How to Increase Website Traffic Using SEO

How to Increase Website Traffic Using SEO

Increase Website Traffic through SEO

Google is the search engine giant is ever evolving. Every day it improves, grows into a better and more reliant search engine that is constantly changing its algorithms to give users the best experience.

This is why every business that wants to share into the power of Google must take the necessary steps to keep its site optimised at all times keeping both Google and your visitors happy.

Majority of businesses make the mistake of seeing SEO as a short term strategy where they quickly out-rank competitors and start getting SEO traffic. This may look great on paper but not practical.

Long-lasting SEO is all about focusing on the long term instead of depending on a few quick fixes that give a temporary boost because the ROI of long-term SEO is much higher.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Long term ROI of SEO

When you focus on building a strong foundation and consistently redefining your strategies with the help of proven SEO best practices you will see results that are not affected by algorithm updates.

You will learn that Google does not demote your site but empowers it when you focus on delivering value to your visitors in the long run.

We will look into the essential steps that you should take on your website for targeted SEO traffic regardless of what changes Google makes to its algorithm.

They are in no particular order of importance since all of them are equally important but it is essential to build SEO traffic.

Essential Steps to Build SEO Traffic

1. Study Your Target Audience

Creating high quality content has become an imperative part of SEO and you cannot truly produce great content if you do not clearly define your target audience.

It is a great mistake to create a content strategy for your site without really knowing who you are targeting.

Although you are putting in the extra effort, this will give you no feasible result if you are not working in the right direction.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Marketing jar - what should it contain

Creating long-term SEO traffic starts with a real solid understanding of your target audience and focusing on the right elements of your marketing.

Here is what you can do to make the whole target audience research or buyer persona process easier:

A. Define Who They Are – Customer Persona

By defining and understanding who your target audience are – you are performing market research on your business or industry. This is not rocket science and still ignored by many.

Creating a strong audience profile is impossible without really knowing your audience.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Target Customer Questions

Without a clear audience profile you are just aiming in the dark. So make sure you start by creating audience profiles with the help of the demographic data you have on hand.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Your Targer Customer

These demographic profiles do offer some essential information about who you are targeting. You want to look into their buying patterns or motivations and it is a viable starting point.

Although you may not get an in-depth picture but you can get a broad idea of who your audience exactly is.

B. Identify Customer Core Problems

There are different types of people in your email list with different sets of problems.

Some of the issues they are facing may not be important to them but some of them will most definitely be.

The general idea is to identify as many issues as you can either small or big and this will allow you to ascertain where they are coming from and where they want to go.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Identify customer core problems

No matter how serious their problems or wants are you can connect with them on a deeper level even in the short-term.

They can help you understand your target audience better that will make it easier for you to create great content.

C. How Do They Consume Content

Content consumption habits of your target audience can tell you a lot about them.

The purpose of creating high quality content is to help your brand achieve its business goal of finding and connecting with the right set of audience.

Identifying where and how target audiences are spending their time consuming content will provide you with the information you need create your high relevant content and distribution efforts.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Identify how customer wants content

Ask yourself – do your audience like to watch YouTube videos or listening to informative podcasts?

Do they prefer reading blogs or are they more traditional – like catching up with things on email newsletters?

Are they actively reading and sharing social media content?

If you find that most of your audience likes reading blog content then you need to dig deeper to see what blogs they spend most of their time on.

As you progress further you will gain more clarity and solutions that will help you get closer to your goal of understanding your target audience.

The more you know about the content consumption habits of your target audiences the better you will be able to serve them in the long run and this is beneficial in Google’s world.

D. Be Aware What Makes Them Cautious

The most important aspect of understanding your target audience is to know who they can trust.

This is very true especially when surrounded by heavy sales pitches, shady advertisements and invasive marketing.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - be aware what makes them cautious

Target audiences have become more cautious than ever and they are thinking twice before trusting a brand and its message.

Because the last thing they want to do is trust claims that are not easily to verify.

Best-Digital Marketing Services consumers are aware of experience

Being a business website you want to create authentic content and give a better experience to your visitors.

You need to understand what makes them cautious and what can you do better to win their trust.

Here are two ways to go about it:

Whilst there are many factors that make your content authentic, integrity should be the core of your content creation efforts.

Your brand will become more trustworthy by focusing on being ethical and honest.

It will be more genuine by delivering consistent value that resonates with the interests of your target audience.

Building trust is a slow process but it can be destroyed in seconds by a few wrong actions.

