Video Production Process

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Best-Digital Marketing has broken the video production process down into 5 easy steps so you can see how we go about creating your amazing videos.

Video Production Process

Best-Digital Marketing’s Video Production Process

Producing a Best-Digital Marketing Video is really a straightforward process. We have broken it down into 5 easy steps so you can see how we go about creating your amazing videos.

You thought it would be a nightmare but it is really that amazing and creative. We are a full service video production agency near you.

Video Production Process

Stage 1 – The Script

You can supply your own script or we can work with you to create the perfect script to deliver your message.  You will need to think about what you want your video to tell people about – are you selling a product or service? or maybe just trying to explain a concept? Once you are 100% happy with the script – we move on to stage 2.

The Script

Stage 2 – The Voice Over

It is really important that we choose the right voice to convey your message. You will need to think about whether a male or female voice will be the best fit with a regional accent? or maybe a young voice?

We have a range of artists and we can help you decide what would be best for your project before we go ahead and get your script professionally recorded.

Stage 3 – Illustrations

Now the fun really begins. We will take your script to our talented illustrators and get them to create the images that will engage your audience and tell your story. This is where the script really comes alive with the characters and scenes your viewers will be watching.

These sketches are then sent to illustrations for fine-tuning and colouring (if applicable) and given final shape and definition. Every scene is hand-drawn and perfected. This step takes around 3 to 5 days since it is very labour-intensive and requires attention to detail.

Storyboarding and Illustrations
Video Production

Stage 4 – Video Production

With all the components now ready, our production team get to work to create your video. We will take the voice-over and illustrations and bring it all alive with the magic of video animation.

This is also where you can add any extras such as additional animation, open or closed captioning and royalty free backing music.

Stage 5 – Sharing With Client – Distribution

Once production is finished, it is time to publish. We will upload your completed HD video file in whatever format you choose to Dropbox or Vimeo.

You can then download it to use wherever you need. Alternatively we can publish to YouTube on your channel. You can then use the link to the video on your web site or wherever else you choose.


If you have got any questions, drop us an email or ask us for an all inclusive video price and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Detail Video Production Process

Our video production process involves several stages – from concept development to final delivery.

Here is a bit more detail overview of our typical steps involved in video production process but not limited to:

1. Pre-Production: 

Idea and Concept: Define the purpose, target audience and message of the video.

Scriptwriting: Develop a script outlining the narrative, dialogue and scenes.

Storyboarding: Create a visual representation of the script through drawings or digital illustrations.

Budgeting: Determine the financial requirements for the project including equipment, personnel and other resources.

Casting (if applicable): Select actors or participants for the video.

Location Scouting: Identify and secure suitable filming locations.

Equipment and Crew: Arrange for necessary equipment and assemble the production team including director, producer, cinematographer and other key roles.

Production Schedule: Develop a timeline for the shoot, considering locations, actors’ availability and other logistical details.

2. Production: 

✅ Set Up: Prepare the filming locations, set up lighting and ensure all equipment are in working order.

Filming: Capture the footage according to the script and storyboard. This involves directing actors, managing the camera work and recording audio.

B-Roll and Additional Shots: Capture supplementary footage, such as cutaway shots or supporting visuals.

Monitoring and Adjustments: Continuously review and adjust elements like lighting, sound and framing as needed during the shoot.

3. Post-Production: 

✅ Video Editing: Select the best shots and arrange them in the desired sequence. Edit for pacing, timing and overall flow.

Sound Editing: Enhance or add audio elements including dialogue, music and sound effects.

Colour Correction/Grading: Adjust the colour and tone of the footage for consistency and aesthetic appeal.

Visual Effects (if applicable): Add any necessary special effects or visual enhancements.

Titling and Graphics: Include titles, credits and any additional on-screen graphics.

Review and Revisions: Share drafts of the video for feedback and make necessary revisions.

Final Export: Export the final edited video in the desired format and resolution.

4. Distribution and Marketing:

✅ Platform Selection: Choose the platforms or channels where the video will be distributed – YouTube, Vimeo, TV, etc.

Optimisation: Optimise the video for the chosen platform – considering factors like aspect ratio, resolution and file format.

Promotion: Implement a marketing strategy to promote the video – which may include social media, email campaigns or other promotional activities.

5. Delivery: 

✅ Distribution: Upload or deliver the final video to the designated platforms or channels.

Archiving: Store project files and assets for potential future use or reference.

video production process

Throughout each stage – there is always effective communication and collaboration among our production team members since this is absolutely crucial for any and every successful video production process.

Video Production Process – Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

Have you got questions about Video Production Process or Best-Digital Marketing Videos? We have the answers you are looking for.

Here are Best-Digital Marketing Videos frequently asked questions. If the answers you are looking for are not on this page then please contact us and we will be happy to help!

If you are looking for quality then Best-Digital Marketing Video Production Services is the right choice. Quality means that the artwork is professional and individual and unlike other Whiteboard animation companies, we never use stock images or re-use images.

This means you would not find your images in another company video or on someone else’s website. All our illustrators are experts with many years of commercial illustration experience, allowing them to take your script and create unique images and our voice artists are all professional voice actors.

We are a Video Production Agency near you at all times.

There are 5 main phases to our video production process:

  1. Storyboarding
  2. Draft Illustrations
  3. Voice Recording
  4. Backing Music
  5. Final Animation and Production

The whole process from start to finish usually takes up to 7 working days for a 2 minute video from final voice ready script. Times can vary depending on how quickly a client provides feedback. So for instance, a small business can often come back straight away with comments where a large client may have to get feedback from multiple stakeholders before approval.

If you have an urgent requirement, we can usually accommodate this but there may be additional costs involved.

Our office is based in Christchurch, Dorset but we operate throughout the UK and even internationally.

We have worked and are working in every corner of the UK, Europe, Africa, North and Sout America, Canada, Middle East and Far East including Asia and South East Asia.

We work with Small, Medium and Large companies from Start-Up, E-Commerce and Scaled Up businesses looking for video content.

We become part of your team – working directly with marketing managers and key-decision makers.

A bespoke video can costs anything from £1,250 to  £37,750 depending on the options chosen.

Check out our Video Production Cost Calculator for more accurate prices.

Storyboard of rough images, black and white illustrations, colour illustration (3-4 per minute of video), professional voice-over, backing music and video production.

Depending on the package you choose, you have various points at which you can make changes. We would not move on to producing the storyboard and rough illustrations until you are totally happy with your script and it has been agreed and signed off.

The illustrators take the final script and produce a storyboard of ideas. If you have the storyboard option and you are not happy with the roughs then we will allow you to make any changes you need before we produce the final images. The next time you see anything – your video will be complete and final.

Best-Digital Marketing Video Production Services are actually significantly cheaper than many other whiteboard animation companies in the same market. Of course, there are companies who do it for much less but they generally use stock images and try to make them fit the script.

This means that not only will they not follow the script properly but there is a very good chance you will see the same images in another video.

Each scene we create takes an illustrator around 2 to 4 hours to produce and each minute of video can contain 5 scenes so each minute of video is a day’s work just for the illustrator.

By the time you add in the voice artists, animators and producers – I think you will agree that Best-Digital Marketing Videos are really good value for money. We endeavour to make Best-Digital Marketing Videos affordable for everyone and produce the Best Quality video for the Best Price. – Video Production COST CALCULATOR

Absolutely – Best-Digital Marketing Video Production Services can scale to create 10’s or 100’s of videos.

Create and shoot a web series or integrate our creative and brilliant team into your long-term content marketing strategy.

So email us today or get in touch with your video requirement today.

Video Cost Calculator

Video Cost Calculator

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