E-book Writing Services

At Best-Digital Marketing - we combine engaging content writing with eye-catching graphic design to create the best-in-class E-book and focus on the editorial component of your asset.

It is quality or nothing and that is the nature of today’s content marketing strategy and expectation of target audience.

Best E-Book Writing Services

Best-Digital Marketing’s e-book writing services know exactly what goes into high quality e-book creation – write an e-book that will ultimately share your passion with the people that matter most to you.

We will create an e-book to your specifications, carrying out all the necessary research and putting your ideas across in way that encapsulates and delights your readers.

Our e-book expert writers know exactly how to write an e-book – in a way that gets results, allowing you to take the plaudits and reap the rewards for your passion and subject expertise.

Best-Digital Marketing takes great pride in our e-book writing services with our extensive knowledge and expertise.

We are able to write an e-book that your audience will love to read, which ultimately results in an e-book that will benefit you and your business in numerous ways.

These can include:

✅  promoting products and services.

✅  boosting your word of mouth advertising.

✅  increasing lead generation.

✅  as part of social media campaign.

Regardless of subject or length – we will write an e-book and deliver it promptly in any format you so desire.

Our expertise for the written word is matched by the passion you have for your niche therefore let us be your e-book creation service of choice and turn your ideas into something unique and special.

What Is An E-book?

An electronic book also known as an e-book or eBook or E-book – is a book publication made available in digital form which consists of text, images or both that is readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices.

It can sometimes be defined as an electronic version of a printed book and some e-books exist without a printed equivalent.

E-books can be read on dedicated e-reader devices but also on any computer device that features a controllable viewing screen including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

E-Book Writing Services – How It Works

The process starts with your assigned content marketing strategist and creative team focusing on the editorial component of the asset.

From initial idea to outline to final copy – Best-Digital Marketing’s E-book writing services will target on how to make the text of your E-book as impactful as possible while observing commercial objectives.

An assigned project manager will work with you every step of the way to ensure turnaround time and your content strategy is aligned.

Best-Digital Marketing provides exemplary E-book writing services to brands across all industries and sectors including business, marketing, finance, manufacturing, law, technology, travel, education, health care, entertainment and much more.

From B2B to B2C brands – E-books are ideal middle of sales funnel content marketing elements – helping to generate leads, establish thought leadership, increase brand awareness and engage prospective customers.

E-Book Writing Services

Complete your passion and dreams with our E-book writing Services

E-book Topic Idea

Our professional writing team will liaise with your business team to develop appropriate topics or use topics you already have in mind. Either way – each stakeholder will contribute their expertise to the idea creation process.

Content marketing strategists will conduct research to determine which topics will resonate best with your target audience.

They will also account for the E-book competitors in your industry who are producing. Project managers will ensure the topic is tailored to your specific branding guidelines, working with your industry-focused writer to develop an outline.

Undertaking research and reaching out for subject matter expert input on the client side – your expert writer will create a detailed outline of your E-book that includes possible titles and a page by page breakdown of the asset.

By working together – the teams will consider how the scope and storytelling of your E-book will support your business goals and fit within your current content marketing strategy.

All feedback and requested changes will be implemented into the outline before your team moves on to the next step. Once an outline is approved your content team will continue production and begin the writing process.

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E-book Writing Best Practices

Your professional expert writer is selected based on industry experience to ensure they bring the proper level of SME to your business.

However your creative team is ready to interview clients to ensure your E-book contains industry leading insight, your brand’s voice and style guidelines.

While white papers, blog posts and long-form articles dive deep into specific subjects, the emphasis for E-books is on digestible information told through engaging images and a minimal copywriting.

Writing an E-book also requires optimising content to ensure it fits the E-book format, intent and purpose. E-books are graphic assets and written content is vital to their success but it should serve as a supplementary function that supports visual storytelling.

Expert writers must craft each sentence with maximum impact in mind. Written content will focus on hard data and insightful takeaways that get right to the heart of a subject while still employing content writing and storytelling best practices.

In order to support visual storytelling, our experts will craft E-book content with images in mind. The writing itself is customised to suit the inclusion of graphics and themes to provide designers with inspiration for illustrations and other graphic elements.

The initial draft copy of your E-book will undergo a round of editing and proofreading and then be submitted for your approval. Any and all feedback you have will be incorporated into the asset to ensure it follows your brand guidelines and creative vision.

Professional E-book Writing

E-book Design and Formatting

Once your E-book text is written and approved, it moves into the design and formatting stage. This is the last step before the final product is presented. However, your content writer remains an integral part of the E-book production process at this stage.

Designers begin by working with writers to ensure texts are transformed into eye-catching visuals and asking any questions regarding the topic or text.

Your assigned graphic designer will bring to life the ideas created during the initial stages of your E-book to determine everything from fonts, colour schemes to specific illustrations and themes.

