How to Rocket Your Content Marketing Using Emotional Marketing

How to Rocket Your Content Marketing Using Emotional Marketing

Rocket Your Content Marketing with Emotional Marketing

What makes content marketing compelling? The secret ingredient to awesome content is not about watertight argument or even a great concept. It is all about emotion.

Not only does emotional content performs nearly twice as well as fact-based content but consumers are also more likely to make decisions based on emotions rather than facts.

If your content has not been converting the way you want it to then inject some emotion and see the difference.

Rocket your content marketing with emotional marketing

Forging positive connections with your audience can increase sales and will also promote brand loyalty in the long run.

And as you learn how to leverage emotions in your content marketing strategy – your content will just keep getting better and better.

How Do You Write Emotional Content?

To get you started on your content marketing journey – below are some simple emotional marketing ideas that you can use to create more powerful and emotional content in your content marketing strategy.

There are in no order of importance since all of them are equally important.

Use them however you like to coincide with your overall content marketing strategy and business goals.

They are in no order of importance since all of them are equally important. You may choose to mix and choose some or all depending on your business goals.

1. Use Content to Tell a Story

If you want to keep your audience engaged then tell them a good interesting story.

Storytelling is simple yet an effective tool for grabbing target audience’s attention and getting them emotionally interested in your content marketing strategy.

Everyone wants to know what happens next especially if they can identify with the story’s hero.

Tell A Story

Telling stories about your business can increase your brand awareness factor.

For example you could tell your audience how you started your business, what challenges you faced and how you overcame them and how you are working toward your current goals.

Stories about customers can also be an effective way to connect with your audience – try putting your storytelling skills to work through case studies how your product or services helped your audience overcome their problems.

2. Making Target Audience Feel Powerful or Special

The desire to feel special drives a lot of purchasing decisions in today market place.

From clothes to gadgets to cars – consumers mostly buy things to feel unique or superior to other consumers. Harnessing this drive is a great way to build a strong image for your brand.

Make your target audience feel speical or powerful

To tap into your targeted audience’s desire to feel special always use content marketing ideas to paint a specific picture of your product or service which should be high-quality, distinctive and a bit exclusive.

Represent your current customers as people your target audience can identify with or would like to imitate.

Product demos, customer spotlights and evocative advertisements are all good ways of doing this.

Create Audience Buyer Persona

For this strategy and any other emotional marketing strategy to work well, you will need to know your audience.

Content marketing ideas that push target audience’s emotional buttons would not work on others therefore make sure to do your audience research as an ongoing part of your work. 

3. Create a Sense of Belonging

Content marketing strategy that makes target audience feel like part of a specific group or cause can be very effective because people like to feel accepted, liked and important. 

One way to make use of the feeling of belonging is to present your brand as a club or lifestyle not just a business.

A great content marketing example of how to put this idea into practice is to look at Apple brand.

create a sense of belonging

There is a major social and emotional component to Apple’s marketing. Some people consider using Apple products to be almost part of their identity.

Your business may not have the same reach as Apple but you can do the same thing on a smaller scale by creating a strong brand image and nurturing a sense of exclusivity around your product.     

4. Make Your Content More Compelling by Using Mystery

Using unanswered questions are always intriguing and that is why so many pieces of content are titled with a question. This prompts audience wanting to know the answer so they click.

If you want more target audience on your content then by adding a little mystery might be exactly what you need.

Consistent Compelling Content

Ask a question in your title and use the body of your content to answer it.

If there are any long-standing unanswered questions in your field then try creating content around them since consumers tend to be interested in the unknown.

The fear of missing out is a powerful force since nobody wants a great deal or a juicy secret to pass them by. This is another great content marketing idea.

If you can create a sense of anxiety or urgency in your audience then you will get a reaction out of them.

One good way to use FOMO is to promote a product or a deal for a limited time only.

Fear Of Missing Out - FOMO

This creates as sense of urgency and also starts the chemical flowing in the brains of your audience that they will be missing out on something big.

After all who has not bought a limited-edition product simply because it would not be available later? Yes – Guilty as charged.

Another idea is to offer an exclusive membership or loyalty program. If consumers worry about what they might be missing out they will be more interested in your brand and your product. 

6. Use Humour

Content Marketing does not have to be serious all the time and in fact including humour can be great for your brand awareness and image.

Laughter is a great way to form an instant connection with someone since it also shows that your brand does not take itself too seriously.

Use Humour In Content Marketing

If your content marketing plan has felt a little flat lately then try creating one or two humorous pieces and see how your audience receives it.

Although humour is versatile it is not always ideal in every situation. Be conscious what is appropriate in your field and careful not to say anything your audience might find insensitive or offensive.

In addition ensure that your humour does not stifle your brand’s authentic voice.

If you think your content marketing ideas might not be memorable enough then add an element of surprise.

Are there any common misconceptions in your field that you can break down?

What about surprising facts that most people would not believe at first?

Surprise Your Audience

Challenging someone’s ideas or changing their mind on an issue is a great way to get them to remember your brand.

Even a good twist plot at the end of a story can make your content stick in a reader’s mind long after they have clicked away.

8. Incorporate Pop Culture into Your Content

Content marketing strategy that ties in pop culture is primed for targeting a niche of dedicated fans who will want to share and discuss it like crazy while it simultaneously resonates on a surface level for many people.

Geek-culture themes such as comic books and sci-fi movies tend to attract a lot of attention thanks to massive fan bases.

Incorporate Pop Culture into Content

Trending pop culture phenomena are best for making your content marketing feel relevant to the current respective target audience.

On the other hand old school pop culture references are effective for creating strong feelings of nostalgia.

If your audience falls within a certain age bracket then consider what would be nostalgic to them.

What did they grow up with and how can you weave this into your content marketing plan?

Content with High Social Shares vs Low social Shares

Almost one in four pieces of content that did well on social media contained a pop culture reference.

Research by Fractl and Moz found that content marketing campaigns were more likely to perform well and to go viral on social media if they included a pop culture reference.

Think about what types of entertainment your audience likes, and choose pop culture references that will establish a feeling of common ground with them.

To increase the appeal try to feature a range of pop culture icons as opposed to just one such as a list of movies, musicians or TV shows.

This adds to the range of pop culture fans that will connect with the content rather than limiting the potential audience to one fan base.

Earning high-quality links is just one benefit of creating content that incorporates high emotionality, contrast, broad appeal or pop culture references – just be sure not to infringe on any copyright laws.

9. Promise to Help Your Audience Achieve Their Goals

Goal-setting and personal achievements are highly emotional topics.

For most consumers they are desires, fears and feelings of self-worth tied up in the most pedestrian goals.

So if you can figure out what your audience wants most then you have got a direct route to their emotions.

Help Audience Achieve Their Goals

Offer to help them get what they want and they will see you as an ally and probably make a purchase.

To find the right angle with this approach it is important to do your audience research.

Try to talk directly with your audience by polling or interviewing them. Then incorporate your findings into your content, highlighting how your product or service can help your audience get what they want out of life. 


Emotions are the key ingredient to create your ideal content marketing strategy that is both memorable and effective.

Targeting positive emotions such as amusement, empowerment and a sense of community is a great strategy but you can also use negative emotions like anxiety, sadness and anger to spur your audience to take action.

Try incorporating one or more of these highly effective emotional marketing ideas into your next piece of content marketing strategy and you might be surprised at the reaction you get from your audience.

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