Social Media Management Packages

Best-Digital Marketing’s social media marketing consultants can help you navigate all things social. With our affordable social media management packages - we work with any platform, audience, niche and industry.

We know all about social media. You know all about your brand. Together - we can expand and accelerate your socIal presence. We offer affordable social media management packages to increase your brand awareness, increase conversion and drive sales.

Social Media Management Packages

We offer affordable social media management packages at Best-Digital Marketing – our consultants offer specialist insight to implement social media strategies customised to your brand and overall digital marketing goals.

We provide ongoing social media consulting services on channel updates, trends, changes, engagement solutions and progressive social media campaigns and strategies.

When working with Best-Digital Marketing – everything is planned out in advance, giving full visibility into the past, present and future trajectory of your social media marketing campaigns.

These efforts empower you and your team to execute on and build a strong, trusted voice in the crowded social media space.

Social Media Management Packages

Best-Digital Marketing’s experienced strategist also remove any vanity metrics so that your analytics are as accurate and actionable as possible.

With our social media management packages – consultants see data differently than others. With extensive experience, savvy social intuition and advanced social media tools – we interpret the numbers through the prism of your commercial objectives.

Through social listening – your social media strategist identifies how your brand is being mentioned across social media networks and flags any concerns and offers quick resolutions to keep a positive conversation going with your followers and audiences.

Knowing where your target audience hang out is important to ensure your message is delivered to them using the appropriate marketing strategies and their preferred communications vehicle with our affordable social media management packages.

Why Choose Us For Your Social Media Management Package

Social Media Experts

We are social media experts

Social media is one of the most effective methods of promoting your business online and it requires extensive expertise, hard work and knowledge. Our team has vast amounts of marketing experience, skills and technical knowledge.

Affordable Prices

We are pRICE affordable

Marketing can be very expensive but we pride ourselves on our affordable social media management packages. Our plans start from as little as £599 per month - a price that all small businesses or start-ups can afford.

Sit Back & Relax - Chill

We let you sit back and relax

We know you are busy. If you do not have the time to create new content and engage with your target audience on social media or you do not want to then you can depend on us to administer your accounts – and we do a great job!

Customers Love It

We post content your customers will love

We will research your industry and create content that engages your followers and puts your brand in front of a wider target audience. We put unique and creative thought into every piece of content we create - No fluffs and nothing generic.

Eye Catching Graphics

Stand out with Eye-catching graphics

Our social media management packages include stunning custom graphics that are designed for your business. Your colours, fonts, logos and identity - lovingly repackaged for your social media target audience.

Affordable Social Media Management

affordable social media management

Whether you run a hairdresser salon or a wedding business – there is definitely the power of social media. If you are thinking about increasing your online presence or introducing social media to your mix then let Best-Digital Marketing manage your channels.

We take the pressure out of managing your social media channels and give you all the time to focus on what matters the most – running your business the way you know how.

With our social media management packages starting from as little as £599/month– our services are designed from small businesses to large corporates in mind.

Working with Best-Digital Marketing – you will experience the following benefits on your social media strategy.

How to Market on Social Media

Confirm Your Business as an Industry Leader and Topical Authority.

Are you struggling to get the best results from your social media marketing strategy? Becoming a thought leader does not happen overnight.

However with creative social media marketing ideas and a data-driven social media marketing business approach – you can position your brand as an expert in your respective field in a short span of time.

Every step is crucial in creating a successful social media management business campaign – from choosing the right social media channels to develop your social media content marketing strategy.

Are you ready to begin your marketing strategy journey through social media? With our social media management packages – YES you can and we will be with you all the way!

Our social media management experts can put together a creative, adaptive and evergreen strategy using amazing tools with social media best practices to promote your business across online social media platforms effectively.

Follow these social media marketing tips from Best-Digital Marketing’s expert social media management consultants:

Do - Dos

This Is What You Should Do

Identify the appropriate social media marketing platforms

Analyse your audience behaviour

Conduct extensive market research

Craft engaging content

Engage with your followers

Run targeted social media advertisements

Optimise your social media pages

Ensure brand consistency across platforms

Combine your marketing channels

Partner with industry influencers

Conduct A/B tests of your ad campaigns

Analyse campaign results

Adapt & Optimise your social media campaigns based on analytics

Dont - Donts

This Is What You Should Not Do

Oversell your products and services

Copy competitors’ social media marketing ideas that do not match your branding

Work without a social media marketing plan

Treat all social media marketing channels the same

Rely too much on automation

Measure the wrong metrics

Buy followers

Use irrelevant hashtags

Keep silent on comment sections and threads

Cross-post on your social media accounts

These B2B social media management processes are composed on improving your business’ social media presence and achieving your brand/ reputation goals.

Let us help you develop and implement a robust social media management business plan. Schedule a consultation with one of our social media management specialists and let’s turn your social media marketing ideas into a comprehensive strategy today.

