Social Media Management - Our Approach

Best-Digital Marketing's approach on social media campaigns are designed to deliver measurable returns whether used as a stand-alone service or as part of a hollistic digital marketing strategy.

Protect Your Brand - Build Your Audience - Increase Website Traffic - Drive Sales and Growth.

 Social Media Management – Our Approach

At Best-Digital Marketing – our approach is simple and always the same. Whatever we are working on – we will always put our clients first and deliver projects on a timely basis without any compromise, fuss and within budgets.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn are fantastic mediums for building dedicated communities, drawing traffic to websites and driving revenue through conversions.

Best-Digital Marketing has developed a full suite of social media services that help brands locally in Bournemouth, Christchurch and PooleBCP in the south, nationally around London and globally around the world to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Our approach will engage your audience in a variety of manners which includes posting content – like photographs, videos, graphics, etc. and conducting polls, surveys and question-based forums to gather a snapshot of your market’s attitude.

Our unique social media management approach draws over years of experience to design, execute and manage effective social media strategies on behalf of our clients.

Social Media Marketing Services 7

Social Media Consulting

As one of the best social media consulting agency in the south of UK, our social media expert team works with you to find your true brand voice – the one that resonates with your target audience.

Social listening gives brands an opportunity to track, analyse and respond to conversations about them on social media. It is a crucial component of audience research.

With extensive experience generating results on each platform, your social strategist will create a social media consulting proposal and determine how to position your brand to achieve the greatest social reach.

With user engagement efforts, follower pushes, influencer relations and measurable content, we form effective, comprehensive social media strategies for businesses.

Your experienced strategist will monitor your profiles to keep your social media multi-channel presence fresh and engaging which equals to greater reach and continual relevance for your brand.

As a social media consulting companyBest-Digital Marketing offers several custom made services to enhance your social media presence, in addition to fixed and continuous strategies that evolve over time.

We bolster your campaigns with social media ad management, email marketing and promotional newsletters.

Best-Digital Marketing social media consultants will make your relevant, engaging and results-driven social media presence possible.

We track, monitor, measure and report the metrics and adjust to shape your social strategy. If something works, you will see it and if something does not – we will find, adapt and fix it.

Social Media Consulting Services I Best-Digital Marketing

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Research Design Social Media

We do not believe in being everywhere at once. There are thousands of social media platforms online and the top five alone are too much for one brand to handle effectively.

We help our clients perform internal and external research to develop a clear understanding of their brand, their message and their target audience. We use this information to help them focus on the right platforms based on their unique situation.

Our experienced, high calibre design team understands that social media is a unique medium for communication and content consumption. That is why we help brands optimise their content and develop new content to meet the specific challenges that social media presents.

Mobile optimisation – a focus on speed and an appropriate tone all come into play when designing content for social media.

Social Media Marketing

At Best-Digital Marketing, our experts social media strategist will create a road map and provide you the tools you need to maximise social media presence, turbo charge your social media SEO for your business and boost social engagement.

At Best-Digital Marketing – our expert team specialises in the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat. We also dabble in other social media platforms to maximise exposure, engagement and brand awareness.

With our social media management services, you will be assigned a dedicated strategist who understands how to drive user engagement, expand your brand awareness and network with micro and macro influencers in your niche.

Through our social media services – you will:

✅  improve your presence on your most important channels

✅  learn about the latest industry insights

✅  become more familiar with social media marketing best practices.

One of the main benefits of working with a full-service digital marketing and social media agency like Best-Digital Marketing is that you can take advantage of a wide variety of social media services to support your marketing needs.

In addition to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest one-off posts, we can help with YouTube uploads as well as the creation of custom Snapchat geofilters and post-specific images.

We will set up a new or optimise your existing social media accounts. Our experts will apply your brand to your chosen social media accounts and we will start to:

Social Media Marketing Sevices

✅  Build a community around your business

✅  Provide social customer service.

✅  Increase mentions in the press, magazines and local articles.

✅  Drive traffic to your website.

✅  Generate new leads.

✅  Increase brand awareness.

Get in touch to find out more about our full service digital marketing.

Social Media Consultancy

We realise that many brands prefer to manage their social media efforts with an internal team of employees.

At Best-Digital Marketing – we have developed a comprehensive consultancy program to help teams develop effective social media strategies, build and manage communities and measure performance over time.

Our specialists training and workshops have helped brands around the world to develop their own social media teams.

If you are ready to take full advantage of social media then consider choosing Best-Digital Marketing as your preferred partner. Whether we are acting on your behalf or aiding your internal team, we can help you drive positive results that have an impact on your bottom line.

Social Media Strategy And Implementation

We never stop developing innovative ways to manage your strategy and give you growing results and are relentless in optimising your social media presence based on your performance data to achieve the optimum performance.

