Phase 3: Strategy Implementation


All this research, findings and analysis enables us to create the best SEO strategy for our client.

It marks the conclusion of the strategy creation phase and begins the next phase of strategy implementation.

✔ Content Plan Delivery

We will immediately begin working on the content deliverables associated with your project by creating a detailed content plan.

The content plan outlines topics suggestions for your website and/or blog as part of the content marketing strategy to optimise your domain for those particular titles/keywords and more.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO

✔ Content Creation

Depending on your content deliverables – we will create blogs, articles and press releases – if applicable for your website. This will be as soon as we receive your approval on the content plan.

We will send over the content pieces periodically for you to review, approve and more importantly – to provide feedback so that our specialised writers can adjust your preferred style of writing and tone.

Content Creation Services

✔ Content Promotional Media

Our content promotional media department specialises in the creation of visually stunning infographics and amazing, breath-taking videos – if applicable.

We will send them over to you for review and amend them in accordance with your feedback. These are then posted on your blog and other popular social media sites to boost and enhance your website search results.

Content Promotional Media