Interactive Content Services

Interactive Content allow users to explore a dataset for themselves – often by providing details on mouse over, giving different coordinated views or panning and zooming.

Some of the best interactive content have been created by the interactive or online departments of major news organisations and they tend to take advantage of modern web browsers.

Best Interactive Content Services

Our professional infographic designers, illustrators and industry researchers give your brand a visual lift by synthesizing complex data into digestible and shareable graphics that drive value and increase engagement.

Best-Digital Marketing’s design team can helps you convert new customers and establish industry expertise through designing unique infographics and other graphical assets.

Studies have shown when pairing text with graphics – the brain has the potential to retain more information over a longer period of time. Great creative and unique design is how your brand stays on top of mind.

Your audience craves content that fits their needs. Instead of having your message written in plain text, consider using interactive content as a means to convey your message.

As an interactive design agency and among many other things, we fuse together the power of interactive content and marketing strategy to help clients achieve their goals across the marketing and sales funnels.

Our interactive content marketing team works with our clients to first understand their goals.

From here we reverse engineers things backwards to ensure the best interactive marketing strategies are in place, the best interactive content to accomplish the goals and then assist on the marketing implementation front to help with goals accomplishment.

Interactive Content Services

What Is Interactive Content?

Interactive content such as interactive infographics, quizzes, calculators, polls and surveys combine clickable content with animation, allowing your users to discover information at their own pace.

With interactive animated infographics, you get far greater engagement than static content. Linking to outside sources also increases interaction and usefulness of your interactive graphics and interactive content examples.

At Best-Digital Marketing – our professional experts provide captivating interactive content services that engage your audience, take them on a journey, and lead them to your desired outcome & action items.

Interactive content is any type of content — such as calculators, assessments and interactive infographics, white papers and videos — that requires and encourages users to actively engage with it rather than passively consume it.

Best Interactive Content Services

Our Interactive Content Services Can Help You

Create Shareable Content

Interactive content like quizzes, calculators, polls and surveys are the most shared forms of content out there.

This creates amazing ways to drive more exposure, social media shares and links for SEO.

Complete Deals With Interactive Sales Tools

Interactive sales tools take things to the next level and can help your business to close more deals and increase leads.

Better Overall User Experience

Educate, train on board employees, online students and users using interactive content can ACTUALLY increase engagement, understand and retain working retention for online course providers.

Increase Brand Exposure and Loyalty

Word of mouth remains one of the most powerful assets for any marketer. If consumers are talking about your business then you have an advantage in the industry.

Interactive content increases your chances of going viral or at least getting more exposure.

Create Captivating Presentations

PowerPoint puts people to sleep.  Interactive presentations will wow and captivate your audience.


Attract and Educate Future Buyers

Interactive content provides consumers a reason to stay on your website or webpage longer. It provides something different and unique while still bringing people into your sales funnel like 360 video tours for future travellers or quizzes on specific subject.

And with our professional experts at Best-Digital Marketing – you will be able to deliver a satisfying, enjoyable, entertaining or educational experience and definitely win viewers’ loyalty.

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Interactive Content Services: Our Approach – Your Unique Design

Our proven, repeatable 4-step interactive content services process will create game-changing interactive contents to help you accomplish your goals without destroying your marketing and communications budget.

Step 1: Strategize & Select Best Interactive Content Format

Following the completion of our unique analysis form which we send over and receiving of background materials – we will conduct an interview via phone calls.

This will help us understand your target viewer, clients, market, industry, your end goals and your competition.

It will also allow our professional interactive content team to understand what kind of interactive content would most effectively accomplish those business goals.

Step 2: Interactive Content Storyboarding

Understanding your brand guidelines, the viewers of the interactive content, the best type of interactive content to accomplish your goals and the topic – we will devise a game-plan to present to your target audience.

In this phase, we will use the exact copy we plan to use, the kind of interactive content and a mock-up of how the interactive content would flow from a user experience perspective.

Step 3: Interactive Design

Once the game-plan is signed off – we will fully design all of the creative assets for the interactive content itself. 

It will include the entire user experience path, showing what happens when they click on various areas, the menu/navigation elements and all of the information that will be presented to the viewer of the interactive content.

Step 4: Interactive Content Development

The final phase of building amazing interactive content is to take all of the creative assets, hand it to one of our world class software developers and have them bring the content to life in the most engaging interactive form possible.   

Our interactive content team is phenomenal at building interactive content that will captivate the viewer, educate and accomplish your goals as our client.

Interactive Content and Buyer’s Journey

Within every stage of the buyer’s journey, interactive content can drive higher marketing success metrics

Interactive content can serve as standalone assets on a web page or as part of a more holistic content launch. Many of our clients create interactive content for use as sales-enablement tools or to demo products or software in a user-friendly way.

At the top of the funnel, you can promote interactive graphics on social media and insert yourself into industry conversations by designing around recent trends.

Best-Digital Marketing designers can also animate a custom image, creating shorter motion infographics that can stand in for a stock image in a blog post.

Further down the funnel, this visual content allow you to collect prospect data based on how they interact with your graphic. If the design is a question and answer format then you can track the specific route their responses took.

Interactive Content & Buyer's Journey

One direction could signal the user is simply a site visitor with little interest in your product whereas the other direction could mean a visitor is actually a warm lead.

You can qualify prospects more quickly and then produce follow-up content based on their interaction with your graphic.

Interactive content are more resource-intensive to create but they are also of higher quality.

