PPC Management Pricing

Best-Digital Marketing Services PPC management services help ensure that you get the most out of your advertising budget.

Pay per click - PPC advertisements can generate 50% more conversions than organic content – only if they are part of a creative and well crafted marketing strategy.

PPC Management Services

Our paid search management services at Best-Digital Marketing prices PPC campaigns as a monthly package of 10 units with each unit costing £215 or as a custom quote of two units per hour of work. This does not include the cost per click – CPC fees charged by the advertising platform.

For context purposes – the cost-effectiveness of Google Ads are as follows:

  • Google delivers an 8:1 Return on Investment – ROI or $8 for every $1 spent
  • $9000-$10,000 is the average ad spend for small-to-mid sized businesses
  • $10-$50 is the recommended daily budget for a Google Ads campaign
  • $1-$2 is the average Cost Per Click – CPC for Google Ads
  • $1-$2 is the average CPC for the Google Search Network
  • $1 or less is the average CPC for the Google Display Network

The following paid search advertising statistics confirms and further stregthens why PPC campaign is required to increase and improve your brands exposure and recognition.

PPC Management

Our PPC strategists take the reins on your digital advertising efforts for 10 units per month with a monthly managed-spend limit of £2500. We will help you target your audience, manage and monitor your campaigns and deliver strategic support for all of the following:

  • Paid Text ads.
  • Display ads.
  • Re-targeting including AdRoll.
  • Shopping campaigns like Google, Amazon and more.
  • Syndication like Outbrain, ZergNet, Zemanta, Taboola and 3rd Party.
  • And much more.
Ad Clicks On Google Ads

95% of ad clicks on mobile devices go to Google Ads’ campaigns

Ads Influence Decision

90% of consumers say ads influence their purchase decisions

Traffic Via Search Engine

87% of web traffic comes via search engines

Ads Make Easier Finding

75% of users say paid search ads make it easier to find information

Mobile Search on Google

64% of mobile searches take place on Google

Total Ads Spending

63% of total ad spending goes to mobile

Mobile Ads Clicks

60% of users click on mobile ads at least once a week

Ads Clicks From Mobile

52% of ad clicks come from mobile devices

Rolling Paid Search Management

On top of  or in lieu of monthly service, our dedicated PPC strategists can manage your monthly PPC budget at a rate of two units per hour.

Our PPC strategist provides additional support and expertise and re-allocates ad spend across networks on as and when basis to maximise results utilising our specialised paid search management tools.

We diversify and optimise your paid spend across the following campaign types:

  • Display Ads.
  • Re-targeting Ads.
  • Paid Search Ads.
  • Syndication  -Taboola, Outbrain and Third-Party Networks.
  • Google Shopping Campaigns.
  • And much more.
Paid Search Management

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PPC Marketing Services

Every client undergoes a formal onboarding process – regardless of which of our marketing services they sign up for. We will work with your marketing team to become familiar with your core business goals and understand your current marketing strategy.

From there – we will look at baseline metrics through Google Analytics, Search Console and other web analytics platforms along with our paid search advertising tools to determine how we can help you achieve your marketing objectives.

Finally we will assign a PPC expert to your business to help you with every stage of your digital advertising campaign.

PPC Marketing Services

Pay Per Click – PPC advertising is exactly what it sounds like: Each time someone clicks on one of your ads – you pay a small fee to the platform that published the ad.

Across the industry, the average click through rate – CTR for paid ads is 0.48% for display ads such as banners, and approximately 2.27% for search. While this may not seem high compared to organic CTR however  conversion rates for paid ads can be anywhere from 47% to 175% higher on average than organic content.

The secret to managing a highly effective PPC campaign that will yield a relatively high CTR, a strong conversion rate and good ROI is to use paid ads as one facet of a cohesive marketing strategy.

Each PPC campaign should somehow serve a specific variable function and have a clear established success metrics.

At Best-Digital Marketing Services - our specialists manage PPC campaigns in the following areas:

Google Ads

Google and YouTube occupy an estimated 24.7% of all ad spend in digital and traditional. The search engine giant sells PPC ads on a display network and on its search engine network which reaches 90% of all internet users.

It also boasts some of the highest CTRs of all ad networks. At Best-Digital Marketing Services – we help manage Google search and display ads in all of the following ways:

  • Keyword Selection.
  • Meta Description Optimisation.
  • Ad landing page Optimisation.
  • Campaign Performance Monitoring.
  • Banner Ad Design.
  • Target Audience Identification.
  • Retargeting Management.
  • A/B Testing.
  • Google Shopping Campaign Management.
  • Gmail Ads.
  • Local Services by Google.
Pay Per Click - PPC- Paid Search Advertising Campaign

Our PPC professionals also collaborate with content strategists to help improve the Quality Score of each ad landing page.

