B2B E-Commerce

At Best-Digital Marketing - we are using our profound experience to lead B2B E-commerce and help our customers define their e-commerce strategies, design, build their e-commerce platform and help them market their businesses online.

Our expertly designed, integrated and implemented B2B E-Commerce site can expedite order processing, product catalogue management and other business processes.

B2B E-Commerce

The B2B online marketplace remains under-developed, making it fertile ground for agile businesses. Grow your online trade business with us today and reach out to new B2B customers.

At Best-Digital Marketing we have been delivering unique, creative and innovative B2B e-commerce solutions for our customers. We are using our profound experience to lead B2B E-commerce and help our customers define their e-commerce strategies, design, build their e-commerce platform and help them market their businesses online.

Whether you trade locally, nationally or globally – our B2B E-Commerce site can help you capture a new route to market for your business. By allowing your customers to self-service 24/7 through an integrated e-commerce platform, we believe most businesses can add at least 12% growth to their top line.

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The B2B E-Commerce market is 4 times larger than retail and is experiencing rapid growth each year.

Our expertly designed, integrated and implemented B2B E-Commerce site can expedite order processing, product catalogue management and other business processes.

It can also help you to retain business customers by offering convenience, with a range of payment options, live-chat customer service and outstanding ease-of-use.

B2B businesses have to be ready to scale on-demand and this is just one of the many reasons we offer cloud-based platforms to many of our B2B customers. Scalability aside, B2B E-Commerce stores which utilise the cloud will save money by reducing the need for large initial investments in technology infrastructure.

B2B E-Commerce

B2B E-Commerce website

B2B E-Commerce Outstanding Features

Delivering the same high standards of website design and functionality and combining it with a number of key features – the B2B E-Commerce website gives you everything you need to run a successful trade website:

✅  Trade accounts  – ability to create different level trade accounts, accept applications online etc.

✅  Payment Options – Accept direct payment or invoicing payments.

✅  Click & Collect – Let your trade customers come and collect their order when they want.

✅  Multi Address Shipping – Take large orders and ship to multiple client addresses at different locations.

✅  Bar code integration – Use bar coding for products, orders and customer tracking throughout the entire process.

✅  Bulk Edit – Bulk edit product details with simple online editing solutions.

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Fully automated B2B E-Commerce websites

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Automated Order process and store set up

Shop Design

We provide customised design and unique features based on industry leading and modern design techniques for your online store design.

Store Management

Making your life easier so you can concentrate on running your business and our store management is one of the easiest to learn.

Online Payment

Taking payment online is simple, fast and secure, we work with the world’s leading payment providers and integrate these right into your E-commerce website.

Endless Products

There are endless possibilities here – sell any product to anyone, anywhere. Product setup lets you be in complete control of your product range online and throughout your online store.

Hosting & Support

We are here to help you launch your online store and we have a range of different support and web hosting packages that is right for your business.

Package Comparison

Although each project is different, we have put together some example packages so you can get an idea on costs and features included.

Standard Features of B2B E-Commerce Website

See below for a list of the main features of the B2B E-Commerce Solution:

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B2B E-Commerce the complete website solution only – £9,995

E-Commerce For Trade Customers

Our B2B E-Commerce Website package offers all the same great features as our standard E-commerce solution but has been specifically tailored for the B2B market.

B2B E-Commerce Package allows you to sell to trade customer as well as general public, set trade accounts and different discount levels, let businesses and companies sign up online.

With B2B E-commerce – your business never stops which means a stream of new customers always awaits you.

Advantages of E-commerce

✅  The most obvious is being able to sell online.

✅  You can learn about your customers and their shopping habits.

✅  Business can be scaled quickly and when required.

✅  You can integrate live chat and options such as Apple Pay to make it easier for customers.

✅  Sell both in the UK and Internationally.

✅  When you stop, your business does not and it keeps earning you money.

✅  You can edit and add your products quickly and efficiently.

Getting your B2B E-ommerce online store right

The Benefits of B2B E-Commerce Are Endless

✅  Unlimited growth potential – open the door to new opportunities to boost top line revenue and sales.

✅  Conduct your business 24/7 eliminating the barrier of office hours and locations.

✅  Easily manage currencies, language and payments across countries to reduce administration.

✅ Deliver real time and accurate information from your Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP solution.

✅ Exploit additional sales channels such as Amazon and eBay integration.

✅  Make it easier for your customers to do business with you through connected devices, good product information and support content such as videos.

✅  Optimise new customer acquisition with digital marketing techniques and SEO integration.

✅  Analyse data to uncover and identify more opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell product and services.

✅  Increase customer loyalty by providing intuitive options for self-serve re-ordering, tracking, on-line payments etc.

B2B E-Commerce Website – You own it Outright – It Is Yours!

You might expect that this goes without saying but you would be amazed just how many web agencies essentially rent your website to you. This payment method usually takes the form of a monthly ongoing fee whereby you own the site whilst you continue to pay.

If you ever sell your business or decide to employ another company to make edits or re-designs to your site – you could find that the company you employed initially will not release your design and coding files.

