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As social media platforms move toward video-first channels and viewer watch times rise significantly, marketers are using videos as a unique advantage over business competitors.

Video marketing is an ever-expanding, thriving avenue for a massive return on investment (ROI) and Best-Digital Marketing Services empowers your brand to capitalise on video SEO at scale.

What is Video SEO

As social media platforms move toward video-first channels and viewer watch times rise significantly, marketers are using videos as a unique advantage over business competitors.

Video marketing is an ever-expanding, thriving avenue for a massive return on investment – ROI and Best-Digital Marketing Services empowers your brand to capitalise on video SEO at scale.

Videos have repeatedly proven their capability to boost the online visibility of brands, drive more traffic and increase website rankings in the eyes of search engines.

Putting money and effort into the production of video content can bring back amazing results both from the SEO and marketing perspective.

How Video Affects SEO

An effective SEO strategy is to include video. People love watching videos online and if you cannot fill that gap with engaging content that entertains and educates then you can be sure your competitors will.

Google’s search engine algorithms are now able to pass through video content and identify key on-screen elements that searchers need to know.

On top of this, the on-page elements that surround a video play key roles in how the content is crawled, indexed and served to users.

If your SEO marketing campaigns does not account for video then you are already starting off at a disadvantage.

How Video Affects SEO

Why Video SEO Strategy is Important

Internet video has become more sophisticated with a diverse set of users and no signs of slowing down. It is forecasted that videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic going forward.

And 15 times higher than it was just a few years ago and part of that growth is because web users are using videos for purposes beyond entertainment.

Video Length

73% of all business videos are less than 2 minutes long.

Marketing Video Usage

87% of online marketers use video content.

Consumer Watch

80% of consumers are more likely to watch entire video when captions are available.

Buying After Watching

84% of consumers are convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand video.

B2B Marketing Capacity

96% of B2B business use video in some marketing capacity.

Social Media ROI

91% of marketers are happy with their video marketing on social media ROI.

With Best-Digital Marketing's experience and expertise - our consultants can improve and increase your search visibility, skyrocket your click through rates- CTR and drive traffic with video.

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Video SEO Ranking Factors

Just like traditional SEO, marketers should keep certain ranking factors in mind when
designing their video strategy.

Here are some of the most important search signals that search engine crawlers look for when indexing videos:

Total Video Views

Total Video Views

Video Watch Time

Video Watch Time

YouTube SEO

Video length matching searcher intent

Targeted Keyword Content

Keyword phrases in titles, closed captions, tags, descriptions, categories and channel pages.

User Engagement

User engagement - likes, shares, comments, subscribe & clicks.

Video SEO

On-Page Optimisation - Title, Description, Tags & Thumbnails.

YouTube, the world’s largest video hosting platform, is owned by Google, the world’s largest search engine. And Google SERPs directly feature YouTube video on Page 1 with rich descriptions, links and on-SERP playback.

Despite competing head to head with Google, Bing is also embedding YouTube videos directly into its SERPs so regardless of which search engine your customers prefer – the connection between high-quality video content and its impact on SEO is enormous.

Your marketing strategy is incomplete without video hence search engines and potential customers will take notice of it.

Types of Video Content

Video formats should match the intent and demand of their target audience. That is why
Best-Digital Marketing’s video SEO services range from type, style and presentation of video.

Here are a few different types of video seo services we offer:


  • Interviews or Testimonials.
  • Vlogs.
  • Product Demos.
  • Webinar
  • Presentation.
  • Tutorials / How To Videos
  • User Generated Content.
  • Personalised Videos.


  • Animated Logos.
  • Web Demos.
  • Motion Graphics.
  • Contests or Giveaways


  • Corporate Promos.
  • On-site Interviews or Testimonials.
  • Vox Pops.
  • Event Coverage.
  • Drone Footage.
  • Product Reviews.
  • Brand Films
  • 360

These videos can interchange between the three categories above and can be created by our professional video seo team to match your business requirements.

These professionally created videos can help your brand redefine its image, expand its marketing versatility and increase user engagement. Our expert videographers have all the experience creating engaging content for every industry and audience helping you:

Increase conversions.

Generate qualified leads.

Improve your video search rankings in Google.

Support your primary business goals.

Drive more traffic to your site.

Visualise ROI today

Video Services For Maximum SEO

SEO requires consistent, deliberate delivery and publication of engaging content that meets customers’ current and future expectations.

To maximise, Best-Digital Marketing Services strategists create and craft promotions and distribution programs customised to your industry, target audience and relevant marketing channels.

These off-page SEO efforts allow you to generate referral traffic, accrue backlinks and engage viewers across the full spectrum of the web.

Techiques and tactics may include:

  • YouTube search engine optimisation.
  • Supporting video content with other marketing collateral.
  • Video marketing campaigns via email.
  • Video promotions on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Link building campaigns.
  • Pay per click – PPC services to place your video ads exactly where your core audience is.
Optimise your Video For SEO

Optimising your video marketing entails marking up the landing pages and hosting platforms on which they live.

These on-page SEO actions may include:

  • Using relevant keywords throughout on-page copy, including closed captions and other on-screen text.
  • Optimising URL strings, title tags, metadata and meta descriptions.
  • Curating video playlists to keep users on the page longer.
  • Encouraging commentary, sharing and linking in captions and narration.
  • Embedding videos in landing pages and blog content to increase engagement and support a better on-page experience.

Our SEO experts:

  • keep up to date with all the latest search ranking signals and algorithm changes
  • help you to tackle off-page and on-page optimisation to improve your search rankings
  • drive more targeted users to your site and
  • capture better results from your online marketing campaigns.

When You Need Video? – Now

Because video production can be more cost-prohibitive for certain budgets relative to other marketing assets therefore it is important to select the right product that generates maximum ROI.

That is where a full-service SEO services company like Best-Digital Marketing Services can help. We do more than just produce high-quality videos – our SEO experts take advantage of all the SEO tips, tricks and tools in our power to increase traffic, improve lead generation and boost conversion rates.

At Best-Digital Marketing, our creative and inspiring videographers, animators and producers can handle the entire video creation process from beginning to end with expert recommendations and industry insights along the way.

Video SEO services are customisable to what you need at affordable budget plans. Optimising your digital marketing with video SEO is to cash in on wide-scale trends and consumer habits.

Video content is your ticket to reaching modern audiences. Best-Digital Marketing’s video SEO solutions can help your online marketing campaigns drive brand awareness, increase engagement and support your core business goals.



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