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Best Uses of Social Media Management

As more and more brands are getting on board with social media advertising – you must understand how to use social media for marketing and advertising to expand and increase your conversion opportunities.

To inform you on how social media advertising works – our social media management team enumerates the primary purposes of social media ads:

1. Introduce your brand.

2. Promote your products and services.

3. Bring attention to your special brand offerings – such as promos and events.

4. Retarget already interested prospects.

5. Send online followers to your website.

The ultimate goal of social media advertising is to generate new clients and increase your online revenue and sales.

Discover the best social media advertising platforms to invest your ad money and grow your sales. Get in touch with our social media video marketing team today.

All In One Social Media Management Packages

FROM £599

Drive Website Traffic, Increase Leads, Sales and Brand Awareness and meet Customer Expectations


Social Media Management

At Best-Digital Marketing – we always manage social media with creating a robust strategy hence it is social media with a purpose.

More than just publishing social posts – your social media consultant will also create 360-degree strategies that span across all the social media platforms of your choice.

We target the content creation and then share it to connect, convert and contribute to your brand and business goals.

Our social media specialist team focus on engaging viewers through relevant content and networking with industry influencers. For us – social media is more than just a digital marketing strategy – it is a business strategy.

We connect you with micro and macro influencers in your market. Influencer marketing outreach grows your audience base, increases brand awareness and funnels more conversions towards sales.

We will manage your social media accounts on a monthly basis thus taking the burden off you and your team.

Each social media management strategy reflects the intent of each social media channel  – allowing you to devote resources to the platforms – your target audience uses most.

Social Media Management Services

Targeted Solutions

Best-Digital Marketing offers several brand-specific solutions to elevate your social media presence.

For Twitter – we do more than send out tweets. We offer live tweeting and follower pushes. To engage and convert users across all pages – we create and manage social media contests.

With paid search and social ad management – we advise you on where your money is best spent for maximum results. Our strategists work across all major social media platforms and are well-versed in implementing display ads, retargeting, syndication and Google Shopping Campaigns.

Our experienced team also manages email and newsletter marketing to nurture your subscribers and keep your followers completely updated on your business. We boost your blog posts by sharing them across social media sites.

We distribute press releases to turn your company’s newsworthy events into greater search presence, targeting brand awareness and organic industry coverage.

To connect your content with the right audience, your assigned specialist team creates buyer personas that allow you to communicate with potential customers in more strategic ways and further increasing your ROI on your social media marketing efforts.

Custom Made Services

As a social media management agency – Best-Digital Marketing offers several custom-made services to enhance your social media presence – in addition to fixed and continuous strategies that evolve over time.

Your social media strategist is well versed in the industry’s best tools and uses programs like Sprout Social, Google Analytics and Buzz Sumo to deliver custom reports.

We create additional social posts to complement your strategy, live tweet events and organically increase your followers on Twitter.

Our social media strategists create and manage social media contests to convert followers and track lead generation.

These results dive deeper into specific projects and campaigns to offer insight into what is working and why and execute the necessary steps to re-define your social media strategy.

We bolster your campaigns with social media ads management, email marketing and promotional newsletters.

We have different social media packages to fit every budget regardless of business size to maximise your return on investment – ROI.

Find & choose the right social media management package for your business.

We will set up a new or optimise your existing social media accounts. Our experts will apply your brand to your chosen social media accounts and we will start to:

✅  Build a community around your business

✅  Provide social customer service.

✅  Increase mentions in the press, magazines and local articles.

✅  Drive traffic to your website.

✅  Generate new leads.

✅  Increase brand awareness.


£ 599

Per Month

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Be Fresh – Be Social – Update My Feeds

✅  5 Posts/ Week On Twitter.

✅  5 Posts/ Week On Facebook.

✅  2 Posts/ Week On Instagram.

✅  Dedicated Account Manager With Email & WhatsApp Support.

  Custom Graphic Design.

  Monthly Rolling Plan With No Contract.

✅  Quarterly Plan Available.

ProfessionaL PACKAGE

£ 799

Per Month

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Engage – Grow Followers – Expand Your Reach

✅  10 Posts/ Week On Twitter.

✅  10 Posts/ Week On LinkedIn.

✅  10 Posts/ Week On Facebook.

✅  5 Posts/ Week On Instagram.

✅  Dedicated Account Manager With Email & WhatsApp Support.

  Custom Graphic Design.

  Monthly Rolling Plan With No Contract.

✅  Quarterly Plan Available.



Per Month

100 percent satisfaction guarantee

Increase Your Revenue – Fully Managed Services

✅  10 Posts/ Week On Twitter.

✅  10 Posts/ Week On LinkedIn.

✅  10 Posts/ Week On Facebook.

✅  5 Posts/ Week On Instagram.

✅  Dedicated Account Manager With Email & WhatsApp Support.

