Extended Validation - EV SSL Certificates

Extended Validation - EV SSL certificates are unparalleled when it comes to inspiring trust and improving user experience on your website.

EV SSL Certificate provides peace of mind, maximum assurance for your customers and top-notch data security and it is even proven to boost conversions.

Extended Validation – EV SSL Certificates

EV SSL validates a business’ identity – secures data and boost sales

Extended Validation – EV SSL certificates are unparalleled when it comes to inspiring trust and improving user experience on your website.

Display your verified company name in all major browsers to showcase your verified identity and prove trustworthiness.

Differentiate yourself from basic security and get visitors to instantly trust you upon arrival.

EV SSL Certificate provides peace of mind, maximum assurance for your customers and top-notch data security and it is even proven to boost conversions.

Our exclusive EV SSL certificates are top of the line SSL solutions that feature supreme protection and premium features such as displaying your organisation’s name in green in the address bar and Elliptic Curve Cryptography – ECC.

In short – it is the complete package – maximum trust and maximum authentication. Buy your Exclusive EV SSL certificate at Best-Digital Marketing.

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What is an EV SSL Certificate?

Extended Validation – EV SSL Certificate is the best SSL security and website assurance investment you can ever make. It is the validation type that provides the maximum level of assurance and consumer confidence that you can obtain from an SSL certificate.

Not only do you get powerful encryption, data security and the ability to protect your users’ privacy – this SSL certificate also provides user indisputable proof of identity through business authentication.

It is a premium solution for businesses and companies that put the safety and security of their customers at the forefront of their business.

Extended Validation - EV SSL Certificate

If you are a real business – showcase it

In today’s world of internet browsing where hackers and fraudsters are operating. It is difficult to trust anyone and anything online. How do you sport the difference between a real website and a fake one? This is where EV SSL certificates enter the picture.

Once you install an EV SSL certificate – your website will get

✅ HTTPS as its URL protocol

Clickable green padlock icon

✅ Green address bar – the hallmark of trust

Tell me More About the Green Address Bar

The green address bar does more to build trust for your website than any other indicator or trust mark could ever hope to.

It vouches for your identity and lets your customers know that you are actually a legitimate business or organisation. It also proclaims that you are serious about security and made an investment in customer safety.

The green address bar aligns your brand with the top brands in the world.

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Who Needs EV SSL Certificate?

Anyone could use an EV SSL certificate but there are certain industries that may benefit the most from the reassurance and trust that an Extended Validation – EV SSL certificate provides.

The e-commerce, medical and financial institutions need to establish a foundation of trust the most. Consumers are extremely careful with their money and their health.

Give them any reason not to trust you and consumers will flee. EV SSL Certificate gets your foot in the door. The rest is up to you.

E-Commerce Businesses

Trust is the cornerstone of e-commerce. You are asking someone to trust you by parting with their money in return for a product or service. Trust is paramount here.

Financial Institutions

Consumers do not play around with is their money. That is why nearly every financial institution go out of its way to establish trust in its customers especially nowadays when phishing and scamming is rapidly increasing.

Healthcare Organisations

If there is one thing consumers prize over their money – it is their health and with a record number of medical breaches lately – it ls more important than ever that medical organisations inspire trust.

Customer trust is – EVERYTHING

According to a CA Security Council customer survey:

✅  98% of customers do not even move past browsers’ ‘connection untrusted messages.

✅  97% of customers refuse to give credit card details without a padlock.

This shows us how cautious and savvy today’s customers have become. Installing an EV SSL certificate on your site immediately assures customers that you are safe to do business with.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a moment and ask yourself which site you would trust more?

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Increase Trust and Boost Sales

The success of any e-commerce business depends on its brand reputation, business identity and customers’ trust. Customers are more aware of their data security and most likely deal with trusted websites.

EV SSL certificate helps both of them and put the trust in customers and make the business more profitable. As a result – your business will get higher conversion rates and increase in ROI.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

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Is it Difficult to Get an EV SSL Certificate?

For any business or organisation with up-to-date registration information – the Extended Validation process is straightforward and very easy.

✅ Organisation AuthenticationCA or TTP will need to verify that your business is a legally registered entity operating in good faith.

✅ Operational ExistenceCA or TTP will verify that your business is actually operational at the moment.

✅ Physical AddressCA or TTP will verify that your business has an established physical presence in the country or state it is registered in.

Telephone VerificationCA or TTP needs to verify that your business has a phone number that is publicly listed and working.

