Website Redesign Services

With our website redesign / revamp or refresh services, we will build a brand new custom design for your existing old and outdated website or build a new website for your business.

Allow us to turn your old and out-dated website into a lean, mean, profitable machine with our website redesign /revamp or refresh services.

Website Redesign Services

Is your website – your company’s lean mean marketing machine helping you to generate more sales and leads or is it driving away your customers? Is your website out-dated and in need of a new look? Is your current website incapable of fulfilling all of your online marketing objectives? Need to revamp your website content to give it the much needed overhaul?

With the rapidity of change in cyberspace these days – it is not difficult to imagine that websites can quickly become outdated and become your cyberspace equivalent of a dinosaur.

With our website redesign / revamp or refresh services – we will build a brand new custom design for your existing old and outdated website or build a new website for your business.

We can turn your old and outdated website into a modern and professional mobile-friendly site, giving your visitors a positive first impression of your business.

Website redesign/ revamp or refresh makeovers are required for many reasons and amongst other expertise; we also specialise in website redesigns and development.

We take old and out-dated website and transform it into a modern design which adheres to current website design standards and best practices.

Allow us to turn your old and out-dated website into a lean, mean, profitable machine with our website redesign /revamp or refresh services.

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When should you Redesign / Revamp or Refresh a website?

Your website is your most important marketing asset and it is not enough to just HAVE one. Your website should be your 24/7 sales representative and if it is not producing you any leads, enquiries or sales then you may want to think about a redesign / revamp or refresh.

Consider these statistics below:

  • A single bad experience on a website makes users 88% less likely to visit the website again.
  • Your website’s conversion rate could increase by 200% to 400% with a well-designed interface.
  • 48% of people say a website’s design is the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.

If you are not sure your website really needs a redesign / revamp or refresh quite yet then asks yourself these questions – below.

If you answer – YES to any of them then you may want to start planning for a website redesign / revamp or refresh.

  Has your brand changed?

✅  Do your competitor sites look better than yours?

✅  Is your site old and outdated?

✅  Does your site take a while to load?

✅  Is the website experience lacking on desktop and mobile?

✅  Is your website still not responsive?

✅  Is it a headache to add new tools or make simple changes?

✅  Are sales or conversions declining?

✅  Is it a struggle to find information on your site?

✅  Is your website no longer do what it should do?

✅  Is the website NOT user friendly or device friendly?

✅  Is your website not generating leads, enquiries and sales?

Websites should be more than just an online business card with nominal details. It should be a platform to engage with your prospects and customers and enhance your business, brand, products and services.

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With continuous updates, you can keep your customers updated with the latest products, issue company reports and press releases and much more. As your business grows and clients’ expectations evolve, you can add new features and enforce your web capabilities.

What makes our website redesign / revamp or refresh services so valuable is that we use years of data analysis to guide our designs.

Every single detail of your website redesign strategy will be there because we can assure you that it contributes to increased leads, enquiries and sales.  Essentially – you are guaranteed to get a high-performing, lead-driving website.

So you need to be speaking to our high calibre experienced team at Best-Digital Marketing.

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Why is redesigning / revamping or refreshing your website important?

Are you communicating the right messages? Are you leading your customers down the right path? Are you even connecting with them at all? Just like in person – making the right impression is important for the success of your business—online or off.

A website redesign / revamp or refresh can help you stay relevant and make an impression that drives results and this is one of our services we offer and provide at Best-Digital Marketing.

First impression counts

Did you know it takes about 50 milliseconds  – that is 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not?

Whether they would like to stay or leave? There is no time for an elevator speech online. Every word, design element and path has to work as hard as possible to ensure that your website makes it past those first few seconds and thereafter.

Outdated CMS leads to technical issues

Whether you use a custom Content Management System – CMS or an open source CMS, technical issues like broken links or down servers can have a huge negative impact on your user experience and bottom line.

While you may hear the words – revamp and think about the front-end of your website, you may also want to investigate a little deeper and freshen up your CMS too.

Here are the 3 reasons to spruce up your website right now and they are in no order of importance as all of them are equally important:-

1. We make decisions based on visual cues

We use visual cues all the time to know where to go and what to do. Think about a red stop sign or a green light or a yellow dotted line in the street. The colour, images and layout of content can have an immediate impact on your decision to stay or go especially for websites.

As web design trends shift and change, the use of older visual cues can be disorienting or challenging for a visitor. This is an easy solution for a brand – just update your websites visual cues to enhance the user’s experience – UX.

