Maximise Istagram Stories

8 Ways To Maximise Instagram Stories for Small Businesses

Ways to Maximise instagram stories

Social media is an ever-growing tool that offers a great way to promote your business. The numbers of people using different forms of social media are growing constantly. In this age of smartphones and devices, social media opens up new areas of marketing and advertising to businesses.

Instagram Stories is one of these social media tools. Within just two months of its launch, Instagram Stories had 100 million daily active users.

There is no question over whether it is a popular feature of Instagram. The main thing businesses ask is – how can it help promote my business?

Used properly, Instagram Stories can help grow your brand, products and services. It can strengthen bonds with existing customers as well as gain new ones.

Stories opens up your business for followers to understand it better and see how your products and services can benefit them.

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories allows users to create short slideshows with existing photos and videos. These can be overlaid with text and graphics.

Each story disappears after twenty-four hours, unlike other posts which will last forever. It provides a fresh way to deliver more informal marketing content to your customers.

How to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Business

Here are eight suggestions for using Instagram Stories to promote your products and services.

Behind The Scenes

Followers love to see what is going on in the background. Giving consumers a glimpse into the inner workings of your business makes them feel a part of it.

Honest, open marketing can boost consumer confidence and make them feel like insiders. Show them what’s going on at live events, take a time-lapse of the production line or give a glimpse from inside your office.

Product Demonstrations

Let people see your products in use. Give them ideas, tips and guides to help them see the value of your products. Be original and get attention. Effective demonstrations create enthusiasm and excitement towards your products and services.

If you have a new product coming to the market, tease followers with a Story about it. Give only a couple of hints and features in each Story to create intrigue. Share enough to get people interested and talking. Do not overwhelm with too many posts or followers will get bored.

Promote Your Events

You want everyone to know about new events you are holding. So tell them through Instagram Stories. Use it to spread the word in a simple, informative manner. Avoid a pushy sales tone as that may cause followers to lose interest.

Many of your followers won’t actually be attending your events. But you can make them feel a part of it by sharing live snapshots or videos of the occasion. Let them see what they are missing out on. Then next time, they will be more likely to sign up and come along.

Special Offers & Sales

To grab the attention of your followers and reward them for their loyalty, offer deals and flash sales on products from time to time.

Use Stories to announce these special offers. Emphasise that they are for a limited time only. Do not bombard followers though, too many special deals and they will no longer feel ‘special’.

In many ways, the trick to this particular tactic is in choosing the right time to offer these deals and spacing them out in the calendar year.

Questions & Answers

Interview different members of staff and edit it into a short Q&A video. Let followers see the real faces of the people behind the brand. Observing others talking passionately about the products or services you offer increases confidence in your business.

What's Trending

Social media is the easiest way to see what people are talking about. News stories become hot topics in the blink of an eye. By watching what stories are currently trending – you can use them to engage people with your business. Find a way to relate the story to your product or service and join in the conversation.

Instagram Stories is another string to your bow in the marketing world. It gives a fresh way to keep in touch with your followers.It is a more informal approach that allows customers to learn new things about your business.

Used in the right way -it can build customer loyalty and keep followers engaged. The important thing is not to overdo it. Keep your content brief, fresh and relevant. Give it a go and see what works best for your business. 

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