How To Identify Domain Name Owner

How to Identify Domain Name Owner

Identifying Domain Name Owner

The first step is to launch your website with a chosen domain name and then finding a suitable hosting plan. However choosing the perfect domain name can be a lengthy process.

You spent time brainstorming your domain names, tried different domain suggestion tools and finally found the perfect one.

And when you try to buy your domain, you find that it has been registered and taken. This is not the end of the road so you just need a domain lookup site.

You can figure out who owns the domain name you want and get in touch to see if they would be willing to sell it.

You might pay a bit more than registering a fresh domain but getting the perfect domain could be worth it.

A lot of people buy domains without actually using them. If you have found a domain that is registered but the site is empty or has a landing page provided by a hosting company then there is a good chance the domain is available for purchase.

In some instances you might be able to purchase the whole website even if it is already been built.

Perhaps the owner has decided to move onto other new projects and has not updated the site for some time.

If this is the case, you might be paying a higher domain name price but if the traffic levels are low the price should not be eccentric or outrageous.

Domain Name

How to Find Out Who Owns a Domain Name

Finding a domain name owner’s information is not that difficult. To do this – you need to go to a website called WHOIS.

This domain lookup site essentially answers the question: who owns a certain domain name or IP address – the domain name owner

Whenever someone registers a domain name they must provide relevant contact information.

You Must Provide

  • Real Name
  • Home or Business Address
  • Email Address
  • Valid Phone Number

To perform a domain lookup navigate to the site: and enter the domain name you would like to lookup.


As long as the domain owner is not using a proxy or domain privacy service to shield their information – you will be given relevant contact information.

You will find information like:

  • Where did the owner register their domain
  • The owner’s email address and phone number
  • When was the domain registered
  • The domain’s expiration date

You will also find information about the IP addresses but the above details will be most useful to you.

By using the WHOIS database domain lookup tool you will be able to see when a domain is about to expire.

This will help you time your bid so you can reach out with an offer right before the domain is set to expire or when it needs to be renewed.

If you are still interested in making an offer for the domain name then you will have a few options.

First one, is to reach out to the owner via email and express your interest in buying the domain name.

Second on,  is using a domain name broker who will handle the negotiation and transfer process for you.

There are services like Sedo who will handle the whole process on your behalf for a fee or you can use your domain name provider’s domain tools and place an offer directly through the site.


In cases where the domain owner’s information has been hidden, your best option will be to get in touch through the site’s contact form. 

Now – you have a better understanding of how you can use the Whois lookup feature to find the owner of a domain name.

If you run into a domain name owner who is not willing to sell the domain or is asking too much – it is time to cut your losses and continue your domain search.

With thousands of potential domain names still available and a multitude of top level domains to choose from – you will be bound to find the right domain for your needs.

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