To maximise the asset’s value, you should actively promote them to your target audience by distributing them across multiple channels.

We summarise it as:

Awareness Stage

Awareness stage:

> Polls > Self-assessments > Knowledge tests

Consideration Stage

Consideration Stage

> Interactive whitepapers > Benchmark assessments > Persona assessments

Decision Stage

Decision stage

> ROI calculators > Surveys > Galleries > Product Pickers

The Visual Marketing You Need

At Best-Digital Marketing – we believe in content that convert and content that makes an impact.

Without visual elements your content marketing strategies are wasted.

42 Percent - Interactive Content

42% of marketers state visuals are the most important type of content for their businesses.

47 Percent - Interactive Content

47% of marketers state custom infographics drive the highest visual engagement for their brand.

78 Percent - Interactive Content

78% of marketers use visuals as the primary asset in their social strategies.

37 Percent - Interactive Content

37% of marketers state they are devoting one-third of their marketing budget to visuals.

328 Percent - Interactive Content

People follow directions 328% better when using text + illustrations compared to text alone.

More than 5.35 billion people have internet access and your interactive content must compete with every piece of information on the web to earn an audience.

Let’s start designing creative and unique interactive contents.

Types of Interactive Content

Our clients leverage interactive contents within blog content for maximum SEO value as well as their email newsletter campaigns, social media postings and trade show events.

These assets are versatile, printable on-request and reusable – many clients pull out specific data points and embed them into other pieces of content or use them as the basis for other content marketing ideas.

Interactive contents cut through dense industry conversations and stale long-form text.

This enables your brand to immediately set yourself apart from the crowd and project your business image as creative, dynamic, versatile, authoritative and cutting-edge.

Interactive content have been utilised successfully in the following sectors/areas but not limited to:

Health care- healthcare

Health Care

industry -manufacturing-factory

Industry / Manufacturing

Financial Services- financial institutions

Financial Services

relationship -friendship-business-personal


Brand Monitoring






Travel -sightseeing-transport


Interactive content are universal therefore if your business operates in a niche market or is just starting out, you can greatly benefit by incorporating them into your content marketing strategy.

Because it communicates visual and interactive, they are easily consumed by wider audiences who may not be as familiar with your industry or your product.

Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics are the go-to when it comes to interactive content marketing. 

Some of the most shared and successful content online are created in interactive infographic format. Interactive infographics allow for a level of story-telling like no other form because of the simple fact that you can create ANYTHING you want. 

Given it is simply a matter of thinking of it, designing it and coding it, you are only limited by imagination

Whether it is clickable maps, parallax scrolling pages where the visuals and story animate to life or anything you can dream, interactive infographics are an incredibly powerful tool in your content marketing strategy.


Want to create content that will be incredibly shareable?  Look no further than quizzes

Quizzes have a competitive/psychological effect when used on social media as everyone wants to perform better than their friends and people end up tagging friends of theirs onto the quiz itself – causing them to take it and then tag other friends as well. 

Simple quizzes can create seemingly never-ending path of sharing on social media channels leading to a ton of brand exposure and referral traffic

When the content is created properly they also can act as powerful lead generation tools as you can seamlessly work in a call to action- CTA at the very end.

Interactive Sales Tools

While overlapping with interactive infographics from a broad level, we felt it made sense to separately speak about the utilisation of interactive content to be interactive sales tools

Best-Digital Marketing has helped many clients to leverage interactive sales tools to close more deals and found it to be especially successful in B2B sales environments where large ticket sales are involved. 

We have many large software companies coming to us to build them interactive sales tools to arm their sales team for every product they have and new ones they are launching. 

Our clients come back to us to build them new ones as new products come out, as they are finding that their sales team can make large sales more effectively when walking prospective customers through the product via interactive sales tools.

Polls & Surveys

This tool is often more about gathering information and intelligence without turning your viewers/users off. 

This is done in a simple manner – without asking too many questions, utilising polls & surveys can help you collect key data about to enrich your ideal customer persona profiles. 

Armed with this information – you can understand how to better market to them, what kind of content will resonate and know how to better serve them as your customers.

Interactive Video

There are simple interactive elements you can build in that will lead to higher user engagement and overall success of the video itself. 

And given the skyrocketing trends of video consumption, finding ways to capitalise on the influx of video viewership will be an added tool to drive lead generation.

Using clickable elements such as hotspots can steer people to where you want them to go or show them more information, causing the viewer to be more engaged with your content and brand as a whole. 


Sometimes a simple tool like a calculator can open the door to lead generation and user engagement like you could not imagine. 

Create a simple user experience on a topic that your audience finds valuable, and you can bring true value to your prospects and find simple ways for lead capture and click through

Businesses have seen as high as 54% or more for click through when using calculators.

Interactive E-books & Whitepapers

E-books and whitepapers are great ways to establish your thought leadership

Sprinkle in interactivity into both content types and you have a recipe for engagement levels through the roof and an influx of leads to the top of your sales funnel

To Measure Interactive Content ROI – We analyse:

Social Media Marketing

Social Interaction

Lead Generating & Nurturing

Direct Leads

Total Video Views

Page Views

Social Bookmarking


Brand Monitoring

Other Metrics

At Best-Digital Marketing – we are here to bring your vision to life and turn interactive content into great lead generation and  return on investment – ROI.

Every asset has a purpose and every image matches customer intent hence visuals with purpose and intent.

Let’s start designing creative and unique interactive contents.

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Interactive content puts you ahead by 99% of all other marketers in your industry.