White Paper Writing Services

White paper are ideal as part of any sales strategy - a cornerstone of lead generation. White paper are an often overlooked in conversion funnel – despite being cited by majority of marketers that white paper are a top source of lead generation.

White papers establish your brand as an expert in a given industry or on a specific topic by using crafted content to boost credibility among your target audience and demonstrate industry thought leadership.

Best White Paper Writing Services

White paper writing is an emerging name in the marketing arena specialising in content writing and marketing to help businesses communicate with the customers at an interpersonal level.

At Best-Digital Marketing – we have been providing expert, creative content writing and marketing services to our users and existing clients.

White paper writing can influence consumers’ decisions and make the difference in boosting credibility amongst target audience and lead generation.

Our experienced and versatile team will create a white paper that will make it easy for your potential customers to understand your products and services while persuading them to make a sale.

White Paper Writing Services – How It Works

At Best-Digital Marketingcontent creation starts with a strategy. Before writing a white paper – we help you map out how to use the asset as a marketing tool that will generate leads.

A dedicated white paper expert will collaborate with you and your content marketing strategist to develop topic ideas.

When creating topics – our strategists will use hard data to identify any issues your target audience is seeking around in search engines. The purpose of your white paper is to provide innovative solutions to that problem.

Your Best-Digital Marketing content writers specialist will work in conjunction with your business to map out the white paper so it relates to your potential customers, your product or service and your commercial goals.

It is pivotal that Best-Digital Marketing position your business adeptly if you want to successfully garner interest from experts of industry. Our white paper experts will present technical information while subtly marketing your business as the perfect solution to a problem through a high quality white paper.

Our white paper writing services ranges from complex, detailed white papers to easy-to-follow white papers that have been written for every walk of life from start-up businesses to large organisations.

Here are a few types of white papers we create but not limited to:

Business White Paper

 Technology White Paper

 Hybrid Business and Technology White Paper

 Product Comparison White Paper

White Paper Design Services

Want your Bespoke, comprehensive, well structured white Paper design To target Your Audience?

White Paper Writer

Our industry-focused experts possess subject-matter expertise ranging across a variety of business and consumer markets.

After receiving an approval on an outline – your white paper expert will thoroughly research the topic, surveying existing data, commentary and analysis from trusted sources including clients’ internal subject matter experts.

He or she will then write a first draft – at which point all edits and feedback will be incorporated into the white paper

White Paper Writing Services

Showcase Your Industry Leadership Skills

Best-Digital Marketing’s white paper compliment your blog and integrates into your overall content marketing strategy, ensuring that your business turns readers into leads, and leads into customers.

White papers can be tailored to both business-to-business – B2B and business-to-consumer – B2C audiences as well as numerous industries including:

Law -Judiciary-Enforcement


industry -manufacturing-factory


Health care- healthcare




Financial Services- financial institutions




Travel -sightseeing-transport


Forum Posting


Brand Awareness


Product Images and Videos




Human Resources


And Much More

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White Paper Design

Once your text has been approved, the white paper content will be formatted by Best-Digital Marketing graphic designers.

They will collaborate with your team, your white paper writer and implement your brand colour schemes, logos, fonts and other design preferences such as photography, icons, graphs or charts.

The white paper will once again be submitted for approval and any edits will be applied

Best White Paper Writing Services Packages

Affordable Prices from £595

Higher Customer Engagement And Response Rate Leads To More Enquiries, Leads And Sales.

Why Do Audiences Read White Papers?


Stay on top of new trends.


To research purchase decisions.


Get information about products and vendors.


Compare brand, product and/or services.


Help justify buying decisions.


Develop a short list of qualified vendors.

Looking for help with white paper writing?

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Best-Digital Marketing can also provide guidance or manage social media distribution strategies for white paper asset launches.

We can also assist in leveraging your finished white paper as a lead generation that enables the creation of landing pages featuring form fills to access the white paper that will live on your website.

This allows you to embed targeted in-line CTAs in relevant blog posts to drive visitors to your white papers, case studies and other downloadable assets.

We can also write promotional copy for social media and other digital marketing channels.

White Paper Design Services

How Can Our White Paper Writing Services Help Your Business?

At Best-Digital Marketing – our experts are well versed in the benefits of writing and using white paper for your inbound marketing and content marketing strategy.

White paper can actually provide your business with the following benefits but not limited to:

Generate Leads: your white paper will contain both educative and long form article content and direct marketing as a corporate brochure with high conversion rate which make it one of the most powerful marketing tools available.

Spread expertise and build thought leadership: your white paper will help people understand what your company does and allow you to display your credentials, expertise and leadership in your field since people like working with experts.

Helps you build a mailing list: it will be unique and contain valuable quality information and content that will interest your audience.

Allow you to accommodate original research: it will give you an opportunity to present your original research with visual elements, supportive discussions and helpful strategies that address your prospects’ pain points.

Cast Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) on competitors.

Nurture a prospect through a complex sale.

white paper-writing-services

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Ready To Start Creating Your bespoke, specific niche white paper?

White Paper Writing Services Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions by potential clients.

If you have any queries please contact us and we will be happy to respond to them.

