Taking existing performance, competitor tactics and a range of other factors into account we will devise a strategy that best fits the needs of your business and take any challenges you face into account.

PPC Marketing – Our Approach

At Best-Digital Marketing – we will spend time with you to understand your business, objectives, customer base and build an advertising strategy built around your goals.

We believe it is crucial to be transparent about how we manage PPC campaigns and the following information provides an overview of exactly how we do so.

Our PPC teams use data-driven insights to produce and implement paid search marketing campaigns. Using the latest technology and tools provided, we work with our clients as partners to deliver measurable improvements to your paid advertising campaigns.

To increase sales, enquiries, leads or any other type of conversion, we need to approach each campaign in the right way. It starts with a considered PPC strategy before implementation and ongoing optimisation can occur.

Innovation is key and a campaign should not be stagnant and we are experts in developing a strategy designed with ROAS in mind. We take a creative and analytical approach to paid search to ensure we display the right ads at the right time to the right audience.

Before you even sign up to our service, we will take the time to get to know your business, industry and competitors. We will provide you with a full presentation via screenshare about why we think we can help your business and what you can expect from your PPC marketing campaigns.

From there, we use this information to develop a bespoke PPC strategy designed to give results and review our approach with you regularly.

Google ads are a competitive field and our service ensures you have got your finger on the pulse of your industry whilst we operate as an extension of your business.

PPC Marketing Services


Whilst many agencies focus on driving the maximum traffic, we know that it is new customers that make you profitable. This is why we will work closely with you to establish a target CPA – cost per acquisition and work towards achieving this in order to achieve maximum profitability from your campaign/s.

This process requires test and measurement of the following factors:

✅  Average CPC – Cost – Per – Click

✅  Keywords

✅  Negative Keywords

✅  Ad Copy Relevancy

✅  Landing Page Relevancy

✅  Page Load Time

✅  Network

✅  Re-marketing

This data-driven, profitability focused approach leads to successful paid search campaigns.

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Paid Search Strategy

1. Client expectations and KPIs

We work closely with clients to help them form realistic expectations and measurable Key Performance Indicators – KPIs. We know clients expect clear and tangible indications of performance and we go to great lengths to ensure we provide exactly this.

There are many metrics in pay per click – PPC advertising we can use to track performance including:

✅  CPA – click-per-acquisition

✅  Cost

✅  Clicks

✅  Impressions

✅  Average CPC – cost-per-click

✅  CTR – click-through-rates

Each metric is suited to a particular objective and we may use a combination of the above to provide an accurate representation of progress.

2. Client USP and Commercial Strategy

Understanding client’s business model, products and USP is essential in establishing a relevant set of KPIs and expectations. It is also key to producing a PPC campaign that complements existing marketing activities.

We will often ask client to provide us with details of existing marketing collateral for other mediums to ensure the PPC campaign is aligned to their existing marketing strategy.

With the information provided, we will design and build a creative campaign designed to fall into line with the clients’ commercial strategy and deliver this strategy online.

Get in touch today and let’s see what we can create together.

3. Seasonality and search trends

At the commencement of every PPC campaign, it is crucial to understand how seasonality affects sales and searches which allow us to optimise the account at key times to maximise sales during both busy and quiet periods.

If client offers a range of products then it is likely some products may be more popular at certain times of the year. Therefore we may need to consider how best to promote these items and certain products at different times to maximise ROI.

Additionally, it is crucial we provide clients with advance notice of budget implications and if an increase is required to maximise sales during these peak periods.

4. Tracking Requirements

It is possible to optimise a PPC campaign efficiently with tracking important metrics such as conversions so we know what leads to acquisitions and how to influence them further.

Furthermore, with continuity of data we are able to understand current performance with historic date ranges such as last week, last month and last year.

5. Paid Search Marketing Keywords

Keyword selection is probably one of the most critical factors to get right. Target the wrong terms and it is easy to waste your advertising budget with little to show for it.

With both new and existing accounts, we need to establish a base set of seed keywords. These keywords are researched based on data available from Google and the clients existing analytics data.

On implementation of keywords, we continually test, measure and refine the optimisation process by regularly adding new keywords and negative keywords with varying match types.

It is important to consider the motivation behind searches and to get a balance between how relevant search phrases are to you, how commonly they are searched for and the competition for them.

Paid Search Implementation

At Best-Digital Marketing – we will organise your campaign structure to group thematically related terms and set up paid ads that highlight the unique selling points – USP of your business.

We will ensure the paid ads direct your target audience to the relevant pages on your website and work with you to adapt landing pages where appropriate.  

We will also take advantage of advanced AdWords features – such as ad extensions, geo-targeting, re-marketing and advanced targeting options.

Once a strategy is in place – we will build the account according to PPC best practices.

PPC AdWords Implementation

Ad Groups: Keywords and Ads

We create highly targeted ad groups packed with highly relevant keywords and advertsRelevance is a huge factor in any PPC campaign and whether you have an account with 100 keywords or 1,000 keywords the process is the same.

We will use the researched keywords and split them into relevant batches of keywords.

Adverts will be created and consist of the following:

  A relevant keyword contained within the ad copy

  A strong call to action -where applicable

✅  Qualifying text – if required

  A highly relevant landing page

At certain point in time, we may split ad groups to further increase relevance and Quality Score which will result in the campaign size growing exponentially but following the same structure throughout.

When preparing ad copy – we consider the following:

The target audience and demographics – if relevant

The nature of the keyword

How well the site converts – provided should we qualify visitors in the ad copy

Should we prepare branded ads

How will seasonality effect products, keywords and searches?

What ad extensions are needed and how should they be implemented

Landing Page Optimisation

First impressions count – the pages you direct consumers to will only have a few seconds to make a good impression. There must be continuity between the keywords consumers search for, your ads and the pages you direct visitors to.

Getting it right entails not only thinking about the copy on the page but value propositions, imagery, layout, design, the information architecture of the page, subsequent visitor journeys and a lot more.

Landing pages are a component of Quality Score and must be relevant to the keywords used in searches and advert copy.

We spend time to ensure traffic is diverted to the most relevant sections of your website to facilitate the visitor finding the desired information quickly and efficiently. The last thing we want to see is visitors leaving because they cannot find what they are looking for.

To achieve this, in most cases we follow the existing website navigation structure. If the site is promoting legal services, we will send traffic searching for information on how to claim for an industrial accident to the accident at work page.

If the site sells clothing, we will send traffic searching for black jeans to the relevant section containing black jeans and much more.

Landing Page Optimisation

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