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Pay Per Click – PPC Marketing is a form of digital marketing strategy where search engines such as Google and Bing allow advertisers to show ads on their search engine results pages (SERPs).

At Best-Digital Marketing - our goal is to create PPC ad campaign that will lead consumers to click through to your website or app, where the prospects can complete a valuable action such as purchasing a product or service.

Pay Per Click -PPC Marketing Services

Thanks to their high visibility – pay-per-click – PPC ads are effective at driving website traffic, converting visitors to customers and achieving other important sales goals.

PPC campaigns offer maximum return on investment – ROI when they are guided by a clear and precise PPC strategy.

Elements of an effective PPC campaign include but not limited to:

✅  Calculated bidding.

✅  Deliberate keywords.

✅  Engaging copy.

✅  Performance analytics.

✅  Optimised landing pages.

Our high calibre experienced dedicated PPC strategists can support your ad campaigns with shared expertise and responsive action.

Acting as an extension of your digital marketing team, our expert strategists learn everything about your business, customers, competitors and industry and our mission is to maximise your results and outcome.

An effective PPC campaign can drive traffic, increase brand awareness, accelerate sales and deliver results quickly.

The success of your PPC campaigns relies on several factors:

✅  Pay per click – PPC bidding strategy.

✅  Search Engine Optimisation – SEO.

✅  Analytics Capabilities.

Each of these pieces must work in tandem to generate meaningful return on investment – ROI. mBest-Digital Marketing’s expert managers use advanced PPC tools to:

✅  assess keyword valuation

✅  identify opportunities to leverage search volume and

✅  analyse reports to optimise conversions.

On the surface, PPC ads may look simple but they are supported by complex and ever-changing bidding strategies and search engine optimisation – SEO planning as well as creative copywriting and website UX design.

What Is Pay-Per-Click – PPC Marketing?

Pay-Per-Click –PPC Marketing is an online advertising model in which advertisers pay each time a prospect clicks on one of their online ads.

There are different types of PPC ads, but one of the most common types is the paid search ad. These ads appear when consumers search for things online using a search engine like Google – especially when they are performing a commercial search which means that they are looking for something to purchase.

This could be anything from a mobile search to a local service search to someone shopping for a gift or a high-end item like enterprise software. All of these searches trigger pay-per-click – PPC ads.

In pay-per-click – PPC advertising, businesses running ads are only charged when a user actually clicks on their ad hence the name pay-per-click – PPC.

Other forms of PPC marketing include display advertising and remarketing. It can also be used on social media platforms.

PPC ads typically live on a single platform but retargeting tools make it possible to retarget consumers across platforms. In addition, ads are not limited to text. Display ads feature product images, videos, user ratings and similar elements.

Pay-Per-Click - PPC Marketing Services

PPC Marketing Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Whether your goal is to spread awareness of your brand, drive traffic to your product pages or re-engage previous site visitors – our PPC consultants can help you get there.

About 75% of web users say PPC ads make it easier to find the information they are looking for and 49% regularly click on ads in search results.

Considering the positive impact PPC campaigns can have on your company’s digital marketing strategy – they should be an integral part of your customer outreach.

You can reach individuals in a variety of ways through a number of criteria – to ensure that the right audience are clicking on your ads.

Most PPC ads feature a header and short-form copy. They can also include a number of engaging elements like:

Phone Number

Phone Numbers

Location Information

Location Information

Product Images and Videos

Product Videos & Images

Consumer-Customer Rating

Customer Ratings

Link Building

Website Link

As your target demographic, industry or products change – our services will evolve alongside them to maximise your brand exposure, consumer interest and return on investment – ROI.

With the right support from Best-Digital Marketing’s PPC consultants – your campaigns can drive more traffic to your site and amplifying the power of your organic strategy.

Best-Digital Marketing PPC marketing services are fully customisable to your company’s unique needs, objectives and goals today and in the future.

