Instagram Advertising Services

There is more to Instagram than just pretty pictures. Tell your brand’s visual story and amplify it with our Instagram Advertising Services. Our Instagram advertising - connects with a young and affluent audience by embracing the platform in your digital marketing strategy.

Best-Digital Marketing's Instagram advertising offer a unique opportunity to reach your audience, showcase products and build relationships in a creative, effective and expanding ways.

Best Instagram Advertising Services

At Best-Digital Marketing – we can help you accelerate and amplify your story because Instagram is owned by Meta / Facebook and we can take advantage of their rich targeting options.

We can target people by demographics, locations, education, work, interests, behaviours and even life events. Layering these together means we can define target audience very clearly and present them with adverts that drive results.

Our Instagram advertising services offers a variety of objectives for businesses to choose from when creating ads.

These objectives are designed to help businesses achieve their specific marketing goals. Here are some of the objectives provided by our Instagram Advertising Services:

✅  Brand Awareness: This objective focuses on increasing the reach and exposure of your brand to a broader audience. It aims to create familiarity and recognition among Instagram users.

✅  Reach: The Reach objective aims to maximise the number of unique users who see your ad. It is particularly useful if you want to reach a large audience and maximise ad impressions.

✅  Traffic: If your goal is to drive traffic to your website – the Traffic objective is suitable. It encourages users to click on your ad and visit your designated landing page.

✅  Engagement: The Engagement objective aims to maximise user interactions with your Instagram ad such as likes, comments, shares and saves. It is effective for fostering active engagement and building a community around your brand.

✅  App Installs: This objective is specifically designed for promoting mobile apps. It focuses on encouraging users to download and install your app from app stores.

✅  Video Views: If you want to promote videos and maximise views, the Video Views objective is ideal. It aims to drive more views and engagements for your video content on Instagram.

✅  Lead Generation: The Lead Generation objective allows you to collect valuable information from interested users such as email addresses or contact details. It simplifies the lead capture process – making it easier for users to express their interest in your offerings.

✅  Conversions: The Conversions objective is aimed at driving specific actions on your website such as purchases, sign-ups or form submissions. It requires the implementation of the Meta / Facebook Pixel or other conversion tracking methods.

✅  Catalogue Sales: If you have an e-commerce business then the Catalogue Sales objective enables you to promote your product catalogue and drive sales directly on Instagram.

Instagram Advertising Services

We can also build Custom Audiences which allows us to target users more specifically like consumers who have already visited your website and shown interest in your product or service. We also utilise existing email list that you have to show them adverts on Instagram.

Instagram Advertising Services also called Instagram Ads – are sponsored posts and stories. You can see the sponsored label and it also has a call-to-action button made for business owners who like to advertise.

As an Instagram advertising agency – we manage paid campaigns for brands across many sectors. The Instagram advertising services landscape changes daily with new advertising formats and optimisation opportunities all the time.

Our Instagram specialists will work for your business and will be utilising Instagram advertising best practices in the best possible way.

What is Instagram Advertising?

When it comes to Instagram advertising – your business has many different opportunities to engage with your followers and to increase your community.

When it comes to advertising on Instagram – you have two avenues and both must be managed effectively to see the greatest results.

The first method involves your actual account and how you engage with your followers. You can pay for all the advertising you want but without social media management and a clear and effective social media campaign – your users will not follow or engage with your content.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Instagram for marketing:


Instagram has a large and engaged audience. Over 1 billion people use Instagram every month and they are more likely to engage with businesses than on other social media platforms.


Instagram users are very active. They like, comment and share posts more than on other social media platforms. This means that your content is more likely to be seen by your target audience.

Visual appeal

Instagram is a visual platform so your content should be visually appealing. This means using high-quality photos and videos that will capture the attention of your target audience.


Instagram offers a variety of targeting options so you can reach your target audience with your ads. You can target people by age, gender, location, interests and even past purchases.


Instagram advertising is relatively affordable. You can start with a small budget and scale up as your needs grow.

We are one of many leading Instagram Advertising Agencies in the UK and by leveraging these advantages – your business can effectively promote your products or services, build brand awareness and cultivate a loyal and engaged community of followers on your popular social media platform.

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How Does Best-Digital Marketing Create An Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy?

At Best-Digital Marketing – creating an effective Instagram marketing strategy involves careful planning, defining goals, understanding your target audience and implementing strategies to engage and grow your Instagram presence.

