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Twitter is one of consumer’s first port of call for news, information and social updates and this makes it an important part of marketing strategy for any brand, whether you are a B2C or a B2B business.

Best-Digital Marketing is a Twitter Advertising Agency in the UK. We help businesses grow through Twitter Ads managed campaigns.

Best Twitter Advertising Services

With over 336 million monthly active users and over 500 million posts per day, Twitter is a social media giant that continues to evolve with every passing second and without intimidation, our highly experienced Twitter advertising agency will help your business break through the noise to ensure that your voice is heard.

If your business is looking to engage with generations of major purchasing powers then Twitter advertising or Twitter ads could make a massively impact on your marketing strategy.

With 46% of adults checking the platform at least once a day, Twitter poses as a vital marketing opportunity to engage Millennials and Generation X’s in one place. There are over 336 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users on Twitter. 63% of all Twitter users worldwide are between 35 and 65.

To target your ideal audiences, we will implement the latest industry insights and platform tools into your Twitter marketing campaign. We believe in maximising every opportunity with the industry’s best practices to generate the best results possible.

But while sharing great content and responding to engagements from users is essential, it is not the only way you can use Twitter to your advantage. If you want to stand out and ensure you are speaking to the right people, you should be considering Twitter advertising strategy with our Best Twitter Advertising Services.

If you lack the time to develop strategic advertising campaigns, analyse and make changes based on Twitter insights and track industry news then contact us for our Twitter Advertising Management Services.

What are Twitter Ads?

There are over 336 million active users on Twitter which makes Twitter the perfect platform for businesses, aspiring influencers and content marketers alike. Such a vocal platform allows you to promote your content, services and products.

However, the vast number of online users can also pose as a problem – it makes it that much harder to be heard so what can you do to stand out?

Twitter advertising or Twitter ads were created for the purpose of helping generate more conversation regarding your brand. They are there to drive more traffic to your website and boosts conversions and leads.

Why use Twitter advertising services?

As a fast-growing social media platform with a diverse audience, Twitter is a great place to turn to when looking to put your digital marketing tactics into practice. With the help of Twitter ads, you can reach more individuals and meet your business’s marketing goals.

You should consider using our Twitter advertising services for many reasons including but not limited to:

User base: With more than 336 million active monthly users, you are bound to find your audience on Twitter. This site’s extensive user base means reaching your prospective clients is much more feasible.

Extensive networking: You will find your current customers and future potential customers on Twitter. By using this site to network with others, you can extend your brand’s awareness and influence.

Video recall: According to statistics, Twitter users who saw an In-Stream Video Ad is 70% more likely to remember that brand. By using Video recall tactics, you enable your clients to recall your business in the future.

Time spend on social media: The average social media user spends more than two hours on social media each day. Your advertising efforts are less likely to go unnoticed because you will reach your audience on platforms they actively use daily. 

Limited time and marketing resources: Most businesses are operating on a fixed budget and want to deliver their advertisements to their audience in a prompt manner.


Twitter advertising provides fast results and is a cost-effective marketing tool for businesses of any size.

Decrease in recent cost: Twitter advertising services are a cost-effective marketing strategy for most businesses therefore any business of any size can establish an effective marketing campaign.

Although the price of social media campaigns varies, marketers have found new ways to decrease these costs while reaching more consumers.

Our Twitter Advertising Strategy

Twitter is an extensive social media platform with millions of users scattered throughout the globe. Before you develop a marketing strategy for this platform, it is absolutely crucial to outline and define your marketing goals clearly.

From greater website traffic to better brand awareness, here are some of the top objectives for your Twitter advertising strategy that will help you maximise your impact on your site:


Get noticed by more target audience who are likely to invest in your brand, products and services.


Increase the level of interactions you have with your existing and future clients which include retweets, hashtags and responses to tweets. 

App installs

Use advertisements to convince users to download your business’s app.


Utilise Twitter to direct more individuals to your business’s website or landing pages that provide value, demonstrate your unique benefits or provide an opportunity to become a lead.


Building a following is crucial on any social media site especially Twitter. Increasing your audience with strategic targeting ensures you are growing relevant and engaged group of followers.

Video views

Twitter is an excellent platform for sharing short videos. More video views can increase your brand awareness and help you accomplish many of your marketing goals.

At Best-Digital Marketing Services, our team of strategist, planners and marketers can help you define the best goals for your business.

We are aware that every business portrays a unique set of needs and requires a personalised marketing plan for its Twitter marketing strategy. When you partner up with our team, you will enjoy clearly defined objectives and a method for achieving them with our Twitter advertising strategy.

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For a successful Twitter advertising campaign

If you want to ensure that your own advertisements stand out and connect with the right audience then there are a few things you will need to be aware of.