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How Pay-Per-Click – PPC Marketing Works?

Digital ad networks extend to millions of websites and apps. To find the right audiences and spread your brand awareness across the web, our expert strategists use specific keywords and relevant landing pages to target your ads.

PPC advertising platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads provide tools for advertisers to assign goals and the scope of their PPC campaigns. A bike shop in Edinburgh might limit the scope of its ads to local web users, while an e-commerce business would create multiple PPC campaigns for various countries.

The price paid for each click is determined by an algorithm which considers multiple factors in a fraction of a second to determine Cost-Per-Click – CPC.

This means that advertisers must bid on the terms they want to trigger or display their ads. These terms are known as keywords.

Bidding algorithms assess factors like:

Keyword relevancy

performance of past ad campaigns.

Click Through Rate. - CTR

Pay-Per-Click -PPC Marketing

Ad networks use various quality signals, some known and some unpublished to set CPC and ad ranking.

Ads with higher rankings are given a more favourable position on the page. The higher the perceived quality of an ad – the lower its CPC.

Our expert PPC consultants help to solidify the benefits of your search engine optimisation – SEO strategy. Best-Digital Marketing can help you increase acquisition rates with data-driven pay-per-click – PPC marketing.

PPC marketing is not a magic bullet but with Best-Digital Marketing’s experts creating strategic decisions based on real data – you will be able to outrank your competitors.

The average click through rate – CTR for paid search ads is around 2.35% however ads in the first position see rates as high as 8.27%. Our PPC consultants possess deep knowledge and expertise of bidding strategies to help your ads reach the top spot.

How Our PPC Marketing Consultants Support Growth

These days it takes an average of seven touches to generate a viable sales lead. Getting to that level of familiarity while ensuring each interaction is a positive one is a huge challenge for marketers.

Our PPC marketing experts understand how to approach prospective customers at each stage of the buyer’s journey. Using intent-based keywords, data-driven bidding strategies and SEO best practices – our consultants enable brands to make deeper connections with their customers.

Our PPC marketing  consultants specialise in:

✅  Keyword Analysis

✅  Creative Copywriting

✅  PPC Bidding

✅  Ad Re-Targeting

✅  Reputable Syndication

✅  Landing Pages UX

✅  And Much More

Major PPC networks reach millions of websites and apps. Our PPC marketing experts can help you find and engage your customers wherever they are on the web.

One of main reasons why brands trust our PPC marketing consultants is because of their ability to identify competitive keywords that attract potential buyers without breaking the bank.

Adding to bidding strategy – our professional consultants can help you save money by improving the quality of your ads.

Ad networks use various signals to determine ad quality and reward optimised ads with lower Cost Per click – CPC and better placement.

By combining your organic and paid search campaigns, our PPC marketing strategists have the ability to converse with customers who engage with your brand across channels.

For instance PPC ads can help your website increase traffic while you wait for you organic strategy to mature.

Create My Pay-Per-Click – PPC Marketing Campaign

Why Pay-Per-Click – PPC Ads Are Important To Your Business

Lead Generating & Nurturing

Lead Generating & Nurturing

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness


Conversion Rate

High-quality PPC ads give you more opportunities to reach your goals. Our dedicated PPC marketing consultants can ensure you target the right keywords, develop an optimised buyer journey and improve conversion rates by pinpointing areas of improvement on your landing pages.

Why is Pay-Per-Click – PPC Management Important?

Pay-Per-Click – PPC management is the process of overseeing and managing a client’s PPC ad spend.

This is usually done by a dedicated PPC specialist company like Best-Digital Marketing to manage your PPC ad spend wisely whilst minimising the overall expenditure.

PPC management is generally seen as an evolving art where perfect optimisation is the objective.

Ad quality matters. Advertisers that follow community guidelines and best practices
are able to rank higher and gain better placement on web pages.

This is critical because dropping from position one to three can decrease your click-through rate – CTR by as much as 50%.