Here is a simple guide – how we help you create an effective Instagram marketing strategy:

1. Define your goals

What do you want to achieve with your Instagram marketing? Do you want to increase brand awareness, generate leads or drive sales? Once you know your goals then we can start to develop a strategy to achieve them.

2. Understand your target audience

Who are you trying to reach with your Instagram marketing? What are their interests, pain points and needs? Once you understand your target audience then we can create content and ads that are relevant to them.

3. Develop Your Brand Identity

Our Instagram strategist will help you establish a strong and consistent brand identity on Instagram. We will define your brand voice, visual style and key messaging to ensure a cohesive and recognisable presence.

4. Content Strategy

We will plan a content strategy that aligns with your goals and target audience preferences.

We will help you identify the types of content that work best on Instagram such as high-quality images, videos, behind-the-scenes glimpses, user-generated content and educational or entertaining posts.

5. Engage and Interact

Our Instagram marketing team will actively engage with your target audience by responding to comments, direct messages and mentions.

We can also encourage discussions, ask questions and initiate conversations to foster a sense of community and build relationships.

6. Hashtags

We will utilise relevant and popular hashtags to increase the discoverability of your content. Research industry-specific hashtags and use a mix of popular and niche hashtags to reach a wider audience.

7. Influencer Collaborations

Best-Digital Marketing will help you identify and collaborate with influencers or micro-influencers who align with your brand and target audience. Their endorsement and content can amplify your reach and brand credibility.

8. Instagram Stories

Our Instagram specialist team will leverage Instagram Stories to share behind-the-scenes content, announcements, exclusive offers and interactive features like polls, quizzes and swipe-up links to drive engagement and conversions.

9. Analytics and Optimisation

We will regularly review Instagram insights and analytics to track your performance – monitoring key metrics such as engagement, follower growth, reach and website clicks.

We will use this data to optimise your instagram strategy, identify successful tactics and make informed decisions with regards to your instagram ads.

10. Paid Advertising

Consider incorporating Instagram advertising into your strategy to reach a wider audience, target specific demographics and drive conversions.

We will leverage the targeting options and ad formats available to align with your goals and boost your overall Instagram marketing efforts.

Instagram Advertising Agency

Running and monitoring an effective Instagram marketing strategy requires continuous evaluation, adaptation and experimentation.

Hence as one of many leading Instagram Advertising Agencies in the UK – we stay updated with Instagram trends, industry insights, instagram best practices and user feedback to refine your strategy and deliver a compelling experience for your audience with our Instagram Ads Management Services.

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How Do We Target The Right Audience On Instagram Ads?

Targeting the right audience on Instagram ads is very crucial for maximising the effectiveness and efficiency of your Instagram ad campaigns.

At Best-Digital Marketing – these are some of the essential steps we take to help you target the right audience but not limited to:

Define Your Target Audience

We start by clearly defining your target audience based on demographics, interests, behaviours and other relevant factors.

We take into consideration factors such as age, gender, location, language, interests, hobbies and purchasing behaviours.

Leverage Meta/Facebook Ad Manager

Instagram ads are managed through Meta/Facebook Ads Manager. We utilise the powerful targeting capabilities offered by Meta/Facebook’s ad platform to define your audience.

We use the Audience Insights tool to gain deeper insights into your target audience’s demographics, interests and behaviours.

Custom Audiences

We leverage custom audiences to target specific segments of your existing customer base using options such as email lists, website visitors, app users or engagement with your social media profiles to create custom audiences for precise targeting.

Lookalike Audiences

We utilise Meta/Facebook’s Lookalike Audience feature to reach new users who share similar characteristics and behaviours with your existing customers or custom audiences.

This allows us to expand your reach while maintaining relevancy.

Detailed Targeting

We use the detailed targeting options provided by Meta/Facebook Ads Manager which includes demographics, interests, behaviours, connections and much more.

We then explore various categories and subcategories to narrow down your audience based on their specific interests and behaviours.


We also implement retargeting strategies to re-engage users who have previously interacted with your brand or website by setting up website retargeting – using the Meta/Facebook Pixel to reach users who have visited specific pages or taken certain actions on your website.

Exclude Irrelevant Audiences

To avoid wasted ad spend – we would exclude audiences that are unlikely to be interested in your offerings. We will exclude audiences based on specific demographics or interests that do not align with your target audience.