These include the advertising options available to you and the best techniques to improve engagement. Twitter ads come in various guises including:

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Promoted tweets

Promoted tweets – which you can pay to place in the feeds of users you believe will be interested in your product or service.

Promoted tweets are clearly labelled as Promoted when an advertiser is paying for the placement on Twitter. But apart from that promoted tweets work just like regular tweets and can be retweeted, replied to, favorited and more.

A promoted tweet will show up in the user’s timeline and be labelled promoted.

Promoted trends

A Promoted Trend is an exclusive, high-impact 24-hour takeover of the top Trends list on Twitter and the Explore tab on mobile, where consumers go to see what is happening in real-time.

This is often used by brands to launch a new offering or to connect to what is happening at a particular moment.

Promoted accounts

Promoted accounts – suggest Twitter accounts that people do not currently follow and may find interesting. They help introduce a wider variety of accounts people may enjoy.

Promoted Accounts are the result of creating a followers campaign which sees users directed to accounts they do not currently follow but may find interesting.

Whichever option you choose, there are certain things you must do to really get the best out of this approach. It is vital to write engaging ad copy to capture consumer’s attention and high-quality visual content also plays a critical role in your outcomes.

Best-Digital Marketing Services can provide these and various other creative services as well as the strategic know-how required to take full advantage of Twitter advertising services.

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Our Amazing Twitter Advertising Process

Twitter Advertising Services


We thoroughly research your industry, competitors and target audience to deliver a Twitter advertising strategy that works for your marketing objectives. We utilise our many years in paid marketing to deliver high ROI each month.

Twitter Advertising Services

Auditing & Analysis

We believe in reviewing your live Twitter advertising campaign (if you have any) before we recommend an enhanced strategy. By doing so, we can gain an insight into any existing performance and issues that could cause problems now or in the future. Once we have completed this phase we will present you our findings and strategy recommendations.

Twitter Advertising Services


We believe in targeting your audience, building relationships with them and taking your visitors on a journey that inspires, motivates them to make a purchase. Our paid social specialists have the experience, creativity and technical know-how to develop a bespoke paid social campaigns that aligns with your marketing objectives.

Twitter Advertising Services


We are dedicated to delivering long-term, sustainable results for a brand. We continually focus on performance and delivering ROI for your brand, which is why we analyse a campaign through detailed reporting and we offer full transparency on our approach.

Importance of Twitter Advertising for Businesses

When your business is growing, you may need a helping hand to make things easier. Twitter Ads can be used to recruit your future employee. You do not need another platform.

Just create a sponsored tweet about the job that you offering. There are many talented people around Twitter and you will find your future team members in no time.

Create Brand Awareness

Twitter Ads can help you to create more brand awareness since it has so many users around the world, it can help you to establish brand recognition as well.

Think about it as your introduction to the world and getting more consumers to know about your business.

Updated With the Latest Trends

You can learn a lot from Twitter since many things are tweeted from there every day. It is a vast form of updating people about what is going on around the world from news, music, fashion and much more.

Take advantage of the massive reach Twitter can do or your business. It will help you advertise and also learn from related companies around you.

Promote Your Contents

Having a business website is a must if you want to explore more options for your business to grow. Since you have your content on your website, you can also promote it using Twitter Advertising.

If you have articles, photos, and videos – it is the best place to share it. Many celebrities are using Twitter Ads to update their fans about them and so should you with your business.

Enhance Your Website's SEO

Being on Twitter allows you to use hashtags so that you can relate your tweets to other users. By using the hashtag feature from Twitter, it will enhance your website’s SEO.

If your SEO gets boosted then you increase your ranking on search engines and this will help more people to find your business website.

Get More Traffic

Getting as much traffic as you can is essential if you want to convert. Twitter Ads can drive more traffic to your website since consumers can see what you have to offer.

Twitter users are curious about many things and they see Twitter as a reliable source of information. Marketing your business with our Twitter Advertising Services will make your website have authority.

Instant Feedback

Using Twitter allows your audience to post their comments and heart your tweets in real-time. You can answer any inquiries from there to show transparency of your business.

The direct messaging feature is also available for you to use for other reasons. You can run your customer service from using Twitter Ads so you do not need to use different communication tools.

Improve Business Reach

Twitter Ads will help you to reach a massive amount of engaged people. You do not need to waste your time and money for those who have different interests.

By having sponsored tweets, your target market will be the one who can view your tweets and it will result in sales since they are already on it.

Real-Time Competitive Intelligence

You can see how your campaign is doing in real-time which means that you can make improvements or have more tweets during the times when your target audience are on the platform.

