minimalism in web design

Minimalism in Web Design

Minimalism is the stripping down of a work of art whether a design or a photograph to its bare essentials in order to affect the viewer perception.

An image or photograph is made up of a combination of elements – light, shadow, shape, colour, space and so on.

When one or two of these elements are brought to the forefront of a piece and the others are subdued then the finished product could be called minimalist.

minimalism in website designminimalism in website design

Minimalist web designs are simple and conservative. They are basic without clutter. The perception of the audience overrules the personal expression of the designer.

This does not mean that creating a minimalist website design requires less effort or expertise than a traditional design.

Although simplicity is key to understanding the laws of minimalist design and working within them are necessary.

The Benefits of Minimalism

Audiences today do not have the time to analyse a design and appreciate its complexity and aesthetic brilliance. They prefer things that are easy to comprehend.

You might be an expert in Photoshop and capable of creating a design with many shapes, sizes, colours and enhancements but knowing when and how to use your skills is important.

Be conscious of the needs of your client and do not overdo your designs.

Minimalist design is becoming more popular and its benefits are extensive and we will discuss the advantages for minimalist design below.

The human brain is limited in its capacity to process different information simultaneously. A design needs to catch the attention of its visitors immediately as they scan through the pages.

Human Brain

If the information on a website or webpage is cluttered or complicated then it will be difficult for readers to comprehend the actual message.

If your design is too distracting, the audience will not be able to focus. Content is king – your design should not confuse the content.

The content should be concise and clear and the design should be in harmony with it. This will ensure that navigating is easy, enjoyable and fruitful.

Minimalist designs evoke curiosity in readers – leading them to delight in exploring the information behind links.


Working with few elements and features rather than the hundreds at your disposal can saves time.

Compare this to the work of an interior designer. The more furniture there is to arrange, the more complex and time-consuming the work becomes.

Save Time

Your product should be clean, well arranged and spacious.

Scarcity brings out the best in a designer. Minimalist design stretches your imagination simply because fewer tools and elements are at your disposal. Restrictions facilitate creativity.


Too much freedom can be a hindrance. Minimalism requires you to cut down on personal expression and strip the visual experience to its bare essentials.

Once you become skilled in this craft – your clients and readers will be happy that their requirements have been met.

Minimalist designs are selling like hot cakes globally. Both readers and clients demand classy, simple and comprehensible websites. The demand for designers who can create effective minimalist designs is growing.

It sells

Make sure that you are familiar with this trend because it is not slowing down anytime soon. Stand above the competition and be an expert.

This web design principle is about keeping things simple. Believing that no space should be left unused on a web page is amateurish.

Keep content and important graphic elements at the forefront. Present a clear flow of information that can easily be absorbed.

less is more

The more content, colours, textures and graphics in an image, the more likely the audience will misinterpret the design.

Balance the graphics, text and white space to ensure an aesthetically pleasing and projects a professional look.

Be clear about the purpose of your website. The colours, textures and graphics you choose need to serve an overall purpose.

Minimalist design is in demand because the attention span of Internet users is diminishing.

Be Purposeful
3 seconds

In a matter of seconds, you must catch the eye of viewers before they jump to another website.

This is another reason why your message should be at the forefront. You only have 3 seconds before customes leave your website.

Write down what information needs to be presented – whether it is essential text or graphics. Every element should serve the overall purpose of the design.

White Space

Minimalist designs should have plenty of white space. This empty space does not necessarily have to be white but the most important part of the page should be surrounded by it.

When clutter is minimised then focusing on and absorbing the content becomes easy.


Minimalist typography should lead the eye and make the design look professional.

The creative use of font size, textures, headings, borders and paragraphs can make a lasting impression on readers. Typography shapes the personality of your design.


Minimalist colour schemes go beyond black and white. Do not stick only to black and white, use colours creatively and intelligently.

Colour should separate and highlight the most important content on the page from the background.

Effective Use of Images

Images and graphics should be used sparingly. A complex image or irrelevant graphic can distract readers from their focus.

Infographics have their place with charts and pictures being used to convey information. Use infographics with fewer words to convey your message effectively.

Usability and Layout

You may think that creating a minimal design requires less effort because it strips down the flashy images and colours but this assumption is mistaken.

Designing a usable, attractive minimal website takes creativity and imagination.

The layout should be unique yet convey the message clearly and concisely. The flow of information should be seamless and easy to absorb.

One might get the impression that minimalism restricts your design to white space, images, colours and graphics. But there is room for intelligence and imagination.

Your aim is to balance and harmonise these elements. The content needs to be broken down to what is absolutely essential.

An image should not burden the overall piece. Use an image only when it is in line with the purpose of the page.

The grid system is a tool that can save you time and help you create a structured layout. It allows you to be creative and minimises any cluttered images on the page.

Webpage Grid

A grid system helps users navigate your website easily. It is not absolutely necessary but it will help you to create an effective minimalist website design.

Less is More is what a minimal design preaches. But, that is under appreciated since it is reduced to its fundamental features which most of them do not find up to the mark.

Beauty lies in creating a sensible design which appeals to all without anything being there as showcased below.

We are trying to present you with exemplary design trends, new practices, creative ideas and designer’s skills.

You will find a comprehensive collection of clean and minimal website designs which will give you better understanding of design capabilities as well as inspiration for your site. 

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