A/B Testing & Optimisation

Best-Digital Marketing will experiment with different audience segments and ad variations to identify the most responsive and high-converting audiences.

We will test different demographics, interests and behaviours to optimise your targeting options over time.

Monitor Track and Refine

We will continuously monitor and track the performance of your ads and adjust your targeting as needed. We will review analytics and metrics to identify which audience segments are responding well to your ads and will optimise your instagram ads campaigns accordingly.

By following these steps and leveraging the powerful targeting options available through Meta/Facebook Ads Manager – we can effectively reach and engage the right audience for your Instagram ads.

We will regularly evaluate and refine your targeting strategies based on performance metrics to optimise your ad campaigns for better results.

Instagram Ads Management Services

Instagram Ads Management Services is a professional service offered by Best-Digital Marketing. We are a team of experienced professional experts – here to help businesses and individuals in creating, managing and optimising their Instagram advertising campaigns.

Our Instagram Advertising Services will provide you with a more targeted advertising solution. By reaching better targets, larger and wider audience – we can make sure that your marketing efforts and budget will not go to waste.

Our services aim to help our clients achieve their specific advertising goals – whether it is generating leads, increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, video views or achieving other objectives.

Here are some of the key aspects of our Instagram Ads Management Services:

1. Campaign Strategy

Our Instagram Ads managers will start by understanding our client’s goals, target audience and budget.

We will develop a customised advertising strategy that aligns with our client’s objectives which could be brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic or product sales.

2. Ad Creation

Our experts in Instagram Ads management can create visually appealing and compelling ad content including images, videos, captions and call-to-action buttons.

They will ensure that the ads are in line with Instagram‘s advertising guidelines.

3. Audience Targeting

Instagram offers a range of targeting options including demographics, interests, behaviours’ and more.

Our Ads managers use these options to narrow down the audience to reach the most relevant users for your campaign.

4. Budget & Bidding Optimisation

Managing the budget effectively is crucial. Our Ads managers will set a daily or lifetime budget, bid strategy, and schedule for the ads.

They will continuously monitor and adjust these settings to optimise ad performance and maximise ROI.

5. Ad Placement

Instagram offers various ad placements including Instagram Feed, Stories, Explore and much more.

Our Ads managers will decide where to place the ads based on your campaign goals and target audience.

6. Ad Monitoring & Optimisation

Our Instagram Ads managers will continuously monitor the performance of your ads. They will track key metrics like click-through rates (CTR), conversion rates, engagement and return on ad spend (ROAS).

Based on the data provided – we will make the necessary adjustments to improve your ad performance.

7. A/B Testing

To find the most effective ad variations – our Instagram Ads managers will conduct A/B tests – where they will create multiple ad versions with slight differences and compare their performance.

8. Ad Reporting

Our clients receive regular reports detailing the performance of their Instagram ad campaigns.

These reports provide insights into how their ads are performing and whether they are meeting their campaign goals.

9. Compliance

Ensuring that the ads comply with Instagram’s advertising policies and guidelines is essential.

Our Ads managers always stay updated with platform changes and ensure all ads are in compliance.

10. Scaling and Expansion

As campaigns succeed – our Instagram Ads managers may recommend scaling up the budget or expanding the ad reach to new audience segments or geographic regions.

11. Refresh Ad Creative

To prevent ad fatigue and maintain audience interest – our ads managers may periodically refresh the ad creative.

12. Feedback and Communication

Effective communication between our client and our Ads manager is vital.

Our clients provide feedback and our Ads manager incorporate it into their campaign strategy and execution.

Instagram Ad Management Services

Our Instagram Ads Management Services are designed to save our clients time and resources while maximising the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns on the Instagram platform.

Best-Digital Marketing has the right expertise and experience to guide you through every stage of this process. From copywriting and video production to conducting essential keyword research and campaign monitoring – we can help you optimise your Instagram advertising and generate excellent returns on your investment in this space.

Our Instagram Ads Management Services can vary in scope and pricing – depending on the complexity of your campaigns and the goals of your business.

Businesses often seek our services to leverage Instagram’s vast user base and visually engaging format to promote their products, brand or services effectively.

Our Instagram Ads Management Services are particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals who may lack the expertise or time to manage their Instagram advertising in-house.

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How To Measure The Success Of Your Instagram Ads?

Measuring the success of your Instagram ads is essential to understand the effectiveness of your ad campaigns and make data-driven optimisations.