Access your dashboard and see the impressions, clicks and other actions being made. It will help you to create better tweets that you will have to reach the right people at the right time.

Study Brand Reputation

Twitter Ads will let you see your analytics tool so that you can learn more about how your brand reputation is doing. Just try improving it to make it better.

Since Twitter is a social media platform, consumers can like and comment on your tweets. You can already check from there if you are doing well or if you need to change your strategy next time.

Access to High Profile Users

Twitter is famous for people with high profiles. If you use Twitter Ads, you can reach them with your sponsored tweet as well. These users will purchase from you without questions.

The best thing about Twitter is that you can follow people who also have the same business from you. That way, you can see their tweets and be updated. Then you can create a better campaign.

How does targeting work on Twitter?

Twitter advertising is an excellent way to reach your audience regardless of how narrow or broad it may be. But how does targeting work for Twitter?

The audience you will establish on this platform will depend on the following:

  • Keywords: Use strategically selected words and phrases that will help you reach your audience based on what they search.
  • Demographics and interests: Research your audience to determine the best way to market to your targeted customers. This includes examining their gender, income, age-range and general interests.
  • Lookalike audiences: Target users who are like your competitors’ followers.
  • Remarketing: Reach out to customers who know about your brand but who have not made a purchase or become a lead. You can remarket to users who have seen or engaged with your tweets or who have visited your website.

Twitter advertising can help you identify the best way to reach your target audience while providing you with the techniques necessary to measure your targeting progress.

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How to measure Twitter advertising results

Whenever you start a new social media marketing campaign, it is vital to track your progress and analyse the success of your results.

At Best-Digital Marketing, we will help you determine if your Twitter marketing strategy is headed in the right direction. We use Twitter analytics and Google analytics to determine if you are receiving the social media engagement, brand awareness and traffic you set out to achieve.

Our advanced software tools will also play a vital role in measuring your key performance indicators and site performance on Twitter. We will analyse and evaluate the effectiveness of the following:

  • Engagement levels
  • Reach
  • Click-through rates
  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Page views
  • Average time spent on your pages and website

By monitoring your progress and results, our Twitter advertising services team will provide you with the insight required to adjust your campaign tactics as necessary to maximise your performance and results.

Our Great Twitter Advertising Campaign

A Twitter advertising campaign may be one of the most effective ways to make your brand a topic of conversation. It is a great way to achieve some of your digital marketing as well as social media objectives because it gives you the exposure that you need.

Thanks to tweet engager targeting, you can capture a specific audience and it enables you to remarket to people who recently saw or engaged with your tweet.

Every Twitter advertising campaign is different so our Twitter advertising campaign may include but not limited to:

Social Media Advertising Strategy

A good campaign has a great social media advertising strategy. We will map out what you want to achieve and how we can achieve your desired goals by using paid Twitter ads. A strategy is essential.

Twitter Ad Creation

A good Twitter advertising campaign is dependent on the effectiveness of the ad you are using. We will choose three different types of Twitter ads which consist of promoted accounts, promoted trends and promoted tweets.

Bid Optimisation

Undergoing bid optimisation will keep your costs to a minimum and you will get as much expose as your ads spend budget allows.

Conversion Tracking

We include conversion tracking into our strategy so that we know how the ad has influenced customer behaviour. It will tell us what a customer does after interacting with your ad whether it is buying your product, visiting your site, signing up for a newsletter or anything else. This is essential to know the impact of your ads on customer behaviour.

Campaign Management

How well a campaign is managed can determine its success or failure. We make it our prerogative to ensure we give your campaign special attention and manage all aspects of it to ensure it meets your objectives.


We understand the significance of carrying our clients along during campaigns and ensure we deliver quality reports that are easy to understand as well as give you an idea of how well the campaign is doing.

A great advertising campaign will meet your unique advertising needs by carefully planning, choosing the right strategies and being creative in our execution.

Our Twitter advertising services team are here and ready to help your business succeed, so what are you waiting for? To find out more >>>

Best-Digital Marketing – A Twitter Advertising Agency

If you are interested in kick-starting a Twitter marketing campaign or still on the fence about enlisting the help of a professional advertising team, we are here to help you with your social media marketing and improve your campaign in many ways.

If you are limited on time, as a Twitter advertising agency – we are able to manage your Twitter advertising, marketing and management services on this platform. A Twitter campaign requires a substantial amount of time dedication in order to implement a strategic and profitable effort.

When you partner up with Best-Digital Marketing on your Twitter advertising campaign, we become an extension of your own team and that is paramount to the success of your overarching marketing campaign.