We guarantee that should you wish to have copies of your web design graphics, royalty free stock photography, logo design, written content and website coding from us – you will be allowed to do so.

Rest assured that you will have complete ownership of your Business Start-up website*.

it is yours!

*Does not include any stock images that you chose to pay a royalty fee to for using the image/s on your website.

Advanced Features Of B2B E-Commerce Package:

Trade Accounts

  • Allow trade customers to apply online.
  • Create different wholesale price levels.
  • Set minimum order levels and rules per trade type.
  • Allow Trade customers to see all products listed on one page for easy ordering.
  • Make products, wholesale, retail or both.

Barcode Scanner integration

  • Assign a barcode to orders and/or to products.
  • Generate codes for orders and/or new products automatically.
  • Scan and search orders and products by barcode.
  • Store the user that completed the order with a barcode scan.

Bulk Product Editor

  • Save time by bulk editing any number of products.
  • Make changes to multiple products with one click.
  • Make price increase/decrease to categories or ranges.
  • Powerful search feature, allowing easier editing.
  • Append, prepend and replace text in text fields.

Dynamic Pricing

  • Create any number of pricing models.
  • Discount for bulk orders.
  • Create buy 2 get 1 free type promotions.
  • Order this and get 10% of that promotions.
  • Set time limits and number of times promo can be used.

Invoice & Packing Lists

  • Print Invoice for each order.
  • Print picking note for easier administration.
  • Customised with logo and footer details.

Product Enquiry

  • Increase customer enquiries.
  • Allows customers to enquiry directly on the product they are viewing.
  • Emails enquiry direct to sales department.

Dynamic Notice

  • Cart notice to encourage user to add more in order to use coupon code.
  • Show notice if cart has certain products or products from certain category.
  • Tell customers what they need to spend to get free delivery.

Invoice Payment option

  • Allow trade customers to pay on invoice.
  • Order goes on hold until invoice is authorised.
  • Can be used alongside card payments.
  • Print Invoice or use your own invoicing system.

Multi Address shipping

  • One checkout, ship to many locations.
  • Send identical carts to multiple locations.
  • Send any quantity of products to any number of addresses.
  • Save more than one address to your Customer Accounts.

Variations & Swatches

  • Show customers visual options.
  • User colour blocks or images.
  • Any number of variations per products.

Currency Converter

  • Add a dynamic currency convertor.
  • Expand your store for International orders.
  • Uses up to date currency rates automatically.

Product Bundles

  • Increase order value by creating bundles.
  • Link any number of products to create a package product.
  • Apply special discount to product bundles.
5 stars

Ease of use

5 stars

Customer Service

5 stars

Security & Reliability

4.75 stars

Overall Rating

Add-On Content Writing Services

Package Add-On: Our talented team of Content Writers understand how web content works with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and are able to target your particular industry, profession, niche or sector with our enhanced SEO best practices.

We can help you with the following add-on services:

Our new website clients frequently struggle with writing content for their new website that we are creating for them because they are unsure of the best approach.

Of course, they know their business very well but their time might be better spent on other business tasks that they are used to dealing with – rather than put in hours and hours writing gibberish for their website.

If we are creating a new website for you -by using our content writing services and image selection service, we will be able to speed up the completion time of your new website and the search engine optimised content we create will provide greater benefits than going down the DIY route.

Well written content, search engine optimised text and images will get you more enquiries, leads, sales and more profits in the long term.

The price of our service is £297 per page. If you would like to speak to us about any aspect of our SEO Content Writing Services including special deals for existing customers, please call our Content Writing Team on 07794 113 607.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How do you really know what you are going to get when you approach a web design company. Months of frustration, someone not quite understanding your vision? Well unlike other UK web design companies we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means you will get the website design you want or we keep going until it is exactly what you want.

We will work along side you and deliver design concepts that we feel will work for your business. But at the end of the day, it is your personalised business website and we want you to be proud of owning it whilst shouting out – just how good we are too.

Quality - Satisfaction - Service - Choice

B2B E-Commerce for Wholesale – Trade – Public

You can now sell direct to customers and with our B2B Trade Website – selling to wholesale and trade customers is even easier.

With a huge range of features, managing your online store is simple, intuitive and expandable. Whether you sell a few products or thousands of products – our B2B E-Commerce Website store is all you need to grow and expand your business online.

Need further information or ready to get going then simply complete the form below and a member of our team will get in touch.

B2B E-Commerce Website Package

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Package Details

The professional B2B E-Commerce package is an advanced E-Commerce online store solution for Trade Customers and Wholesalers.

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28 - 31 Business Days

We accept all major Debit and Credit cards, Paypal payments, Stripe and Bank Transfers.

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All payments made are 100% Safe, Secure and Protected.

Best Quality - Service - Choice - Satisfaction - Guarantee

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Do you have a new business venture? We have a great deal of expertise in helping new businesses just like yours and we are more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have about creating your new website and marketing yourself on the Internet.

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User-Friendly E-Commerce solutions designed to support selling products online.