At Best-Digital Marketing – here are some of the key metrics and methods we use to measure the success of your Instagram ads:

✅  Reach: Reach measures the number of persons who saw your ad.

✅  Impressions: Impressions measure the number of times your ad was shown.

✅  Click-through rate – CTR: CTR measures the percentage of people who saw your ad and clicked on it.

✅  Conversion rate: Conversion rate measures the percentage of people who clicked on your ad and took the desired action such as visiting your website or making a purchase.

✅  Cost per click – CPC: CPC measures how much you pay each time someone clicks on your ad.

✅  Cost per acquisition – CPA: CPA measures how much you pay each time someone takes the desired action such as visiting your website or making a purchase.

✅  Analytics Tools: We utilise Instagram’s native analytics tools such as Instagram Insights and Ads Manager – to access detailed data and metrics related to your ads’ performance. These tools provide insights into impressions, reach, engagement, demographics and other key metrics.

By tracking and analysing these metrics – we can evaluate the success of your Instagram ads and make informed decisions to optimise your campaigns for better results

Maximise With Different Types of Instagram Ads

Best-Digital Marketing will help you find the best ad format for your Instagram marketing campaign. When marketing on this platform – you will have access to a variety of advertising options to help you fulfil your social media goals.

Instagram Ads on this platform often look just like regular posts but with the addition of a Sponsored label and a call to action – CTA this drives traffic to a specific place online and boosts conversion rates

The approach you should take towards creating content should be the same as for your organic posts – utilising all the same techniques to engage and inspire your target audience.

When you decide to promote your business with Instagram Ads – you have the options to choose the type of ads.

You can choose and maximise with different types of Instagram Ads below or use everything to ensure the success of your Instagram ads campaign. There are 8 main different types of Instagram ads:

1. Photo ads

Photo ads are single-image ads that appear in users’ Instagram feeds. They are a simple yet effective way to showcase products or services and can be used to drive traffic to a website or landing page.

Photo ads can include a brief caption, a call-to-action button and a link to an external website or landing page.

2. Video Ads

Video ads are similar to photo ads but they use videos instead of images to convey the message. Instagram videos can be up to 60 minutes long but you should prefer much shorter videos for your ad.

Video ads are a great way to tell the story of your brand or showcase your product in action because they allow you to tell a more engaging and dynamic story compared to static images.

3. Carousel Ads

Carousel ads allow businesses to showcase multiple images or videos within a single ad unit. Users can swipe through the images or videos – giving them a more immersive experience.

That is why this format is ideal for telling a sequential story, demonstrating your product’s features or displaying a range of products.

4. Stories Ads

Instagram Stories ads are full-screen vertical images or videos that appear in between users’ stories. These ads are a great way to create interactive and immersive experiences for users and this is why engagement is often higher.

To make your story ad more interactive – you can use stickers, GIFs, text overlays and other elements.

5. Collection Ads

Collection ads are designed for e-commerce businesses and allow users to shop directly from within the ad. When users click on the ad – they are taken to another section of the app that allows them to explore multiple products without leaving Instagram.

These ads feature a cover image or video and multiple product images below, making it easy for users to browse and purchase products.

6. Explore Ads

Explore ads appear in the Explore section of the Instagram app – where users discover new content. These ads are a great way to reach a new audience and increase brand awareness.

Instagram Explore ads do not appear directly in the Explore section but are shown after someone clicks on a photo or video from Explore.

7. Shopping Ads

Designed for e-commerce businesses that have a shop on Instagram Shopping ads allow you to tag products directly in your posts.

When users tap on a shopping tag – they can view product details, prices and even make purchases through the app.

8. Reels Ads

After the launch of ReelsInstagram has also allowed Reels Ads. These ads are usually videos up to 60 seconds long that are shown between Reels.

They provide an opportunity for businesses to create entertaining and creative video content to engage with a younger target audience.

To get the best out of Instagram advertising – you need high-quality images and video content to share as well as an awareness of how to use CTAs and copy in your ads.

If you are not sure where to start then with Best-Digital Marketing’s background in video production, copywriting and other aspects of content creation, strategy and marketing means we can help you get the best results from this social media platform.

Best-Digital Marketing’s Best Practices for Instagram Ads

When it comes to Instagram advertising – we follow best practices to significantly enhance the effectiveness of your Instagram ad campaigns

Here are some key best practices to consider:

✅  Compelling Visuals: Use high-quality, visually appealing images or videos that grab attention and align with your brand identity. Ensure that your visuals are well-composed, relevant and convey your message effectively.