2. Website trends are constantly evolving

Over the last few years – website trends have continued to shift more towards user-centric experiences. While the trends themselves may evolve or change in how to present content and information, the goal of user-centred design remains the same—to put the user first.

Remember that your website should not just be for users or geared toward them but also be about those users.

3. Maintain competitive advantage

Innovation and evolution are found in every industry. From shops to equipment to solutions, every brand strives to create industry-leading solutions that consumers want and a website is no exception.

While other sites are getting updated and inspiring new trends, they are creating a perception of what is modern and new. The last thing your brand wants to do is fall behind in market share because of poor website qualities.

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How Will You Benefit from Website Redesign / Revamp or Refresh with Best-Digital Marketing

Rather than throwing money at short-term solutions, a full redesign allows you to get it right from the start.

We take the time to audit your current website and look for opportunities to improve the user experience and overall usability of your website. Doing so can increase conversions, leads and sales.

Very rarely is a website handled by one single person. And even if it is, it is very rare that every update over the months or years has stayed consistent with your brand’s identity.

Our website redesign services gives you the opportunity to take a step back and ensure your brand is putting a cohesive foot forward.

Website redesigns are a perfect time to optimise site performance with relevant keywords.

We ensure your website’s content matches what users are searching for and what they can find when they arrive, just like revisiting your brand identity.

You are enhancing user flows, improving content and optimising the experience but what about your content strategy?

At Best-Digital Marketing – we think about your digital presence and refresh your content strategy in tandem with your website to create a unified, cohesive and modern digital powerhouse.  

When 88% of users are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience, your main priority should be – to keep your site technically sound.

Updating your CMS can improve site functionality, security vulnerabilities and overall website performance. We also take the opportunity to relook at your browser compatibility and responsive designs.

Updating your CMS especially switch to a custom system, can provide more control over your content.

At the same time, we can implement new technologies and ensure your software is at peak efficiency for your business and your users.

As mobile usage continues to prevail; brands must keep in mind all screen sizes during a revamp. Our responsive web design allows for this flexibility and accessibility on all screen resolutions.

This is beneficial for your brand because it creates a unified look and feel across mobile, tablet and desktop without needing separate unique websites. It also consolidates your analytics and is easier to manage when it comes to on-going optimisations.

Google released a speed update in July 2018, indicating that mobile site speed is now a major ranking factor for mobile search results.

This means an older website, running older programming frameworks will always perform slower than website running new technologies and may get penalised in search rankings.

With cyber threats and hidden risk lurking everywhere in today’s digital web, it is absolutely crucial for brands and businesses to ensure the security of their private data and of their users’.

This is why it is an important benefit to end on, from both a user and brand standpoint – when it comes to our website redesign / revamp or refresh services.

Time to get your redesign / Revamp or refresh on

Website redesign/ revamp or refresh can be an intimidating thought especially if it has been a while since you have done one. But the benefits of redesigning / revamping or refreshing your site earlier than later can be truly impactful on your brand, business and consumers especially when the benefits outweigh the risks.

Start re-generating online sales with Website Redesign / Revamp or Refresh Services Today!!!

Discover how easily we can start generating your business leads or sales today.

At Best-Digital Marketing – We Redesign / Revamp or Refresh Websites

Our specialised and experienced team are experts in turning your website into an online success. No one knows your business better then you so our team will work with you to create a website that you will be proud of and your customers are going to love it.

With an in-depth knowledge and understanding on customer journey and online marketing – our team can take your old and outdated website and turn it into a lead generating success.

We have been turning business websites around for years and we are very good at it by – delivering improved design, functionality and increased response rate with our website redesign / revamp or refresh services.

From design to content, our specialised team will handle it all to give you a turn-key website:

✅  Hosting and coding

✅  Website design

✅  Advanced analytics tracking

✅  Optimisation for SEO

✅  Existing content import

✅  Lead form creation and tracking

✅  Website compatibility across all browsers and devices

✅  Integration with social media pages

✅  XML sitemap creation and submission

✅  And much more

What’s more – you will 100% OWN of your website – unlike a lot of other website redesign companies that hold it as hostage. You would be surprised how many web design companies have hidden clauses in their contracts.

At Best-Digital Marketing – we believe that a business website should belong to YOU and should you need our post launch website support and maintenances services – We will always be here for you.

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A customer will decide on your website in 3 seconds

Have a look at your current website – do the 3 second test – go to your home page and does your site currently look appealing, does it look fresh with new content, latest news, is it easy to navigate and find what your customer are going to want.