  Custom Graphic Design.

  Engagement Time Included As Standard.

  More Time For Strategy & Growth Planning.

  Monthly Rolling Plan With No Contract.

✅  Quarterly Plan Available.

Psst. We will be updating our packages and services soon. Sign up now to lock in our current rates!

Looking for something extra?

✅  Add another social media channel from as little as £99/month. Choose from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube or TikTok?

TikTok posts require original video content supplied and edited by the client while we handle caption and posting.

✅  Add analytics to your social dashboard from just £55/month to see how your content is performing in one easy to use platform.

✅  We will manage messages, comments and engagement from just £75/hour.

Our Bespoke Custom Packages

We specialise in affordable social media management for small businesses and startups.

However this does not mean that we cannot handle your well established brand to take your social media presence further to the next level.

We have provided and helped lots of clients from around the UK and the globe with their social media presence to increase brand awareness, demand and revenue to keep inline with their business goals.

If you are looking for help then do not hesitate to reach out to your friendly expert team today.

Which Social Media Package Should You Choose?

Our social media expert team will help you maximise your social media presence. After our initial discussion about your business objectives and goals – we will put together a social media business plan that will increase your brand awareness, engagement and product reputation.

We will also ensure you gain real followers that will add value to your business. We do not use third party services that offer curated content and fake followers – instead your business will see real and authentic followers in your targeted audience.

We handle Google ads, Bing ads, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook ad accounts for different businesses across the UK and around the globe in various different industry sectors.

Our PPC team has gained vast, diverse and thorough experience through running various successful local, national and international social media campaigns.

You can trust Best-Digital Marketing team to deliver results for you as we have done so for many others since inception.

Social Identity

At Best-Digital Marketing – we conduct a social media audit to assess your social community, analyse your competitor’s online and social presences and determine your target audience’s current perceptions of your brand.

With this valuable insight, we will create a strategy and implement solutions that will empower your brand to rise to the top of your playing field.

With campaign content calendar development, SEO-focused content mapping and persona research and development, your social media specialist will help you develop and refine your brand’s social identity.

Every brand needs a personality and social media is a stage to voice out that personality and Best-Digital Marketing is here – by your side all the way.

 Social Listening

Social media marketing is absolutely crucial when conversing with your target audience. Listening to others is just as important as sharing your own insights.

Social listening is the process of monitoring social media channels for mentions of your brand, competitors, product and much more.

Social listening means gathering information from across various social channels to determine what people are saying about your brand, products or services and industry.

This will give your social strategist a better understanding of the conversations in which you should be participating and also highlight gaps in the conversation that you can fill with your expertise.

Social listening gives brands an opportunity to track, analyse and respond to conversations about them on social media and it is a crucial component of audience research.

Finally –  our best practice will highlight any feedback your current or potential customers may be sharing online and give you the opportunity to respond to it.

Social Listening

Social Media Package Benefit.

As well as the management and posting highlights in the social media management package above – we also include the following :-

Choose Your Package For Your Business

We offer a creative and unique approach to Web Design, E-commerce Website, SEO, Website Security, Social Media Marketing & Advertising and Digital Marketing.

Our experienced professional team are experts in every field of Digital Marketing – so you can have a stunning, professionally designed website that gets you enquiries, leads and sales.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project with us – no matter how small or large – please use and complete the form below and we will get back to you – usually within a couple of hours.

Choose Your Social Media Management Package

Do you have any questions? Cause We have got the answers ……

Of course. We encourage clients to dip in and out and add their own content as and when they can. It is up to you how involved you want to be.

If you are too busy to do anything on social media then you can sit back and relax because we got your social media accounts covered.

Absolutely No! As exciting as platforms like OpenAI are – we do not think that AI can replicate the human touch just yet.

All of our social media content is lovingly created in-house by humans from our home offices in Christchurch, County Durham, West Midlands and the North East.

We use tools like Canva, Buffer and Photoshop to help us create and schedule our content.

We know that circumstances can change and there may not be a budget for marketing available. We charge our clients up front for the month ahead.

You can then decide whether or not to renew at the end of the month, taking breaks and coming back as and when required.

We will drop you an email to find out more about your business, get login details for your existing social media accounts and get to work.

We aim to go from signup to launch within a 7 to 10 working days although it may take a little longer depending on workloads.

We take payments via Direct Debit. Do not worry – you are free to cancel at any time.

International customers take your pick – you can pay via bank transfer or any major debit or credit card.

There is no catch! Some social media management companies charge upwards of £1,200 for our entry-level plan.

We work on scale – our team is highly-skilled and super-efficient thus allowing us to offer our social media management packages at an affordable price.

We do not offer the extras some other agencies might offer such as monthly reporting or catch-up calls as standard.

Absolutely. Just fill in the contact form in the above section of this page or click the button below to visit our Contact Centre we will get back to you.

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