✅  Concise and Engaging Copy: Craft concise and compelling ad copy that grabs attention and encourages users to take action. Use clear and concise language, strong calls-to-action and persuasive messaging to communicate your value proposition effectively.

✅  Strong Branding: Maintain consistent branding across your Instagram ads by incorporating your brand logo, colours and other visual elements. This helps users recognise and remember your brand as they scroll through their feeds.

✅  Targeted Audience: Define your target audience carefully based on demographics, interests, behaviours and other relevant factors. This ensures that your Instagram ads are shown to the most relevant users, increasing the chances of engagement and conversions.

✅  Ad Placement: Consider where your ads will appear on Instagram. Explore different options such as feed ads, Stories ads or Explore ads to find the placement that best suits your campaign goals and resonates with your target audience.

✅  A/B Testing: Experiment with different ad variations to optimise performance. Test different visuals, copy, calls-to-action and targeting options to identify the elements that resonate best with your target audience and drive the desired actions.

A B Testing

✅  Captivating Captions: Craft engaging and captivating captions that complement your visuals. Use storytelling, humour or compelling hooks to encourage users to read and engage with your captions.

✅  Utilise Hashtags: Incorporate relevant and popular hashtags to increase the discoverability of your ads. Research and use hashtags that are aligned with your target audience’s interests and industry trends.

✅  Strong Call-to-Action: Include a clear and compelling call-to-action- CTA in your ads. Direct users on the desired action such as “Shop Now,” “Learn More” or “Sign Up.” Make it easy for users to take the next step.

✅  Monitoring and Optimisation: Regularly monitor the performance of your ads using Instagram’s analytics tools. Track metrics such as reach, engagement, click-through rates and conversions. Make data-driven optimisations to improve your campaigns over time.

✅  Compliance with Policies: Ensure that your ads comply with Instagram’s advertising policies. Review and adhere to the guidelines to avoid any disruptions or penalties.

By following these best practices – we can create effective Instagram ads that reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.

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Instagram ads: formats and specifications

Instagram offers various ad formats – each with specific requirements and specifications. It is important to note that Instagram’s ad offerings may have evolved or changed since then.

Therefore we recommend that you check Instagram’s official advertising resources for the most up-to-date information. When you are creating your ads – it is important that you follow Instagram’s formats and specifications.

Ads should likely attract new clients or users so you want to make the most out of it. Here are some common Instagram ad formats and their typical specifications:

Photo Ads / Image Ads

Photos/ Images can be shown both horizontally or vertically but Meta suggests a square format with a 1:1 ratio.

✅  Image Size: Recommended aspect ratio of 1.91:1 to 4:5.

✅  Image Resolution: Minimum 1080 x 566 pixels.

✅  Maximum File Size: 30MB

✅  Text Limit: 125 characters (longer text may get truncated)

✅  Image File Format: JPEG or PNG.

✅  Caption Length: Up to 2,200 characters (though only the first two lines are visible without clicking “More“).

Video Ads

Like picturesvideos can be horizontal or vertical although vertical videos are better suited for Stories and Reels ads.

✅  Video File Formats: MP4 or MOV

✅  Aspect Ratio: 1.91:1 to 4:5 (landscape, square or vertical).

✅  Video Length: Up to 60 seconds (shorter videos are often more effective)

✅  Minimum Resolution: Minimum 720p.

✅  Maximum File Size: 4GB

✅  Video Codec: H.264

✅  Frame Rate: 30fps (frames per second)

✅  Text Limit: 125 characters (longer text may get truncated)

✅  Caption Length: Up to 2,200 characters (recommended to keep it concise).

✅  Video Duration: 1 second to 60 minutes (better to keep it under 2 minutes)

Carousel Ads

Carousels can contain both photos and videos.

✅  Image File Formats: JPEG or PNG

✅  Video File Type: MP4, MOV or GIF

✅  Aspect Ratio: 1:1 (square)

✅  Minimum Resolution: 600 pixels wide

✅  Maximum File Size: 30MB per image

✅  Number of Images: 2 to 10 images in a carousel

✅  Text Limit: 125 characters per image (longer text may get truncated)

✅  Caption Length: Up to 2,200 characters (recommended to keep it concise).

✅  Caption: You can include a separate caption for each card.

✅  Call-to-Action (CTA): Each card can have its own CTA.