✅ Domain AuthenticationCA or TTP will need to verify that your business is the rightful owner of the registered domain.

Verification Call – Finally CA or TTP will call the person who obtained the certificate to verify all the details.

Most of these can be satisfied if your business registration records are public. If not then you can also use a Professional Opinion Letter or a Dun & Bradstreet Credit Report to satisfy several of the requirements.

Benefits of Having EV SSL Certificates

The primary function of EV SSL Certificate is to protect online users from transacting with an unauthenticated e-commerce website. EV SSL certificate assures customer about their monetary information providing on the legitimate site.

The e-commerce website has to own trusted identity that keeps his customer engaging on-site and brings handsome profit to his business. EV SSL offers a transparent solution between site owners and visitors.

✅ Extended Validation

EV SSL certificates refer to extended validation procedure and provide admirable authentication for online businesses.

Business owner should have to present domain, business and employment-related documents to prove the control over the website and the legal and operational identity of their business. CA or TTP will verify all identity and legal documents before issuing an EV SSL certificate.

✅ Go Green

Aside from the https:// in the address bar and a closed padlock icon – an indicator of an encrypted session like EV SSL turns the browser address bar into green colour.

The name of the business and the certificate authority authenticating the information appears next to the web address. Visitors can immediately see the website is secured and has met the industry’s standards for certificate authentication.

✅ It is Anti-Phishing

Extended Validation – EV SSL Certificate requires a business to prove its legally registered entity status and in return it showcases your business or organisation’s name and verified location in the browser.

Fake phishing sites can replicate DV SSL browser indicators to trick consumers into thinking their site is secure but not EV SSL.

Instant Trust Means More Sales

When a visitor arrives at your website and sees the verified company name they know that you are a legitimate business and have been verified by a globally recognised CA or Trusted Third Party – TTP.

It also shows that your company has made a substantial investment in its privacy and data security hence creating good will and a foundation of trust to begin any business transaction.

Boost Trust – Having the verified company name on the browser is like making the best possible first impression.

Boost Sales – When consumers trust you – it is easier for them to consider buying what you are selling.

Exclusive Price and Best Support

Choose your exclusive EV SSL certificate and get it from Best-Digital Marketing to get the benefits of exclusive price, free re-issuance, up to $1.5 million USD warranty, security for www and non-www domains, free secure site seal, technical support and 30 days money back guarantee.

Our exclusive EV SSL certificates refer to standard x.509 digital signature and suitable for most desktop and mobile browsers. You will get some additional features like Elliptic Curve Cryptography – ECC, unlimited server licenses, daily malware scan, vulnerabilities assessment, seal-in-search and page load acceleration which depend on your chosen certificate provider.

5 stars

Ease of use

5 stars

Customer Service

5 stars

Security & Reliability

4.75 stars

Overall Rating

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Choose EV SSL Certificate – if you want to

✅ Show your users that their safety is your top priority.

✅ Boost your online reputation and customer confidence.

✅ Reduce cart abandonment and improve conversion rate.

✅ Establish your business amongst the big boys.

✅ Improve your search engine rankings.

Affordable Encryption for Everyone

If you are a business then you probably need a more assuring Organisation Validation or Extended Validation SSL certificate. But what if you are not a business? You just need basic encryption to get browser compliant and an affordable encryption certificate.

We have amazing exclusive affordable Extended Validation SSL certificates that provide you with maximum website encryption at a price you can agree with. We can even install it for you if you want.

SSL Certificate Validation Process

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Extended Validation SSL is an Investment

EV SSL Certificate is proven to build trust and boost conversions. Your certificate will pay for itself within a matter of months.

✅  97% of consumers feel safer on websites with EV SSL Certificate since it is difficult to dispute its value.

✅  90% of consumers have cancelled a transaction over security concerns.

If you do not have EV SSL Certificate – just think about how much money you are potentially leaving on the table.

Can You Afford Not to Invest in EV SSL?

Whether you are a budget-minded small business, a flourishing medium-sized company or a massive enterprise Best-Digital Marketing has the perfect Extended Validation SSL certificate for you.

Extended Validation – EV SSL Validation Process

Extended Validation – EV Vetting For Maximum Customer Assurance.

An Extended Validation Certificate (EV) is a certificate conforming to X.509 that proves the legal entity of the owner and is signed by a certificate authority key that can issue EV certificates.

EV SSL certificates can be used in the same manner as any other X.509 certificates including securing web communications with HTTPS and signing software and documents.