Growing your audience is all well and good but it is crucial to ensure your followers are targeted and ready to engage.

While ads are an effective method of growing a social media following, it is crucial to post relevant content in order to encourage follower engagement.

We monitor and analyse previous post data to determine what type of posts at what times result in more engagement.

This ensures we consistently deliver relevant messaging to your followers when they are statistically most likely to see it which in turn encourages maximum reach and engagement.

We always start with the following steps:

✅  Social Media Audit: A summary of your current social media presence, branding, community and your competitor’s performance.

✅  Platform/Industry Suitability Assessment: Are you using the correct platforms for your business? We will identify which social network is best for your target market.

✅  Platform Profile Assessment: Are all your profiles completed in full? We shall analyse each of your social profiles to ensure they are completed in full and are optimised for maximum discoverability.

✅  Community Assessment: Lots of followers but no engagement? We will review your social community to analyse the quality of your following and identify ways to make improvements.

✅  Content Assessment: Publishing content but getting zero engagement? We shall analyse your published content and identify potential issues that are restricting your performance.

✅  Tone of Voice: Having personality when using social media is crucial, as consumers want you to add value to their news feed not a sales pitch. We will analyse your content to determine your online tone and voice and identify potential issues.

✅  Branding Assessment: Operating multiple social platforms? Is your branding optimised across all platforms? Having unified social platforms is essential for building trust within your community.

✅  Competitor Assessment: Are your competitors always ahead of the game? We shall review your 3 main competitors to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

✅  SMART Goals: We will generate attainable goals for your social media based on your business objectives.

✅  Social Media Policy: It is important to have a clear and defined policy for communicating on social media which is why we will write a social media policy for your business.

Social Media Community Management

Social media takes community building, engagement and management to a much higher level than traditional marketing methods.

Successful brands have built communities filled with hundreds of thousands of followers. At Best-Digital Marketing – we work with clients to build communities over time through strategic communication and effective use of content.

We monitor social media around the clock and quickly respond to negative posts to alleviate concerns and create positive experiences.

Social Media Measurement And Reporting

Every project we undertake whether it is a website, a brochure, an AdWords campaign, infographics, E-book or a full content marketing plan will always starts with the strategy.

With years of social media experience, we have learned which metrics impact your bottom line and which just look good on paper.

We monitor key metrics on a daily basis and use the information we gather to constantly improve social media strategies on behalf of our clients.

If we are managing your social media presence, you will receive a monthly report that shows data in a way that draws a direct line between your social activity and your revenue growth.

At Best-Digital Marketing, our focus on relevance and ROI helps you know you are using your ads spend budget appropriately and correctly.

We plan everything out in advance and we are always flexible. When it looks like things need to change or can be improved, we will make the change, adapt and monitor it.

And there will be no surprises since everything will be carefully considered and approved by you prior to moving onto the next stage and the next and so on.

Find and choose the right social media management package for your business.

We will set up a new or optimise your existing social media accounts. Our experts will apply your brand to your chosen social media accounts and we will start to:

✅ Build a community around your business

✅ Provide social customer service.

✅ Increase mentions in the press, magazines and local articles.

✅ Drive traffic to your website.

✅ Generate new leads.

✅ Increase brand awareness.


£ 599

Per Month

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Be Fresh – Be Social – Update My Feeds

✅  5 Posts/ Week On Twitter.

✅  5 Posts/ Week On Facebook.

✅  2 Posts/ Week On Instagram.

✅  Dedicated Account Manager With Email & WhatsApp Support.

  Custom Graphic Design.

  Monthly Rolling Plan With No Contract.

✅  Quarterly Plan Available.

ProfessionaL PACKAGE

£ 799

Per Month

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Engage – Grow Followers – Expand Your Reach

✅  10 Posts/ Week On Twitter.

✅  10 Posts/ Week On LinkedIn.

✅  10 Posts/ Week On Facebook.

✅  5 Posts/ Week On Instagram.

✅  Dedicated Account Manager With Email & WhatsApp Support.

  Custom Graphic Design.

  Monthly Rolling Plan With No Contract.

✅  Quarterly Plan Available.



Per Month

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Increase Your Revenue – Fully Managed Services

✅  10 Posts/ Week On Twitter.

✅  10 Posts/ Week On LinkedIn.

✅  10 Posts/ Week On Facebook.

✅  5 Posts/ Week On Instagram.

✅  Dedicated Account Manager With Email & WhatsApp Support.

  Custom Graphic Design.

  Engagement Time Included As Standard.

  More Time For Strategy & Growth Planning.

  Monthly Rolling Plan With No Contract.

✅  Quarterly Plan Available.

Looking for something extra?

Add another social media channel from as little as £99/month. Choose from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube or TikTok?

