Post-Production Services

Post-production is part of the process of film making, video production and photography. At Best-Digital Marketing -we provide full post production  services from offline/online editing to VFX, colour grading, full Sound Mix and much more – from start to finish.

At Best-Digital Marketing – we can also take care of sound design, music composition, visual effects and sound mixing which is often overlooked aspect of post-production.

Post-Production Services

We have a team of experienced in-house editors who offer quick turnaround on post-production services. We have created thousands of edits for our partner clients for a variety of projects.

Video genres include sizzle reels, social media re-purposing of long-form content, edited footage shot by producers around the world and video content for presentations.

In terms of client feedback and adapting to a brief – we use reviewed and approved software to make sure all feedback is dealt with efficiently and clearly.

We utilise professional editing software such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, Adobe Audition and other advanced editing tools making our edits easily transferable between businesses.

Post-Production Services

At Best-Digital Marketing – we can also take care of sound design, music composition, visual effects and sound mixing. This is an often overlooked aspect of post-production. With our sound editing experience – we can improve your video tenfold.

We have fully post-produced picture on theatrical feature films, commercials, idents and title sequences.

We also take care of the whole process or step in to handle any individual part you like, whether just the picture finishing work including  grading and colour correction grading systems or offline editing and all deliverables.

Our video post-production can handle 8k raw workflow with multiple edit suites working from the same footage.

What is Post-Production?

Post-Production is the stage after production when the filming is wrapped and the editing of the visual and audio materials begins.

Post-Production refers to all of the tasks associated with cutting raw footage, assembling that footage, adding music, dubbing, sound effects – just to name a few.

The Post-Production process is highly collaborative, across a period of time depending on the size and need of the project.




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Post-Production Company

Best-Digital Marketing is a post-production company based in south west of UK, covering Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole BCP that offers a wide range of post-production services including online and offline video editing, motion graphics, colour grading, VFX and digital compositing.

We work with broadcast and feature film studios to create digital visual effects and amazing 3D animations. Some of our clients include local, national and global high profile corporate companies and TV broadcast companies.

The quality, service and excellence received by our clients/customers as a post-production company is a critical factor in determining the success of your project/s.

Working with Best-Digital Marketing as your preferred post-production company – we have the necessary abilities and various characteristics that can influence and deliver high-quality services.

Here are some key characteristics we offer but not limited to:

✅ 1. Experience:

Best-Digital Marketing has the ability, relevance and experience in the industry. Our experience often correlates with the ability to handle diverse projects and challenges.

✅ 2. Expertise and Specialisation:

As a post-production company – we specialise in various specific areas such as visual effects, colour grading, sound design and/or animation. Our diverse expertise can align with the needs of your project.

✅ 3. Talent and Team:

As a post-production company – we specialise in various specific areas such as visual effects, colour grading, sound design and/or animation. Our diverse expertise can align with the needs of your project.

✅ 4. Technology and Tools:

We only use up-to-date technology, software and tools. Advancements in post-production tools can significantly impact the quality and efficiency of your project work.

✅ 5. Reputation:

Our company’s reputation within the industry can provide insights into our reliability, excellence and quality of service.

✅ 6. Portfolio:

Our company’s portfolio can gauge the quality and variety of our previous work. We have a diverse and impressive portfolio that demonstrates adaptability and creative capabilities of our team members.

✅ 7. Communication Skills:

Effective communication is crucial in post-production. We endeavour to communicates clearly, understands your project requirements and respond to feedback/s.

✅ 8. Quality Control Measures:

We have strong company quality control processes in place to ensure your final product meets industry standards and client/customer expectations.

✅ 9. Flexibility:

Best-Digital Marketing has the flexibility to accommodate changes, revisions and unexpected challenges during the post-production process. Flexibility is vital for adapting to evolving project needs.

Post-Production Services

✅ 10. Client Support:

Consider the level of client support provided. As a post-production company – we offer excellent client support and are happy to address your concerns promptly and ensure a smooth collaboration.