Unlike domain-validated certificates and organisation-validation certificates, EV certificates can be issued only by a subset of certificate authorities (CAs) and require verification of the requesting entity’s legal identity before certificate issuance.

While Extended Validation – EV may seem daunting at first but it is a very easy and straightforward process for any company or business with up-to-date registration info.

EV SSL validation process is designed to offer maximum vetting while still being simple for most organisations to complete.

EV SSL Process Overview

The entire Extended Validation – EV SSL process takes between one business day and a week.

The more information that is publicly available or the more you can furnish – the faster the process.

EV SSL Certificate Enrolment Form

Fill in the form and return it to us – simple

The first step in the validation process is simply to fill in the enrolment form.  The form is just a single page and just requires a little bit of information about your business or company as well as you and a designated contact that can verify your employment.

What is the EV Enrolment Form?

The EV Enrolment form is very straightforward form. You can find a copy of our EV Enrolment Form here. Throughout this process – you will be the organisation’s contact. This means you will have to answer a phone call and verify the order details at the end of validation.

The point of the enrolment form is basically to verify that you are an employee of the business you are claiming to be representing and that you are acting in good faith. Provided you are – CA or TTP will move right on with the validation process.

What Information does the EV Enrolment Form Ask For?

The enrolment form also known as an Acknowledgement of Agreement is focused on the business’s contact. It wants information like the contact’s official title, their signature, the date and the place of signing.

Despite the digital nature of the product you are purchasing – digital or stamped signatures are not accepted. You will have to print the form and sign it for real. Then you can scan and return it to us via email attachment.

Choose Your EV SSL Certificate

Before you submit the EV Enrolment Form you will need to choose and purchase your EV SSL Certificate. We will email you with a selection to choose from and you need choose one and respond with your choice.

Organisation Authentication

CA or TTP just wants to make sure you are a legal registered entity

Organisation Authentication is a requirement for both Organisation Validation and Extended Validation. Before this requirement is satisfied – CA or TTP needs to verify that your business or company is a legitimate legal entity.

How do I satisfy Organisation Authentication?

CA or TTP will look at your registration information and try to verify that your business is registered and active in your location.

When you fill out your Certificate Signing Request – CSR and provide CA or TTP with details before validation – it is important that you double-check that everything is correct. Even a single typo can cause a delay in issuance.

If you operate under any trade names, assumed names or Doing Business As – DBAs, all of that registration information needs to be up to date and accurate.

CA or TTP will check your local government’s online databases and details you supplied against the details that are listed.

My company's registration information is not listed online

Do not panic as there are other alternatives. The easiest one is just to supply that information yourself which has been issued by your government like the articles of incorporation, a chartered license or a DBA statement – this should do the trick.

What other ways can I pass Organisation Authentication?

There are two other ways to satisfy this requirement. You can get a Professional Opinion Letter or use a Dun & Bradstreet listing.

✅  A Professional Opinion Letter is a document in which a solicitor or accountant in good standing essentially vouches for the legitimacy of your company or business.

✅  Dun & Bradstreet is a financial reporting organisation that can provide you with a comprehensive credit report that will also satisfy this requirement.

This is extremely simple. CA or TTP is just going to check your company’s registration information to make sure that you are a legitimate legal entity.

Operational Existence

CA or TTP needs to verify your business has been operational for three years

Operational Existence is a step in the Extended Validation process where CA or TTP will attempt to verify that your organisation has been operational for at least three years.

Do not worry if your company is new and has not been around that long – you can still get your EV SSL certificate. We will tell you how.

How do I satisfy Operational Existence?

If your company is well established this step is extremely simple. CA or TTP is going to check your local online government database.

If your locality keeps good records and your company has been around that long then you will be all set. If not – do not worry.

My business is not listed in my local database

Not a problem – CA or TTP will also accept any official registration documents that have been issued by your local government which includes articles of incorporation, charter licenses or DBA statements.

Any one of these will provide that your business is official. If you have not been around for longer than three years then this option would not be of much use.

My company has not been around three years

This can be overcome. You have three options:

✅ Dun & Bradstreet Credit Report – Dun & Bradstreet are a financial organisation that issues credit reports for companies. A DUNS credit report will work no matter how long you have been operating.

✅ Professional Opinion Letter – If you can get any accredited solicitor or accountant to fill out and notarise a form stating that you are a legitimate business CA or TTP will accept this as proof of operational existence.

