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At Best-Digital Marketing - We produce whiteboard animation video and high quality explainer videos for a wide range of businesses throughout the UK. We create corporate whiteboard explainer videos that meet your expectations.

We are an animated explainer video production company that specialises in character animation, motion graphics and whiteboard videos. Our creativity and animation know no limits and the possibilities are endless.

whiteboard animation video production

Whiteboard animation videos are key tools for your marketing strategy, having the ability to improve your key success metrics across the board.

The simplified format combines high-quality audio with cartoon-style illustrations to educate and convince consumers every step of the way whilst making your content interesting to learn.

Best-Digital Marketing is a whiteboard animation company, providing unique custom whiteboard animation services along with effective video formatting into your marketing strategy to increase your results across the board.

Branded whiteboard videos can explain concepts like no other medium. Share your complex idea, tell stories and repurpose content in a creative, visual format. Whiteboard animation empowers your video marketing strategy.

Whiteboard animation videos are a type of explainer video that is proving extremely successful in terms of customer engagement.

Our highly skilled, talented and creative team at Best–Digital Marketing are specialists in understanding your business’ requirement for video – our animation team are the experts that bring this to life.

The diverse team are in position with many years of experience in marketing and video production world under their belts and therefore can help you achieve a finished product that meets your creative and commercial needs and requirements.

what is a whiteboard animation?

Whiteboard animation is a process where a story or a storyboard with pictures gets drawn on a whiteboard or whiteboard like surfaces and marker pens. They are videos that draw themselves.

Originally, animators would record themselves in the process of creating such animations and viewers would follow all their steps and see the story unfold.

The actual effect used in the animation process is a time-lapse or stop motion. With the development of technology, the production process now does not require actual drawing and can easily be handled with whiteboard animation software.

Why Professional Whiteboard Animation?

Compared to traditional talking-head videos, whiteboard animations solicit 3 times as many social shares and 2 times as many purchases. Consumers also spend 88% more time on websites with video content.

Animations keep users on the page which is a primary search engine ranking factor. Using professional whiteboard animation accomplishes more than static imagery and written content could ever hope to achieve.

To tell your story in a way that moves leads down the funnel and influences buying decisions, use whiteboard videos for maximum effect on your target audience.

In these challenging times you may be finding more than ever that you need to communicate with others. The reasons might range from helping people understand new working processes, products or services or health and safety messaging.

You may also need to communicate key messaging with teams in your organisation or help others understand better how you can support them.

At Best-Digital Marketing Services, we are experts in creating whiteboard explainer videos which are an excellent communication tool.

There is no requirement for face-to-face meetings – the whole production process can easily be conducted remotely.


Do you have a story to tell the world?

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Why Custom Whiteboard Animation Videos Work

Here are some reasons why you need hand drawn whiteboard animation video. Well, you seriously do not need one if these are not what you are looking for



95% of the info from watching a video compared to 10% when reading a text.



The average user spends 88% more time on a website with a whiteboard animation.



93% of businesses who use video believe that it has increased user understanding of their product or service.



Whiteboard animations can increase conversion rates of landing pages by 80%

At Best-Digital Marketing Services, we use videos at every stage of the sales funnel because it is the most efficient and effective way

to convey messages

illustrate complex ideas

persuade stakeholders and

bring your brand to life.

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Our Custom Whiteboard Animation Services Can Help You


Improve Ad Performance

Click-through-rates (CTRs), ad engagement, and overall ad performance have been proven to increase through the utilisation of whiteboard animation production.


Sell Your Product or Service

Video animation has been proven to have the strongest impact of all visual content on influencer a purchase decision


Simplify a Complex Story

Whiteboard animations can take complex details of a company, product or process and bring them to life in a visual manner that will educate your target viewer like no other content can


Improve SEO Rankings

Video is proven to help boost SEO rankings for pages due to increased time on page, lower bounce rates, and other positive factors influencing Google’s algorithm

Whiteboard Animation Service vs. DIY Animation

It is possible to create your own whiteboard animation for your site. There are plenty of whiteboard animation tools and software that help you create videos that feature drawing hands and animated whiteboards.

While these may help bolster your video marketing strategy with engaging content however there are some drawbacks to these options.

Best-Digital Marketing Services will produce, publish and promote your whiteboard animated video with our highly skilled, talented and experienced team of in-house animators, story creators, script writers and marketing experts.

Some of the benefits of working with a whiteboard animation video production service include:

Quality and branding

You need animations that are high quality and reflect your brand look and values. Free whiteboard animation software can help you create your own video to share but with limited options for design styles, background music, font choices and other elements which proves difficult to make them look unique to your brand.

When you work with a professional whiteboard animation creator, each second of your video will emulate your organisation and present high-quality graphics.

Every stage of your video matters – from the character animation to the voiceover to the script to the drawing style right to the finish product.

Support and promotion

When you work with DIY animation software, your final product is a video file. While you may be able to utilise this file in a few ways, working with a team of video animation marketing professionals will help you make the most of your final product.

Once your video has been created, it is essential that you strategically distribute it through your various marketing channels:

  • Embed it on relevant landing pages.
  • Share it on your social media platforms.
  • Upload it to YouTube, Vimeo or another platform.

