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At Best-Digital Marketing Services, we have the best , experienced, diversified in different subject matter expert writers who create high quality, clear content for your online business.

Our content marketing services are super customer centric therefore you are going to be able to get what you want, when you want it and how you want it.

Best Content Marketing Services

Words are powerful attributes and expressions of human emotions and the main conveyors of meaning for search engines.

They can influence peoples’ decisions and make the difference between content that thrives on the first page or collects dust on the third page and beyond.

Getting visitors on your website is hard work. You must have a great content marketing strategy in place, create high quality content and then promote the content but even that is not enough.

According to Time Magazine – 62% of your website visitors will spend less than 12 seconds on your website.

Are our expert content writers able to change that percentage in your favour?

Yes – absolutely!!!

Great content marketing is the backbone of every successful online business and website.

We have a creative, super talented and diverse team of writers. They all possess years of experience marketing content for businesses of all shapes and sizes and most important of all – our expert writers have majored in different subject matters.

Our team of content marketing paln compromise of business graduates, liberal arts majors and even engineers – just to name a few.

We have a multifaceted team of content writers which makes us – Best-Digital Marketing Services an ideal choice for you and our clients because we are always able to assign your projects to the right designated writer from the get-go.

On top of that, our content marketing services are all super customer centric therefore you can rest assured that you are going to be able to get:

what you want

✅ when you want it

✅ and how you want it.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing means creating content using targeted keywords that markets well for your business.

Content writing helps you do content marketing for your brand / products and/or services. Good content marketing plan reaches the target audience and achieves its objectives.

By improving your content marketing strategies – you will get more website traffic which will eventually lead to more enquiries, leads and sales.

Content Marketing Drives Conversion

Types Of Content Marketing

Here are some of the best content marketing services we provide to our clients and future prospects but it is not limited to:

Copy Writing

Blog Posts

Social Media

New Papers

White Papers

Email Newsletters



Magazines Writing





Slogans and Taglines



Web Page Content

SEO Content

Press Releases

Ad Copywriting

Sales Letters

Direct Mail Letters

Video Scripts

Email Campaigns

Content Marketing Services - Our Approach

Our proven, repeatable 4-step Content Marketing Services process will create game-changing content and results to help you accomplish your goals without destroying your content marketing budget.

Content Marketing Services

Step 1: Content Audit

A thorough audit through your existing content on the website, your SEO composition using various reputable SEO tools, keyword research, social media channels, email marketing, brochures, everything including what your main competitors are doing. 

This allows us to understand where the gaps & opportunities are.

Step 2: Content Marketing Strategy

Identifying the gaps in the existing content landscape, Best-Digital Marketing puts together a content marketing strategy that will arm you with the top, mid and bottom sales funnel content you need to achieve your goals.

We take into account what keywords you want to rank for, what kind of ideal customer persona you want to speak to and attract and how you want to be perceived within your industry.

Step 3: Content Creation

No matter the asset type – infographics, video animation, interactive content, blog posts, whitepapers, reports or other kinds of lead magnets, Best-Digital Marketing leverages its world-class creative, expert production team to up your content game beyond what your competition is doing.

Step 4: Content Marketing & Promotion

Having an amazing content executed against a content marketing strategy is great but it is only a small part of the big puzzle. 

Our marketing implementation team is made up of professional LinkedIn & Facebook experts, SEO experts with years of experience, growth hackers, CRO ninjas, PR masters and much more. 

We can take the content created and execute on marketing plans to drive brand exposure, traffic increases, hike in lead flow and ultimately revenue growth.

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Storytelling - Content Writing Services

Storytelling With a Bottom Line

Before consumers buy any of your products and services, they need to buy your story.

Creative web content always sells expertise, brand, trustworthiness and values to your potential leads.

From start to end in Content Marketing Services terms – great content writing underpins everything and we love to share these values through our copywriting experts to compliment your Content Marketing Strategy.

Want To Tell A Story?

Best-Digital Marketing Offer The Following Services

Blog Writing Services: provide high quality unique blog posts for repeat traffic

Web Page Writing Services: Content needs to create a sense of urgency and outline customer benefits

Article Writing Services: Informative relevant and useful content is important to any business

Product Writing Services: Needs to be as colourful as your photographs and appealing to customers

Press Release Writing Services: Broadcast news of your business to the world and provide global exposure

Sales Letter Writing Services: Used for products or services which are medium to high value.

White Paper Writing Services: An authoritative report or guide for readers to understand, solve a problem or make a decision.

