Using Facebook Preferred Audience to Target Organic Posts

How To Target Organic Post With Facebook Preferred Audience

How to use Facebook Preferred Audience to Target Organic Posts

If you have carried out a paid Facebook campaign before then you should be familiar with the targeting options they provide. Did you know you can also target your organic posts on Facebook by audience?

Facebook refers to the option as preferred audience targeting. Facebook targeting organic posts allows you to narrow down the audience for your post by interests, age, gender, location and/or language.

In this blog, we are going to learn How to Target Organic Post with Facebook Preferred Audience.


This allows you to optimise your organic reach by putting your organic posts in front of the right target audience and increases the chances of engagement for the post.

What this does is limit the people who will see your post in their news feeds.

But consumers who directly visit your Facebook page or perform a search will still be able to see the post regardless of the preferred audience targeting you have set up.

Here is how you can set up your preferred audience targeting on Facebook for your organic posts:

1 > If you have never used preferred audience targeting on Facebook before you will first need to enable it.

This can be done by navigating to your Facebook page and clicking on Settings in the upper right hand corner.

Make sure you have the General tab open on the left hand side of the Settings screen and click Edit next to Audience Optimization for Posts.

facebook- audience-optimization-for-posts

You will then check off the box next to Allow preferred audience selection and the ability to restrict the audience for your posts and click Save Changes.

facebook- audience-optimization-for-posts-ticked

2 > Now you can click on Page to be taken back to the timeline for your Facebook page.

Click on Write something… to open the post creator to construct your post and then click on the button directly below that says Choose the preferred audiences for this post to set up the targeting for this organic post.


3 > Your first option is Preferred Audience. This enables you to limit the people who will see your post based on interests.

You can choose up to 16 interests to target this post and the availability options range from business and industry to family and relationships to hobbies and activities to sports and outdoors.

Once you type in your first interest tag, Facebook will automatically recommend others.

Whether you accept these suggestions is up to you but it is important to make informed choices based on your target demographic.


If you have a product or service in the animal industry then you may want to choose to use the hobbies and activities category.

Scroll down to the pets’ option and limit the audience based on the type of animal your product or service is related to such as birds, cats, dogs or horses.


If you are in the restaurant industry then you may want to choose to click on the food and drink category and target your audience based on the type of food your restaurant is focused on such as barbecue, pizza or seafood.

Or click on restaurants and target your audience based on the type of restaurant you have such as a diner, fast food or casual restaurants.

The options are pretty much endless when it comes to interests thus enabling you to narrow your posts down to the exact target audience who are interested in what you have to say.

4 > Your second option is Audience Restrictions. You are able to target your audience down using the Preferred Audience and/or Audience Restrictions options.

This allows you to first choose an interest your post is related to and then narrow the audience down even further based on age, gender, locations and/or languages.

You are able to limit the age from 13 to 65+, limit location based on countries, states, cities or zip codes and limit language but only if the audience you are trying to reach uses a language that is not common to the location targeting you have set.


When you are finished defining your audience targeting criteria, click Save. Now finish composing your Facebook post as normal and click Publish.

finish facebook posts

5 > Now that you have started targeting your posts to segments of your page’s audience, it is time to see if your efforts are paying off by analysing insights and engagements.

To evaluate your success, head to the Insights tab on your Facebook page and click Posts in the left navigation bar.


Here you will get insights into how much reach and engagement each post has received which includes the number of people who have interacted with the post. You can also see whether people have commented on, shared, liked or simply clicked through the content.

These insights are invaluable because they reveal the types of content that are resonating well with your target audience. If you are not satisfied with your results, you can always go back and tweak your target audience.

For further information on audience targeting that may be helpful to your business and to ensure that you are using the best practices – check out Facebook’s guidelines.

Do not forget to check out our simple guide on Facebook targeting and audience for more in-depth strategies to boosts conversions, leads and sales.


An estimated over 85 million businesses operate a Facebook page, each of which posts an average of 1.55 times each day. Of those posts, 55.6% are photos, 22.2% are videos, 18.5% are links and just 3.6% are straight status updates.

This equates to more than 94 million branded posts daily, which in turn equates to an organic reach of just 2.4%.

While the sheer volume of business posts has disoriented users and frustrated marketers, you do have an opportunity to improve your outreach efforts.

With Facebook preferred audience, you can target your posts to the segments of your page’s audience that are most likely to be interested in it.

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