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Search engine optimisation - SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of SEO website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic.

Best-Digital Marketing specialises in the different types of SEO application – Local SEO, On-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO, National SEO, Organic SEO, Business SEO, Keyword Research SEO and much more.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO Services

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo generate the majority of all SEO website traffic.

At Best- Digital Marketing, our Search Engine Optimisation – SEO Services are designed to drive more of that traffic to your site.

This is how you outrank your market rivals on search engines and have a better shot at outperforming them in business.

Great content equals better rankings and better user experience – UX that leads to greater results.

There are hundreds of SEO ranking factors that search engines take into account when choosing where to place webpages in the search engine results pages – SERPs. But at the top level, the three core search engine optimisation – SEO practices fall under – SEO content generator, SEO link building strategy and SEO technical optimisations.

When it comes to gaining top rankings in search engine results – content is king. Search engines are driven by complex algorithms that reward user-friendly, quality websites with high rankings.

This means to be successful online, websites need to contain high quality current, useful information including regular updates, blog posts and links to and from other high authority sources.

Getting the wrong links to your website can be detrimental to results. Building a fantastic network of links will be a key part of SEO ranking top for any target SEO search keywords and SEO search phrases.

There are also SEO technical elements of a website that need to be right. Our experienced SEO specialist team will look under the hood at the code that Google sees.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation – SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO is the process of raising the visibility of your website for any search terms or set of SEO keywords typed by your potential customers into major search engines thus improving your website’s SEO ranking in the organic listings.

SEO puts your business in front of potentially millions of customers at the very moment they type their requirement.

Search Engine Optimisation will also consider analytics, user experience and analytics to help measure success and improve your website.

By improving the ranking of your SEO website you will start attracting greater SEO traffic which will eventually lead to more enquiries and sales.

What Search Engine OptimisationSEO Includes:

Review and Analyse


We will review your website and performance to identify potential areas for improvement and retain those working well. 

Keyword Research


We will establish your target market search – keywords for your products or services in your industry.



We will help you to create the content your customers and visitors are looking when they land on your website.

On Page Optimisation


We will ensure your website is optimised for the keywords your target market is searching for.

Off Page Optimisation


We will improve your website ranking and authority with Google by building external links.



We will provide you a monthly report showing how your keywords are performing on Google.

Hundreds of SEO factors determine how well a search engine ranks in Search Engine Results Pages – SERP’s including:

Citation Optimisation


Your business mentions on other websites & search engines. Help to build trust - who you say you are and where you say you are. More citations - more visibility. 

Backlink Audit


We will look at quality links, anchor text, geographic location, landing pages pointed to, link acquisition & loss/time graph pattern. 

Competitor research


We will research and analyse your competitors and use the information gathered to your advantage based on your approval of implementation.

Penalty Protection


We will eliminate/disavow malicious, bad/spam links. Allows Google to understand that you are NOT part of that link. 

Internal Page Analysis


We will analyse internal pages to ensure appropriate keywords are assigned to enhance usability and conversion rate.

Technical SEO


We will ensure your website is technically sound so that Google can crawl and index your content.

A Data-Driven, Strategy-Fueled, Creatively Focused SEO Agency

As a full digital marketing service agencyBest-Digital Marketing puts a complete marketing team inclusive of SEO specialists, SEO content strategists, SEO content writers, SEO designers and developers at the core of your SEO strategy.

We deliver an excellent SEO consulting and strategy  service such as SEO keyword search or SEO audit.

Alternatively we can function as your dedicated Search Engine Optimisation agency – providing ongoing strategic guidance and data-driven recommendations for your campaigns and executing creative SEO best practices.

Whatever you choose you will get a professional SEO digital marketing service that keeps on giving.

We are SEO experts in enhancing every Search Engine Optimisation campaign we work on to commercial SEO value and best returns.

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We are result driven SEO agency and provide unimaginable SEO value.

Whatever you choose you will get a professional SEO digital marketing service that keeps on giving.

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Outrank your Market Rivals And Competitors

Google is the largest index of information search engines that has ever existed and every day that index is queried some 3.5 billion times. Still think you can compete without search engine optimisation?

The sooner you start analysing, identifying and ranking for SEO questions that are relevant to your brand – the sooner you can start outranking your market rivals and competitors.

On-Page SEO Services

Our On Page SEO Services refers to any technical SEO campaign that is conducted directly on-page.

These are almost always organic efforts such as optimising your commercial landing pages to rank for high-value SEO keywords, publishing high-quality blog content. 