Website Content Writing Services

Every visitor who comes to your home page, about page and product and services pages will interact with your copy so it needs to be clear, relevant, concise and optimised to rank for high-value keywords.

Utilising the correct tools it takes the guesswork out of ranking for competitive and commercial-intent keywords.

Working with secondary keywords and main topics will result is your website copy truly representing your brand’s value.

At Best-Digital Marketing Services, our dedicated Website Content writers can develop search optimised copy  for filling out a new website or re-designing your existing website.

Website Content Writing Services

Working with our Website Content Writing Services experts means you can rest assured your site will have all the relevant information, organised and optimised in the best way possible.

Blog Writing Services

Blog Writing Services

Most B2B and B2C content marketers agree that Blog Writing Services are the most effective type of web content for building brand awareness.

Whether it is short-form Blog Writing, Article Writing or in-depth Thought Leadership Content Writing -blogs always works.

New blog post are published on the internet every 0.5 seconds therefore the difference between good and great lies in how well the content is search-optimised.

Our professional writers create SEO content that is designed to rank well in search engines.

We also use data from Google Analytics, SEMrush and other reputable platforms to shape effective articles that are optimised, persuasive, relevant and high ranking.

Attributes Of Good Content Marketing Services









Social Media Content Writing Services

Every brand can benefit from a strong Social Media Marketing Strategy  whether it is a B2B or B2C. 86% of marketers say social media has created more exposure for their brands.

Social Media Content Writing Services Strategies can be designed for demand generation, influencer outreach, brand awareness or product promotion.

Our social media experts  are well verse on how to create social media posts that will spark engagement, drive website traffic and grow your following.

At Best-Digital Marketing Services, we use various reputable platforms to devise creative strategies based on your brand, products or services, industry, and marketing goals.

Social Media Content Writing Services
E-Book Writing Services

E-Book Writing Services

Our E-books Writing Services cover advanced subject matter in a creative and engaging content format.

Every E-book page we write has the ideal mix of text, design, formatting and relevance to get a point across without overwhelming the reader.

This makes it possible to incorporate unique elements that complement the written content with the extraordinary service we provide.

Our expert writers work directly with your marketing team to create your ideal E- book topics, develop an outline and write the copy with word economy and visual cues in mind.

The result is a visually stunning, mid- to deep-funnel asset that provides guidance, instruction and thought leadership to prospects.

How Will Content Marketing Services Help Your Business?

☑ Boost Your Website On Google Through Using Targeted Keywords

☑ Use Intelligent Marketing Tools To Your Advantage

☑ Encourage Customers To Take Action On Your Website – Enquiries and Leads

☑ Make Sure Your Customers Stay On Your Website Longer – SEO

☑ Appear More Professional With Clear & Concise Website Text

☑ Get Your Customers To Do What You Want Them To Do – CTA

Best Content Marketing Services - Only For Your Business

Higher Customet Engagement And Response Rate Leads To More Enquiries, Leads And Sales.


What separates content from copy? It is a fine thin line but our content wirting teams are able to walk through flawlessly.

Direct advertising and marketing requires different strategies and execution than content marketing.

Copy informs, entertains and inspires in a tagline. Our content writing services cover everything from creating embedded CTAs to copy for text ads, display ads, banner ads, paid search listings, social media posts, conversion prompts, landing pages and brochures.

There is a place for direct action oriented language and our expert writers have a flair for using language that can motivate and convert leads into happy customers and product ambassadors.

Ad Copywriting

Whether you need traditional or online ads – advertising always has a place in content marketing.

Digital advertising on search engines and social media platforms require copy that is succinct, clear, relevant and precise.

When investing in Pay Per Click – PPC advertising, your copy should also be target search oriented.

Our expert team are knowledgable of the ins and outs of SEO copywriting to ensure your ads perform well on all relevant platforms of your choice like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Social Media Ads, Mobile Ads or much more.

White Paper Writing Services

White Paper Writing Services are the perfect content form to deepen  engagement. More than 50% of all content marketers leverage white papers for lead generation – using them for inbound marketing.

When someone provides an email address in exchange for a white paper then they are demonstrating intent and interest.

Make sure you are providing quality content in exchange for their information and do not let them down.

White papers needs to be  thoroughly researched and expertly crafted. This is to showcase all the elements of your brand identity, services or products, business goals and values in greater depth and more creative space than a blog.

White Paper Writing Services

Our writers have all the necessary acumen, skills,  expertise and business writing experience to create unique content for telling your brand’s story.

E-Commerce Product Writing Services

Advertising – whether it is traditional or online has a place in content marketing, Digital advertising on search engines and social media platforms require content that is succinct, relevant and sharp.