A white paper is a position paper for all practical purposes. Businesses and organisations use white papers to establish authority in their particular sector, sometimes relating to a topic that is especially relevant at the time the paper is produced.

White papers follow a standard format that presents information in a way readers expect to receive it. A white paper can help your business or organisation by giving you a platform to establish your authority.

It is also a good tool for explaining why your products or services are the best option for your target audience. A well-written white paper develops a topic thoroughly, explains how your business or organisation addresses the topic and offers solutions where appropriate.

Please note that white papers are not blog posts or extended adverts and using them as such can be counterproductive.

If you are unsure whether or not white paper is right for your business, speak to one of our digital strategists today or email them at info@best-digitalmarketing.co.uk

There are different ways to format white papers for maximum effectiveness. Best-Digital Marketing has developed a format based on combining several industry standards into what we believe is the best way to present white paper information.

A Best-Digital Marketing white paper:

☑ introduces the business or organisation behind it

☑ introduces the problem or opportunity at hand

☑ provides evidence that the problem or opportunity is real

☑ offers different ways the problem or opportunity can be addressed and

☑ presents the business with a solution/s.

This way we are able to create uniform white papers that present information in a way that is acceptable in any business environment.

Writing multiple white papers for a single company or business offers continuity, regardless of the problem or opportunity being discussed. Of course, we can deviate from our format at the client’s request.

Our role as professional writers enables us to create white papers with very little effort required on the client’s part. However, our writers do require some guidance on white paper topics and the points the client wants to make.

The purpose of the white paper is to establish your company or business as an authority in your industry. You can make our job easier by giving us a general idea of what you want to say in your white paper.

If the white paper is to contain any factual data, we appreciate your help in sourcing that data. We also need information pertaining to any solutions you choose to offer for the problem or opportunity being discussed in the paper.

We do not need a lot of information from you but enough to create a basic framework.

While Best-Digital Marketing always respects client word count requests, it has been our experience that trying to define a white paper with a pre-determined word count is not a wise idea.

White paper writing is a unique kind of writing that cannot be conformed into a particular length for every purpose. Some white papers cover topics that are very detailed by nature and might require longer more than 1,000 words and other topics may not require as much.

Trying to create a white paper of 1,000 words would result in superfluity – excess text that takes up space without offering anything relevant. We prefers to write each white paper based on the topic and the number of words necessary to develop that topic properly.

It is very difficult for us to assign an amount of time to producing a quality white paper. White papers by nature are very detailed documents intended to provide readers with a lot of important, relevant information.

The amount of time it takes one of our writers to complete a white paper really depends on how much information will be included in the text, the scope of the topic at hand and the amount of research necessary to get the job done.

Our general rule is to ask for as much lead time as possible for producing white papers. This is because white papers are complex documents and we have to work every new order into our existing schedule.

The more time we have to complete your project, the more thorough all writers can be in the work they do.

White papers may or may not be highly technical depending on who orders them. Perhaps a better term to use would be industry-specific. White papers by nature are specific to the industry the customer is involved with.

Any white paper you were to request from us would deal with a topic that is related to whatever it is you do. Where technical aspects are concerned, our experienced writers can be as technical or non-technical as the customer wants.

There may be instances when we require a bit of technical assistance to cover topics our writers are not intimately familiar with but we exhaust our research resources before requesting such assistance.

Generally speaking, a highly technical white paper does require a bit more work.

At Best-Digital Marketing Services, we do things differently by focusing over quality rather than quantity.

Every form of content Best-Digital Marketing produces can be sent back for edits, including white papers. However, not all edits are performed free of charge.

If edits are the result of unclear instructions or requirements that changed after the original request was placed then we reserve the right to charge for the additional work.

Edits required as a result of our writers not meeting the customer’s standards are obviously made at no additional charge.

Where white papers are concerned, we encourage clients to be sure they know exactly what they want before they place a request so as to avoid costly edits down the road.

White Paper Writing Services Package


£ 595

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

✅ 5 Pages

✅ Full Content Solution

✅ Experienced Copywriting Team


£ 1,195

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

✅ 10 Pages

✅ Full Content Solution

✅ Experienced Copywriting Team


£ 2,380

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

✅ 20 Pages

✅ Full Content Solution

✅ Experienced Copywriting Team

When White Paper Writing copy and content is created – we will work to ensure the following best acceptable practices are followed:

✅  High Calibre Experienced In-House Copywriting Team

✅  Professional Internal Proofreading Team

✅  Pre-Approve Content Before Publishing

✅  US & UK English Content Writing Capability

✅  A Scalable Issue Analysis

✅  Fast Turnaround Times From 3 to 14 Business Days

✅  A Full Scalable Content Solution

✅  Dedicated Skilled Account Managers

✅  Content Team You Can Communicate With

✅  White-Label Agency Friendly

We Can Also Accommodate Request For:

☑ Any Custom White Paper Writing Services – min 5 pages.

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The package is for White Paper Writing Services used as thought leader, research & information to generate leads.

Price -

£595 to £2,380

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£185 to £735

Completion Time -

3 - 14 Business Days

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