✅  Video Maximum File Size: 4GB

✅  Video Duration: 1 second to 2 minutes

Stories Ads

Stories ads – can be both videos or images.

✅  Ad Type: Stories ads – can be both videos or images.

✅  Image File Type: JPG or PNG

✅  Video File Type: MP4, MOV or GIF

✅  Aspect Ratio: 9:16 – (Vertical)

✅  Image Duration: 5 seconds per image.

✅  Video Duration: Up to 15 seconds per video.

✅  Minimum Resolution: 600 pixels wide

✅  Maximum File Size: 30MB

✅  Text Limit: 125 characters (longer text may get truncated)

✅  Swipe-Up Link: Available for stories with a link (requires a certain number of followers or a business account).

✅  Caption Length: Up to 2,200 characters (recommended to keep it concise).

Collection Ads

Collection ads are a mix between a carousel and a single photo or video ad. Designed for mobile shopping experiences. Combine a cover image or video with product images below. Various aspect ratios and specifications apply to cover images and videos.

✅  Image File Type: JPG or PNG

✅  Video File Type: MP4, MOV or GIF

✅  Aspect Ratio: 1.91:1 to 1:1

✅  Image Maximum File Size: 30MB

✅  Video Maximum File Size: 4GB

Explore Ads

These ads appear in the Explore section of Instagram and can help you reach new audiences. You can refer to the specs of photo and video ads.

✅  Image/Video Specs: Same as for photo and video ads.

✅  Aspect Ratio: 1.91:1 to 4:5.

✅  Caption: Similar to photo ads.

Reels Ads

Reels allow you to reach a broader audience as they have higher impressions if compared with other formats.

✅   File Type: MP4, MOV

✅   Aspect Ratio: 9:16

✅   Resolution: At least 500 x 888 pixels

✅   Video Captions: Optional but recommended

✅   Video Sound: Optional but strongly recommended

✅   Video Duration: 1 seconds to 15 minutes (better keep it under 1 minute)


✅  Video Length: 15 seconds to 10 minutes (up to 60 minutes for larger accounts).

✅  Video File Format: MP4.

✅  Video Resolution: Minimum 1080p.

✅  Aspect Ratio: 9:16 (vertical) or 16:9 (horizontal).

✅  Caption: Recommended to include a compelling description.

✅  Cover Image: Upload a custom cover image.

Shopping Ads:

✅  These ads allow you to tag products in your posts.

✅  Product Image: Image specs are the same as for photo ads.

✅  Tagged Products: Connect your Instagram account to a Meta / Facebook catalogue and tag products within your posts.

Please note that Instagram’s advertising platform may evolve and new ad formats or changes to existing ones could occur. Always refer to Instagram’s official advertising guidelines and specifications for the most current information when creating ads on the platform.

Additionally – the specific requirements for ad creatives may vary depending on your campaign goals and objectives.

Why focus on Instagram advertising?

Focusing on Instagram advertising can be a strategic choice for businesses and individuals looking to reach a specific target audience and achieve various marketing objectives.

Let’s explore deeper into some of the key reasons why businesses and individuals should consider focusing on Instagram advertising:

Large and Active User Base

Instagram had over 1 billion monthly active users. This vast user base provides a substantial audience to showcase your products, brand or services.

Visual-Centric Platform

Instagram is a visual-first platform – which makes it especially appealing for businesses that have visually appealing products or services.

Whether you are in fashion, food, travel or any industry where aesthetics matter then Instagram provides a dynamic canvas to showcase your offerings through high-quality images and videos.

Storytelling Opportunities

Instagram’s format encourages storytelling. You can use the platform to share your brand’s story, values and mission through a combination of photos, captions and videos. This storytelling approach can help create a more profound connection with your target audience.

Storytelling With A Twist

Young and Diverse Audience

Instagram tends to have a younger user base compared to some other social media platforms. If your target audience includes millennials or Gen Z then Instagram can be an excellent platform to connect with them. Instagram’s user base is diverse thus making it suitable for various niches and industries.

User Engagement

Instagram users are highly engaged. The platform’s features such as liking, commenting and direct messaging – facilitate interaction between brands and their followers. Engaging with your audience can lead to stronger brand loyalty, increased customer retention, building relationship and gathering feedback.


Instagram relies heavily on hashtags– this allows you to categorise your content and make it discoverable to a broader audience. Strategic use of hashtags can help your posts reach users interested in specific topics or industries.

