how much does video seo cost

How Much Does Video SEO Cost?

How Much Does Video SEO Cost?

As the world’s second-largest search engine, YouTube offers businesses or brands unprecedented access to online viewers and potential customers locally, nationally and globally.

With the correct video marketing strategies, businesses are able to drive traffic, leads and sales through engaging video content strategy.

how much does video seo cost

But getting viewers to find and click on your videos is not always clear and easy. Like every search engine – YouTube relies on its selective algorithm to determine which videos should rank high in the search results and which do not.

Optimising your videos for video SEO is the most effective way to increase your video rankings and attract viewers. Let’s find out – How much does video SEO cost?

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What Affects the Cost of Video SEO?

There is no single set rate for video SEO because the cost depends on the unique needs of each brand and their YouTube channel.

Some businesses or brands are more involved with their video marketing strategy and churn out several videos per week while others post one or two video per month.

At the same time – some niches are more competitive than others and require a more aggressive video optimisation strategy.

factors affecting video seo

There are some factors that affect the cost of video SEO and they include:

  • The video frequency – do you want to post every day, once a week, once a month?)
  • The keywords you are targeting – a competitive keyword is harder to rank for and will take more time to get right.
  • What the Call to Action – CTA is in the video – if you are driving viewers away from YouTube then you will rank lower.
  • If you have any social campaigns directing traffic to the video  – higher engagement is good for ranking YouTube videos
  • How the video SEO specialist charges  – do they charge per video, hourly, monthly, etc

The best way to get an accurate quote for video SEO is to contact a video SEO specialist or agency and request a custom quote based on the needs of your business.

They will consider the above factors to determine – how much video SEO will cost for your channel.

Who Needs Video SEO?

Any business or brand that:-

  • invests in video marketing optimisation and
  • wants to generate more traffic from their videos will benefit from video SEO.

It is not enough to simply just publish and pray – hoping for viewers to find your videos on their own.

everyone needs video SEO

If you do not optimise your videos with the right selected keywords, add relevant tags and optimise your video descriptions then your videos are most likely to get forgotten and buried in the search results.

Whether you are a blogger, an agency owner, a regular YouTuber, an e-commerce brand or any other type of business owner – if you are posting videos online then you should consider investing in video SEO.

Budgeting for Your Video SEO

When you are first getting started with video marketing optimisation – it may be difficult to scrape together a budget for video SEO especially if your business/channel has yet to monetise.

But setting some money aside for video SEO can certainly help your videos generate more traffic so you can start driving in revenue. That is why video SEO is a great investment for you to make so that you can start earning money from your channel.

videos and seo

Here are some tips when it comes to budgeting for video SEO:

  • Consider subscribing to video SEO tools like Tube Buddy to conduct keyword research for your videos.
  • Start small by hiring a video SEO agency for one video per month until you gain momentum.
  • Monetise your videos as quickly as possible through affiliate links, directing viewers to your product pages, etc to have more money to invest in your video marketing strategy.
  • Track the return on your investment – ROI for your videos so you can accurately budget for future video SEO services.
  • Know that video SEO – like Google SEO – can take a while to gain momentum. It is worth it to invest in video SEO from the beginning so you can see the best results from your videos.

What Is Included in Video SEO Services?

Most video SEO providers offer an all-in-one service for researching keywords for your videos and then optimising your videos for those selected keywords.

You can also find providers that specialise in a particular area of video SEO but it is often best to hire a single provider or agency to handle the entire video SEO optimisation process.

video seo services include

The most important video SEO services include:

  • Keyword Research. Includes the use of video SEO tools to find keywords worth targeting in your videos to attract the right kinds of viewers.
  • Optimising Video Titles. Use of target keywords in your video titles to rank in the search results and drive click through rates -CTRs.
  • Video Thumbnails. Design engaging video images to grab searchers’ attention and attract views.
  • Optimising Video Description. Optimisation of video descriptions with target keywords, plus links to valued resources like your business website, landing pages, affiliate links and much more.
  • Video Tags. Research and implementation of video tags to improve video rankings and increase visibility on YouTube.

Video SEO Cost Comparison

As with every different type of marketing – there are low to high tier video SEO service providers. Some video SEO specialists charge low rates due to their location, lack of experience and understanding while others charge much higher rates due to their experience, knowledge, expertise and track record of generating amazing results.

What you are able to spend on video SEO will depend on your budget but it is worth seeing – video SEO as an investment. Invest in high-quality services now and expect to see high-quality, revenue-generating leads, sales and best results.

Video SEO Services

Video SEO Costs varies according to:

  • Low-Tier Video SEO Services like Upwork, Fiverr: from £30 – £75 / hour
  • Mid-Tier Video SEO Services like Freelancers/Contractors: From £90 – £175 / hour
  • High-Tier Video SEO Services like Agencies, Consultants: from £200 and above / hour

Please be aware that some video SEO professionals may charge per video, per project or per month.

Once again, if you want to know how much video SEO will cost for your business then request a custom quote from a trusted video SEO provider.

Get Started with Video SEO

Video search engine optimisation can help your videos reach more viewers, generate more revenue and drive more customer traffic to your website. If you are investing in your video marketing strategy but not video SEO then you are leaving traffic and leads on the table.

Since the cost of video SEO varies based on the unique needs of your business – it is best to get a custom quote from a video SEO professional. At Best-Digital Marketing – we have helped various different businesses drive more traffic, leads and customers through our video SEO services and we would be happy to help you with your video marketing strategy.

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