our designers structure and format the text so readers can easily find the most pertinent takeaways and discussion points.

✅  Our SEO specialists add interactive social media sharing elements like click-to-tweet buttons to white paper pages.

✅  Then our social media consultants promote your finished white paper on your leading social media channels.

✅  SEO consultants help you identify other promotion opportunities like linking the white paper in your email newsletters.

✅  The marketing analysts review white paper performance, reporting on the number of downloads, conversions and other valuable metrics.

That is the benefit of our end-to-end content marketing agency: We take every step to ensure each piece of content we produce supports your marketing strategy and your business goals.

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Ready To Start Creating Your bespoke, specific niche white paper?

White Paper Design Services Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions by potential clients.

If you have any queries please contact us and we will be happy to respond to them.

A white paper is a position paper for all practical purposes. Businesses and organisations use white papers to establish authority in their particular sector, sometimes relating to a topic that is especially relevant at the time the paper is produced.

White papers follow a standard format that presents information in a way readers expect to receive it. A white paper can help your business or organisation by giving you a platform to establish your authority.

It is also a good tool for explaining why your products or services are the best option for your target audience. A well-written white paper develops a topic thoroughly, explains how your business or organisation addresses the topic and offers solutions where appropriate.

Please note that white papers are not blog posts or extended adverts and using them as such can be counterproductive.

If you are unsure whether or not white paper is right for your business, speak to one of our digital strategists today or email them at info@best-digitalmarketing.co.uk

There are different ways to format white papers for maximum effectiveness. Best-Digital Marketing has developed a format based on combining several industry standards into what we believe is the best way to present white paper information.

A Best-Digital Marketing white paper:

☑ introduces the business or organisation behind it

☑ introduces the problem or opportunity at hand

☑ provides evidence that the problem or opportunity is real

☑ offers different ways the problem or opportunity can be addressed and

☑ presents the business with a solution/s.

This way we are able to create uniform white papers that present information in a way that is acceptable in any business environment.

Writing multiple white papers for a single company or business offers continuity, regardless of the problem or opportunity being discussed. Of course, we can deviate from our format at the client’s request.

Our role as professional writers enables us to create white papers with very little effort required on the client’s part. However, our writers do require some guidance on white paper topics and the points the client wants to make.

The purpose of the white paper is to establish your company or business as an authority in your industry. You can make our job easier by giving us a general idea of what you want to say in your white paper.

If the white paper is to contain any factual data, we appreciate your help in sourcing that data. We also need information pertaining to any solutions you choose to offer for the problem or opportunity being discussed in the paper.

We do not need a lot of information from you but enough to create a basic framework.

While Best-Digital Marketing always respects client word count requests, it has been our experience that trying to define a white paper with a pre-determined word count is not a wise idea.

White paper writing is a unique kind of writing that cannot be conformed into a particular length for every purpose. Some white papers cover topics that are very detailed by nature and might require longer more than 1,000 words and other topics may not require as much.

Trying to create a white paper of 1,000 words would result in superfluity – excess text that takes up space without offering anything relevant. We prefers to write each white paper based on the topic and the number of words necessary to develop that topic properly.

It is very difficult for us to assign an amount of time to producing a quality white paper. White papers by nature are very detailed documents intended to provide readers with a lot of important, relevant information.

The amount of time it takes one of our writers to complete a white paper really depends on how much information will be included in the text, the scope of the topic at hand and the amount of research necessary to get the job done.

Our general rule is to ask for as much lead time as possible for producing white papers. This is because white papers are complex documents and we have to work every new order into our existing schedule.

The more time we have to complete your project, the more thorough all writers can be in the work they do.

White papers may or may not be highly technical depending on who orders them. Perhaps a better term to use would be industry-specific. White papers by nature are specific to the industry the customer is involved with.

Any white paper you were to request from us would deal with a topic that is related to whatever it is you do. Where technical aspects are concerned, our experienced writers can be as technical or non-technical as the customer wants.

There may be instances when we require a bit of technical assistance to cover topics our writers are not intimately familiar with but we exhaust our research resources before requesting such assistance.

Generally speaking, a highly technical white paper does require a bit more work.

At Best-Digital Marketing Services, we do things differently by focusing over quality rather than quantity.

Every form of content Best-Digital Marketing produces can be sent back for edits, including white papers. However, not all edits are performed free of charge.

If edits are the result of unclear instructions or requirements that changed after the original request was placed then we reserve the right to charge for the additional work.

Edits required as a result of our writers not meeting the customer’s standards are obviously made at no additional charge.

Where white papers are concerned, we encourage clients to be sure they know exactly what they want before they place a request so as to avoid costly edits down the road.

White Paper Design Services Package


£ 595

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

✅ 5 Pages

✅ Full Content Solution

✅ Experienced Copywriting Team


£ 1,195

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

✅ 10 Pages

✅ Full Content Solution

✅ Experienced Copywriting Team


£ 2,380

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

✅ 20 Pages

✅ Full Content Solution

✅ Experienced Copywriting Team

When White Paper Writing copy and content is created – we will work to ensure the following best acceptable practices are followed:

✅  High Calibre Experienced In-House Copywriting Team

✅  Professional Internal Proofreading Team

✅  Pre-Approve Content Before Publishing

✅  US & UK English Content Writing Capability

✅  A Scalable Issue Analysis

✅  Fast Turnaround Times From 3 to 14 Business Days

✅  A Full Scalable Content Solution

✅  Dedicated Skilled Account Managers

✅  Content Team You Can Communicate With

✅  White-Label Agency Friendly

We Can Also Accommodate Request For:

☑ Any Custom White Paper Writing Services – min 5 pages.

We accept all major Debit and Credit cards, Paypal payments, Stripe and Bank Transfers.

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Package Details

The package is for White Paper Writing Services used as thought leader, research & information to generate leads.

Price -

£595 to £2,380

Start As Little As -

£185 to £735

Completion Time -

3 - 14 Business Days

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