Best Business Website

The Best Business Website Package is the ideal package for any growing and trade businesses to medium size company looking to update from their current website or create a new website.

Our team at Best-Digital Marketing is passionate about delivering versatile, sustainable and easy to use Best Business Website solutions for any business of any size.

Best Business Website

The Best Business Website package is the ideal package for any growing and trade businesses to medium size companies looking to update from their current package. Offering more advanced features than many other packages on the market.

To make your best business website – we need to understand you, your customers and how your business operates.

At Best-Digital Marketing we know all about websites but you know your customers and your business. Every business is different for everyone – what works for a plumber may not work for an electrician or a hair dresser.

Our team at Best-Digital Marketing is passionate about delivering versatile, sustainable and easy to use Best Business Website solutions.

At Best-Digital Marketing – we create Business  web designs that offer smooth sailing from start to finish. From navigating through your product / service pages and viewing product images to surfing your social media and making that all-important enquiry, leads or appointments – we take into account every step of the customer journey and buying process.

Great Way To Create Your Best Business Website.

Best Business Website

Best Business Website Package

Best Business Website features

Looking for more functionality or complex coding for your business website then talk to us about our Advanced Best Business Website Features at Best-Digital Marketing.

Our Best Business Website Package is designed and built to your exact requirements which include:

✅  1 Year FREE Web Hosting.

✅  1 Year FREE SSL Security.

✅  Unlimited Website Design & Revision

✅  Boost SEO as standard.

✅   BOOST SEO – optimised for maximum on-site conversions

Best Business Website

£ 7,995

inclusive package

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

✅  Bespoke Site With Advanced Functionality

  Enhanced Tool Features You Need

  Enhanced Admin Options

✅  Ideal for growing or medium sized businesses

Best Business Website Overview

At Best-Digital Marketing – our highly experienced team are great in designing and developing Best Business Websites with advanced functionality for a wide range of clients. We only use the best designers and developers for our entire Best Business Website package.

The following businesses are just a handful of examples that would benefit the most from our Best Business Website:

✅  Dating

✅  Property

✅  Recruitment

✅  Social Network

✅  Logistics – Parcel delivery

✅  Health and Fitness

✅  Music / Video

✅  Photography

✅  Financial Services

✅  Holiday / Travel sites

✅  Online booking sites

✅  Trade & Service Business

Getting your online best business website right

Whatever requirements you may have for your business website – our high calibre expert designers and programmers can create the website that you desire.

Our Best Business Website package provides the ultimate quality solutions for your customers who require more advanced, database driven websites for your online businesses or services.

You will be assigned a dedicated website manager who will ensure that every aspect of your new site delivers the image and the functionality that your business operation requires.

Best Business Website Design

Features Of The Best Business Website Package

Simple Yet Powerful Features

SSL – Now Google rank it

Secure Socket Layer – SSL is a web security feature that will help to protect your website and show users that your website is safe, secure and protected to use.

It helps to build trust with your visitors and re-assures them that your website is secure.

The address of a secure encrypted website will begin with https instead of http and will show a small padlock graphic in the address bar. The “s” stands for security in https and acts as a useful indicator for visitors to your website.

Secure Socket Layer - SSL

Google now ranks websites with SSL higher in their search listings. This helps protect users from illegal activity and cyber-attacks. Having SSL gives you a better chance of being listed higher in SERPs.

Every website we create comes with 1 year’s hosting that includes SSL security no matter what type of website you buy. We believe that SSL security is very important and that every online website should have one in place.

Social Media Integration

Your social media strategy should be a core component of your digital marketing strategy because your audience – whoever they may be – is almost guaranteed to be on at least one major social media platform.

At Best-Digital Marketing – our experts social media strategist will create a road map and provide you the tools you need to maximise social media presence, turbo charge your social media SEO for your business and boost social engagement.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Management and Strategy

It is important to boost your online marketing capabilities by including Social Media links on your website. Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook will help to drive website traffic to your various accounts and encourage potential customers to invest in your goods and services as they become more aware and confident of your business.

If you are targeting increased sales enquiries, having links from your web pages to your social media accounts is a great way of achieving this cost effectively.

As part of your web package we will add any social media links that you require – including representative icons and our technical teams will ensure that the coding required to achieve this is search engine friendly.

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Boost SEO

There are hundreds of ranking factors that search engines take into account when choosing where to place webpages in the search engine results pages – SERPs. But at the top level, the three core search engine optimisation – SEO practices fall under – content generation, links and technical optimisations.

When we create a new Best Business Website for our clients, you will receive our exclusive Boost search engine coding best practices as standard. This in-house coding standard is just what you need to help get your online business noticed as quickly as possible.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

It is a perfect start for your business website before looking at other additional online marketing options. We make sure your Business website is fully prepared for the future.

Providing the best possible start for your business does not just mean a great looking website, it also needs to be prominent on the major search engines as this is key to your online success.

We truly want your business to get off to the best possible start which is why we are including Boost SEO best practices for your Best Business Website.

