Phase 2: Strategy Creation


✔ Keyword Research

This is an important step – we will conduct an extensive Keyword Research on your website and come up with search terms that your website can and should rank for.

We will even include suggestions for your blog if you have one. We will finalise all keywords that will be able to improve in Google search results and also bring organic traffic for your website over time.

Keyword Research is an absolutely vital phase as it practically lays the foundation upon which any SEO strategy is built.

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✔ Website SEO Audit

After Keyword Research, the next most important phase is the SEO audit of your website.

We will conduct exhaustive tests on your domain and check for more than 24 variables to create a detailed Website Audit report for you.

This report will highlight the current state of your website along with our recommendations as to what is needed to bring it up in the search engine rankings.

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✔ Dashboard Configuration

The Dashboard Configuration tool is our answer to efficient, transparent, accurate client reporting in real time.

Our clients get complete access to this tool – absolutely free! Using this tool, clients can monitor all aspects of their SEO strategy and see how their website is performing on Google.

This includes Analytics Data, Branding, Keyword Rankings, Social Media Management and domain details.