7+ Ways Why Video is the Future of Content Marketing Strategy

9+ Ways Why Video is the Future of Content Marketing Strategy

Why Video is The future of Content Marketing

The digital arena has experienced a drastic change over the last decade.

Consumers are now using their smartphones and tablets to browse, search for information and interact with others rather than laptops and desktop computers.

Today digital technology has become accessible and affordable.

Video Is The Future Of Content Marketing

You can get a tablet or smartphone with plenty of valuable digital tools including a small HD video camera, superfast Wi-Fi with 4G or 5G signals, cloud-based and unlimited storage space.

As a result the world of content marketing has undergone a fast-paced change.

Video marketing is an innovative tool to help companies create valuable content and deliver well-crafted and tailored messages to their customers.

Below are 9+ ways or reasons why to invest in video marketing.

1. Consumers Want More Video Content

Consumer preference has played a major role in the rise in demand for visual content.

Social video generates 1200% more shares that text and images combined.

Customers want more videos

According to recent studies visual content gets

  • 47% more higher click through rates (CTR)
  • 80% more conversions
  • 12% more traffic and
  • 200% more shares and engagement compared to other forms of content.
Why visual content is important

For this reason businesses are investing in video to reach and engage more with consumers. More so consumers would rather watch a video than read a blog post.

2. Emotion Encourages Engagement

Content is always more successful when it is able to influence the consumer.

But video has the potential to elicit a greater emotional reaction within the viewer than written content, enhancing the brands message through the viewer’s immersive and personal involvement. 

Emotions encourage engagements

Video can also increase audience trust in the brand as it can allow the viewer to see the people working behind the business, adding a personal touch to your marketing communications.

In today’s competitive digital world – it is becoming more important to have a strong marketing strategy for your business and this can be executed well through video.

3. Videos Boost Conversion

About half of online shoppers now look for product-related videos before making a purchasing decision and 90% of them say that demo videos are helpful.

What’s more? 85% of those consumers are more likely to buy after watching a product demo.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - videos boosts conversions

Therefore if you have a landing page or a product that is not doing so well at the moment then it is time to add a product demo video or an explainer video.

Several studies have found that sales pages that have videos convert better than those that do not.

There may be several reasons for this but one of them is that videos keep your visitors on your page longer.

4. Useful in Email Marketing

For every dollar spent on email marketing -brands get a return of about $40. This is fairly high and you can improve your email marketing ROI using videos.

videos in email marketing

How do I ….

Adding them to your emails makes them engaging and also saves the receiver’s time.

You will be able to convey your information to them faster using video content.

Due to their engaging nature consumers may also view your email for longer and might end up clicking on your CTA.

This can help you increase leads, conversion and Return On Investment (ROI).

Based on consumer trends people are more likely to buy a product or service recommended by someone they trust.

This person must be able to provide an objective opinion, pros and cons and enlighten them on how the product or service will improve their everyday lives.

the rise of influencer marketing


Influencers are a big part of marketing in today world and many companies are more likely to invest in influence marketing than traditional channels.

Choosing the right influencers – a campaign can achieve bigger exposure and reach a wider audience.

Engaging personalities and attention grabbing videos are what people actually spend time watching.

In influence marketing video content is much more powerful than written paragraphs of text.

What is said about the brand by others is much more influential than content created by the brand itself.

6. Easier to Remember Video Content

Recent reports state that 80% of consumers recall a video they watched at least a month ago.

Unlike text-based content -videos consist of great visual and acoustic materials that are easy to remember.

easier to remember video content

When customers recall your video they also recall your company, converting to leads and sales.

Video marketing comes with the possibility of strengthening your online presence since customers tend to share videos they find entertaining or enjoyable.

remember a video content

The best way to make your videos memorable is to make sure they support your brand strategy.

This can be achieved by using fonts, colours, themes and audio in your video marketing similar to those in your article and blogs.

The idea here is to help your audience master the style and design of your brand’s visual content.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Videos provide high retention rates

There are also competent event production agencies like Best-Digital Marketing Services that can create catchy videos to meet the needs of any company.

Incorporating online visual content into your digital marketing strategy goes a long way in enhancing your brand’s message and helping your customers understand your company better.

video reinforces brand value

Video marketing allows you to leverage simple tools like branding and design as well as more sophisticated tools like content and voice to build your brand identity.

8. Visual Content is Attractive

Judging by the numbers of people creating, sharing and watching videos these days, videos have become more attractive.

Really ….

According to Forbes, making video part of your email marketing strategy can increase the rates of click-through by 300%.

adding videos to your emailadding videos to your email

Customers are likely to spend a significant amount of time on a site that features a video and landing pages that incorporate video also register an 80% rise in conversion rates.

9. Videos can help With Customer Support

Videos can convey information in a short and engaging manner. This can help reduce the burden on your customer support team.

You can find out the common issues that your customers face and create videos with their solutions.

Ooh never thought of that …

This is better than text because the customers will be able to see the visuals along with the commentary. As a result they will be more likely to understand how to solve the issue.

video helps customer supportvideo helps customer support

This would mean that they do not have to reach out to your customer support team for issue resolution and this would take the load off your team.

In fact – 43% of video marketers said that videos have led to a reduction in the number of support calls that they used to receive.

Creating even simple how-to videos can help you achieve this.

This can also improve the customer experience as all their issues will be resolved quickly.

Responsive design is one of the major trends facilitating the rapid growth of the digital marketing landscape.

When your content fails to work seamlessly on a certain browser system or device – your business will lose traffic and experience a drastic decline in conversion.

videos are consumer orientated and user friendly

Amazingly video content works well on all devices including mobile phones, tablets and computers.

This makes video consumer-oriented and user-friendly and it also expands its reach.

Videos are effective in improving the SEO performance of your business.

When people watch, like, subscribe and share your videos, their reactions will boost the click-through rates of your website.

A high-quality and engaging video has the power of attracting customers and compelling them to visit your business’ homepage.

videos and seo

Video can also improve your conversion rates – over 90% of internet traffic is video content.

By embedding video to your website, landing pages and website – it is easy to boost your company’s SEO and also your click-through rates.

using videos statistics

Video is a great marketing tool due to its high returns on investment and low cost of production.

All you need to do is to create your characters, pick a location and tell your story.

Any rich information, accessible and user-friendly video content can build a great online following and boost customer recall.

Email marketing offer a unique method of serving content directly to verified subscribers and bypass the issue of content getting lost in customer’s crowded news feeds.


Video marketing is not new but as video is becoming more accessible people are consuming more video content over text.

Your business can also enjoy higher returns with video content marketing if you can creatively use videos to support your business goals and customer needs.

You have free tools at your disposal and are aware which types of video content marketing works best. Contact us today to see how we can help your business grow.

There are also competent video content marketing agencies like Best-Digital Marketing Services that can create catchy videos to meet the needs of any company.

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