Creating a website for your business

Creating a Website for Your Business

Are you considering building a website but you are new to this whole process?  You may be confused and do not know where to start.

It can be daunting before you even get started, if you do not have a list of steps to guide you.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy – here is a step-by-step guide to what you need to create a website for your business.

1. What is Your Goal

Thinking about starting a website, then you already have a great start since most people do not start out wanting a website. They have got no idea of what it should be for.

Before going any further, you need to clarify for yourself what you want your website to accomplish.

Your Goal

Presuming you are starting a blog to share your hobby or passion then the goal would be simple. Just find as many likeminded people who will enjoy reading your posts.

On the other hand, should you start a product-based business then your goal is to get people to add those items to their shopping cart and check out.

If you are starting a service-based business, then the website should communicate accurately what you are offering and why people should hire you.

Whatever your goal is, we have laid out steps to help you achieve it. This step makes it important that you figure this out before going any further.

This first step can be one of the hardest parts for many people. It does not require a lot of complicated work but it does require making a creative decision.

It is easy to get stuck at this step and can cause a difficult time moving forward.

When buying a domain name for your website, you have to think about more than just what sounds good.

Part of your brainstorming process would be to look up available domain names as you go.

You do not have to register the exact domain as the name you want your website to have.

However it will make it much easier for repeat visitors to find you again if the names match.

Get Domain Name

It is essential to come up with something original that you can grab like a or .com domain without having to use weird spellings.

You will certainly find this step difficult but do not let it take you ages to come up with one. Give yourself a deadline and get it done.

Having a name that is not 100% perfect is better than not having a name or website at all.

You can register your domain name and buy web hosting with the same company.

Since most hosting plans include at least one domain name as part of their package and sometimes more.

We would suggest keeping them separate since in the long run this would be beneficial to you.

Picking the right hosting plan can be a bit overwhelming. However with a basic knowledge on how different types of web hosting functions. This should give you a good idea of what to go for.

Best Digital Marketing Web Hosting

Presumably you are just starting out and your website will be on the smaller scale without a devoted following.

Going for an affordable basic hosting plan will work just fine and you can get this for only a few pounds a month.

Every website you see on the internet has a basic web design that someone had to create.

When a website’s design is intuitive and doing its job you do not think much about it.

That is because someone else did the thinking for you during the design process to make sure the site meets your customer or visitor needs.

Design a website

You have a few options to design your website.

Hiring someone that is experienced in web design to build you something unique that suits your needs.

Using a creative website builder to build it yourself using templates and an intuitive design interface.

Or you can try to learn web design yourself and build a website from scratch.

Be warned that the latter option would not be easy. Without prior skills, experience and the knowledge to creative a meaningful website, this means disaster.

As with web design you probably never thought how much of work that goes into crafting all the words on the pages of websites you visit.

But someone has to put that time and work in and it is a step you have to take as well.

This is another step why it may be worth hiring a professional website agency to help you especially if your website’s goal is to sell something.

Content Management

Professional website copywriters know how to develop, positioning for businesses and figure out the language most likely to drive visitors to action.

And if writing is not your strong point then loss time and incorrect mental energy would lead to incomplete and futile website. Just hire someone who really knows what they are doing.

Further Reading: How to Improve Copywriting on Website

You may be thinking creating your website is difficult and it is the hardest part.

But once your website has launched, you will realise how hard it can be to get people to check it out. For that you will need online marketing.

Consider the different types of online marketing tactics that make the most sense for your website. Creating a plan to help raise awareness of your website and drive traffic is essential.

No one will buy your products or read your content without being able to find your website.  

To achieve the goal you established in step one you will need to commit to ongoing marketing efforts that bring your audience to you.

One of the most valuable tools every website owner needs is entirely free. Setting up Google Analytics is easy and one of the first things you should do once your website is ready to launch.

The tool provides rich insights into:

The information you obtain from Google Analytics will tell you if your marketing is working and which strategies or tactics are working best.

Google Analytics report

The report will let you know which types of visitors are most likely to take action like a purchase or email signup.

The analysis will also highlight those who are most likely to leave the site within a few seconds without ever coming back.

It will guide you in respect of the changes you should make to your website and marketing efforts over time to better achieve your overall goal.

Building a website comes with different sets of challenges but once you know the basic steps you need to take. It becomes easier to work out a plan to move forward.

Once it is up and running you will face a whole new set of challenges but it will be rewarding to see your traffic grow and your website take off.

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