TikTok posts require original video content supplied and edited by the client while we handle caption and posting.

Add analytics to your social dashboard from just £55/month to see how your content is performing in one easy to use platform.

We will manage messages, comments and engagement from just £75/hour.

Our Bespoke Custom Packages

We specialise in affordable social media management for small businesses and startups.

However this does not mean that we cannot handle your well established brand to take your social media presence further to the next level.

We have provided and helped lots of clients from around the UK and the globe with their social media presence to increase brand awareness, demand and revenue to keep inline with their business goals.

If you are looking for help then do not hesitate to reach out to your friendly expert team today.

Which Social Media Package Should You Choose?

Our social media expert team will help you maximise your social media presence. After our initial discussion about your business objectives and goals – we will put together a social media business plan that will increase your brand awareness, engagement and product reputation.

We will also ensure you gain real followers that will add value to your business. We do not use third party services that offer curated content and fake followers – instead your business will see real and authentic followers in your targeted audience.

We handle Google ads, Bing ads, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook ad accounts for different businesses across the UK and around the globe in various different industry sectors.

Our PPC team has gained vast, diverse and thorough experience through running various successful local, national and international social media campaigns.

You can trust Best-Digital Marketing team to deliver results for you as we have done so for many others since inception.

Social Media Package Benefit.

As well as the management and posting highlights in the social media management package above – we also include the following :-

Choose Your Package For Your Business

We offer a creative and unique approach to Web Design, E-commerce Website, SEO, Website Security, Social Media Marketing & Advertising and Digital Marketing.

Our experienced professional team are experts in every field of Digital Marketing – so you can have a stunning, professionally designed website that gets you enquiries, leads and sales.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project with us – no matter how small or large – please use and complete the form below and we will get back to you – usually within a couple of hours.

Choose Your Social Media Management Package

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions by potential clients.

If you have any queries please contact us and we will be happy to respond to them.

Well, we recommend social media marketing to businesses that are looking to increase brand awareness, drive targeted traffic to their website to increase their revenue and engage with their customers directly.

Whether you should invest in social media marketing depends on your business’s overall needs and goals. If you are unsure whether or not social media marketing is right for your business, speak to one of our digital strategists today or email them at

Social media marketing and management pricing depends on a few factors, including the size of your campaign, the number of social networks you want to advertise on, the amount of your monthly ad spend and much more.

Every business has different needs so every budget will be different. For more in-depth information about social media marketing costs and our available packages, reach out to one of our digital strategists today or email them at

No. Any agency that is willing to guarantee a certain number of followers or a definite level of engagement is just trying to get you to sign a contract.

At Best-Digital Marketing, we base your campaign success around a set number of key performance indicators that we establish with you before we begin your campaign.

Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, increase your revenue, maximise brand awareness or all of the above then that is where we focus our strategy and deliver results.

There are many advantages to working with a social media marketing agency like Best-Digital Marketing Services including:

Access to social media marketing experts: Most businesses do not have the time or budget to hire an in-house social media marketing team. However, when you hire an agency, you have access to a team of experts who know exactly how to target and engage your audience while maximising your ROI.

Maximise your budget: An experienced social media marketing agency takes the guesswork out of social media marketing through their expertise, experience, research and analytics. With all of this information, they can better determine the most effective ways to use your budget and get results faster.

Reporting and analytics: One of the most important aspects of social media marketing is tracking, analysing and understanding all of the data you collect from your campaigns and that can be difficult and time-consuming.

If you do not know when or why users are engaging with your posts, you cannot pivot and adjust your strategy or your budget to make the most of that information.

A social media marketing agency not only tracks and reports all of that data but they also use it to deepen their marketing strategy to get you better results.

Scalability: As your business grows, so do your marketing needs. When you work with a social media marketing agency, they can effortlessly scale with you and make sure you continue to get the same level of service no matter how big your business gets.

We use many factors to determine the success and ROI of a social media marketing campaign.

These factors include the achievement of the key performance indicators – KPIs we determine with you before we start the campaign, such as revenue growth or increased brand awareness, analytics from trusted software like Google Analytics and competitor benchmarks and much more.

Absolutely! One of the benefits of working with Best-Digital Marketing is the many years we have spent building relationships with media outlets, leading publications and influencers from every platform.

We have established ourselves as a trusted collaborator for the top outlets so our clients have access to the best of the best.

At Best-Digital Marketing Services, we do things differently by focusing over quality rather than quantity.

Every social media marketing and /or management campaign, strategy, content or article we create is tailored to your unique needs, specific niche and industry requirements and is 100% SEO optimised and will definitely increase  your brand awareness. website traffic, customer base, lead generation and sales.

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Part of how we will drive social media campaign success for your business through social media marketing is in selecting the right social media networks to prioritise. 



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