Your content can be dismissed unless it is backed by real proof – which comes in different forms like relevant statistics, facts and figures that will make your content more believable.

If you can use reviews, endorsements, testimonials and case studies from sources people can trust you will add more authenticity to your content.

Understanding how to use the right proof can take time but the efforts will be worth it.

The more real your proofs are and the more trust sources backing your content – the more target audiences will trust your content and buy from you.

2. Perform a SEO Audit of Your Website

Prior to improve your website and adding more in it, it is important to understand the weak areas of your website from an SEO standpoint.

Working with a skilled and specialised SEO agency like Best-Digital Marketing Services, we can help to determine where your site needs work.

We have the knowledge and tools to perform a thorough site audit to pinpoint the areas in need of improvement.

What could be the reason behind not attracting the right amount of SEO traffic to your website?

If you are doing everything right then why are you not converting into sales? Why are your competitors able to outrank you?

You can find the answers to these questions when you effectively audit your website and find out where you are going wrong.

Auditing can be seen as a careful systematic examination of one of the following:

  • A result
  • A concept
  • An event

This close examination can help you understand your site’s current position so you can improve it and ensure you are not repeating the same mistakes in the future.

When it comes to SEO auditing can help you attract the right targeted customers and also retain them for the future.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - perform seo audit

By conducting a proper SEO audit of your website you are actually positioning it for receiving more SEO traffic by:

  • Closely looking into how your site is performing on a broad level.
  • Carefully setting new and more refined goals based on your findings.
  • Planning and implementing the right tactics that would help you realise your goals.

A. On Page & off Page SEO

The whole SEO audit process enables you to make the most of your existing content assets in order to add to your business’s bottom line.

For many businesses skipping an SEO audit is the exact reason why many businesses find themselves lagging behind because they do not have the basic on-page SEO elements in place.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - on page & off page SEO

Things that were previously overlooked or ignored can be fixed with the help of a proper SEO audit.

Here are a few important things that you should analyse when doing an audit:

  1. Are your SEO meta titles and descriptions described and set on all your pages.
  2. Have you optimised every important page of your site with your targeted keywords?
  3. Are your URLs short, descriptive and optimised for Google and other search engines.
  4. The content on your pages are clear, readable with plenty of white space and is properly formatted.
  5. If you are efficiently linking out to other relevant authoritative sites and back to your own content- backlink building.

You may be missing out the opportunity to rank for many relevant keywords that have the potential to drive targeted SEO traffic to your website by conducting a proper SEO audit.

The bigger part of driving more SEO traffic to your website is all about understanding the behaviour of targeted audiences and providing them the best experience.

Having a mobile-friendly website is very important towards making your visitors feel welcome and getting them to spend more time on your site.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - mobile friendly

Google is adamant that everyone has it which means it will have a positive effect on your SEO.

SO does website traffic affects SEO? – Simple answer – Yes it does.

Nearly every day you will find that more and more people are accessing the web via their mobile devices.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - popular activities for mobile users

In fact, almost 60% of daily Internet searches are conducted through mobile devices.

Choosing not to optimise your site for mobile will result in lost targeted audiences and lost business.

4. Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Focusing on long tail keywords can help you increase SEO traffic to your site.

What are long tail focus keywords?

Long tail keywords are those three or more keyword phrases which are very, very specific to whatever you are selling.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - keywords are relevant

Whenever a customer uses a highly specific search phrase they tend to be looking for exactly what they are actually going to buy.

Basically long tail keywords are regular keywords that target audiences search but only longer, more specific and niche.

Although long tail keywords are more specific and clearer in search intentions they tend to get a smaller amount of SEO traffic.

The upside of targeting long tail keywords is they convert well.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - long tail keywords

Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

Here are a few reasons as to why working with long tail keywords makes sense for your business site.

A. Less Competition

Long tail keyword phrases do not have a high search volume and they are difficult to find which means that you have less competition.

This is why long tail keywords are easier to rank for and gives you a better chance of hitting the top spot in a shorter span of time.

B. Collective Traffic

Unlike their popular counterparts, long tailed keywords do not yield very large amounts of SEO traffic on their own.

What makes them worth targeting is the collective traffic aspect which sometimes can bring in more SEO traffic than a single high-traffic keyword.

C. Better Targeted Traffic

Reaching out to the right targeted audiences is most important part of marketing your business online and long-tail keywords allow you to do that.

Long-tail keyword phrases are more descriptive hence increasing the chances of finding exactly what you are looking for.

