Get Traffic to Your Website Fast

How to Get Traffic To Your Website Fast

The goal of marketing is to get a potential or existing customer to take a specific action related to your business.

It could be anything, like signing up for your email list, watching an opt-in video, purchasing your product or filling out a customer survey and more.

When you are looking to get traffic to your website fast, it can be difficult to decide on the right form of marketing medium to use.

Regardless of the medium you use – certain marketing principles hold true.

Below we highlight a few different marketing tricks you can use to increase traffic to your website fast without any lengthy efforts. No matter if you are going the print or digital route.

Ensure Your Offer Is Compelling

It is inadequate to ask someone to visit your website.

People have overflowing to do lists and there is not enough time for them to visit a site for no reason at all.

compelling offer

You need to give them a compelling reason to actually visit. This can be something like a free trial, a free e-Book or even a free online course.

Picture – visiting your website as a beneficial thing in your customer’s life.

This is especially true if you are using any kind of printed medium.

If your reader comes across your advert or piece of marketing material and immediately forgets your URL then they will not visit your site.

Memorable URL

Your URL must be short, clear, related to your offer and easy to remember. You can even create a unique URL and redirect it to an existing page on your website.

How will you know which marketing methods are the most effective? There are tons of ways you can use to send more traffic to your site.  Some methods will work better than others.

Focus on your efforts by tracking your clicks to determine what actually works and this done by using Google Analytics or trackable links through a service like

Google Analytics

Make sure to only run one marketing campaign at any one time so you can be sure that your traffic is coming from that source and it is easier to monitor the results.

What is the use of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is one of the most popular digital analytics software. It is Google’s free web analytics service that allows you to analyse in-depth detail about the visitors on your website. It provides valuable insights that can help you to shape the success strategy of your business.

You must tell your readers what to do next.

If you want them to visit your site to complete a survey, give a feedback, subscribe to your blog or newsletter, buy a product or service – just tell them.

If you want them to go to your site and sign up for a free trial then tell them.

call to action

You must be very specific with your call to action. The clearer you can be the better.

The colours for the call to action buttons should also match your business goal since it decides whether gaining or losing a potential customer.

Call to action colour buttons

Successfully choosing the correct call to action colour buttons will result in an increase in your click through rates and reward your efforts.

Here are some examples:

Success CTA coulur rates
Colour success rate for CTA

When sending traffic to your website make sure you send them to a very specific page on your site that is related to your marketing.

Do not just send them to your home page. There are simply too many choices and it is easy for your readers to get lost.

Create a very specific page that is in alignment with the offer and the action you want them to take. This will help you gather tracking data to further optimise.

If customers do not act immediately then they will not act at all. Make sure your offer is time sensitive otherwise there is a great chance they will not even act at all.

Deadline encourage action

When placing your deadline make sure that it is near your call to action so your users do not gloss over it.

Do not let your website turn into a nightmare for your visitors. The first thing that has a huge impact on any visitor – is how fast your website responds.

No matter if the user is new or old, if a website is taking too long to open then there is no reason to linger on and customers will move on.

3 second window

If you are in the race of grabbing website traffic fast then do emphasize on your website speed. It is one of the vital factors taken into account by the algorithm as well to improve the ranking.

Speed & Accessibility

Long loading page times simply drive your website towards lower ranking. Speeding the website is one of the effective approaches to grab and retain traffic with zero marketing efforts.

Longer dwell time clearly indicates a better user experience. If a user is interested on your website then he/she will spend more time on it.

Dwell Time

Abandoning action on a website apparently states poor performance. The reason maybe customers did not find anything useful and relevant or may be due to slow loading speed.

Do not give a chance to your potential customers to leave and opt for some other website.

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Social media platform is all about interaction which is incomplete without consumers. It is all about getting traffic fast and targeting platforms that are full of consumers.

Social media helps in getting traffic without incurring any cost.

Most effective platforms used to engage with consumers, increase your followers’ list – by posting enticing content to your social media post.

social media

The more they like your content – the more they will follow you which ultimately lead to more website visits. Ensure to share fresh and latest content on social media frequently.

