How to Increase Conversion using Video Content Marketing

How To Increase Conversion using Video Content Marketing

Why Use Video Content Marketing

Today greater amount of consumers are watching more video content than ever before.

Over the past few years content marketing has undergone a huge transformation and video has emerged to the top spot.

It is the most effective strategy you can use to connect with your audience.

And in the age of mobile marketing many smartphone users find engaging types of video content difficult to resist.

Take a look at the following video content marketing stats:

  • Each month, 85% of Internet users in the U.S. watch video content.
  • By 2021, the average person will spend 100 minutes every day watching online videos (a 19% increase from 2019).
  • 93% of companies claim they got a new customer because of their video content on social media
  • 88% of video marketers are satisfied with the ROI of their video marketing efforts on social media.
Best-Digital Marketing Services - why use video content marketing

Despite the obvious potential of video marketing many businesses are still sitting on the side-lines.

Many marketers believe that it is easier to produce blogs, case studies and even white papers.

In comparison the concept of regularly rolling out fresh, unique video content is a daunting prospect.

The truth is – video marketing is not as complex as it seems. It is just about getting familiar with what video content people love to watch and then offer them more of that.

What Are the Best Video Content for Marketing Strategies?

Below are some of the best video content marketing ideas.

These are in no particular order of importance since all of them are equally important for your video content marketing strategy.


  • Vlog / Vlogging
  • Tutorials / How To
  • Brand Film
  • User Generated Content / UGC
  • Live Streaming
  • Testimonials
  • Giveaways / Contests
  • Product Reviews
  • Event Videos


  • 360 Degree Videos
  • Behind The Scenes / Compoany Culture
  • Interviews / Q & A
  • Webinar
  • Presentation
  • Animation
  • Video E-mails
  • Personalised Video

We will explore these different types of video content marketing strategies giving you the insights you need to build brand awareness, captivate customers and influence people to take action.

1. Vlog / Vlogging

Blogs are great. Vlogs or video blogs are much better.

Most businesses apply the brakes on video marketing after they splurge on a polished brand introduction video.

Well it looks great on a landing page and does the rounds on social media but when it fails to deliver new business then the appeal of video content wears off along with the ROI.

What you need to realise is that not all video content has to be an Oscar-worthy production.

Vlogs offer your brand a cost-effective platform to establish a unique voice brand and personal image that resonates with your target audience.

It is cheap and easy to shoot a short vlog with nothing more than your smartphone or webcam and maybe a basic script jotted down on piece of paper or napkin.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - vlog-vlogging

This simple approach gives your video content a human quality, relatable and a personal production. The total cost is just one cup of coffee.

One of the best types of video content for vlogging is the simple concept of sharing your day at work. Nearly everyone is vlogging these days from celebrities to everyday person.

Why? Because it is immensely powerful to build strong, transparent and lasting relationships with your target audience.

All you have to do is document your journey to success through your vlog, showing your followers what you do and how you do it.

Serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk is a master at this – blasting out highly engaging video content to his legion of fans every day on his YouTube vlog DailyVee or GaryVee as well as on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn:

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Daily Vee- Gary Vee

If you need some more ideas for your vlog topics – check out the most subscribed YouTube channels as of May 2020:

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Most popular You Tube Channel ranked 2020

2. Tutorial or How To

If you still need convincing that video content is the way to go then consider the concept of YouTube stars.

These are ordinary persons who rose from complete unknowns to fame and fortune through the power of online videos.

The millennial population was ahead of the curve on video marketing because they understood two crucial things:

  • People love watching videos.
  • People value actionable insights.

How else can you explain the incredible fame and fortune that many young women have attained with make-up tutorials on YouTube?

One such star is Michelle Phan who started with grainy tutorial videos before rising to a net worth of $50M:

Best-Digital Marketing Services - How To or Tutorials

Michelle knew her audience and understood what they valued. With free tutorials she was able to build her own business on reputation alone.

An important lesson to learn here is that helpful content has to be more than just promotional tie-ins and soft selling.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Millennials & Gen Z- Brand content

Consumers are smart enough to know when they are being sold especially millennials and Gen-Z.

So if you put out quality tutorials with a laser-focus on helping people you will earn their trust which can lead to a sale down the line.

3. Brand Film

Best of all – videos content does not have to be short. Many online users have short span videos however there is a broader scope for taking viewers on a journey.

Click on the picture below to view the video example.

And there is no better way to do that than with a brand film. This long-form video content marketing idea dives deep into your brand vision and values.

You can get creative with brand storytelling and cinematic production to present your brand in a light that attracts your target audience.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Brand Film - Patagonia

Patagonia is one of the best in the business in creating longer visual masterpieces that capture the essence of the adventurous environmental brand.

