What is Video Marketing

What is Video Marketing?

What is Video Content Marketing

In simple terms – video marketing is using video content to reach your desired audience and promote your brand, products or services.

Video marketing is not only about sales but you can use it to encourage visitors to your website, engage on social media, sign up to emails and improve customer service.

Best-Digital Marketing Services What is Video Content Marketing

We -humans are visual creatures therefore it is no surprise that we love videos.

People are watching over 110 million hours of video on Facebook and over 1 billion hours on YouTube daily. Video is an essential marketing tool for businesses and marketers.

The relentless uptrend in video preference over text has now presented an opportunity to connect with your customers more effectively.

What are Video Marketing Benefits

More people are watching videos but what does video marketing for your business mean?

Let us consider some quantifiable reasons why video marketing is so powerful in today’s world.

Video Marketing is Effective

Videos are the best way when it comes to informing and educating your prospective and current customers about your product or service.

According to recent studies, 97% of marketers agree that videos are helping customers to understand their products better.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Videos Are Effective

Nothing beats a close-up look at the product you are promoting – not even the most descriptive copy.

Videos also have the highest information retention rate of any media. Your audience retains 95% of your message when watching a video and only 10% when they read a text. 

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Videos provide high retention rates

It Gets Results

Those who use video have seen a major increase in engagement among prospects.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - videos gets results

The following video marketing statistics conducted by Wyzowl shows what video marketers say:

  • 83% of video helped them generate leads
  • 80% of video directly helped increase sales
  • 89% of video gives them a good return on their investment
Best-Digital Marketing Services - videos give high ROI

It is one thing to get video views and another to get results.

One of the indicators of how effective your video is requires measuring the watch time not just the number of views. It is a better metric to assess the value of a video.

Video continues to play a major role in driving business performance and has become a vital tool as part of every customer’s buyer journey.

It serves as a starting point for learning about a product or service and also serves as a decisive factor that can turn a prospect into a purchaser.

Videos Boost Conversion

About half of online shoppers now look for product-related videos before making a purchasing decision and 90% of them say that demo videos are helpful.

What’s more? 85% of those consumers are more likely to buy after watching a product demo.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - videos boosts conversions

Therefore if you have a landing page or a product that is not doing so well at the moment then it is time to add a product demo video or an explainer video.

Several studies have found that sales pages that have videos convert better than those that do not.

There may be several reasons for this but one of them is that videos keep your visitors on your page longer.

SEO and Video Marketing

Videos now appear in 70% of the top 100 Google search result listings. Search engine bots can transcribe your video’s audio and serve it to the right audience.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - videos are great for SEO

In fact adding videos to your marketing campaign makes it more discoverable thus allowing you to generate free traffic in the process.

You can increase your website traffic by adding your link to the description of your optimised videos that are targeted at your audience.

It is not difficult to add videos to your existing marketing strategies. For instance you can make a video version of your blog and add it to your blog or post it to YouTube with a link back to your website. 

Videos can also improve email click-through and open ratios.

Check out the following video marketing stats:

Just by including the word video in the subject line

  • it can help increase open rates by 19%
  • boost click-through rate by 65% and
  • reduce un-subscriptions by 26%.

Types of Video Content Marketing

There are many types of videos you can create and for best results – it helps to understand the purpose of the video and how to use it.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - types of video

Let us see some popular types of video marketing you can make before discussing video marketing strategies:

These videos answer common questions related to your product or service.

To create an explainer video- you need to compile a list of FAQs and answer them as clearly as possible.

Click on the picture below to see an example.

Your customers will realise how much you care and trust you more for it and at the same time answering some of the daily queries about your product or service.

Product Demos

Product demo videos explore the unique selling proposition, features and superiority of your product for customers who are already considering a purchase.

Click on the picture below to see an example.

Product demos can be long and in-depth or short and straight to the point.

Interviews Videos

Interview videos involve asking someone from your target audience with regards to some questions or industry expert about their views on a subject matter and more.

You can post it on your YouTube channel or post a short version of it on your social media platforms.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Interview Videos

Webinars are seminars or workshops conducted over the internet. You as the host – connect with your target audience to discuss a specific topic, answer questions, showcase products or conduct interviews with industry experts.

Click on the picture below to see an example.

Success stories drive conversion. Create videos with satisfied customers and discuss their experience with your brand or company.

Testimonials create great social proof, build trust, generate leads and boost sales.

Brand videos introduce you to your audience and highlight your company’s values.

Click on the picture below to see an example.

This may be your first impression therefore be sure to make it a lasting impression.


No matter what type of business you run – video content marketing can and will help you grow.

Do you want your content to convert and increase engagement? Contact us today to see how we can help you develop content that gets results.

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