create your own top level domain

Create Your Own Top Level Domain (TLD)

If you have already secured your web hosting and purchased your domain then the chances are – you already have a Top Level Domain (TLD).

You might still be wondering what a Top Level Domain is?

We will explain the purpose of TLD, the hierarchy of domain names and also go through some of the most common Top Level Domain (TLD) extensions purchased or used.

What Is a Top Level Domain (TLD)

A top-level domain (TLD) is the last segment of the domain name and also known as domain suffixes.

The TLD is the letters immediately following the final dot in your internet address.

A TLD identifies something about the website like its purpose, the organisation that owns it and the geographical area where it originates from.

top level domain identifier

TLD helps to identify certain website elements like the type of business, the country of origin, whether it is a government website, academic website and more.

The guidelines for a domain TLD used to be quite stringent however back in 2010.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) relaxed their guidelines when it comes to generic TLD and company trademarks.

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the naming system for online services or any resources that are connected to the Internet.

It works to associate domain names to each company, website or services.

domain name system

DNS also translates the domain name into the numerical IP address that is needed for the network protocols to function correctly.

The IP part of IP address stands for Internet Protocol. The address part refers to a unique number that gets linked to all online activity you do.

IP address

It is somewhat like a return address on a letter you would send out and all this happens in milliseconds.

There is a diversity of extensions you will be able to choose from depending on your style of business or organisation whilst others can be for fun.

It is very crucial to choose a domain extension that is in alignment with your business.

We can highlight the some of  common ones below:

general top level domain

The internet was mainly created for American government usage however it quickly opened to the public and rest of the world.

Since many of these TLDs were restricted to the American government or military.

Then country code TLDs (ccTLDs) were created and added to help distinguish each country from another.

Some of the two-letter country codes are:

country top level domain

For a full list take a look at this article from Wikipedia.

What is a restricted TLD?

A restricted TLD is a Top Level Domain whose registration is limited to people or entities that satisfy certain criteria.

Both generic TLDs (gTLDs) and country code TLDs (ccTLDs) can have restrictions. It is up to the TLD’s registry to implement these restrictions and decide on the criteria for those restrictions.

An example of a restricted gTLD is .NYC, which is the TLD for New York City and requires a valid New York City address from persons or entities who want to register .NYC.

An example of a restricted ccTLD would be .US – the United States’ domain. Registrants for .US must have a presence in the US.

Other examples of restricted TLDs can be used by business or entity related as shown below:

What is a Sponsored Top Level Domain (sTLD)?

A sponsored TLD is a specialised top-level domain that has a sponsor representing a specific community served by the domain.

The communities involved are based on ethnic, geographical, professional, technical or other theme concepts.

These are proposed by private agencies or organisations that establish and enforce rules restricting the eligibility of registrants to use the TLD.

sponsored top level domain

The TLD that you choose will communicate and convey a lot about your business or organisation.

The most common TLD is .com and  Feel free to choose the extension/s that is most in alignment with your business and website.

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