Right Keywords Can Bring You More Sales, Leads and Business

How The Right Keywords Can Increase Sales, Leads and More Business

Having The Right Keywords Can Increase Sales, Leads and More Business

Right Keywords are used to build your online visibility for the world to find your business and make you more sales, leads and additional enquires – locally, regionally or nationally.

Your customers’ ability to find you online without knowing your website’s actual URL rests on using appropriate keywords, terms and phrases.

choose the right keywords for any business

Your ability to outperform your competition rests on the use of the right keywords. They are very important but it can be quite confusing or daunting for any small business owners who may not be familiar with:

  • how to choose the right keywords or
  • how to implement them in their websites.

What should you know about choosing the right keywords, terms and phrases? Let us guide you and take a closer look.

They are in no order or importance since all of them are equally important.

1. Use the Right Tool

Chances are that you think you probably have a good idea of what terms your customers might use to find products or services like yours online and you are partially right.

However – never assume that you know all the potential keywords, terms, phrases and variants that your customers might use to search the Internet.

use the right tool

This is why it is so important that you use an accurate keyword research tool like SEM Rush or Tube Buddy to figure out what keywords you are going to target.

Google’s keyword planning tool is free to use but there are many others out there worth your consideration.

2. Start with the Basics

Many authorities recommend starting with a seed list of keywords and then start building on that.

A seed list is nothing more than a list of highly targeted, accurate keywords that have provides meaningful value to your business.

start with the basics

You will need to build on or grow this list over time by adding to it as you learn more by:

  • encountering new terms
  • using advanced research tools and
  • discovering what your competitors are doing.

3. Localise Where Possible

While localisation will limit your reach but it can be important for a number of reasons:

  1. it reduces competition.
  2. it makes you more visible to customers in your actual geographic area.
  3. it improves your overall web visibility for those terms and reduces the time to see your return on investment – ROI.
localise where possible

Use your city name, county name and the names of nearby areas if they are applicable in conjunction with your keywords.

4. Use Competitors as Inspiration

While you may not want to target all the same keywords as your competitors, since that would increase your costs and the competition for each one – you should take a cue from what they are doing.

use competitors as inspiration

You will find that this can provide you with considerable advantage information about keyword terms or phrases, long-tail variants and even the density that you want to hit with your content.

5. Use Similar Terms

Once you have chosen your starting keywords then spend some time determining which similar terms would be wise to use.

use similar terms

For example – if you operating a shoe store then you might target basics like women’s running shoes but you might also opt for something like:

  • women’s wide width running shoes or
  • women’s pink size 5 running shoes or
  • maybe women’s Nike running shoes

if you wanted to focus on a particular brand and so forth.

6. Choose Keywords That Work for Your Products or Services

Occasionally the right keywords, terms or phrases for your products or services are not the most frequently used by customers. This does that mean that you should skip them.

choose keywords that work on your products - services

This can actually be a good thing. Implement some of the more commonly used keywords but focus mostly on the right keywords even if they are not all that frequently used.

You will enjoy more targeted traffic, your overall competition will be lower and the costs to use those same keywords in PPC campaigns will be lower too.

 7. Identify Primary and Secondary Keywords

When you think about keywords – chances are that you are already considering using primary keywords – those that relate directly to your products or services.

Nevertheless – you should also need to consider using secondary keywords. These relate to what you have to offer but not on the same level as primary keywords.

identify primary secondary semantic keywords

For example – if your business sells local harvested and sourced honey. Local honey, natural honey and unpasteurised honey would be primary keywords but you could also target secondary keywords like natural snacks, organic foods and more similar like choices.

8. Remember – Content Quality Over Keywords

Sometimes it can be tempting to think that implementing the right keywords is all you need to do and that is incorrect.

Google will reward a website that does not really do much with keyword implementation but has outstanding quality content more than they will a site that does all the right things with keywords but fails to implement quality content.

content is king

Always remember – no matter what – Content is King.

Keyword density and accuracy always take a back seat to content quality and volume.

9. Choose Focus Keywords and Background Keywords for Individual Pages

Just like primary and secondary keywords used throughout your website – individual pages should have a focus keyword – the one used most frequently as well as background keywords that are used less but tie into the overall conversation:-

  • helping you provide valuable content and
  • optimising your website for search engines.
focus on keywords phrases terms

Get Started With Right Keywords For your Business

As you can see – choosing the right keywords is more complicated than simply using the names of your products or services in your website content.

It requires various degrees of planning, pathways, strategies and a great deal of savvy to pull it off successfully.

Hence there is no need to stress since Best-Digital Marketing is an agency with vast amount of experience, knowledge and expertise who want to work with your to get your keyword optimisation strategy headed the right way.

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