It may also be remediating crawl errors that prevent search engine bots from crawling key pages and any other on-site SEO enhance traffic.

Some of the popular services we offer as part of On-Page SEO packages include:

Page speed optimisation.

✅  Meta Tag optimisation.

✅  Website traffic analysis.

✅  Featured-snippet optimisation.

✅  Conversion Rate optimisation and Call-to-Action – CTA Marketing.

✅  Content writing for blog posts, conversion landing pages, commercial landing pages and lead generation content for website and white papers.

✅  Content refreshes.

✅  Search Performance Assessment – SPA.

✅  Web Design and User-Experience – UX Design.

✅  Technical SEO audits and rectifications.

✅  Mobile optimisation.

✅  Website SSL setup.

On-Page SEO Optimisation I Best-Digital Marketing

✅  Much more.

Our On-Page SEO Services are designed to drive more SEO traffic to your SEO website.

Off-Page SEO Services

Off Page SEO Services  is everything you do off your site to improve your domain’s performance in SERPs.

Your site’s ranking is highly dependent on interactions that occur elsewhere on the web especially SEO organic backlinks from trustworthy sites which are important.

Search engines see these as affirmation of your domain’s authority and trustworthiness. Promotion and distribution on social media and email are also key in driving SEO traffic to your web pages.

At Best-Digital Marketing –  you willl have access to our Off Page SEO executives and specialists who can prescribe SEO strategies to improve SEO organic traffic and help ensure that your domain will show up in SERPs.

These marketing activities include:

  Email marketing.

✅  Social media management.

✅  YouTube marketing.

✅  Display advertising.

✅  Co-ordinating with other site publishers to create guest posts.

✅  Ghost-writing guest posts.

✅  Reaching out to influencers to help build a backlink portfolio.

Off Page SEO Services I Best-Digital Marketing

Our Off-Page SEO specialists  and executives will help you outrank yourcompetitors and market rivals.

Organic SEO services

Organic Search Engine Optimisation is the core value of our SEO content marketing services. Unlike paid search results which can earn between 4% to 7% of Click Through Rate – CTR the number 1 spot in organic search has a CTR of more than 33%.

At Best- Digital Marketing – we assign a SEO consultant to assess your website’s ranking on SEO organic search, the number of  SEO keywords you rank for, any technical SEO issues affecting your site’s performance in SERP’s and how you stack up to your market rivals.

Organic SEO also has long term commercial SEO value. A YouTube ad has a shelf life but a landing page with target SEO keywords ranking on Page 1 of Google is valuable until someone manages to outrank it.

Our SEO consultants rely on Google Analytics, Search Console and best SEO techniques and tools. Based on our findings – our SEO strategist will tailor a marketing campaign using SEO best practices.

Some of the measures we may take to improve your organic search rankings include but not limited to:

  Advance Keyword Targeting

✅  Blog writing.

✅  Guest Posting on other websites.

✅  Link Profile Analysis

✅  Persona Development.

✅  Landing page Re-optimisation.

✅  Organic Link Building.

✅  Technical SEO.

✅  And More

Organic SEO Services 4 I Best-Digital Marketing

Our Organic SEO Services will improve your site’s performance in Search Engine Results Pages – SERPs.

Local SEO Services

Local SEO Services is a crucial component of successful local SEO for service area businesses that primarily focus on local audiences and for companies that have national reach.

It is estimated that nearly half of all searches are local queries therefore ranking for local SEO keywords that include near me and other location-specific qualifiers that are important for all local businesses.

At Best-Digital Marketing – we can help you optimise your website for local SEO search and rack accordingly.

Some of our local SEO best practices offers include:

  Google My Business optimisation.

✅  Localised Content Creation and Enhancement.

✅  Targeted Local Link Building.

✅  Name, address, phone number, website (NAPW) updated.

✅  Business Directory Management.

✅  Technical SEO for Multi-Location sites.

✅  Mobile Optimisation.

✅  Online Reputation Management.

✅  Brand Monitoring.

Local SEO Services 1 I Best-Digital Marketing

Our Local SEO oppportunities can help you optimise your SEO website for local SEO search and audiences.

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Paid SEO Services

Paid SEO is also known as Search Engine Marketing or SEM involves using pay-per-click ads that appear at the top of page 1 in Google or Bing.

Site publishers bid on relevant SEO keywords that they would like their ad to display for so each time a user clicks on that ad at the top of SERPs – the publisher of the ad pays a fee.

A paid search result will almost always see a significantly lower CTR than an organic result on page 1.