✅  Bank Confirmation Letter – No matter how long you have been in operation – if you have an active checking account at an accredited bank just supply a letter verifying this information and you will be set.

Physical Address

CA or TTP needs to confirm that you have an actual physical address

To complete Extended ValidationCA or TTP will need to verify that your company or business has an established physical presence in its registered locality.

To do this – it will check for an actual physical address, meaning the building numberoffice or suite number if applicable, street, city, state and country.

How do I prove my physical address?

CA or TTP is going to check for your physical address by looking it up in your local online government database.

If the information provided in your listing matches the information you put down in your Certificate Signing Request – CSR then you are good to go. CA or TTP will consider this requirement satisfied.

My company is not listed on any online database

Do not panic – this happens more than you think. The best way around this – is to send CA or TTP your official registration documents.

As long as the documentation was issued by your local government and it matches the information that you providedCA or TTP will accept it.

Are there any other methods to prove physical address?

Yes of course. There are two additional ways to prove your physical address. They are a professional opinion letter and a Dun & Bradstreet credit report.

Both will satisfy the Physical Address requirement.

✅ Professional Opinion Letter – Have an accredited accountant or solicitor sign and notarise a form that states your company has a legitimate address.

✅ Dun & Bradstreet credit report – Dun & Bradstreet is highly trusted by CA or TTP – providing a copy of a Dun & Bradstreet credit report will satisfy this requirement.

To verify your physical address CA or TTP will check your official registration documents to make sure you have an active legal presence in your registered location.

Phone Verification

CA or TTP will need to verify that you have a working listed phone number

Phone Verification is a requirement for both Organisation Validation and Extended Validation SSL certificates.

Basically CA or TTP needs to verify that you have a phone number that is working and that you are listed in a trusted directory.

How do I satisfy the Phone Verification requirement?

Phone verification is simple – just make sure your phone number is listed. Pretty sure every business has a phone number and as long as consumers can find it – you shoud be good.

The first way CA or TTP is going to attempt to verify your telephone number is by checking your local online government database. If the number is listed and the rest of the listing matches the details you have provided then you have satisfied the requirement.

My number is not listed in the government database

No worries. There are other methods to satisfy this requirement. In fact – most people run into this problem.

CA or TTP will also check a group of trusted third-party directories.

These directories are:

✅  Dun and Bradstreet

✅  BBB

✅  Zoominfo.com

✅  Buzzfile.com

✅  Bloomberg.com

✅  Cortera.com

Professional Opinion Letters also works

If you do not have your number listed in one of those directories or not listed publicly in the government database then you can also provide a Professional Opinion Letter.

Professional Opinion Letters are also called Legal Opinion Letters – these are notarised forms where an accredited solicitor or accountant can vouch for the legitimacy of your business or company.

Submitting a Professional Opinion Letter actually satisfies most of the validation requirements for OV and EV SSL. CA or TTP is going to verify that your business has a listed phone number.

Domain Verification

CA or TTP needs to verify ownership of your domain

Domain Verification is also a requirement for both Organisation Validation and Extended Validation. CA or TTP needs to verify that you own your domain.

Issuing a certificate to the wrong party is called inappropriate issuance and can lead to major penalties for certificate authorities – CA.

How do I satisfy Domain Verification?

Domain Verification is fairly simple. CA or TTP is going to check the WHOIS record for the registered website and email address that is listed.

As long as you can respond to the email in question – stating that you are the owner and you did order the SSL certificateCA or TTP will consider this requirement as passed.

I am unable to access the email on the WHOIS record

Not a problem. There are a few ways around this and the easiest is just updating the WHOIS record. It could be a mistake with the record, you could have set the record to private – there are a number of possible reasons the WHOIS record might be failing to satisfy this requirement.

If you unable to update the record or updating does not work – there are two other methods:

✅  Proof of Right EmailCA or TTP will also send the authentication to 1 of 5 pre-approved email addresses. If you can answer the email on one of these addresses CA or TTP will consider that proof of ownership.

The addresses are:

✅  Admin@yourdomain.com

✅  Administrator@yourdomain.com

✅  Webmaster@yourdomain.com

✅  Hostmaster@yourdomain.com

✅  Postmaster@yourdomain.com

✅  Professional Opinion Letter – If you have an accredited accountant or solicitor close by you can get them to fill out and notarise a form that states you own the domain. This also works for satisfying this requirement.

Final Verification Phone Call

Just answer your phone – that is it.

The Final Verification phone call is the final validation step for both Organisation Validation and Extended Validation.