Advertising Options

Instagram provides a range of advertising options including photo ads, video ads, carousel ads and Stories ads. These formats allow for creative and immersive marketing campaigns that can fit different business goals.

Explore and Discovery

Instagram’s Explore page helps users discover new content and accounts that align with their interests. If your content resonates with the algorithm and trends then you can gain exposure to users who may not be following you yet.

Instagram Shopping

For e-commerce businessesInstagram Shopping is a valuable feature. It allows businesses to tag products in their posts – making it easy for users to click through and purchase products directly within the platform.

This feature streamlines the buying process hence making it convenient for both businesses and consumers.

Influencer Marketing

Instagram is a popular platform for influencer marketing. Partnering with relevant influencers can help you reach a broader and more engaged audience. Influencer marketing can be highly effective in reaching niche audiences and building trust.

Instagram Stories

Stories are a popular feature on Instagram and they provide a temporary yet highly engaging way to connect with your wider audience. You can use Stories for promotions, behind-the-scenes content and time-sensitive announcements.

Targeting – Analytics and Insights

Instagram’s advertising platform offers robust targeting options based on demographics, interests, behaviour, preferences and much more.

You can access detailed analytics to measure the performance of your campaigns, make data-driven improvements and track metrics such as reach, engagement and click-through rates to refine your content and advertising strategies.

Integration with Facebook

Instagram is owned by Meta/Facebook. This integration means you can easily run ads across both platformsleveraging the extensive targeting options and user data available on Meta/Facebook for your Instagram campaigns.

Brand Exposure and Awareness

Instagram is an effective platform for building brand awareness. Consistent posting, storytelling and visually appealing content can help establish your brand identity and presence.


Instagram offers remarketing capabilities– allowing you to target users who have previously engaged with your content or website.

This can be particularly effective for re-engaging potential customers who did not convert on their first visit.

Competitive Advantage

Depending on your industry and target audience – your competitors may already be using Instagram for advertising. Focusing on Instagram can help you stay competitive and maintain relevance in your market.

Creative Freedom Ad Formats

Instagram encourages creativity and innovation in content creation. Businesses have the freedom to experiment with different content formats and styles to see what resonates best with their audience.

For example – carousel ads allow you to showcase multiple products in a single post while Stories ads enable immersive These options cater to diverse marketing strategies.

Local Business Promotion

Instagram provides location-based features like geotagging and local business profiles. These features can help local businesses reach nearby audiences and drive foot traffic to physical stores.

It is important to note that the effectiveness of Instagram advertising depends on you – strategically by defining clear objectives / goals, understanding your target audience and crafting compelling content and advertising strategy that resonates best with your followers.

Focusing on Instagram advertising can be beneficial due to its visually appealing nature, engagement opportunities, storytelling potential, shopping features, robust analytics and integration with Meta/Facebook.

It is absolutely crucial to define your objectives and develop a well-thought-out plan to maximise the benefits of this platform for your business or personal brand.

Since the social media landscape is continuously evolving – it is a good idea to stay updated with latest Instagram trends, features and best practices to make the most of your advertising efforts and succeed in Instagram advertising.

At Best-Digital Marketing – we always create unique, effective and successful Instagram advertising campaigns for our clients.

If you find or experience any of the following applies to your business then it may be time to seek help from a well-established Instagram advertising agency like Best-Digital Marketing:

X – Unclear about your business goals, objectives and marketing plans.

X – Not enough time to dedicate to forming and maintaining an Instagram adverting and marketing strategy.

X – Uncertainty regarding social media marketing and how to create, perform, measure, monitor or optimise your Instagram ads results.

X – A lack of experience in social media tactics, techniques and marketing strategies.

Then working with or partnering up with Best-Digital Marketing who are one of many leading Instagram advertising agencies – we can assist you with the development of an excellent Instagram Advertising strategy. This can mean the difference between failing badly or succeeding gracefully in Instagram Ads marketing campaign.

Our Amazing Instagram Advertising Process

Instagram Advertising Services


We thoroughly research your industry, competitors and target audience to deliver an Instagram Advertising strategy that works for your marketing objectives. We utilise our many years in paid marketing to deliver high ROI each month.

Instagram Advertising Services

Auditing & Analysis

We believe in reviewing your live Instagram advertising campaign (if you have any) before we recommend an enhanced strategy. By doing so, we can gain an insight into any existing performance and issues that could cause problems now or in the future. Once we have completed this phase we will present you our findings and strategy recommendations.