Our Product Writing Services cater for E-Commerce Writing, Product Description Writing and Online Writing Services.

Product Description Writing Services

What separates content and product writing is a very thin line but our content writing team is able to walk through  flawlessly.

Direct marketing and advertising requires different strategies and execution compared to content marketing. You need content that informs, entertains and inspires in just a tagline.

Our Product Writing Services cover everything from creating embedded CTAs to copy for banner ads, display ads, text ads, paid search listings, social media posts, conversion prompts, asset landing pages and brochures.

Our expert writers have a flair for using language that can motivate and guide leads into taking the next step.

Benefits Of Great Content Writing Services


Search engines use content to categorise and rank your website.


Increasing website content can lead your business as an authoritative figure in your industry.


Customers come to your website to enquire more about your products and services via your informative copy.


Visitors use content to learn or make a decision about products, services, business or information which is very important.


Best-Digital Marketing writers are highly skilled researchers who know how to collaborate with designers to create unique and pithy visually inspiring infographic outlines.


More than 80% of web users skim content in search of specific information. This means the majority of copy on any given web page is just filler for certain key information.

Infographic design services summarises that key information in succinct bullet points that contain quick-hitting facts, quotes and statistics.

This information is then visually represented with graphs, graphic design and illustrations. Information + graphics = infographics.

Our well established professional content writing team is known to show restraint and concision is key when it comes to infographic copy.

Once formatted, you can embed infographics in blog posts or gate them through middle of sales funnel to serve your content marketing strategy.

Custom Content Writing Services

In any marketing strategy there is always a need for custom content which does not into traditional Article Writing Services. But if it is content and it needs writing then our expert writers can and will do it.

Our clients have asked us many times for guest posts that appear in corporate training materials, online course content, execute bios, one pagers, industry magazines, webinars, slide decks presented to large audiences,  flyers,  product descriptions, LinkedIn summaries, speeches and more – and we have always delivered it.

Our secret is the close collaboration and communication with your internal teams which requires tight coordination and dedicated access our team of writers, strategists and  project managers.

Custom Content Writing Services

Our Custom Content Writing Services cater for almost everything a client needs to succeed in today’s online challenge

Ready To Start Creating?

Content Writing Services Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions by potential clients.

If you have any queries please contact us and we will be happy to respond to them.

All our expert content writers are experienced professionals. When assigning a writer to a particular order, our matching criteria are based on your required quality, type of writing, industry, tone and style that you have specified in your project requirements.

Yes, we do. Our content writing services also include content updating, editing and rewriting.

These services are billed separately. Get in touch with our support team for more information.

A separate editorial team reviews all your content for grammar, formatting, and originality.

Each project is run through advanced plagiarism checking software to make sure that everything is 100% original.

Definitely! Fresh, original, SEO friendly content helps grow your online standing and this is exactly what our content writing service offers.

Targeted keywords in the text body, relevant Meta tags and details all add to the finished product and how it can help you rank higher on the search engine ranking pages.

Each content is optimised for search results. We place long-tail keywords organically in the content.

We would recommend that you contact us if you need help with SEO. Our affordable SEO services are backed by high quality content.

We offer a very fair, respectable unlimited revisions policy.

We offer free revisions at different stages of the process and pending your approval at no hidden cost.

Even after you have marked the project as complete, we will entertain any additional revisions up to 3 business days to ensure that you are completely happy with the results.

We will respect and cater for any revisions that do not contradict the original project brief free of charge.

However we may ask for a small payment for revisions if the revision you require is drastically different from the original instructions.

We will not ask for additional payment if you change project brief before we begin working on your project.

Some of our other related Content marketing services include:

Blog Writing - Blogging

Blog Writing

Establish your expertise and gain loyal readers with our expert blog writing services.

E-Book Writing

E-book Writing

Build your list by offering engaging E-books written by our professional expert writers.

Newsletter Writing

Newsletter Writing

Enlighten and engage your target audiences with highly targeted newsletters.

Social Media Writing

Social Media Writing

Need some awesome content for your social media feed? We have you covered.

Press Release Writing

Press Release Writing

We create well worded press releases that work wonders for your SEO campaign.

Product Description Writing

Product Description

Make your products stand out and bring them to life with our product description writing.

SEO Content writing

Content For SEO

Turn your site into a backlink magnet with high quality articles optimised for SEO.

Web Copywriting

Website Copywriting

We write website copy that captivates, engages & converts into customers.

Learn How We Can Help You Create Your Content Writing Journey

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