Search users who visit your website using long-tails are clearer about what they want and are better targeted.

D. More Conversions

It is a known fact that potential buyers always use specific terms to do their homework using search engines.

That means target audiences who visit your website via long-tail keyword phrases are more likely to convert into customers. .

Whereas people who are looking for general information or are non-buyers use generic keywords. 

E. Simpler Content Optimisation

When compared to broad keyword phrases, long-tail keywords are more natural and descriptive which means it is easier to embed them in your content.

Choosing a broad keyword means repeating a ton of times throughout your content which can look unnatural and end up as keyword stuffing.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - keyword over stuffing

On the other hand you can sparingly use long-tailed keywords and still get good results.

Targeted audiences going through your content will find long-tail keywords as natural extension of your ideas rather than phrases that are forced into the copy.

Search engines will like you for using them since it conveys better user experience for your visitors and more organic SEO traffic that converts.

F. Voice Search Keywords

Many marketers see keyword research as the foundation to get the right kind of SEO traffic and of your complete digital marketing strategy.

You need to take long-tail keyword research seriously if you want to reach out to more targeted audiences at a smaller price.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - voice search keywords

Long tail keywords are not only for typed queries. They are also being used in voice searches.

A study conducted last year resulted in 1 out of 5 mobile searches were done by using voice search and 70% of these searches used conversational or natural language by using long tail keywords.

Ever since Google gave a green signal to mobile-friendly sites the number of websites optimising for mobile search is growing day by day.

When someone visits a non-mobile friendly site this leads to a high bounce rate because users will hit the back button or exit the site as soon as they realise it is not mobile friendly.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - bounce rate

Google is actually using mobile-friendliness as a real ranking factor. While there are many reasons why a website’s SEO traffic is low, one of the reasons could be mobile friendliness.

Below is an example showing the difference between a site optimised for mobile and one that is not.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - site optimised for mobile

In the first example you can see the website is not optimised for mobile and it looks exactly like it would on a desktop.

The content remains the same size making it difficult to read on a smaller screen.

In the next example you can see the power of a mobile-friendly site. The design and content is optimised for mobile which automatically fits itself perfectly on the mobile screen.

It is easy to read and scroll through thus giving the visitor a great user experience.

Besides manually checking your site’s mobile-friendly status you can also use Google Webmaster Tools to inspect it.

If you have already submitted your website to Google Webmaster Tools you will be able to see the errors that are making your site non-mobile friendly along with details on fixing them.

Not sure how to fix them to make your site mobile friendly? That is where our skilled website design experts come in.

Simply contact us today to learn more about how we can update your site or build you one if you do not have one yet!

Best-Digital Marketing Services - google webmaster tools

Google’s Webmaster Tools provide all the necessary information on how to fix the issues it found and provide:

When target audience visit your business site via Google on their mobile device you want them to have a good customer experience and convert this experience into a lead or a sale.

If they see disoriented, unorganised design and content it will be a huge turn off and you will end up losing a prospective customer.

Since you are not Google you need to ensure the average time spent on your site is good.

When someone visits your site for the first time you do not have much time to make an impression.

It takes the first 10 seconds or you have lost a visitor.

Best-Digital Marketing - SEO means long lasting results

Nowadays it is even more difficult to keep the attention of visitors when many of them are accessing the web on the go through their mobile.

If your visitor enjoys being on your site and finds it useful on their mobile device then you have a better chance of turning them into a happy customer.

The time people spend on your website and how fast your pages load are correlated factors.

Speed is important because your visitors do not want to wait.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - website speed for faster loading pages

According to 1 study, mobile users will not hesitate to leave a site if takes more than three seconds to load.

However a mobile-friendly site’s code is written in a way that it works well on any mobile device which makes it faster to load.

Google recommends that your website is mobile responsive since it gives a great experience to visitors.

However if that does not work your business is at least required to have a standalone HTML site reserved for mobile users.

It still means that you have to optimise your site for SEO and this can definitely increase your chances of ranking for your target keywords in Google mobile search results.

Wrapping Up -The Road to SEO Traffic

SEO is not easy and it is a solid long term strategy to start seeing results but it is important for any website that cares about organic traffic and visibility. 

If you do not have the time for that then contact Best-Digital Marketing’s skilled SEO experts who are here to help you reach your SEO goals. 

You do not have to make a commitment until we have proven to you that we know what we are doing with a free SEO review.

Contact us now to learn how we can help your business rank better in the search results.

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