Our Whiteboard Video Production Process

To keep your passion alive is to give your best each day to produce something newer than the last one.

Already have an idea? Not sure where to begin? We will work with you and your team to create a c concept – from start-to-finish product that serves user intent.

At Best-Digital Marketing, our whiteboard video production services will keep the pace and ensure your brand does the same through our passion for animated videos and design to unveil the power of your brand.

Your animations are customised to your audience and to your business needs. We start by examining your prospects and the language they speak.

Our proven, repeatable steps of whiteboard animation video production process will create game-changing whiteboard animation videos to help you accomplish your goals.

We can help you create the most value from your video by creating multiple cuts to share on specific platforms, creating a distribution plan and collecting and analysing performance data to see exactly how your video is supporting your marketing efforts.

kick off

1. Kick-Off

At the beginning of your project, we will discuss and guide you throughout the entire production process. We will get on the same page with our online project management and collaboration tools and discuss project milestones and landmarks.

Content for SEO

2. Script

The script is foundational to your video. We can write it for you or edit and prepare a script you provide to ensure it will work well as a whiteboard video. We start the process with a focus on your story, audience and the change you want to see.

Total Video Views

3. Visual

Our artists take your video beyond words with just the right drawings in order to support your script's story. In every video, our artists engage your audience and increase their retention of your message by hand-drawing imagery in synchronisation with the audio or narration.

Voice SEO

4. Voice Over

In our production process, you choose and approve the voiceover for your video. We will help you find the perfect professional voiceover artist for your script and even offer you a chance to listen in on the live recording of your narration.


5. Review

You will approve every part of your video as we create it, through milestone-based signoffs at every stage of the process. We thrive on collaboration and can also incorporate a variety of stakeholders into the approval process such as legal counsel or compliance specialists.


6. Launch

We deliver your content on time and in the format you need. Our standard delivery is 20 working days but if you ask us if we can do it faster and we will endeavour to accommodate your request.

Benefits of whiteboard animation

Best-Digital Marketing Services is a top rated video production agency and our outbound recognition lies in the way we incorporate the simplest idea most amazingly.

Whiteboard animation videos boast an array of benefits for your business.

Video content on your website will not only engage your visitors but also boost your search engine optimisation – SEO performance.

By embedding a video on your business landing page you can increase conversions by in excess of 80%. The landing page will also be more visible to search engines such as Google consequently increasing your organic ranking.

Video content on social media channels is a proven way to boost engagement from your target audience and your followers.

Social video posts generate 1200% more shares than posts that simply consist of text and images.


Because videos especially whiteboard animations are digital storytellers which means that your consumers will take an interest, feel a connection with your brand and ultimately engage with you.

Whiteboard animations offer more obvious benefits such as:

Professional quality look

Simplicity of message delivery

Provides a video you can use for a long period of time and great value

The opportunity to create a unique bespoke branded video

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Animation Services at Best-Digital Marketing

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we do much more than create awesome animations for your brand.

Creating video animation for your business is our bliss. At Best-Digital Marketing Services, we offer a host of custom animated video products that propel your brand to the forefront of industry conversations.

Have a look at our popular video production and promotion services:

2D Animation

We can help you create the best animation for your brand from start to finish.

Our content marketing strategists can help you determine the right topic to cover in your animations.

Then your writer will create a script and your video team will build a storyboard outline to show you exactly what your video will look like.

Finally, we will create your video, complete with custom imagery, text and vector icons, background music, voiceover talent and your brand logo and colours.

Design is just as important as motion in animation. We usually put character styles in three categories:

  • The Pop style is cartoon characters as you know them from the Saturday morning shows – they take their inspiration from comic books and children’s animation.
  • The Iconic Style is more reserved and some would say more adult. The figure is simplified and features are subtracted in order to standardise the characters, making them more graphic in the process.
  • The Editorial Style is inspired by the illustration tradition rather than comic books like New Yorker cartoon instead of the funnies page.

At Best-Digital Marketing, we will work with you to decide what is the best style for your message and your brand.

3D Animations

3D animation videos are the most innovative way to sell new products or services via design, model, render and animate in 3D. A 3D animation video is meant to offer high-quality detail and realism using the most advanced technology.

Best-Digital Marketing Services is a 3D Animation Company, formed by an interdisciplinary group of digital artists, 2D, and 3D animators, motion graphics specialists, designers and architects. We position our expertise in digital arts, video production and postproduction, animation and architectural visualisation.

In each 3D animation that we produce, we capture the vision of our clients and make it visually real, creative and appealing.

Get our 3D animation services as an innovative and different way to show your projects and differentiate yourself from the competition.

We use the finest combination of digital concepts and techniques that offer impressive and professional results.

Add some dimension to your video with 3D animations. These are great for showcasing a complex product, animated explainer videos or turning your logo into an eye-catching animation.

Hybrid live Action video

Our video team creates high-quality live-action videos as well. We can combine this with our animation expertise to create unique and engaging hybrid videos that take your audience on a journey they would not experience anywhere else.