Instagram Advertising Services


We believe in targeting your audience, building relationships with them and taking your visitors on a journey that inspires, motivates them to make a purchase. Our paid social specialists have the experience, creativity and technical know-how to develop a bespoke paid social campaigns that aligns with your marketing objectives.

Instagram Advertising Services


We are dedicated to delivering long-term, sustainable results for your brand. We continuously focus on performance and delivering ROI for your brand, which is why we analyse a campaign through detailed reporting and we offer full transparency on our approach.

Instagram Advertising Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions by potential clients.

If you have any queries please contact us and we will be happy to respond to them.

Well, we recommend social media advertising to businesses that are looking to increase brand awareness, drive targeted traffic to their website to increase their revenue and engage with their customers directly.

Whether you should invest in social media advertising depends on your business’s overall needs and goals. If you are unsure whether or not social media marketing is right for your business, speak to one of our digital strategists today or email them at

There are many advantages to working with a social media advertising agency like Best-Digital Marketing Services including:

Access to social media advertising experts: Most businesses do not have the time or budget to hire an in-house social media marketing team. However, when you hire an agency, you have access to a team of experts who know exactly how to target and engage your audience while maximising your ROI.

Maximise your budget: An experienced social media advertising agency takes the guesswork out of social media marketing through their expertise, experience, research and analytics. With all of this information, they can better determine the most effective ways to use your budget and get results faster.

Reporting and analytics: One of the most important aspects of social media advertising is tracking, analysing, nonitoring, reporting and understanding all of the data you collect from your campaigns and that can be difficult and time-consuming.

If you do not know when or why users are engaging with your posts, you cannot pivot and adjust your strategy or your budget to make the most of that information.

A social media advertising agency not only tracks and reports all of that data but they also use it to deepen their marketing strategy to get you better results.

Scalability: As your business grows, so do your marketing needs. When you work with a social media advertising agency, they can effortlessly scale with you and make sure you continue to get the same level of service no matter how big your business gets.

Social media advertising and management pricing depends on a few factors, including the size of your campaign, the number of social networks you want to advertise on, the amount of your monthly ad spend and much more.

Every business has different needs so every budget will be different. For more in-depth information about social media advertising costs and our available packages, reach out to one of our digital strategists today or email them at

No. Any agency that is willing to guarantee a certain number of followers or a definite level of engagement is just trying to get you to sign a contract.

At Best-Digital Marketing, we base your campaign success around a set number of key performance indicators that we establish with you before we begin your campaign.

Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, increase your revenue, maximise brand awareness or all of the above then that is where we focus our strategy and deliver results.

The platforms you should focus on are determined by your target audience. This is to make sure your social marketing efforts are efficient and do not spend too much time creating content for a platform that is rarely used by your audience.

In general, the best social platforms are Meta / Facebook and Instagram whilst Twitter and LinkedIn being good for customer support and PR.

The most important thing to do with negative comments is to never ignore them since that would suggest a lack of care that can put off potential customers.

Depending on the context of the social comment – either reply to it or apologise in a polite manner and be sure to personalise your message and emphasise with the customer.

Negative comments are also a good way for a business to learn of their short comings so use these comments as an avenue to improve your services.

The type of content you should post on your social media must be bespoke for each business depending on factors such as the target customer’s geographical location, social demographics, gender, age and much more.

Knowing this will help you generate more engaging posts that will entice these target customers to your brand. In general, posts should be engaging and either entertaining or informative so they provide value.

Social media advertising is important because it offers the best way to expose your brand in front of a lot of people. Social platforms are one of the most used areas online, meaning that you will be able to reach a wide array of people when advertising on these sites.

The benefit over search engine advertisement is that your target customer does not have to search related keywords to discover you brand thus making it far easier and proactive.

We include a whole range of services in our social media advertising campaigns to help optimise your social marketing strategy. We create a strategy so your adverts work in unison and generate bespoke adverts for your business.

We manage your bid optimisation and conduct robust conversion tracking to determine how well they are doing. We also offer continued campaign management to help you navigate any fluctuations in the landscape.

Of course it is. Paid social media advertising will benefit any kind of business since it will help your brand get in front of more active users, improve your awareness and reach your target audience.

We have been helping businesses to maximise their social advertising for years so we are confident that we will be able to provide an awesome service for you and because we provide results.

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