Phase 5: Reporting And Follow Up


As you will see – the bulk of the work being done in this phase will make it extremely important from an SEO perspective.

Once all deliverables associated with your project will be satisfied then this phase is essentially completed.

✔ Activities Sheet

This report lists down all the activities performed for a particular website during the week.

It highlights valuable data regarding link creation, submissions, traffic and many other important variables.

✔ Weekly Rankings Report

We will send you a weekly keyword rankings report detailing the impact of the SEO campaign for each week.

The Rankings report will keep you informed and updated on how Google is viewing your website for your targeted keywords – allowing you to validate our team’s work throughout the life cycle of your project.

✔ Completion Report

Once all SEO and content deliverables are satisfied – Best-Digital Marketing will send over an extensive, detailed, Completion Report outlining the progress for the entire month.

Reporting - Follow Up