Think about how you could use this video content marketing tactic to encapsulate your brand’s core values and attract a dedicated following.

As mentioned earlier above, inviting customer to contribute videos is a clever way of getting customer testimonials.

User generated content is massive today and you can leverage it in a variety of ways to drive traffic, gather leads and build brand loyalty.

In fact 60% of people say that UGC is the most authentic type of content compared to just 20% for brand generated content.

Best-Digital Marketing Services User Generated Content-UGC

Authenticity is more important than ever. In a world of celebrity endorsements, sponsored posts and paid influencers consumers crave authenticity more than ever.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Authenticity matters to millennials

An excellent way of taking UGC to the next level is by partnering with a micro influencer.

This is Ryan Kaji from Ryan’s Toys Review. This little boy was only 7 years old and was YouTube’s biggest earner in 2018 – raking in a cool $22M from unboxing products.

In June 2020 – the total amounts of subscribers were 25.4million and the total numbers of views were 39.6billion. That says it all.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Ryan Kaji - Ryan Toys Review

Another idea would be – to run UGC contests thereby encouraging customers to send in videos of them using your products.

You can start a trending hashtag for the campaign to stir up more interest around your brand and products.

Always ensure to respond to fans that contribute or tag them in your posts to give credit where it is due.

Since its first appearance in 2015 there has been a 330% increase in searches for Facebook live stream.

Now live-stream videos are the norm on many channels and it is easy to see why.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Live Streaming

Consider the following live-stream video content marketing statistics:

  • 70% stream video content at least once a day.
  • 67% have live streamed video on any platform or device
  • 47% saying they have increased their live streaming since last year
  • 52% of consumers globally prefer free, ad-supported live streaming
  • 44% of people watch less live TV as a result of live streaming.
  • Viewing hours of live video content rose 65% over the course of one year.
  • Live streaming is predicted to be a $100 billion industry by 2023.
Best-Digital Marketing Services - Why live streaming is useful to personal brand

Whether it is breaking news headlines, a sports game or an exclusive announcement from someone influential – a live-stream video has a magnetic allure.

This comes down to Fear Of Mission Out – FOMO once again. Live videos create suspense because we do not know what is going to happen next and we often get the feeling that we are missing something if we do not tune in.

It is no surprise that Facebook is investing so much in building up Facebook Live:

Best-Digital Marketing Services -Facebook reach of live videos

Another unique point – is live videos allow real-time community interaction.

Viewers can join the conversation as the video unfolds and may also get acknowledged by the broadcaster live on air.

This environment satisfies the deep need humans have for instant gratification – making viewers feel as if they are at a live event.

This is why live-stream videos perform so well for businesses. You can use them to broadcast all sorts of video content including:

  • New product launches
  • Live Q&A sessions
  • A behind the scenes look at an event

6. Testimonial

Blogs, presentations and product reviews are all excellent types of video content but there is a clever way to take each of them next-level by creating video testimonials.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Testimonials

By putting the spotlight on an existing customer you can show viewers just how happy your brand and its products and services make people.

Reach out to your satisfied customer base and ask them for a video testimonial, in exchange offer them freebie gifts.

You could even turn it into a fun competition to attract more entries.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Turn into fun contest-giveaway

If you are not sure what questions to ask for your testimonial videos – here are a few you can ask your customers:

What specific feature did you like most?

Get happy customers to highlight their favourite features since it usually comes with a story.

This will resonate better with new prospects than a simple list of likes and dislikes.

Remember that specific questions are more likely to unearth specific answers.

What results did you get after buying the product?

Follow up the previous question by getting satisfied customers to explain their specific problem and how your product provided the solution.

This method lets new leads hear about the benefits and results they can expect which is highly persuasive content.

What was your main concern about buying our product?

No matter how ready your customers are to buy they will always have some reservations.

They may be concerned about the price, have doubts about your product – will it deliver results as promised or wonder if another product is a better fit for their specific situation.

What are 2-3 other “unexpected” benefits you got as a result of our product?

You could use this question to reveal some unadvertised benefits that your customers receive from your product.

Potential customers can see these perks as bonuses that could sway them in favour of closing a deal.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Customer review statistics

The best way to persuade potential customers to buy is by asking your current customers to convince them.

By hearing their answers to this question you are more likely to tip over prospective customers who are on the fence.

Speaking about contests you can use video marketing to promote a giveaway or raffle on social media. All it takes is one or two short videos to drum up some interest.