Paid SEO or SEM has value for businesses in the form of improved SEO brand awareness and their ability to target commercial-intent SEO keywords.

Our SEO experts can support your paid search efforts in any of the following ways:

  Meta Description Analysis and Optimisation.

✅  Creating ad landing pages.

✅  A/B ads testing.

✅  Identifying Competitive Keywords.

✅  Refining your Target Audience.

✅  Optimising ad landing pages to improve the Quality Score of an ad.

Paid SEO Services I Best-Digital Marketing

Our SEM Services can help improve your SEO brand awareness and target commercial – intent SEO keywords.

Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO is a process of ensuring that technical on-site elements of  your webpage is configured to maximise the potential organic SEO visibility in search engines.

This includes making sure your website can be easily crawled and has the best fitting for User Experience- UX and Entity Classifications –EC.

The practice of Technical SEO can ultimately impact your site’s ability to rank for relevant SEO keywords in search engines.

Google’s process of ranking a website can be broken down into four stages:




We will ensure your site runs super quick providing a fantastic user experience for your customers /visitors.



We will ensure Googlebot is able to access your robots.txt file, crawl and index your content.



We will create an XML sitemap that tells Google what pages and posts you have on your website.

Mobile - Tablet


We will ensure your website is mobiles and tablet friendly.

Directory Submission


We will ensure that you website is linked to authority sites that will increase your rankings.

Broken Link Repair


We will ensure any broken links within your website is fixed to avoid any Google penalty.


Content Management System

We will ensure your website uses a search engine friendly content management system - CMS.

Broken Link Repair


With proper planning and the right experts working on a project could impact your organic search performance.

Technical SEO 2 I Best-Digital Marketing

National SEO Services

At Best-Digital Marketing, we work with many businesses who have national reach and require the ability to establish a location and National SEO presence.

This requires careful SEO keyword research and SEO analysis to ensure that certain terms have SEO value regardless of where in the country they are being searched for.

If there are regional SEO  variables we will be targeting those variations used by your most lucrative markets.

By targeting search terms unrestricted by local keywords there is potential to reach a huge number of customers. This is ideal if your business offers products and services throughout the UK.

In addition to using Advanced Keyword Research Tools – some of the ways we help businesses and companies achieve SEO marketing on a national scale include:

  Using data to create SEO Strategies that guide Content Marketing Strategy.

✅  Employing E-commerce SEO best practises.

✅  Assisting with Multi-site and Multi-location SEO.

✅  Performing SEO Website Traffic Analysis.

✅  Google Map Optimisation.

✅  SEO Keyword Mapping and SEO ocus Strategy

National SEO Services 1 I Best-Digital Marketing

Our National SEO Services can help you reach  your target audiences at National level.

Business SEO Services

All of our services are Business SEO services. Because every SEO strategy we develop is laser-focused, customised and tailor-fitted to our individual clients to ensure the results are focused to achieve their SEO commercial goals.

In addition to all of the above -mentioned services we endevour to help businesses achieve SEO results by:

  • Matching every SEO service we offer to a larger digital marketing plan.
  • Creating adaptable and result focused SEO strategies and campaigns
  • Working closely with individuals, businesses and company stakeholders to ensure every SEO campaign is aligned with your objectives.
  • Tracking KPIs and providing intuitive SEO reports that monitor your progress over time.
  • Assigning experienced content writers to write keyword-optimised copy for your target audience.
  • Updating you on Search Engine Algorithm changes and pivoting your strategies accordingly to ensure we are still on target to hit your goals.
Business SEO I Best-Digital Marketing

Our Paid Services can help improve your brand SEO awareness and target commercial – intent SEO keywords.

Video SEO Services

Google and other search engines are getting increasingly better at crawling on-screen elements that are key in helping users discover video content online.

Search engines still rely heavily on on-page SEO elements to index and rank videos that appear in Search Engine Results PagesSERPs.

Video SEO Services 2 I Best-Digital Marketing

Our Video SEO Services can help create high quality visual SEO content for your target audience and give your brand the right exposure.

At Best-Digital Marketing, we have professional video and animation teams capable of creating high quality visual SEO content for your target audience.

Our Video SEO consultants work directly with your team to ensure your videos gets the exposure it needs via:

  • YouTube SEO optimisation.
  • Video SEO Link building.
  • Video SEO Promotion on social media.
  • Optimised meta descriptions, meta tags and URL strings.
  • Better-organised video playlists.
  • Higher SEO user engagement.
  • Strategic use of video in landing pages, blog posts and other multimedia content.