Outrank Your Market Rivals And Competitors

Local And Available

Your Best Business Website will include the following to ensure that your business website is found locally and you start communicating with your target audience immediately.

Included with package:

  We are local to you – wherever you are in the UK.

  Our amazing UK support team are just a phone call away.

  We use the latest technology to power our helpdesk – Providing you with awesome support.

  We have worked with almost every industry in locations across the whole of the UK – locally, nationally and globally.

  Message us anytime using email or phone services – now available on our website.

  We love our clients to keep in touch – contact us now!

Local And Available

Benefits of Small Business Website:

☑  You Can Share Your Address and Contact Information With Customers

☑  You Can Develop an Online Presence

☑  You Save Money on Paper Advertisements

☑  Online Content Can Help You Build a Great Reputation

☑  You Learn More About Your Customers

☑  Target Your Local Customers

☑  Perfect Way to Advertise Employment Opportunities

☑  Provide Personalised Email Addresses for Your Employees

☑  Help Expand Your Business’ Reach

☑  Make Sales Online

☑  Social Media Helps Promote Your Business

☑  It Enables You to Receive Online Queries

☑  Email Lists Can Help You Stay in Touch With Customers

☑  Educate Users About Your Business

☑  Build a Community

Best Business Website Main Features

On top of your custom requirements, our Best Business Website package also comes with our standard website features. Their Responsive Design makes them viewable on all browsers and mobile devices.

Advanced Custom / Bespoke Designed website with content management system & many more features.

Add unlimited Sub-pages using the easy to use Content Management System.

Responsive Design – Mobile Friendly/viewable on all devices.

Unlimited website design concepts & revisions.

Free Logo design: unlimited concepts or improvements to existing logo if required.

Free domain name + 1 year Free high speed secure business hosting + multiple email accounts.

Free SSL Security for 1 year. Google™ advises SSL as standard.

Social Media Links integration – Facebook & Twitter.

BOOST SEO – optimised for maximum on-site conversions.

Google My Business – Helps customers find you anytime, anywhere.

Optional – 03 FREEPHONE phone number for your business in UK.

Live Chat Integration message chat with your site visitors via your pc or phone.

Free website technical help, support & training.

Fixed one-off cost for design and build – no monthly hidden fees.

You own it. You can take your site code & graphics with you should you ever decide to leave us.

Dedicated sales and support teams available during business hours.

The Business Start-Up Website Is Yours – You own it Outright!

You might expect that this goes without saying but you would be amazed just how many web agencies essentially rent your website to you. This payment method usually takes the form of a monthly ongoing fee whereby you own the site whilst you continue to pay.

If you ever sell your business or decide to employ another company to make edits or re-designs to your site – you could find that the company you employed initially will not release your design and coding files.

We guarantee that should you wish to have copies of your web design graphics, royalty free stock photography, logo design, written content and website coding from us – you will be allowed to do so.

Rest assured that you will have complete ownership of your Business Start-up website*.

it is yours!

*Does not include any stock images that you chose to pay a royalty fee to for using the image/s on your website.

5 stars

Ease of use

5 stars

Customer Service

5 stars

Security & Reliability

4.75 stars

Overall Rating

Content Writing Services

Package Add-On: Our talented team of Content Writers understand how web content works with search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and are able to target your particular industry, profession, niche or sector with our enhanced SEO best practices.

We can help you with the following add-on services:

Our new website clients frequently struggle with writing content for their new website that we are creating for them because they are unsure of the best approach.

Of course, they know their business very well but their time might be better spent on other business tasks that they are used to dealing with – rather than put in hours and hours writing gibberish for their website.

If we are creating a new website for you -by using our content writing services and image selection service, we will be able to speed up the completion time of your new website and the search engine optimised content we create will provide greater benefits than going down the DIY route.

Well written content, search engine optimised text and images will get you more enquiries, leads, sales and more profits in the long term.

The price of our service is £297 per page. If you would like to speak to us about any aspect of our SEO Content Writing Services including special deals for existing customers, please call our Content Writing Team on 07794 113 607.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How do you really know what you are going to get when you approach a web design company. Months of frustration, someone not quite understanding your vision? Well unlike other UK web design companies we provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means you will get the website design you want or we keep going until it is exactly what you want.

We will work along side you and deliver design concepts that we feel will work for your business. But at the end of the day, it is your personalised business website and we want you to be proud of owning it whilst shouting out – just how good we are too.

Quality - Satisfaction - Service - Choice

Best Business Website Package

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The Best Business Website package is perfect for any growing or trade businesses to medium size company looking to update from their current website.

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16 - 20 Business Days

We accept all major Debit and Credit cards, Paypal payments, Stripe and Bank Transfers.

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All payments made are 100% Safe, Secure and Protected.

Help & advice comes free. Talk to us.

Do you have a new business venture? We have a great deal of expertise in helping new businesses just like yours and we are more than happy to assist you with any questions you might have about creating your new website and marketing yourself on the Internet.

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