A strong Quality Score is the result of relevant, keyword-optimised landing page copy and it can help you win bids at a lower CPC.

We also ensure that your landing page UX is optimised to convert site visitors into successful leads.

Retargeting Ads

Retargeting Ads

Ads are most effective when they target leads that have already expressed interest in the types of products and services you are selling.

Retargeting networks use cookies and third-party data to match your ad content up with web users’ based on their browsing behaviours.

At Best-Digital Marketing Services – our PPC consultants manage and optimise ad spend across retargeting networks to help you get your ad content in front of potential customers.

We use platforms such as AdRoll, Re Targeter and Perfect Audience to support your remarketing efforts and drive up conversion rates and also the appropriate paid search advertising tools.

Custom PPC Advertising Services

Just because it is not referenced on this page – it does not mean we are unable to do it.

Our comprehensive strategies, adaptable marketing services and flexible pricing models makes it easy for us to deliver any custom made services that include but not limited to:

  • Ad Design.
  • Text Ad Copywriting.
  • Amazon Ad Campaigns.
  • Bing Ad Campaigns.
  • Custom PPC Reporting.
  • Meta Description Optimisation.
  • Ad Landing Page Optimisation.
  • Call to action – CTA Marketing.
  • And Much More

Get Your PPC Campaigns Working For You

Social Media Ads

Best-Digital Marketing Services offers social media ad management at a rate of three units per ad for up to £1500 in ad spend.

Any managed spend above £1500 is custom quoted. As part of our services -our social media consultant will work across social networks to home in on target audiences and maximise the performance of your campaigns.

We also provide reporting and one custom image per ad. The social media ad networks we support include but not limited to:

YouTube Ads     Facebook Ads.

Instagram Ads.   Pinterest Ads.

Snapchat Ad.    Twitter Ads.

LinkedIn Ads.

Social Media Ads
Video Advertising - Video Ads

Syndication Networks & Video Ads

Paid syndication extends your content across third-party sites helping to get your brand’s messaging in front of a larger audience.

Our PPC experts leverage networks such as Outbrain, ZergNet, Zemanta and Taboola to get your content listed on other websites so that you can expand and tap into their existing audiences.

Best-Digital Marketing’s full-service video team can script, produce, shoot and edit video ads that demonstrate the value of your products and services.

Our PPC managers can help you distribute the ad across relevant channels to maximise exposure and gain the traffic to your brand.

Better PPC Management Starts At Best-Digital Marketing Services 

As a reputable PPC marketing agency – Best-Digital Marketing’s PPC experts can set up search campaigns, analyse results and fine tune your strategy based on real-world data with our flexible approach.

This flexibility is great for getting the most from your ad spend and also means our active management involvment in your PPC campaign will achieve optimal results.

Our PPC strategists work collaborate with you team to understand your company, its
mission and current objectives. And with advanced analytics tools and capabilities, we will  help to spot trends and make tactical adjustments to your advantage.

Here are a few insights, Best-Digital Marketing Services experts dwell into that could help you win prospective customers while they are searching online.

  • Location and Convenience Optimisation.
  • Informed Customer Analysis.
  • Optimise Complementary Categories.
  • Prepare for unexpected changes.
  • Power of Reviews Optimisation.
  • Mobile Optimisation.

Therefore it would be in your best interest to include Best-Digital Marketing’s experienced PPC experts to help you:

  • Identify High Intent Keyword
  • Define Your Goals
  • Craft Engaging Copy
  • Decide your Ad Scale
  • Analyse Performance
  • Bidding Management
  • Test Landing Pages
  • Amend & Change direct for maximum ROI

Online shoppers are sophisticated consumers with complex needs and desires. Depending on your industry and target audience, your Best-Digital Marketing Services strategist can help you launch your clearly defined paid search campaigns on search engines like Google and Bing, Facebook and Instagram Ads
as well as other reputable syndication platforms like Outbrain. ZergNet, Zemanta and Taboola.

The best PPC services for your brand are the PPC services that boost CTR and drive up conversions. At Best-Digital Marketing Services, we make sure that every PPC campaign we launch is delivered to the right audience through the right network.

We also analyse the content at the other end of every ad we help create and/or distribute to ensure that you get the lowest possible CPC with the highest possible ROI.

In the age of non-interruptive marketing, paid advertising still has its place in most content marketing strategies and we will help you find it.

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