If you have specific images in mind – our designers are at hand to turn these ideas into reality. If you do not then our graphic designers are happy to use existing collateral to ensure your new E-book is in line with your current branding.

This will include your website, as designers can incorporate existing icons, illustrations and visual collateral into your E-book including specific HTML colour codes.

Once style, theme and branding elements are taken into account – the layout process begins which includes the bulk of your E-book like cover pages and tables of contents.

Font styling, colours, illustrations, photos and interactive design additions such as navigation buttons are also implemented.

When this layout is complete – a designed draft of your E-book is submitted for your approval. Any feedback is incorporated into the asset to create the final product.

From here – your content marketing strategist will offer expertise in conversion rate optimisation and promotional strategy to leverage your completed E-book.

Our writers can create web copy for dedicated E-book landing pages. Designers and strategists can also develop custom call to action – CTA buttons for gated E-books to be used for lead generation.

Whilst our social strategists can distribute and promote your E-book on the appropriate social media channels, this will maximise the value of your E-book as part of a bigger inbound marketing strategy.

Comprehensive E-Book Writing Service

We Can Help You To Complete Your E-book Writing – From Start To Finish.

Subject Matter Industry Knowledge And Expertise

At Best-Digital Marketing – we organise our E-book writing services team so that each writer develops subject matter industry expertise in a range of business sectors – no matter how niche it may be.

Some of the common sectors/ areas  include but not limited to:

Brand Monitoring






Travel -sightseeing-transport


Health care- healthcare

Health Care

industry -manufacturing-factory

Industry / Manufacturing

Financial Services- financial institutions

Financial Services

relationship -friendship-business-personal


Our goal is to connect your business with a writer who already possess years of experience writing content about your industry and for your audience. This shortens the learning curve and makes for writing with authenticity.

In addition, it allows us to spend more time on other marketing functions like re-optimising and promoting content to maximise return on investment –ROI.

That is why our professional E-book writing services include conducting researching your industry,interview with your clients gathering valuable information from your competitors and integrating your brand mentality into everything we produce.

Best E-book Writing Services Packages

Affordable Prices from £175

Higher Customer Engagement And Response Rate Leads To More Enquiries, Leads And Sales.

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E-Book Writing Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions by potential clients.

If you have any queries please contact us and we will be happy to respond to them.

The optimal length of an E-book starts from around 3000 words to as many words it might take to cover the topic. Some E-books can be longer and range from 5,000 to 15,000 words depending on the subject matter.

However we are more focused on the quality of the content than the quantity. That is why we advise you to consider the subject of your E-book and what you wish to cover within the word count.

On average a single E-book page contains 200-250 words. This means a 3000 word E-book will be around 15 pages long.

So your assigned account manager will discuss the ideal length for your project once you share your brief with them.

Not necessarily. You may give us a brief outline or just the title of your E-book or you may send us a folder with multiple resources. That depends entirely on you.

Rest assured, our experienced E-book writers will research and create content that matches your vision.

Our E-book experts will endevour to send a complete short E-book  (25 pages) within 2 week. You can expect to receive an outline and updates frequently during this period.
It might take longer if your E-book requires extensive research or you have requested multiple revisions during the writing process.

We provide an E-book writer from our experienced writing  team, who matches your project requirements – in terms of writing style and research skills.

We have every confidence in our E-book writing team to provide an excellent service from start to finish when we assign your book to a our professional writer.

We have also got a talented team of graphic designers on board. They create customised book covers for your E-book once the final draft is approved.
Please feel free to send in your ideas and sample images and our graphic designers will work their magic to give you the perfect cover.

Yes – we are always eager to help clients promote their E-books.

After your E-book is completed, you can request a landing page or place an order for a social marketing package.

The possibilities are endless here—all you need to do is communicate wth your assigned manger and witness the SEO-based content marketing campaign take shape.

Yes, we can!

Our creative writers are willing to complete what you started. We will also proofread and edit what you have written to give your content a professional touch.

We offer unlimited revisions for our Custom E-book Writing Services.

We encourage you to share detailed feedback and pinpoint problems within the drafts while the E-book is being written.

It makes it easier for writers to accommodate your requirements from the start and at approval stages for your E-book writing services.

E-book Writing Services Packages

E-book Writing Services – Mini


✅    5 Pages

£ 175

100 percent satisfaction guarantee


✅  10 Pages

£ 325

100 percent satisfaction guarantee


✅  15 Pages

£ 475

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

E-book Writing Services – Med


✅  20 Pages

£ 650

100 percent satisfaction guarantee


✅  25 Pages

£ 825

100 percent satisfaction guarantee


✅  30 Pages


100 percent satisfaction guarantee

E-book Writing Services – Max


✅  50 Pages


100 percent satisfaction guarantee


✅ 100 Pages


100 percent satisfaction guarantee


✅ 150 Pages


100 percent satisfaction guarantee

If You Need More Or Less Pages – We Can Accommodate Your Custom Page Request.

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