Doing this simple test can help you put yourself in the eyes of the user and not you as a business.

If you feel your site did not engage within 8 seconds then your potential customers have just clicked back and gone to one of your competitors.

They have not given up because they want to buy and they will continue until they find what they want.

5 stars

Ease of use

5 stars

Customer Service

5 stars

Security & Reliability

4.75 stars

Overall Rating

Why choose Best-Digital Marketing for Web Design & Development?

At Best-Digital Marketing – our best web design services are able to create your dream website or re-design your existing site to become a reality.

We will apply our vast expertise, experience and knowledge with user experience – UX and user interface – UI in every decision we make – to build a website that will put your business and brand in the best position to increase exposure in the marketplace.



We apply long-term experience, skills and knowledge to your goals. This is proven to save clients time and money, increase sales and reduce risks.

bespoke design

100% Bespoke Design

Stand out in the crowd and gain competitive advantage with a fully bespoke website that supports your brand integrity.

seo friendly

SEO Friendly

As SEO experts, we'll integrate best practices into your site to increase your Google visibility and reduce the risk of search engine blacklisting.

gdpr compliant

GDPR Compliant

Everything from cookie control to data retention and recovery is taken care of, easing the burden of GDPR compliance.

wordpress integration

WordPress Integration

It is flexible, effective, futureproof and simple to use. WordPress keeps your web presence in the here and now, helping boost sales and reduce costs.

mobile friendly

Mobile Friendly

Your mobile-responsive website will be accessible to customers across devices. That means more sales, leads and enhanced brand engagement.

website migration

Website Migration

Need to move content over from an existing site or platform? From 10 to 1,500 pages, we will help you launch as soon as possible.

quality guaranteed

Quality Guarantee

We are UK-based web design & development agency and thorough testing & quality assurance guarantee true commercial focus and continued engagement.

Does your website generate for your business?

As one of the UK’s top website design companies – Best-Digital Marketing are leading the way in creative, functional and highly effective websites. We specialise in transforming old and outdated websites and providing real return on investment results.

Is your website:-

X  – Not generating any enquiries

X – Looks outdated and not professional

XCannot be found on search engines

X – Is in serious need of a re-design or revamp or refresh

Then you need to be speaking to us at Best-Digital Marketing.

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Why should you Revamp / Refresh the Content of Your Website?

Manage your websites content with WordPress.

A website is more than a business’s pretty face on the Internet. It contains all valuable company information and news, comprehensive product information, interesting content, contact details and all these while ensuring that you give a positive impression to your potential customer.

That is of paramount importance if you are looking to garner sales and leads from your website – a good design and user interface can do that and more.

Your website is the fundamental and ultimate representation of your business, your values, unique selling proposition and identity. Your business is always dynamic, evolving and growing so why not your website?

Do not make the mistake of assuming that visitors are no longer visiting your website. They are but they are simply not doing business with you because your website portrays old and outdated information or promotions, unrelated images or the most dreaded of all – under construction pages.

Your website is most definitely the first and last contact your prospective buyers or customers get in touch with. Why risk your market credibility with a website that does NOT currently reflect your business which is in fact, evolving and thriving in the marketplace?

Hence at Best-Digital Marketing – we can guide, help and provide you with relevant, evergreen high quality content for your website redesign / revamp or refresh services.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How do you really know what you are going to get when you approach a web design company. Months of frustration, someone not quite understanding your vision? Well unlike other UK web design companies we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means you will get the website design you want or we keep going until it is exactly what you want.

We will work along side you and deliver design concepts that we feel will work for your business. But at the end of the day, it is your personalised business website and we want you to be proud of owning it whilst shouting out – just how good we are too.

Quality - Satisfaction - Service - Choice

How can Best-Digital Marketing help you with your Website Redesign / Revamp or Refresh?

Best-Digital Marketing will assist you in accessing the issues and problems your current website may have and provide you with proven solutions.

Sometimes redesigning is simply altering the content, improving navigation or optimising graphics. Often though when the page codes are so badly written and outdated then it is completely necessary for an entire website redesign / revamp.

We provide interface evaluation and website redesign / revamp or refresh services.

How does it work?

We start by questioning and understanding your brand and business priorities to ensure what we recommend drives the growth of your business.

Next – an in-depth evaluation of your current website and related applications to ensure your current design is working effectively to support your bottom line.

