what are the benefits of video SEO

What are the Benefits of Video SEO?

What are the Benefits of Video SEO?

Video SEO – search engine optimisation is often an overlooked area of SEO since most business owner’s focus on optimising their websites or social media profiles. But video SEO strategy can be very effective when it comes to driving traffic and generating leads for your business.

In fact – over 1 Billion hours’ worth of video content is being watched on YouTube every day. YouTube is localized in more than 100 countries and is available in 80 languages and 62% of businesses use YouTube as a channel to post video content. YouTube is the second most popular search engine after Google.

benefits of video seo

According to WordStream – over 80% of marketers use video content to generate traffic and sales. There are numerous benefits of video SEO to be used in your business so why not get started now?

The Benefits of Video SEO for Your Business

Video SEO does not only allow you to get more eyes on your awesome videos but it can be a crucial part for your online digital marketing strategy.

Consider these benefits of video SEO to feel motivated to invest in video marketing optimisation for your business. They are in no order of importance since all of them are equally important.

Generate Traffic from Video – YouTube

Users view billions of hours’ worth of video content on YouTube every day. YouTube is as much a search engine as Google and can be an amazing platform if you want to massively increase traffic for your website.

generate traffic from video

By following video SEO best practices – you can rank your videos in the YouTube search results, get hundreds or even thousands of views on your videos and direct viewers to your website.

You can also include a variety of links in your video descriptions to send viewers to your social media profiles, inbox or landing pages.

Rank Higher in the Organic Search Results

Search engines like Google not only look at the text on your website when determining whether to rank your website in the search results – they also look at what other types of media you publish.

Adding video content into the mix shows search engines that you offer a variety of media types and are going above and beyond when it comes to providing valuable content to users.

rank higher in organic serach

Google also has a Video Search tab and routinely showcases videos in the main organic search results that mean you can rank a video in the search results to drive traffic directly to your website.

Maximise and Re-Purpose Your Website Content

Just like you optimise your blog posts for certain unique keywords or phrases – you can optimise your videos with these keywords as well. If you are able to rank these videos on YouTube and/or in Google then you can then direct this video traffic to your blog.

maximise and re-purpose website content

This works in reverse as well. You can repurpose your existing blog articles as videos and then embed the videos into the article which will help your articles rank higher and attract traffic from video search.

Incorporate Educational Elements In Your Video

You need to ensure your video content strategy is educational to ensure you give your audience valuable insights. To produce an educational and engaging video – always make sure you:

  • Explain why you are qualified to make the video
  • Cover basic terms and their meaning
  • Use statistics, case studies and demonstrations
  • Add visual elements to the video like overlay text, diagrams, animations, etc.
  • Add an intro and an outro
  • Answer potential questions your audience may have in a frequently asked questions section
educational elements in Video

Build Links to Your Website

Since video content is highly engaging and shareable, you can increase your chances of attracting backlinks to your website from sites that choose to share or reference your video.

If you have unique and compelling videos then this gives websites a good reason to link to you.

building links to website

At the same time, you can earn referral traffic via the links you include in your YouTube channel bio and video descriptions. You can broaden this reach by sharing your videos across social media platforms and to your email list.

Reach Target Audience Across Multiple Channels

Researchers and Marketers have speculated that organic reach on social media may be hindered by businesses that include direct links to their website.

But video content does not seem to have this effect. In fact, videos tend to be very effective when it comes to boosting engagement and driving traffic and leads.

reach target audience across multi channel

With video SEO, you can rank your videos for unique keywords your audience may be searching for on both Google and YouTube. You can then share these videos across other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to gain as much reach as possible including email marketing.

Do not just publish a video and wait for the organic traffic to roll in. Market your video across a variety of different social media platforms to gain as much online visibility as you can.

Boost Your Brand’s Social Presence

Video content gives you an opportunity to provide valuable information to your audience while solidifying your brand as an authority in your niche. It allows you to put a face to your business and build a stronger connection with prospective customers.

boost your brand's social presence

In all of your video content – you can reference your brand and direct viewers to additional resources.

That way if users find you through organic search and have never heard of your brand before then you can gain more online visibility and direct traffic to your website.

Experience the Benefits of Video SEO for Yourself

Video SEO goes way beyond simply generating traffic and leads for your videos – it can work to increase your online visibility for your brand across a variety of different platforms. Are you ready to expand your marketing with our video SEO services?

Therefore you can build brand trust, boost social engagement, increase organic website traffic and generate more leads rather than just a website SEO strategy.

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