✅ 11. Turnaround Time:

While efficiency is important – we ensure to meet your project’s deadlines without compromising on quality. A balance between speed and precision is crucial to our business.

✅ 12. Creativity:

Our dedicated team can demonstrate creativity and an understanding of storytelling. Our unique and creative input can significantly enhance the visual and auditory aspects of your project.

✅ 13. Security and Confidentiality:

We take security and confidentiality very seriously. We have robust security measures in place to protect your project files and sensitive information. Confidentiality is particularly important – especially for unreleased or proprietary content.

✅ 14. Cost and Value:

While cost is a consideration – we focus on the overall value offered to our clients/customers. Our higher-quality service may justify a slightly higher cost – especially if it aligns with your project goals.

✅ 15. Industry Standards Compliance:

Best-Digital Marketing always adheres to industry standards and best practices. Our compliance team ensures that your final product is technically sound and suitable for distribution that meets relevant standards.

We offer full high definition online and offline editing services. Colour grading is one of the most demanding creative and technical processes in post-production and we have both the talent and equipment to deliver.

We only use the latest post production editing software, tools and technology so this offers flexibility to our clients/customers who wish to utilise these post-production services.

Our Post-Production Services

The third stage of video or film development is referred to as post-production – with the first stage being pre-production – where the video is planned and the second stage being production – where the video is filmed. Post-production generally includes everything that occurs after shooting has been completed.

As a leading post-production service agency – we offer full post-production services which include editing, special effects and/or animation.

We can also include distribution such as sending your video out to television corporations or uploading the video online.

Post-Production Services

There are a lot more details and knowledge that go into good post-production service than most people realise.

Below is a detailed list of services that we provide in our post-production services but not limited to:

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Editing the Content

The post production process begins with picture editing. This is when the raw footage is pieced together to tell your overall story.

Your post production editor reads the script, reviews the footage and then cuts together the shots to create the story which often leaves a lot of footage unused or on the cutting room floor and this is a necessary process

This process is not completed in one single pass. Our editor creates a first or rough cut and then additional edits will be made until your final version of the video or film is completed.

This can take a bit of time depending on the length and complexity of individual request

Sound Editing and Adding Music

Once the footage of the film is final – we will begin to add and enhance the sound. This involves adding background music, soundtrack and sound effects, editing out background noise and piecing together dialogue to match the flow of your story

Sometimes pieces of dialogue or sound effects that were recorded on set do not come across well in the actual footage. In these cases – our sound editors will re-record that sound or dialogue and re-insert it into the film

When it comes to creating a soundtrack – you may decide to license existing songs or have an artist write original songs for your film

Adding Visual Effects

Visual effects or VFX are another category that can include several different things. Visual effects are visuals done in post-production such as green-screen composting or muzzle flashes. This term refers to any image that could not be filmed during production for whatever reason.

Computer generated images – CGI is a type of visual effect where characters, models or designs are created using a computer. It is the most common form of visual effects in commercial filmmaking and we have the talent and time to get this done.

Keep in mind – visual effects are not to be confused with special effects which are effects that are implemented in production such as prosthetic makeup or on-set explosions.

Colour Grading and Correction

Colour grading and colour correction can be done before VFX but sometimes it is done after. Our VFX artist does the colouring and it all depends on what is needed from each department.

Once the picture is locked – our colourist can go in and digitally alter the shots. They lighten frames to and adjust hues for continuity as well as to reflect the scene’s tone.  

Sound Mixing

Separate from adding sound effects and music – our sound editors will go into the film and adjust audio levels.

This can be a dialogue to be heard over background music or the sound effects of a car crash is not too loud and jarring in comparison to the other sounds in the film


Animation is another post-production service we offer. By definition – animation is the process of making the illusion of motion by using rapid succession of sequential images that differ from each other only minimally.

Most animation is done via computer using advanced software and tools making it CGI. Usually CGI refers to images that are meant to look life-like while animation is not masquerading as real-life.