If you have great prizes and an engaging video then a giveaway post can quickly be shared to spread brand awareness, attracting more attention, creating leads and generating more sales.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Contest or giveaway

You can combine this with other types of video content –like announcing the winners in a live-stream video or as part of an Instagram Stories series.

With the latter you can build suspense over several video clips, revealing the runners-up first then announcing the big winners.

A product review is among the most helpful types of video content especially for consumers who are in the consideration phase of the customer journey.

Product review videos work best when you have already established some trust with your audience.

By reviewing products you can answer common questions, alleviate doubts and show viewers the unique benefits that your product offers.

This gives potential customers all the information they need to make purchasing decisions.

Click on the picture below to see an example of a video.

Some marketers think that product review videos like this would not work for their business because they operate a B2B model that only has one product.

But that does not mean you cannot do product reviews of related products or services that are in direct competition to you.

An great video content marketing example would be comparing the features, interior, safety, fuel, speed, endurance and much more between Bentley and Mercedes Benz S65AMG and so on.

By referring quality products that are compatible with your own you enhance the customer experience (CX) of your products and services effectively adding to customer satisfaction.

What do you get when you take multiple types of video content and roll them together into a short but polished video clip? The answer is an event video:

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Event videos

It is part vlog, part promotional video and part webinar. In today’s social media age – event videos are ever popular especially when it involves a sneak peek behind the scenes of a glitzy corporate event or product.

From short Vines to Snapchat and Instagram Stories the impact of event videos play a powerful, emotive marketing technique – the fear of missing out (fomo).

The FOMO phenomenon is a psychological trigger where consumers suffer anxiety when they feel excluded from social occasions, new experiences or important events.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Fear Of Missing Out - FOMO

With social media being such a huge part of our lives today – almost 56% of social media users experience FOMO and  about 69% of millennials experience FOMO on a daily if not hourly basis.

This is because millennials are spending a lot of time and money via online shopping.

By creating exciting exclusive event videos – you can reach a massive audience that wish they were there at the party.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Live on social media

These little snippets can quickly create brand recognition, helping customers to recognise your business as one with its finger on the pulse.

Should you wish to maximise the effect of event videos – try shooting them live on social media.

Virtual reality (VR) is booming with projections estimating that the global revenue from the VR market will top $22.9B in 2020.

While we are not near the point of offering a full-on VR experience through video content yet but 360° videos are not a bad alternative.

These style videos use fisheye lenses to place users in the centre of the action allowing them to pan around the room with their smart device.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - VR gaming sales revenue worldwide

This virtual viewing from Strutt and Parker takes the viewer on a stroll along the magnificent property at Chester Street, Belgravia in London.

The prospective purchaser can walk literally walk into the house and explore its power and capability in this 360° experience.

Click on the picture below to view the example.

Both live stream videos and 360° video content will continue to dominate and evolve in the future.

Therefore it would be a great move to get on board now so you can cover the next industry event or just have fun exploring your office.

Great brand story telling can set a business apart from its competitors, motivating employees and captivating consumers.

Therefore one of the best types of video content marketing you can use is a behind-the-scenes video that reveals your business culture:

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Behiind the scenes - story telling

These types of videos offer an impressive experience, drawing back the curtain on your business to allow customers and potential customers to forge a connection with your brand.

Your followers can see the design of your office, how you dress for work, what your personalities are like and how your team interacts with each other.

You can create different types of culture videos like office pranks, brainstorming sessions or after-work events.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - the science of story telling

Always remember the goal is to demonstrate the character of your team and the environment of your workplace.

In essence a behind the scenes video allows you to breathe life into your brand, humanising it to appeal to viewers on a personal level.

Today with more and more businesses using video content marketing – you need to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

The best way to stand out is through your personality not through tired and overused tactics.

A company culture video is the best and easiest way to do that plus it can be fun for your team.

Here you can create both audio and video interviews about your products or services, your brand awareness, with industry experts, with your customers and the results are endless.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Example - Dan Lok - Successful entrepreneur

Interview videos are perfect for building brand authority for a few reasons:

  • They give your audience an intimate 1-to-1 experience where someone in your business or market place answers hard-hitting questions.
  • It allows you to align your brand with a thought leader or an inspiring person.
  • Interview videos help you establish authority with input from a respected voice.

A good interview should follow a set of guidelines but should not feel scripted.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Interview videos

You as the interviewer need to keep the other person talking, gently guiding them to discuss hot topics, trends and try to get them to reveal exclusive news or big secrets for the audience.

The great thing about interview videos is that you can rapidly create a series with different guests, leveraging their knowledge to power your content marketing.

The more you create the more credibility you gain through brand association.