This way – the reader will be directed to your website to read your content further, explore your useful blogs and add to their knowledge. Another way to increase website traffic fast.

Today every marketer is using content as an impact on consumers. This is the reason why content creation and marketing has become a powerful means to grab traffic.

How will you get the competitive edge? You will need to do something extraordinary to stand out from the crowd. Use long-form content to deliver something extra that is not delivered on others site.

What is considered long form content?

It seems to be a thing now. Long form content is said to be ranking higher and engaging more readers. Long-form content is generally content that has more than 2400 words

Long-form content is a strong reason that makes your consumer visits your website again and again.

Long Form Content Traffic

This shows search engines are considering long-form content to be more valuable. It is written in a detailed way covering each aspect of the topic deeply.

So creating long-form content you can create powerful identities – like quality and useful content for your site.

Always recommend and share it further thus giving exposure to your content and attracting traffic fast in no time.

Website responsiveness is something where most of the owners lack and complain about the limited traffic.

To increase website traffic fast – you need to make sure that your website is capable of servicing those on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices as well.

Responsive Website

Limited service means limited consumers. Expanded services mean expanded network and consumers.

A responsive website tends to acquire more traffic in less time due to its ability to serve every user with the exceptional user experience.

Traditional method of email marketing must not be neglected at any cost. If used correctly – Email marketing can be a powerful channel.

Here subscriber list plays the part. Accumulating quality subscribers in your list who are genuinely interested in hearing from you rather than buying a list is very important. This will increase website traffic.

Stay connected with your subscriber by using emails and never let them feel ignored. Do not overdo anything.

Email Marketing

Maintain consistency in sending the email. Do not bombard them with too many emails on a daily basis as it may annoy them. Send it once or twice a month.

This will retain the customers and also keep them buying over and over again. Email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share the content. More sharing means wider reach of consumers.

For more efficacies – segment the list of the subscriber and customise your messages to cater to their needs. You can automate and schedule the emails to reach your consumers at the right time.

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One form of content is not enough to impress the users of various platforms. Every platform has its own identity, is different in its own way and the users are also distinct.

Some may want the content in the form of videos, some in graphics and other in text form or some others would prefer to listen to it.

You will need to repurpose your content to meet every user’s needs.

How to re-purpose content

Keeping the content in just one form means you are limiting your audience. Transform and release your content in every form to serve every kind of user.

Below are some of the ways to repurpose your content:

  • Blog post – Podcast
  • Blog post –Webinar
  • Video- Infographic
  • Video – Blog post
  • Blog post – Slide Share
  • Podcast – Checklist

More accessible content = more consumers.

There are also different ways to repurpose your content according to long form, short form and visual form as shown below.

Different ways to re-purpose Content

Keywords are crucial in fetching the relevant traffic to the website. Right results cannot be derived with wrong approaches.

Make sure you are using the keywords related to your niche – to get the relevant and quality traffic. Choosing the right keywords is an important task.

Using Google keyword checker tool you can find the best keywords in a few clicks and focus is towards increasing traffic to your website fast by choosing the right keywords.

Figure out what kind of keywords related to your niche are being searched the most.

While writing the blog post on social media – figure out keywords or topics with high search volume.

keyword Research

Blend the keywords in your blog posts and this will help in making your blog post rank. This is the ultimate action expected by the website owners to drive traffic to the website.

Website re-designing is a good choice to increase traffic. Some owner may think it is not a good move in terms of time and money invested – they are wrong.

Finding futile errors and rectifying them takes more time than redesigning a website.

Your website may be old, not mobile user friendly, content not so appealing and navigation flow depleted.

This will cause a horrible experience to your existing users and scare them away for good let alone new visitors.

A great solution would be re-designing your website. This will bring out a new improved or enhanced version of your website.

Website Re-designing

The efficiency of the website will increase and you can get it customised to the current demands of your users.