CA or TTP simply needs to call either the person that raised the order or the specified company contact to verify some details. It is really just a matter of answering your phone.

What is the Final Verification Phone Call?

Before CA or TTP can issue your SSL certificate it needs to call you on your company’s listed phone number and verify the orders of the detail.

Well this all ties up with the previous steps altogether. It shows that you are a real business with a real employee who is actually answering the company phone during business hours.

Provided you can take the call – CA or TTP will close the book on your validation and issue your SSL certificate.

But I do not answer the company phone line

No problem. CA or TTP understands that this might be the case in most circumstances. All you need to make sure is that CA or TTP can connect with you via the company phone line.

Even if it means having a co-worker put his hand over the receiver and call your name down the hall or working through the phone system – CA or TTP will attempt it.

  • Extension or Interactive Voice Response – If you have an extension – CA or TTP will dial it so make sure that your extension is either listed or you need to provide it to CA or TTP.
  • Transfer or Alternative Number – The person who answers your company’s listed phone number can also connect CA or TTP with your phone or else provide an alternative number.

Now just answer the CA’s or TTP’s questions and your certificate will be emailed to you in no time.

Upon completion of the above requirements – a representative from CA or TTP will call your to verify the details of the certificate order.

Compare SSL Certificates

Yearly / Annually
Yearly / Annually
Yearly / Annually
HTTPS In Browser Address Bar
Dynamic Site Seal
Verified Company Name In Certificate Details + Dynamic Siate Seal
Basic Business Vetting
Full Business Vetting
Business Name Displayed Next To URL
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EV SSL Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions by potential clients.

If you have any queries please contact us and we will be happy to respond to them.

Definitely! You can purchase EV SSL from Best-Digital Marketing for as little as £496.54 per annum. Bear in mind that Extended Validation is proven to boost conversions and EV becomes an investment that eventually pays for itself.

While both offer business authentication – EV provides greater verification of identity and location. That is why Extended Validation has a unique visual indicator.

The downside of OV is it shares visual indicators with DV SSL so even though you did more to verify your identity, consumers will know where to look. OV is a geared for the enterprise that has strict issuance guidelines.


Absolutely! Independent research continues to confirm that websites displaying company’s legal registered name on the browser outperform their OV and DV counterparts.

When you can provide instant verification of identity, it makes you look legitimate. It also aligns you with some of the world’s top brands since they all use EV SSL.

Aside from a powerful unique visual indicator, EV SSL certificates also come with powerful dynamic site seals that can also provide a spike in conversions.

They also come with premium security products like daily malware scanners, powerful encryption and data security.


£ 496.54

Yearly / Annually

100 percent satisfaction guarantee


Domain Security 

Warranty – $1.5 Million

Encryption – Up To 256 BIT

Signature Key – 2048 BIT

Set Up Time – Up To 5 Business Days

✅ Secure Seal

Customer Support

Mobile Friendly

Email Support

Package Details

This is for COMPLETE plan which is Extended Validation – EV SSL Certificate for maximum safety, within 5 days and maximum online business security solution.

Price -

£ 496.54

Term -

Yearly / Annually

Completion Time -

3 to 5 Business Days

We accept all major Debit and Credit cards, Paypal payments, Stripe and Bank Transfers.

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All payments made are 100% Safe, Secure and Protected.

Your Website Is Now Safe Secure. Protected and Trusted.

Customers coming to your website now will see that your website is safe, secure, protected and trustworthy. It will have a greater impact on your business – knowing that your customers’ safety is a priority. This will lead to more sales, revenue, enquiries and leads going forward whilst boosting your SEO website ranking on Google.

You can install an SSL certificate on your website after choosing the correct package from Best-Digital Marketing.

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When choosing from our  Website Design Packages such as from our WordPress Website PackagesE-Commerce Packages, Custom Builder Packages, Business Start Up Packages or Small Business Packages– All the websites comes with a FREE BASIC SSL as part of the package.

You can also add an SSL certificate to any of our Web Hosting Packages.

Please Contact Us to enquire MORE about purchasing a Multi Domain Certificate or Wildcard SSL Certificate for the best deals available.

We can expedite the validation process

Do you need your certificate FAST? We can help. Just contact us via email or call us. We will get to work speeding up your order.

Need help installing?

We would be glad to help you install your SSL certificate. For just £67 one of our well-trained SSL experts will work on your behalf to install your certificate and configure your server.

We have done thousands of these installations and it is really not a problem.

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