Furthermore, the interviewees may share the videos through their channels, amplifying the reach to drive more traffic your way.

Google plus (G+) may be dead but its legacy lives on. The search giant’s foray into social networking never quite got off the ground before its eventual closure in early 2019.

However the platform gave additional support to Google Hangouts which is a fantastic user-friendly way to host webinars:

Best-Digital Marketing Services - webinar video

When it comes to offering actionable advice and educating your viewers – webinars is one of the most valuable types of video content ideas in modern marketing.

People see virtual webinars as an easy way to learn from you and your guests about the topics that matter to them. It is also an excellent tool to promote with paid ads.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - Webinar

You can use Facebook ads to drive sign-ups for your webinar then leverage that traffic to generate more leads and eventually make sales from your product or service. It is a win-win situation.

If you are new to this game – think of webinars as a free live event which you set up with some simple calendar invites. Google Calendar is perfect for this and you do not need an elaborate script to run a webinar.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - using google hangouts

You can try out different types of video in your webinar like:

  • Reviewing a product with some existing customers
  • Hosting an FAQ section to answer consumer queries.
  • Doing a roundtable panel discussion with several gurus in your niche.

You do not need to produce webinars that often to have an impact. You can generate a decent ROI with a weekly or monthly webinar.

A presentation takes the excitement of an event and combines it with the practical use of a webinar to create a compelling highly shareable video.

When you think about it most presentation videos comprise of many men and women who want to increase their brand presence.

In the past few years, presentations have surged in popularity to provide something for everyone.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - presentation videos

While there are many fantastic speakers and endless intriguing topics – the real reason behind the success offered by these speakers are their business ventures on a global platform with a massive global reach.

If they can do it – so can you! One way that brands can leverage this format is by giving presentations at company events or small scale networking events.

This enables you to target a small but focused audience. Capture it on video and share it on your social channels to generate a buzz online.

If you are keen to play around with one of the most fun types of video marketing then consider animated videos.

Animated videos are a fantastic way for small businesses to use when creating video marketing content on a budget since you can create them on your laptop for next to nothing or for free.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - animated video

For bigger brands especially those with technical products – animation videos are a great way of breaking down complicated subjects and features into an easy to digest medium that anybody can understand.

Because of that reason it is no surprise that animated videos are most often used as explainer videos which works well on a sales landing page.

Here is something that might amaze you:

Just by sending a video via email and including the word video in the email subject line:

  • Email open rates are boosted by 19%
  • Click-through rates are increased by 65%
  • Un- subscribes are reduced by 26%
Best-Digital Marketing Services - the word video

The reason this works is clear – People want videos. In fact that same report states that 50% of all mobile traffic is now coming from online video.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - adding video can ...

Even in the most crowded inbox a catchy subject line that mentions video is hard to ignore.

Once consumers open a video email you do not want them to bounce away with a lengthy production.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - video email vs traditional email

Follow these tips for email marketing video contents to your subscribers:

  • Keep it short: One or two minutes is all you need.
  • Cut to the chase: After a short intro- explain why you are making contact with potential customers highlighting the benefits for them.
  • Include a call-to-action: A strong CTA is essential to make sure you elicit a response by asking them to give you a call or follow a link to a landing page.

With audience segmentation you can create some evergreen email videos that you can re-use – like videos for new prospects, others for loyal customers and another for advertising partners.

Last but not least we will conclude our most engaging types of video content style of marketing – personalisation.

Long long time ago – marketing was all about sales but today it is all about the Customer Experience (CX).

Businesses need to show that they understand their target audiences, their needs and interests.

Best-Digital Marketing Services - personalised video stats

Just take a look at some of the video content marketing facts:

  • 74% of consumers get frustrated when they receive irrelevant content
  • 48% of them spend more when their experience is personalised
  • 44% of consumers say that they are more likely become repeat customers after a personalised shopping experience with a particular company.
  • 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalised experiences.
  • 90% of marketers believe personalisation is the future

So how can you use personalisation in video marketing? By going the extra mile to show your customers that you care about their individual needs is an integral aspect of modern marketing.

Personalisation can work well with multiple types of video content therefore putting you on the road to success.


Now is the time to start using video content marketing ideas to showcase your business, brand, product and services.

If not you would be missing out on massive opportunities to engage with your target audience and losing ground to your competitors.

You also have a great list of the best types of video content marketing strategies to use for your business and customers who love to watch.

However if you are finding it difficult then seek a great video content marketing agency like Best–Digital Marketing Services with a solid content marketing strategy.

Contact us today and see how we can help you utilise your brand, your audience and your goals – to start creating video content that gets the best results.

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