Working with Best-Digital Marketing – an excellent Twitter advertising agency, we will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Marketing work and strategies that is consistent with advertising trends.
  • Support from our professionals who receive ongoing training.
  • Transparent pricing and deliverables.
  • Transparent reporting.
  • Excellent communication skills and responsiveness.
  • Knowledge of the latest features and updates for your business that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

Twitter Ads Management Services

Twitter Advertising Service is one of the best marketing strategies that you can try to grow your business. Since many people are using the platform, you can take advantage of that as well. Do not wait any longer and get your free quote now.

Advantages of Twitter Ads Management Services include but not limited to:

Instant Engagement

Impressive Message Reach

In-depth Targeting Options

No Minimum Spend

Better Click-Through-Rates – CTR

Our professional social media experts can help you determine the best ways to tackle your Twitter advertising plans from start to finish.

At Best-Digital Marketing, we work with businesses across all industries to drive results and implement the best strategy to fit your needs via our Twitter ads management services.

Twitter Advertising Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions by potential clients.

If you have any queries please contact us and we will be happy to respond to them.

Well, we recommend social media advertising to businesses that are looking to increase brand awareness, drive targeted traffic to their website to increase their revenue and engage with their customers directly.

Whether you should invest in social media advertising depends on your business’s overall needs and goals. If you are unsure whether or not social media marketing is right for your business, speak to one of our digital strategists today or email them at

There are many advantages to working with a social media advertising agency like Best-Digital Marketing Services including:

Access to social media advertising experts: Most businesses do not have the time or budget to hire an in-house social media marketing team. However, when you hire an agency, you have access to a team of experts who know exactly how to target and engage your audience while maximising your ROI.

Maximise your budget: An experienced social media advertising agency takes the guesswork out of social media marketing through their expertise, experience, research and analytics. With all of this information, they can better determine the most effective ways to use your budget and get results faster.

Reporting and analytics: One of the most important aspects of social media advertising is tracking, analysing, nonitoring, reporting and understanding all of the data you collect from your campaigns and that can be difficult and time-consuming.

If you do not know when or why users are engaging with your posts, you cannot pivot and adjust your strategy or your budget to make the most of that information.

A social media advertising agency not only tracks and reports all of that data but they also use it to deepen their marketing strategy to get you better results.

Scalability: As your business grows, so do your marketing needs. When you work with a social media advertising agency, they can effortlessly scale with you and make sure you continue to get the same level of service no matter how big your business gets.

Social media advertising and management pricing depends on a few factors, including the size of your campaign, the number of social networks you want to advertise on, the amount of your monthly ad spend and much more.

Every business has different needs so every budget will be different. For more in-depth information about social media advertising costs and our available packages, reach out to one of our digital strategists today or email them at

No. Any agency that is willing to guarantee a certain number of followers or a definite level of engagement is just trying to get you to sign a contract.

At Best-Digital Marketing, we base your campaign success around a set number of key performance indicators that we establish with you before we begin your campaign.

Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, increase your revenue, maximise brand awareness or all of the above then that is where we focus our strategy and deliver results.

The platforms you should focus on are determined by your target audience. This is to make sure your social marketing efforts are efficient and do not spend too much time creating content for a platform that is rarely used by your audience.

In general, the best social platforms are Facebook and Instagram whilst Twitter and LinkedIn being good for customer support and PR.

The most important thing to do with negative comments is to never ignore them since that would suggest a lack of care that can put off potential customers.

Depending on the context of the social comment – either reply to it or apologise in a polite manner and be sure to personalise your message and emphasise with the customer.

Negative comments are also a good way for a business to learn of their short comings so use these comments as an avenue to improve your services.

The type of content you should post on your social media must be bespoke for each business depending on factors such as the target customer’s geographical location, social demographics, gender, age and much more.

Knowing this will help you generate more engaging posts that will entice these target customers to your brand. In general, posts should be engaging and either entertaining or informative so they provide value.

Social media advertising is important because it offers the best way to expose your brand in front of a lot of people. Social platforms are one of the most used areas online, meaning that you will be able to reach a wide array of people when advertising on these sites.

The benefit over search engine advertisement is that your target customer does not have to search related keywords to discover you brand thus making it far easier and proactive.

We include a whole range of services in our social media advertising campaigns to help optimise your social marketing. We create a strategy so your adverts work in unison and generate bespoke adverts for your business.

We manage bid optimisation and conduct robust conversion tracking to determine how well they are doing. We also offer continued campaign management to help you navigate any fluctuations in the landscape.

Of course it is. Paid social media advertising will benefit any kind of business since it will help your brand get in front of more active users, improve your awareness and reach your target audience.

We have been helping businesses to maximise their social advertising for years so we are confident that we will be able to provide an awesome service for you and because we provide results.

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