Our expert PPC managers provide you with support to tailor your campaigns for optimal results.

An experienced dedicated Best-Digital Marketing strategist can help you:

Research keywords:

Find keywords your customers are searching for, and identify those most likely to attract site visitors.

A / B Testing:

Most effective method for optimising PPC ROI by using text, graphics and other display variables interchangeably.

Channel strategy:

Google AdWords, Bing Ads, affiliate networks, and paid social media placements are some of the channels to consider for PPC marketing.

Create copy:

Write short copy that contains an engaging call to action – CTA.

Optimise bidding:

Set competitive bids while keeping an eye on what your competitors are doing.

Analyse campaign performance:

Report and review campaign metrics to continuously improve your PPC strategy.

PPC Management Services

Taking a data-driven approach, our PPC managers can responsively pivot ad spend across platforms to maximise your results. Monthly audits ensure you are acting on the most relevant up to date data.

As your business goals evolve, your experienced PPC strategist will align your PPC campaigns accordingly. For example as your content marketing strategy increases unpaid organic traffic to your web pages, your strategist might suggest shifting your spend to focus on a specific product or promotion.

What Pay-Per-Click – PPC Management Services do we offer?

Our PPC management services increase your ability to achieve your business goals.
Let Best-Digital Marketing’s committed strategists help you oversee all the moving parts so you can focus on growing your business.

Display Ads

Display ads help you attract customers and promote your business to people watching YouTube videos, checking Gmail or visiting websites connected to the Google Display Network which reaches 93% of all internet users.

Using vivid imagery and optimised text, your ads can take the form of banners, sidebar ads, half- and full-page advertisements and many other sizes. You can even use animated GIFs to make your ads stand out.

Our expert PPC managers can build ads with Google’s accelerated mobile pages platform which reduces file sizes for faster loading. This means higher visibility and higher click-through rates – CTR which improves ad performance.


It can take quite some time to generate a viable sales lead. Retargeting helps your brand connect with new and returning customers through repeated interactions with your messaging.

Using cookies and third-party user data, retargeting networks convert customers wherever they happen to be on the web.

This strategy can help you find potential customers who have never visited your site by using look-alike audiences that demonstrate online behaviour similar to your target customers.

Best-Digital Marketing’s PPC consultants support your remarketing efforts on platforms like AdRoll, ReTargeter, Criteo, Perfect Audience and Mailchimp.

As your customers browse the web, they will encounter your brand via unobtrusive display ads – reminding them of your value proposition.

Retargeting to those who have had on-site interactions can increase conversions. They can also help retain those who have already expressed interest in your brand.

Here are some of the ways you can target individuals who have had onsite interactions:

✅  Target based on a product that they interacted with but did not buy.

✅  Target based on how they found your site via social media, a search, or other inbound events.

✅  Those on your email list who have expressed interest in your brand but have not yet converted to a sale.

Paid Text Ads

One of the most common paid ad formats, optimised text listings help customers find information relevant to their needs whether they are ready to make a purchase or still need to learn more.

Our expert PPC strategists can help you write engaging headlines and description text as well as identify which ad extensions is right for each PPC campaign.

Your strategist will help you to write successful ads by:

✅  Crafting appeals that resonate with your target audience.

✅  Empowering customers to take action through persuasive writing.

✅  Including valuable keywords without being forced.

✅  Ensuring your ad copy aligns with your product landing pages.

✅  Optimising your ads for mobile devices.

Shopping Campaigns

Today’s shoppers move between platforms seamlessly. Shopping campaigns help you appeal to your customers across platforms and devices.

Best-Digital Marketing’s e-commerce PPC campaigns use product images, star ratings and similar ad extensions to encourage user engagement. For example, an ecommerce company hoping to raise brand awareness might run a PPC campaign to show off their new line of products.