It is advisable to conduct deep research on the competitors’ websites which are doing great in the market.

This will give you some great ideas and infuse them whilst re-designing your website. The better your website – the better will be the traffic.

Follow Skyscraper Technique

Are you familiar with this or is it something new? Don’t Worry Be Happy – we have it covered – there are thousands of ways to drive traffic. Some of them succeed and some of them not.

This is a proven technique Skyscraper Technique -which has done wonders for the marketers and helped them in achieving their goals.

Skyscraper Technique Checklist

What is the prime requirement to get the traffic?

First – you should analyse what the consumer is looking for? Then grab the topics with high search volume related to your niche – what most of the people are looking for

With the topics by your side it is really easy to get traffic. These topics search for link-worthy content which is more likely to get linked.

Link- worthy content adds value to the users and covers the topic deeply. It also captures the users’ interest and keep them bounded.

This is the main reason why this type of content attracts so many backlinks with all the requisites of quality content.

All you need to do is- try to come up with something better than the link-worthy blogs that you have visited and your blog is good to go and do well in the market.

Reach out the right audience and try to get links as many as possible. Once consumers find your blog link-worthy then chances will be higher to have a high number of backlinks required to rank.

One step further – through these links you also have the other website reader redirected to your website thus increasing your website traffic.

Give Headlines Extra Attention

There are three solid headline formulas that tend to perform well:

  1. How To {Do Something} That Will {Help You Experience Desired Result}
  2. {No} Ways To {Do Something} To {Produce Desired Result}
  3. What Is The Best {Topic} That Will {Do Something Desirable}?

Now, those formulas vary a lot, but the point is that how to, list, and question headlines tend to get the most engagement.

Here are 30 emotional headline formulas that will spark your creativity:

Headline as Questions

Which one do you think is a compelling headline and can attract the audience? Well any of the above will definitely increase your click through rates on your blog page any time.

You should never miss the headline – if you are serious about increasing traffic to your website.

Headlines play an important for any media. It is used to attract audience to read the whole content or blog.

Headlines may be attractive, impressive, eye-catching and little bit controversial which provoke the audience to read.

Give headline extra attention

There are billions of blogs published on a daily basis, competition is high and users are left with the most difficult part?

Which blog should the user read? The Winner is the one with the best Headline. It is not feasible to check one by one but the most appealing headline will entice users and win a click.

Always optimise your headline using your target keyword and make it catchy – using the emotional words.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Platform

If you want to drive a huge amount of traffic to your website then targeting a platform which already has a good number of users must be a priority.

LinkedIn platform has a huge potential to give you relevant traffic. LinkedIn currently has over 610 million members.

The network has 303 million active monthly users. 40% of which visit the site daily. 90 million senior-level influencers and 63 million decision makers use LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn to get more traffic

Create a robust content and share it on LinkedIn to grab the user’s attention to become followers and they explore more content on your website.

Every marketer understands the importance of posting content on LinkedIn. Over 3 million users share content on LinkedIn on a weekly basis.

It is one of the best platforms where you can find large collection of professionals. Frequent content publishing is essential to keep them engaged.

You will experience business popularity and increase in traffic too.

Content Strategy Should Include Embedded Videos

Try to use a different approach rather than adopting regular efforts used by every marketer to entice visitors. So – try embedding videos in your content strategy.

This will surely make your website more engaging and influencing. Research has shown that videos are an asset and are quite fruitful in attracting new customers.

Embed Videos

Video marketing is a good choice to get the audience attention and engage them in your website. Content in the form of videos is grasped more easily and do leave an influential effect on the viewers.

Visuals are more powerful than the words and leave a lasting impression on the audience. It is better to opt for this technique and also explore ways to increase website traffic fast.

Wrapping Up

Every website is struggling hard to drive enough traffic and they are looking forward to explore ways that work fast.

Increasing traffic is not limited to any one particular method but using these elements is a matter of significance.

These strategies have helped several businesses to increase and enhance remarkable growth in their traffic and conversions.

Now – it is your turn to speed up your business progress

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