SSL - Now Google rank it

Secure Socket Layer – SSL is a web security feature that will help to protect your website and show users that your website is safe, secure and protected to use.

It helps to build trust with your visitors and reassures them that your website is secure.

Secure SSL

Secure Socket Layer – SSL

The address of a secure encrypted website will begin with https instead of http and will show a small padlock graphic in the address bar. The “s” stands for security in https and acts as a useful indicator for visitors to your site.

Google now ranks websites with SSL higher in their search listings. This helps protect users from illegal activity and cyber-attacks. Having SSL gives you a better chance of being listed higher in SERPs.

Every website we create comes with 1 year’s hosting that includes SSL security no matter what type of website you buy. We believe that SSL security is very important and that everyone should have it in place.

Secure Socket Layer - SSL

* Please Note: Some modules are included and some are additional modules, please check you package details or speak with a member of our team before purchasing.