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Generating titles, credits and graphics

Our highly talented and experienced editors create title cards, credits and any graphics necessary and add them in – if required.  

Opening credits are super important since first impressions are everything but they are also a chance to capture the tone and mood of your project.

Therefore put your best foot forward and invest some creative energy to grab your target audience from the very beginning for your brand, product or services.

End credits do not require much creativity but needs accuracy and professionalism. Your video or film is almost done. Your project is nearly complete but there are a few more steps to consider, especially if there are distribution plans in play. 


Video distribution is another category that can refer to several things. Platforms can range from streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon to social media platforms like Meta / Facebook, X – Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to television channels and real-time interaction like websites.

Social media platforms each have their own video requirements such as aspect ratio and maximum length. This can impact how many versions of a video would need to be exported after editing and colour correction.

Streaming services use a non-linear distribution model, which includes time-shifted viewing like Sky Catch-up TV and on-demand viewing such as YouTube.

You also have television distribution which uses the linear broadcast model, where the content is distributed centrally from the broadcaster at a scheduled time.

For each of these broadcasting models just like social media, there are different technical specifications your video must meet.

At Best-Digital Marketing – our post-production distribution services includes taking care of these requirements and inspections for you.

Post-Production Manager

Our Post-Production Manager plays a crucial role in overseeing and coordinating the various elements of the post-production process to ensure the timely and successful delivery of your final product.

This role involves managing teams, schedules, budgets and communication between different departments involved in post-production processes.

Here are some key responsibilities and aspects associated with our role as Post-Production Manager but not limited to:

Project Management

  • Scheduling: Creating and maintaining schedules for post-production activities – ensuring that tasks are completed on time and deadlines are met.
  • Budgeting: Managing the post-production budget including resource allocation, equipment costs and any other expenses related to post-production process.

Team Management

  • Team Coordination: Overseeing and coordinating the efforts of various post-production teams including editors, sound designers, colourists and visual effects artists.
  • Communication: Facilitating effective communication between different departments to ensure a smooth workflow and collaboration.

Resource Management

  • Equipment and Facilities: Ensuring that the necessary equipment, software and facilities are available and in good working order for the post-production teams.
  • Staffing: Hiring, training and managing staff or freelancers as needed for specific projects.

Quality Control

  • Supervising QC Processes: Implementing quality control measures to ensure that the final product meets technical specifications and quality standards that meet best practices.
  • Feedback and Revisions: Facilitating feedback sessions and managing any necessary revisions to meet the creative vision and client expectations.
Post-Production Services

Client / Customer Liaison

  • Client Communication: Acting as a liaison between the post-production team and clients or producers – providing updates and addressing any concerns or requests.
  • Client Satisfaction: Ensuring that the final product aligns with the client’s expectations and vision.

Timeline Management

  • Post-Production Workflow: Developing and optimising the post-production workflow to maximise efficiency and meet project timelines.
  • Problem Solving: Addressing any issues or challenges that may arise during the post-production process.

Technology Integration

  • Staying Informed: Keeping abreast of advancements in post-production technology and software to ensure the team is using the most efficient and up-to-date tools, software and latest technology innovations.


  • Record Keeping: Maintaining comprehensive records of post-production processes, decisions and assets for future reference.

We have a dedicated production manager that oversees the project from start to finish. This includes any and all post-production work – to ensure a quick turnaround.

We use reviewed and approval software to make sure all feedback is dealt with efficiently and clearly whilst utilising professional editing software like Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, Adobe Audition and Apple Logic Pro -making our edits easily transferable between businesses.

Our Post-Production Manager is a key figure in ensuring that the creative vision of your project is realised within the constraints of time and budget.

Strong organisational, communication and leadership skills are essential for the success in this role. Additionally, the ability to adapt to evolving technologies and industry trends is crucial in this dynamic field of post-production and Best-Digital Marketing have these qualities to ensure your project meets its deadline and business objectives.

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Post-Production Services

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