Invest In Industry-Leading SEO Services from Best-Digital Marketing

When it comes to devising a digital marketing SEO strategy for your business – it is absolutely crucial to understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is potentially fatal in today’s digital landscape.

With businesses slowly moving toward the ever-growing realm of digital marketing – it is pertinent to stay on top of the changing trends of all platforms and tweak your digital marketing strategy to complete with all big industry players in your niche.

The changes in search engine algorithms compel business owners to stay on their toes if they want to maintain a higher rank in search engine results. These factors come together to attest the need for a customised SEO strategy for each business.

Our tailor-made SEO strategy based on your industry niche gives you the chance to become a force to be reckoned with in your industry with our Complete Digital Marketing Package.

The Ultimate Package

The Complete Digital Marketing Package

The most comprehensive and complete digital marketing package in this world – SEO, Social Media, PPC, Website Optimisation, Branding and more. Every business owner would want to capitalise and monetise every aspect of their internet or digital marketing strategy in order to generate maximum number of enquires, leads, sales and profits.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook / Twitter Page Creation

Facebook / Twitter Post & Outreach

LinkedIn Profile Creation

LinkedIn Post & Outreach

Instagram / Pinterest Page Creation

Instagram / Pinterest Post & Outreach

YouTube Channel Creation

YouTube Videos & Outreach

Weekly / Monthly Progress Report

Paid Social Marketing

Facebook Ads

Twitter Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Instagram Ads

Pinterest Ads

YouTube Ads 

Weekly / Monthly Progress Report

Website Optimisation

Landing Page Optimisation

Content Optimisation

Mobile Friendly Optimistaion

Call To Action Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Up to 100 Keywords

Competitor Analysis

Blog Posts

Guest Posts

Press Releases


Features Posts

Power Posts



Classified Ads

Directory Submissions

Business Profiles

Google Analytics Installation

Google Webmaster Installation

Google Places Submissions

Community Participation

Conversion Tracking

Socal Media Posts

Weekly Ranking Report

Before / After Progress Reports

☑ Monthly Progress Report


Paid Search Advertising

Keyword Research

Google Ads

Bing Ads

Banner Creation

Ads Creation

Adwords Account Setup

Adwords Account Configuration

Competitor Analysis

Daily Spend Configuration

Daily Bid Adjustment

Daily Campaign Monitoring

Keyword Optimisation

Search Metrics Configuration

Negative Keyword Identification

Google Webmaster Installation

Google Analytics Report

Weekly Ranking Report

Monthly Progress Report


Featured Blog Posts

Featured Posts on Yahoo

Featured Posts On Entreprenuer

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What Are Keywords?

Keywords are:

– words and phrases that identify what people are searching for
– words and phrases that describe the topics you write about
– same as bridging the gap between your content and your audience to help them find it.

SEO Keyword search is the process of finding certain keywords, terms and phrases that people enter into search engines to use them for web pages, content creation and marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO 4 I Best-Digital Marketing

What Keywords To Use For SEO?

Head Keyword


Usually short 1 to 2 words. They have an extremely high search volume and are extremely difficult to rank.

Body Keyword


Usually 2 to 3 word phrases with moderate search volume but are less competitive so slightly easier to rank for.

Long Tail Keyword


Consists of 4 or more words and very specific. Search volume is low and accounts for bulk of web traffic and easier to rank.

Benefits Of  On-Page Optimisation

Add structure data mark up code on website.

Claim authorship of content in your industry.

Asses and improve page loading times by utilising fast cache.

Add in-content links where appropriate.

Remove unnecessary outbound links to reduce bounce rate.

Fix duplicate content issues.

Create a user friendly 404 error page.

Create and submit an XML site map.

Add social media sharing button on website.

Set up Google Analytics and Search Console.

Additional Benefits Of On-Page Optimisation

Assign existing or create new pages for each keyword.

Add keywords to urls, title tags, meta descriptions, header tags and alt tags on website.

Ensure each page has unique and descriptive title and description to rank better.

Improve content to match/better content on competitor websites.

Assess existing and potential keyword targets.

Remove, merge or add to pages that have little useful content on them.

Check the site loads properly in different web browsers and screen resolutions.

Analyse inbound link profile.

Ensure call to actions buttons are located in prominent positions to maximise returns.

Link to important pages from the homepage and/or main navigation area to rank in SERP listing.

Improve the readability and formatting of written content on your website.

Check for and fix broken links to avoid Google penalty.

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Link Building

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10 Submissions

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Link Building

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Link Building

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