Hybrid videos are excellent for explainer videos, introductory videos, how-to videos and much more.

want to start your next video project?

Promotional services

Creating a video is just the first step. After that, you need to promote your video and analyse how well it is working for your brand.

When you work with Best-Digital Marketing, your dedicated content marketing specialist will help you determine the best ways to promote the video.

This may include but not limited to:

✓ Posting it to your blog.

✓ Embedding it on your landing pages.

✓ Sharing on YouTube and social media.

✓ Distributing it through marketing emails.

Partner With One Of The Best Whiteboard Animation Video Agency

Whiteboard animation videos are drawn and recorded in sequence on a digital whiteboard.

An animated presentation is then created as they are played back with a time-lapse or stop-motion effect.

Whiteboard animations are sometimes referred to as video scribing and animated doodling. The quality of the overall viewer experience will vary along with a marketer’s intended use.

The majority of those who use whiteboard animation videos are educators and businesses.

At Best-Digital Marketing, we help you make a statement of your brand, product or services to your target audience – locally, nationally and globally combining video, content creation and strategy along with SEO to achieve your business objectives and goals.

Illustrate Your Message

Whiteboard videos provide visual cues for the time-strapped viewer. Because they are one of the most digestible, seamless types of marketing content, whiteboard videos are tailor-made for today’s consumer audience.

Using custom illustration, software-enabled animation, sound effects and the expertise of top motion graphics designers, you can create a video that is direct, engaging, targeted and impactful.

What is your brand message? Now let’s animate it.

Whiteboard Animations for Marketing

When used as a marketing tool, whiteboard animation videos simplify a complicated message in an entertaining and engaging format. Unimaginable topics are brought to life and become very interesting.

In addition, businesses use whiteboard animations to inform customers of how to properly use a product or to highlight the benefits of a specific product.

When focused around the target audience and presented in a storytelling format, the animated characters in a whiteboard animation videos help viewers identify with the message, which is crucial to building trust between the audience and brand. 

The impacts of these kinds of benefits have a tangible impact on the most important metrics of marketing campaigns such as click-through-rates – CTRs, bounce rates, conversion rates and ultimately revenue creation.

Educate Your Audience

Dissect complex product specifications and offer step-by-step explanations and animate how-to guides to bring your customers and prospects up to speed on your business capabilities and product offerings.

Words are great. Graphics are better. Animated graphics works the best.

Using brand-specific typography, style, instructions and narration, our high calibre video team starts at the drawing board and finishes with the final touches of video editing to create the educational content your audience craves.

Humans Love Whiteboard Animation Videos

The human brain is wired to process visual aspects incredibly fast. In fact, some research indicates our brains process images 60,000 times faster than words.

This along with everything else makes whiteboard animation videos ideal for delivering promotional pitches.

The simplicity of whiteboard animations is what keeps the viewer engaged and makes the information easy to digest since the information is presented in somewhat of a storytelling mode, well-designed animations build up curiosity and excitement while rewarding the viewer as the story unfolds.

Present Big Ideas on Small Screens

Your dedicated animator and scriptwriter take your ideas to the screens of your audiences’ laptops and smartphones.

Throughout each stage of brainstorming the idea, writing the script, designing the visuals and producing your marketing video, we infuse your story and your business expertise.

We combine custom artwork and the best in whiteboard animation software applications including Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Audition for high-quality results.

For additional context, we include off-screen voiceover talent, enhanced audio and graphical annotations like subtitles, company logos and calls-to-action – CTAs.

Great Potential to Go Viral

When used as part of social media video marketing strategy, whiteboard animation videos have the potential to go viral and achieve mass appeal.

The fact that the old and young, loyal and new customers, industry newbies and experts all find whiteboard animation appealing – makes this marketing tool a hot pick for social sharing.

Whiteboard animation videos are a very affordable marketing tool, extremely successful in helping businesses stand out from competitors and do not require near the overhead cost.

Video marketing in general has become instrumental in the world of marketing but whiteboard animations are exceptional when a business is looking to send a message that is both memorable and valuable.

In a high-tech society where most consumers want immediate gratification and social interaction, whiteboard animation videos are proving themselves as a must-have marketing tool.

Whiteboard Videos In Your Content Marketing Strategy

Whiteboard animations are multifunctional corporate video assets that marketers in all industries can benefit from. This creative marketing tool can:

Tell your product or service story in an engaging, animated fashion.

Break down complex concepts for the average viewer.

Engage your audience.

Boost your digital content campaign.

Increase sales and business results.

Do you have existing marketing collateral that is dormant on your site? Then re-purpose it into a short 90-second whiteboard animation embedded on a landing page.

Do you need to engage followers on social media? Create quick-hitting, informative 30-60-second videos generate more likes, comments and shares.

Is your sales process slowing down after the first few touch points? Try creating whiteboard videos that prospective clients can share with internal stakeholders and advocate on your behalf.

Videos help populate resource centres with dynamic media, quickly answer site visitors’ questions and exhibit the more innovative and creative side of your brand, product or services.

Put a fresh spin on your corporate videos with the high-value video animation production that can drive your content marketing strategy.

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