This includes everything from evaluating your website’s current interaction style, usability to the look / feel and even copywriting. Is your home page compelling visitors to take action?

Are your call-to-actions – CTAs clear? Are your web applications frustrating users? All these details ultimately point to the health and success of your business.

Web Redesign Services

We proceed to recommend the most cost effective changes or redesign packages together with the rationale for our recommendations.

We endeavour to ensure that each recommendation is clearly understood, actionable and deliver your returns on your investment – ROI.

We do not simply identify problems. We deliver recommended constructive changes and results that ultimately point to the health and success of your business.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us. Whether you are a business or a large corporation looking for a corporate website redesign / revamp or SME looking to integrate Content Management System – CMS or E-Commerce into your website, we would love the opportunity to work with YOU.

Best-Digital Marketing Offers FREE Website Review

Best-Digital Marketing team can review your current website and provide a full NO OBLIGATION website review for FREE allowing you to see exactly what can be done to improve your website. We look at

✓  The overall design and improvements

  Customer journey and how to improve

  How to increase customer enquiries

  Where we can ADD additional functionality

  SEO and where we can improve your exposure

  Hosting & support options

Once we have reviewed your website – we will provide a complete breakdown of how we can turn you website into success along with a cost proposal based on what we feel needs to be done.

It is an important investment and one you cannot afford to get wrong. While many companies advertise cheap build your own style solutions, we currently get more customers coming to us after years of frustration, spending lots of money and simply getting nowhere with their website generating less or no business.

If your website is not currently generating you the levels of business or enquiries you were hoping then get in touch so we can turn things around.

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Do not blame the internet or your old web designer – take action now and reap the benefits with us – helping you.


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Website Review or or other

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Web Redesign Services Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions by potential clients.

If you have any queries please contact us and we will be happy to respond to them.

Complete our Website Review form and we will be right in touch to set up a meeting and discuss your requirements. We will send you a proposal and if you are happy with that then we will get you booked in to start the project.

In simple terms, features of a website become old and outdated over time. From the design to the coding, it is necessary to refresh and update everything with a redesign.

It is not just the look and feel of the website that gets modernised but also the user experience that can lead to more traffic, more browsing time, increased leads and an improved conversion rate.

Most web experts agree that it is best to use a website redesign service roughly every three years in order to keep up with industry trends and customer expectations.

If you have noticed a change in your website statistics over the last few years such as website visits and clicks are down then a website overhaul is a good idea to help your site get up-to-date and profitable once again.

Fortunately, regular website updates are part of Best–Digital Marketing’s Website Design Service, so your site will rarely need a large-scale redesign.

This completely depends on what you need. It takes longer to build a 100 page mega site than a smaller eight page brochure website.

We build a website that fits your style as well as your needs. And the best part is that it will be done in 8 to 16 weeks.

Absolutely – of course. You will see a full design prototype and mobile designs too plus you will have the chance to preview the proposed design and approve before the site goes into development.

We are really adamant and focused when it comes to making sure your website will work on all devices and browsers.

We test across 30+ browsers including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge, plus mobile devices such as Galaxy and iPhone. Each project will have its own dedicated quality assurance specialist.

The difference between a website redesign and a website refresh mostly comes down to how many changes are being made and the scale of them.

A redesign means that the coding and the look of the site will be a major transformation. If your site is being rebranded then the pages are usually reconstructed to integrate new components, functionality and even an updated content management system – CMS.

A refresh on the other hand, often means minor edits such as new images, colour scheme, typography and smaller UX changes to the page template.

Both of these options are still part of our website redesign services and will make a positive impact on the user experience of your customers.

At Best-Digital Marketing – we do things differently by focusing over quality rather than quantity.

Every website we create is bespoke and tailored to your unique needs, specific niche and industry requirements and is 100% SEO optimised and plagiarism free.

Integration with WordPress – the world’s leading content management system comes as standard with all Best-Digital Marketing websites.

You will have your own access to type away and drop in images and there is no technical knowledge required. Our hosting & maintenance service will take care of the rest.

We accept all major debit and credit cards, Stripe payments, PayPal and all national and international bank transfers.

Your site is yours. You can move if you like and we will not penalise you for it.

We offer a very fair, respectable unlimited revisions policy.

We will respect and cater for any revisions that do not contradict the original project brief free of charge.

However we may ask for a small payment for revisions if the revision you require is drastically different from the original instructions.

We will not ask for additional payment if you change project brief before we begin working on your project.

Get Your Website Redesign That You Have Been Wanting For Ages – Today!!