When your customers search for a product, they are ready to buy, Best-Digital Marketing’s strategic shopping campaigns help to ensure your offerings are front and centre.

Your strategist can work with Google and Amazon ad networks to get your products in front of millions of potential customers.

Syndication PPC Network

Multiply your digital marketing strategy with syndication networks. By extending your content to third-party sites, your messaging can reach potential customers on millions of websites.

Content syndication drives traffic to your website by giving readers a taste of the information you provide. This way, you can take advantage of third-party site traffic to expand your reach and visibility.

Our PPC consultants work with Taboola, Zemanta, ZergNet, Outbrain and similar networks to help your content reach a broader audience of potential customers.

Ready To Start Creating Powerful PPC Campaigns?

We Tailor Your Strategy With Data Driven Analytics

Custom reporting is absolutely important to any PPC marketing strategy therefore you cannot improve if you do not know where you have been and where you stand today.

Tailored campaign analysis ensures you are on track to meet your goals.

Our professional experts track and measure critical PPC metrics such as:


Conversion Rate

Social Bookmarking

Click Through Rates – CTRs

Total Video Views

Customer Impressions

Cost Per Conversion

Cost Per Conversion

Return On Investment - ROI

Return On Investment

With ongoing support from our experts you will receive monthly analytics reports and strategy updates. The ability to visualise your campaign results makes it easier to optimise your outreach efforts.

Custom PPC Marketing Services

Add the following Best-Digital Marketing services to your PPC management to increase your visibility and make continuous improvements to your overal digital marketing and content strategies.

Social Media Ad Management

Advertising on social media network is a crucial strategy for brands today. Approximately 39% of consumers find purchase inspiration through social media channels.

Making connections through social media ads increases consumer trust in your brand and helps you build a loyal customer base.

You will notice how social media ads can help build your business and these are some of the benefits you will experience but not limited to:

✅  Growing your brand awareness: Social media ads will make it easy to spread the word about your products and mission.

✅  Increasing your traffic: Using social media and linking it to your website will increase your traffic tremendously.

✅  Promoting your products and services: This is ultimate reason why you invest in social media ads.

Your experienced social media strategists can work across all major social media platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

They can help you create attractive social display ads that fit naturally into your customers’ social feeds.

Custom Reporting

Marketing analytics drives superior growth which is likely the reason analytics spending is expected to increase by 200% over three years.

Your assigned dedicated account manager can support your efforts with a deep dive into your strategy, results and tactical next steps.

Custom tailored reporting helps you visualise what is driving growth so you can maximise results. With access to high-quality data, you can leverage these insights to focus your PPC efforts on channels that are most likely to drive high ROI.

Continuous reporting ensures your growth is sustainable. For instance, conversion tracking can show you which messaging resonates best with your target audience.

Advertising reports can help you link your audience data insights with your Google Ads to help you understand and improve your PPC efforts.

Behaviour reports help you understanding how visitors interact with your website and shows their journeys from page to page.

Site Search report shows who used your site’s search function and the keywords they used and site speed displays how long it took for users to interact with your content and pages.

Actionable insights provided by your strategist can help you plan your campaign with confidence.

Optimise Your PPC Marketing Campaigns

Consumers arriving to your site from PPC ads are 50% more likely to make a purchase than organic visitors. If your goal is to increase the conversion rates of your landing pages then our expert PPC management team can help your organisation choose the best strategies.

To optimise your results, you need to have the resources to adjust and manage your campaigns responsively. With actionable data, your PPC manager can help you determine which social media platforms and search engines are most likely to increase conversions and engage your audience.

Best-Digital Marketing’s experienced PPC consultants will support your digital advertising efforts with their knowledge, expertise and years of experience.

Rest assured with all of your PPC, SEM, SEO, Social Media campaigns, strategies, analytics, monitoring, executions and reporting’s – we have you covered.

Get in touch with Best-Digital Marketing’s consultants to learn more about our PPC Marketing Services.

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