Lead Magnet Content

Best-Digital Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency who can incentivise leads, impress prospects and improve your value with lead magnet content.

Your Best-Digital Marketing experts will design, create, mould and craft the asset according to his or her experience in your niche, field or industry to meet your company’s guidelines, ambitions and goals.

Lead Magnet Content

Best-Digital Marketing’s comprehensive team of animators, copywriters, videographers, consultants, managers and graphic designers will design, create, mould and craft custom content for every phase of the customer journey.

To generate even greater interest in your brand and to nurture leads closer to a final sale, lead magnet content can push you potential customers over the goal line.

Examples of lead magnets include:


Tutorials / Demos


Visual Guides

Preliminary Audits

Competitor Analysis

Print Downloadables

Case Studies




And Much More

What Is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering contact details such as trial subscriptions, a digital download content, checklists, reports, e-books, videos, samples, white papers, free consultations and much more.

Marketers often use lead magnets to create sales leads by convincing and attempting to convert the leads into paying customers of a product or service or they may market unrelated offerings to the sales leads.

We Make Ours A Great Lead Magnet

There are seven things that our lead magnet could do if you want it to be irresistible. Our best lead magnet converts really well for us for several reasons:

✅  Solves a real problem – if your lead magnet does not solve a real problem that your customer avatar has or if it does not give them something they want then it will not work at all.

✅  Promises one quick win – our lead magnet promise and deliver at least one quick win for your avatar. In other words – it would help them to achieve something quickly.

✅  Super specific – do not create a lead magnet about something general. We will be clear about the benefit of your lead magnet and it will convert potential customers. We can also personalise these lead magnet to a specific landing page to make it even better.

✅  Quick & Easy to digestPDF checklists tend to convert well because they are so quick and easy to digest. E-books or lengthy reports may make your prospects feel overwhelmed.

✅  High value – our lead magnet have both – high perceived value and high actual value.

✅  Instantly accessible – our lead magnet works best when they can be delivered immediately. People love instant gratification.

✅  Demonstrates our UVP and/or expertise – when someone consumes our lead magnet – it shows our expertise or unique value proposition – UVP. This helps turn leads into customers down your sales funnel.

Best-Digital Marketing has the knowledge, experience and expertise to nail these qualities hence conversions will exponentially increase across your website.

Now that you are aware what makes a good lead magnet – get in touch now and see how we can get your lead magnet in front of your target audience and the right people.

Lead Magnet Content 2

White Papers

Establish authority in your industry and provide the most comprehensive piece of content on a topic your leads crave – all possible with a white paper.

White Paper Design Services

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Combine stunning E-book design and effective storytelling to wow prospects.

E-book s are media-rich, visual assets that stand out from other lead magnets, and they convincingly incentivise downloads and form completions.

E-Book Writing Services


Keep prospects informed on new products, promotions and location changes, nurture your leads and contribute enormously to growing your online presence.

Newsletters are great lead magnets to target your audience with valuable, relevant content to drive traffic to your website and serve your commercial goals.

Newsletter Writing Services

Your Leads – Your Content

Best-Digital Marketing’s team of experts, strategists and project consultants and managers can help you:

  Align lead magnets with high-value prospects.

  Develop targeted buyer personas.

  Launch a full-scale lead-nurturing campaign.

  Measure performance and effectiveness.

  Recommend complementary assets.

  Optimise and Re-direct where necessary.

Lead Magnet Content 1

Some Of Our Related Lead Magnet Content include:

Press Release Writing

Press Release Writing

We create well worded press releases that work wonders for your SEO campaign.

Product Description Writing

Product Description

Make your products stand out and bring them to life with our product description writing.

SEO Content writing

Content For SEO

Turn your site into a backlink magnet with high quality articles optimised for SEO.

Web Copywriting

Website Copywriting

We write website copy that captivates, engages & converts into customers.

Blog Writing - Blogging

Blog Writing

Establish your expertise and gain loyal readers with our expert blog writing services.

E-Book Writing

E-book Writing

Build your list by offering engaging E-books written by our professional expert writers.

Newsletter Writing

Newsletter Writing

Enlighten and engage your target audiences with highly targeted newsletters.

Social Media Writing

Social Media Writing

Need some awesome content for your social media feed? We have you covered.

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